Bookser and What Happens Next.

Our starting offensive Right Guard rsJR Alex Bookser, who Pitt was heavily depending on to help steady a rebuilding offensive line, was arrested and charged on Sunday morning with a multitude of criminal actions resulting from being drunk as seen here:

Bookser 2

That is a handful; a DUI is bad enough but the other actions show just what more terrible judgement he used after he got behind the wheel in an impaired state. The video of him being ordered out of the car and then of him on the ground with guns pointed at him is embarrassing for him to have lived through, just as it is hard for his family, friends and fans to watch I’m sure.

But perhaps the worse thing with all this is that he’s not a 1st time offender when it comes to alcohol abuse and getting arrested for it.  He ran that route back in 2015 with these charges below and note that as his birthday was March 2nd, 1996 he was more than two years under the legal age of 21 in that case:

Bookser 1.png

So what do we think needs to and should be done in his case as far as discipline and/or punishment awarded?  Those decisions will be done by the hands of the head football coach Pat Narduzzi, the Pitt Athletic Director Heather Lyke and if needed the Chancellor of the University.

That is if the powers to be feel it should be handled completely outside the regular Student Conduct system run by the Student Affairs council.  BTW – the Code of Conduct addresses alcohol in the housing (Page 18 of this Pub) and not a whole lot more but this next issue – that of personal responsibility and of other students in an emergency situation.

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