Bookser’s Arresting Officer’s Report

“On May 14, 2017, at approximately 0050 hours I, Officer Terry Childs, unit 3-13, was sitting on Semple Street before Forbes Avenue observing traffic.

I was sitting in a marked patrol vehicle, 1240, when I could hear an engine revving and then the sound of a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed coming from behind me. I looked into my passenger side view mirror and observed an SUV traveling on Semple Street approaching my position. I started to turn my headlights on when the vehicle ran the stop sign at Semple Street and Forbes Avenue, turning right onto Forbes Avenue. I got behind the vehicle with emergency lights on notifying UPPD dispatch that I was attempting to stop the vehicle. The vehicle was traveling in a careless and reckless manner with no regard for the public or other vehicles. The vehicle then quickly turned left onto the 100 block of Meyran Avenue before crashing into the Loeffler Building, 121 Meyran Avenue. The vehicle was a tan Ford Explorer with PA registration GTX 5678, owned by Amy Bookser.

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