POV Bits & Pieces & Call-In; 5/24/17

Some semi-interesting news lately:

In football, as was talked about but I wasn’t sure if it had been etched in stone yet, – it looks like PSU is taking a hard line against really renewing the football rivalry.

There are a lot of terrible outcomes from the mass realignment of the earliest part of this decade, but this is by far the worst: the breakup of longtime rivalries.

Pitt and Penn State — or is it Penn State and Pitt? — are in the midst of a 4-year reunion, and it’s been great so far. The Panthers’ 42-39 win over the Nittany Lions in Pittsburgh last season was not only a thrilling game, but it kept Penn State out of the College Football Playoff. This is what college football rivalries are all about, no? Who wouldn’t want to make this an annual thing again?

Penn State, that’s who.

Speaking at a coaches’ caravan event last week, Penn State AD Sandy Barbour told Nittany Lions fans that the earliest their team would start playing their rivals to the west again after the current agreement expires in 2019 would be 2026.

You know what?  Any school that makes over $125+M off its football program as Penn State does can buy out games which have already been scheduled… and make it worthwhile for three different schools.  The smaller schools who get bumped will receive a greater paycheck – which is why they play schools like PSU in the first place. 

Then Pitt and PSU can reap the rewards of a long term series.

Here is something that is selfish and I think going in completely the wrong direction.  Apparently there is a rule proposal on the table to allow true freshmen to play up to four games their freshman year and still have a full four years eligibility left afterward.

But a new college football rule could allow redshirt freshmen to participate in four games during their first year on campus without surrendering a year of eligibility.

Coaches in the Atlantic Coast Conference and Southeastern Conference are in favor of the rule, first proposed by the American Football Coaches Association in Phoenix in early May. The rule might not go into effect until early 2018, but coaches see many significant benefits to the idea.

Fisher, who was the ACC football coaches’ chairman during this week’s ACC spring meetings, believes amending the redshirt rule to allow players to compete in four games can help improve player safety.

With now-NFL first round draft picks Leonard Fournette from LSU and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey deciding to skip their bowl games last season to preserve their health, coaches feel players who decide to go that route can be replaced by younger teammates instead of giving another player a greater workload.

This topic has been in discussion for some time but it always was about the situation above – letting freshman play in a bowl game with penalty (loss of one year as a redshirt)

Student athletes become redshirts for many reasons. One reason is that the athlete may not be ready to balance the demands of academic requirements with athletic requirements. Redshirting provides the opportunity, with tutoring, to take some classes and get accustomed to the academic demands.

In 2016, a new status can apply called the academic redshirt. In 2016, the NCAA starts enforcing new, stricter admissions requirements for incoming freshman athletes. Under these new rules, a student-athlete who meets the school’s own academic admission requirements, but does not meet the NCAA’s new requirements (primarily a 2.3 GPA in 4 years) can enter school as an academic redshirt. This student can receive an athletic scholarship and practice with the team, but may not participate in competition. An academic redshirt does not lose a year of eligibility, but can take a later injury redshirt. Academic redshirts must complete nine credit hours in their first semester and can participate fully in the second year.[1]

Here is the first look at conference tie-ins for the 2017 bowl season.  I got this morning from Doug Kelly, Head of the Football Bowl Association:

FBA Conference Tie-Ins

Because we are hurting as far as experience goes on our defensive line, and because this guy is Ike’s 2nd favorite “player who has never taken a snap in a Pitt uniform” (behind MacVitte) here is a Rivals.com piece on Kam Carter.

“What college or NFL player do you try to model your game after?
I grew up and my family was huge Ravens fans, so I always grew up going to the games. My family was season ticket holders since 2000, so I grew up watching that Ravens defense, and I would say the whole Ravens defense as a team is what I try to be like. I try to take that attitude, that way of playing. So Ray Lewis with his motivation and Terrell Suggs with the way he plays – that’s who I try to model.”

Obviously he’s got a lot to learn about living in Pittsburgh.

In BB:  Looks like Pitt is adhering to an established in-house rule with departing Cameron Johnson…

Last month, the 6-foot-8, 215-pound Pennsylvania native announced his intention to transfer. He would be eligible immediately and have two seasons remaining at a new program. Rumors swirled that he would join Kentucky but attention is now focused on North Carolina.

But because of a pathetic, selfish rule by the Pitt athletic department, he can’t transfer to UNC and be immediately eligible. Their rules state a player must sit out one year if he or she transfers within the conference or to a program on next year’s schedule.

I’m not sure how pathetic the rule is but I do know it is a stance held by many universities.  If it was in place when he accepted the scholarship then let it stand.  However, Pitt might want to review the rule itself – but I’ll leave that up to you all to discuss who know more about Pitt’s BB situation (administratively) than I do.

Today though the Post-Gazette has a rebuttal article on this Jay Bilas’ piece.

We’ll have the Roundtable Call-in tonight at 8:00 pm.

Here is the info to get into the Bluejeans Roundtable meeting  for 5/24/17; 07:50 pm – 09:00 pm…

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Some Round Table Questions

  1. Where did you grow up and what HS did you attend?
  2. How did you first become interested in Pitt Football?
  3. What is your strongest Pitt football memory – positive and negative.
  4. To me, I am Pitt’s target market…, those that did not attend the university, but reside in Pittsburgh. I think attendance would improve if they could reel in others like me. So how is this best done?   Well ,winning is one thing and possibly the only thing. What else?
  5. If the defense gets off to a real bad start, would you fire Conklin mid-season or before?
  6. How much do uniforms matter to you?
  7. Do you visit the Oakland campus at all and what changes would you make there?
  8. Do you miss PITT stadium at all?
  9. How would you improve the student participation?
  10. Who are your 5 or 3 all-time PITT favorite players?
  11. What three (3) BIG items of discussion will we be having after the season ends about what transpired during the 2017 season?
  12. Ask Callers to show off their best Pitt souvenirs and memorabilia…
  13. Why is what Reed says will happen usually happens?

68 thoughts on “POV Bits & Pieces & Call-In; 5/24/17

  1. Reed, can you do a piece on the linebacker situation for the coming year? There are a bunch of names out there, mostly young players we know little about. I’m concerned that the season may come down to defense and the LBs are young and could be key. Do we have solid starters at each of the 3 positions? Many thanks for your good work…


  2. Preface — May I present, a brief Rant / Manifesto about why I don’t give the slightest Hoot about pswho and playing them anymore:

    Lol on the, Pitt kept penn state outta the playoffs, regurgitated nonsense….

    Who the H-E-Double Hockey-Stick freakin’ knows if, after the SECOND GAME OF A 12 GAME SEASON penn state is somehow still 10-2, and wins the Big 10 Championship game????

    That scenario only works if Pitt beats penn state in game-12 when pswho was perfectly positioned or something!!!

    How do people foolishly assume that if pswho beats Pitt in week freakin’ two — they just automatically beat either Michigan or Ohio State in their season, win the Big 10 championship and finish top 5?? It’s called the Butterly Effect obviously — What if this, then this, then THAT all happened??? —- Ohhh, that would totally have changed the entire path of history nevermind. yeesh, freakin’ silly pswhoers.

    Plus, some further Pro Pitt logic : pswho did NOT beat Ohio State (who got shut-OUT by Clemson) in anywhere near the fashion of how Pitt Beat the National Champs, fair-n-square, at their House.

    pswho — At HOME , gets a miracle —- repeat, MIRACLE blocked chip-shot FG that they return late alllll the way for a TD to take the lead!!! How often does something like that happen??!! — pswho in their whole season beat only a decent (key word, decent) Wisconsin team aside from the OSU miracle. And they had One single player drafted, only Chris Godwin all the way in the late 3rd round —– penn state Hype Machine has spread from Happy Valley into even some national press and it’s all Blue-and-White absurd propaganda.

    Pitt looks like Big-Boys in Happy Valley this year, and pswho fans actually get incredibly distraught and restless with how Sillily they’ve bloated-up their hopes lol.

    Anyways —- By pswho —- who cares??? I expect a 3-1 overall series, then to them, well….. bye 🙂 .

    ACC Coastal has resurgent Miami — The U , now with their Prodigal Son coach Mark Richt and the Hurricanes smack-dab the most intensily fertile recruiting hotspot in America by-far— they are who I personally desire us to become year-in, year-out Primetime, National Must-See TV Rivals With now —- and I am 10X more pi$$ed off Pitt is 0-4 to freakin’ North Carolina right now in the ACC than bothering with ugly-uniform, cow-dunk cheap erector-set bleacher stadium, pswho!

    I am so-much on the train now that @Reed spoke about many times, in now valuing ACC flourishing over all else for sure —— Been-there, seen-it vs pswho and it is what it is —- I would trade a win vs. the plain black shoes this year (*hey now— didn’t say take a blowout — just losing in a reasonable fashion lol) to grab a win vs. Rivals: Virginia Tech (2-2 vs?), Miami (1-3 vs 😦 ), and North Carolina (would be 0-5 vs them in the ACC 😦 😦 , yikes! ).

    ACC dominance makes Pitt a National Power Brand , with the Magnificent Script, Great Colors, and as good of a University as one could ask for nestled in Pittsburgh — a city with a glowing & growing reputation. None of that was over-hype either, I think it’s pretty objectively honest. Except you all seem to trash South Oakland pretty hard lol — but hey, USC off campus housing is all in South Central — for a Big, true City school is manicured, leafy-prettiness off-camps. Anyone ever seen Temple off-cumpus btw?? Not knockin’, just pointing out some City-School truth here.

    pswho is only famous in their own-minds (known in any way Nationally outside of PA only, solely for Jerry Sandusky, period), and of course often-times with huge Pitt Football fans, because many unfortunates have been brainwashed by the fellow in-state Power 5 school with their incessant delusion!! Don’t fall under the spell of the pswho football Radicals! 🙂 🙂

    They can play all the crappy Big 10 teams — I want Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Miami! , the Hoos, North Carolina everyday…….but I do want to stop playing Syracuse though 😦 — I want the ACC to make a better cross-over. No more Syracuse — how about NC State / anyone besides Syracuse .


  3. Quick note on hoops. Mark Alstork making his decision today on where he wants to finish his career. PITT is a finalist. Keep your fingers crossed as he is a good one… or prepared to be disappointed.

    Good post DK and I agree with Syracuse being oh so hum ho..


    1. I understand you’re big on the eye test rather than stats. Not sure how much “eyeing” you could have done on Alstork at Wright State.

      However here are some career stats:

      40% FG
      37% 3P
      77% FT

      This 6-4 guard commits more turnovers than assists.

      Wright and Ball State aren’t exactly the ACC. Perhaps not even the A10.


  4. Cam GRADUATED – he’s no longer on the basketball team, or affiliated with the university… How does Pitt have any say in where he pursues a graduate degree?


    1. They don’t.

      They do have an interest in where he plays basketball against Pitt.

      He is free to study wherever he wants.


  5. Dark Knight.

    As usual, I completely disagree with you.. respectfully, of course.I don’t know your age or location but I am a 44 year-old living in Harrisburg. So guess what? I grew up with this game and I live in “ground zero” for PeeSU coverage. This game matters to me. More than it should? Perhaps. But make no mistake, it matters.

    Pitt “rivals” with Miami? Um.. no. Virginia Tech? sorry, no. And you want to replace the ONE driveable game for Pitt fans in PA (Syracuse) for annual contests with NC State? How about this? Why don’t we just move the campus from Oakland to Richmond? Then we’d be closer than FIVE hours away from the “rivals” you suggested above. Ooh, I’ve got a great one.. Let’s make Cincy a “rival.” We can play for the River City Rivalry! Oh, Pedersen already did that.


  6. BostonsCommon – I’m not sure if this gives Pitt a “right” to limit where he transfers, but they don’t want him going to an opponent on the next seasons’ schedule. Cam could tell UNC (or whomever the new school is) what Stallings coaches his players to do for certain situations and opponents.

    The counter argument is that shouldn’t apply this year because Pitt lost all its players and Stallings will likely do something different with a new group of student athletes.


  7. baseball
    attending PITT football games

    These are all sports and activities college students can participate while in school. What are your three top TEAM sports on that list and which would you say are at the bottom?

    Linebacker could very well be the key to PITT’s defense this coming season. My biggest hope is that no matter who’s in there, the coaches give them a chance to be involved in the plays one way or another and not just standing around bird watching. I do have a sleeper to watch out for though. ER. Like an emergency room.


  8. ALL conferences in the NCAA has bylaws which states that anyone transferring within the conference has to sit out an extra year. In other words, if Damon Wilson wanted to transfer to GA Tech, he couldn’t play until 2019-20, but can play at WVU for 2018-19.

    There are good reasons for this … and these reasons also apply to grad transfers.

    Nate Peterman is from Jacksonville, bet he would have loved to transfer to UF or USC (So Carolina.) Max Browne is from the state of Washington … probably would have preferred U Dub or Wash St …. but those were out of the question.


    1. and BTW, QB Tom Sirk, a grad transfer from Duke is not being allowed to transfer to another ACC school by HS David Cutliffe, who is well regarded among his peers.


  9. He’s not transferring, he’s not asking to be released from a contract, or a new annually renewable scholarship – he GRADUATED.

    Congratulate him, shake his hand, and wish him well – or in other words, be a normal, decent human being.


  10. Isn’t Cam kind of doing Pitt a favor anyways by leaving? He isn’t going to take us deep in the tournament and he opened up a scholarship for another kid to come in to be evaluated if he can compete in the ACC? I understand both sides of the table for blocking in conference recruits and teams on your upcoming schedule but at the end of the day, it sets precedence if they allow him to go to UNC and Cam has offers to other Top 10 programs around the country so I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.


    1. right … with the elimination of the ACC schools, he still has > 310 schools to pick from including the likes of Kentucky, Arizona, Michigan and many other attractive schools have have indicated their interest. Now some of these schools no longer have schollies available, but Cam had his chances.


      1. I have no issue with Can at all, and don’t blame him for leaving. I am pissed at UNC for even thinking about bringing him in. Just who in the hell do they think they are … aside from they are current champs who seem to evade all sanctions so far for what appears to be serious charges


  11. North Carolina will beat our ass with Cam, a plumber or a Jitney Driver from Hill District. Them kicking Skeleton Shoes Stallings butt is a given. I wouldn’t play for that bum either.


  12. First of all, this isn’t a Pitt thing. It isn’t a Stalling’s thing. It is a NCAA thing.


    1. You might want to read the article that Reed linked. It’s a Pitt thing. Pitt is apparently within NCAA rules by doing it.

      “We have remained consistent with our athletic department policy, within NCAA legislation, stipulating student-athletes are restricted from transferring to institutions within the Atlantic Coast Conference and those on our schedule next season,” said a statement from Matt Pligza, assistant athletics director for media relations.

      “Cameron Johnson and his father were informed of our policy as well as the appeals process when they elected to seek transfer. They went through our transfer appeals process and were granted permission to contact ACC school however, the committee upheld the policy to limit immediate eligibility within the conference.

      “If Cameron were to transfer within the ACC, he would be eligible to receive financial aid immediately but would have to sit out a year of competition due to standard NCAA transfer regulations. Throughout this process, we have remained consistent to our department policy and we will continue to do so.”


  13. Obviously, the policies are written within the universities. I was referring to the fact that most schools have a similar policy.


  14. ^^ Barvo from above. All I know is that Alstork is wanted by LSU Illinois, and South Carolina. Not exactly earth shattering but I understand he did average something around 20 pts per game the later part of the season last year.

    As far as eye tests go, That is a part of the criteria I would use but certainly not the only. (never watch Alstork play) but that all started when I was accused of not using the eye test. I just think the young man is better than PITT has at this moment. Or, I admit it, I could be very wrong as I am often enough…..

    Eye tests without the measurable’s can be miss leading. An example of that was the highlights I posted for you guys on Coleton Beck. He runs like a deer and is a track star but doesn’t have many offers including from his hometown Virginia Tech. How does that happen with his highlight reel? Maybe the competition he plays against could be sub-par? There is your eye test gone awry.


  15. Hmmmmm go play for a Cancer Stallings?? No thanks. And people wonder why you fire a first year garbage monger. This is why. You could of purged this but now you live with this for 5 to 7 years.


  16. So much for players wanting to play for a coach who Barnes thought was an offensive genius.

    Sad. If only Dixon never went away from recruiting the linkage players Pitt still might be a solid program. I guess he listened to all those fans who bitched about not getting to the Final Four, like Pitt fans thought it had some rite of passage to it after some Sweet 16 appearances.

    This program is dead in the short term.


  17. Why shouldn’t Pitt restrict where Cam J. goes? If the University invests about 200k per FB and BB athlete per year, that amounts to 600k invested over three years on him. They should just say goodbye and good luck as he goes to UNC and comes back on the court and does his best to beat his alma mater? I don’t think so.


  18. Why the disdain for the proposed new rule concerning freshman athlete’s? I really don’t see how or why this is selfish or self serving in anyway? The way it’s explained makes complete sense to me.

    Most of the young players used in this way will have a great chance of moving on before their senior years anyways…. or like the players who are going to skip bowl games in the future.

    It could keep the young players more involved without giving them an over-bearing workload to deal with. I don’t see the rumpus…..


  19. Alstock to Illinois over PITT. Alstock also picked Illinois over LSU & my other team South Carolina.
    Has to be due to Stallings yelling or the Cam Johnson brew ha ha or the complete rebuild? Well,maybe not.

    LSU – I can see. Even though it”s Upitt”s favorite SEC team, it’s been a pile of dog poop since Shaq left. Couldn’t make the NCAA’s with the #1 draft pick for the ’15-16 year. Was even worse last year with 4 returning starters. New coach this upcoming season & in a complete rebuild.

    South Carolina (USC or Carolina to Gamecocks fan’s) made it to the final 4’s. Unbelievable season! But Frank Martin is really,really into defense. You think Dixon liked defense, well Frank makes Dixon look like an offensive (not defensive) genius. Oh, did I mention that Frank was suspended for one game & made to take an anger management class for his treatment of players.
    No rebuild (need a point guard) but has a sold group of talent returning. Actually I like Frank. Have spoke to him 4 times. Really nice person off the court. PITT beat out USC for Nix. Talked to him about Nix. Said he got good recommendations from the Juco staff. He not only knew Ontario Lett from recruiting Lett for Cincy (ass’t to Huggy Bear) but also knew the Juco coach from his days coaching in Miami high schools.

    Don’t know anything about Illinois. I do not watch/follow big 10 in any sports. Well I do watch games if PITT , ACC or SEC teams are the opponents & nothing else is on.

    In my opinion, Alstock went to Illinois because he likes seeing corn grow. No large fields of corn In S. Carolina, La. or in the Pittsburgh region. Wright State is in Dayton, Oh & I can say from experience that Ohio & Illinois are large corn growing ares.


  20. Physicians and other folks have restrictive covenants, so why should scholarship athletes expect anything less?
    Brianna Wise is sitting out a year, without so much as a peep.


  21. Talk about transfer travesty. The worst in Pitt football history was letting Rashad Jennings transfer to Liberty.

    Denied a chance to have the Dancing With The Stars champion be A Pitt alumni. Sad.


  22. Reed – Ike : had a good time. See you next week.

    Reed below is the link to Football Study Hall on 2016 stats. Just Click on #21 S&P+ Ranked Pitt Panthers.


  23. Dark Knight, I’m with you on the PSWho issue and I’m not a youngster who doesn’t remember the rivalry. I graduated from Pitt in the late 80s and remember the Nitters looking down their noses then just like they do now, even after all the crap they should be embarrassed by. If they don’t want to play us during the season, F’em. Our team can continue to focus on getting progressively better, playing WVU or other solid non-conference teams that want to play us, and hopefully PSU won’t be able to duck us in a future bowl match-up for the ages.


  24. Same here PITT-cocks. I can’t get enough of PITT talk and fellow PITT fans… see you next week

    Reed could use a few more POVer’s to join in. There’s no limit despite what some (Reed) say…. He can’t count on others. Doc, Wlat, Pittman, PittPT, PITTcocks, Richman, (sorry if I left out a former caller) you guys need to show up. I give up on all the others. Big talk no walk..


  25. Ike – As a single Dad for another month it isn’t easy by myself. I hope in the future when I have help I can do more.


  26. Not me guys, this is Reed’s deal. I just know how much fun it is.. The guys that have joined in the past and new guys should always try and BE THERE!!! Less than 100 days to fall camp……….. Let’s get with it men!… ike


  27. Hey Upitt, I get what you’re going through. I was once a single dad myself for a short while. You have more important things to attend to. You don’t get these days back… trust me.. enjoy them to the fullest…….

    I’m just goading some of you guys to make it more interesting. Who wants to listen to me every week? You guys get enough of my hot air during the week with my comments.

    Different perspectives and points of view are exactly what makes the PITT world go round.

    We All We Got
    We All We Need
    H2P!… ……. …….ike


  28. My son had a baseball game. I love the round table. I participate when schedule permits.


  29. Hope your son won the game. Hey Wlat, I wanted to ask you, have you heard of a small town called Trucksville. My son-in-law hails from there. I think I remember you saying you live near Wilks-Barre?


    1. Trucksville is 10 minutes from me. Not really a town. I looked at a house there a few years back.


      1. That house could have been his families house as his Mom and Dad moved to Plum a few years ago. She was quite the hoarder.


  30. The idea that Pitt, after investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Cam Johnson, has NO legitimate interest in not making it easy for him to play against them is ludicrous.

    If Cam wants to go study at UNC, that’s his choice. Pitt won’t stop him. This isn’t about his “studies.” I’m sure Pitt wouldn’t have a problem with him transferring to Stanford or Harvard or Yale or anywhere except teams in their conference that they might play 3x per year.


  31. Also has anyone mentioned the fact that UNC was guilty of the largest education fraud in the history of college athletics? They had entire departments that were entirely fraudulent. Thousands of student athletes went through those programs. Where was Bilas on that? Oh yeah, acting as an attack dog for UNC against the NCAA…


  32. Ignorance is bliss…I didn’t realize this Cam to UNC (Hey, we got away with cheating And won the national championship) garnered national attention.
    Glad UPitts favorite shoe salesman is sticking to his guns


  33. This has been practiced for a very long time by just about every coach in America. Stallings did something similar to Jeter at Vandy.


  34. This is from a Scout.com story about a week after Cam decide to transfer:

    Johnson has reeled in interest from a host of schools, but the schools involved at this point are Kentucky, Arizona, UCLA, Oregon, Ohio State and TCU. Johnson took his first of four scheduled official visits to Kentucky this past weekend.

    Now, note he had gotten a notice from ‘a host of schools’ which were not listed. I remember Michigan also showing interest … whose offense IMO fits Cam’s game to a T.


  35. I totally agree with you Anon.
    A few can’t seem to understand that on the education side Cam has graduated and can now study any where he so chooses. BUT on the athletic side he has to follow common policy. Which is simply you can not play basketball with another team in your conference without sitting out one year. Hence, the kid still has many options to choose. Apparently Cam’s dad must be coming on here with a fake name because wants not to understand?


  36. Stallings and you guys are funny. Why fight against Cam Johnson transferring? What is he going to share with an ACC coach other than how not to play defense; how not to box out and rebound and how not to give 100% every second you are on the court. Those were the teachings of the head coach last year. It is comical that anyone thinks he has “insider information” about how our coach plays in “situational circumstances” and will relay that to an opposing coach. Are we concerned about a playbook? It ain’t football. There is not an ACC Bball coach that gives two squats or is afraid of anything that our bball team did against them last year.

    Let the kid go wherever he wants. He earned a degree, now let him go, grasshoppers! You all are funny. We don’t have trade secrets with our bball team. We stunk. Who wants to trade for that. For those saying we spent hundreds of thousands to half a million dollars via scholarship, really? There is funny accounting going on in power5 athletic departments, but let’s not kid ourselves. Even at an all-in of $30k per year doesn’t net 6 figures, unless you count the tens and singles place. For you recent grads, that is the two places after the decimal.

    Let him go anywhere he wants. If Pitt is lucky, he might actually be a success in life and donate back to the university at some point. Or, just alienate him forever. Well played!


    1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/darrenheitner/2015/02/16/the-economics-of-a-top-nfl-combine-training-facility/#4c0c1d1832ff

      —- Whoa the “Academic scholarship” for in state Pitt at full price (been…..almost a decade I’m getting old!!!) is what… $20,000 for in-state, $30,000 for out of state???

      But….THAT IS NOT THE POINT —- what EVERYONE —- Sportswriters, all the Fatuous’Talking-Bumbling-Heads’ on all the networks, etc. —- seem to totally, completely *whiff on when they argue how much Power 5 football and Major-Conference D-1 basketball is essential Minor Leagues — is that is: **Elite Training + Facilities + Coaches + Doctors + Complete & Totally Comprehensive Elite Medical Care + Elite Rehab Facilities and Rehab Therapists + Incomperable Academic Resources and internship opportunities + more.*

      So — basically ALL the real top-dawgs gunning for the NFL draft, for a just One Month of intensive, comprehensive NFL Combine training — that is IT have to pay at least $10,000 of cold, hard cash. For maybe one month of classes, training, Food, then access to facilities (lodging can be another out of pocket deal).

      So, times that cost by 12 months, wtih Power 5 programs being intensive programs year-round to train kids to the max —- lotta money .

      Okay — Alabama and Florida State tuition …. what, less than $10,000 per year for in-state right???

      Oh man, Alabama and Florida State only give their kids $10,000 a year, but make all this money off of them!!! —— #Fallacy / #ObtuseThinking

      NFL quality indoor/outdoor practice facilites (Pitt too has)— NFL level weight room (Pitt has too) — Elite Coaching (Pitt now has) — now even more with NCAA new rules, complete dietary supply to all athletes, classes / meetings carthe blanche from elite professionals —– We’re talking about how much all this is WORTH to these players — especially the ones hoping to actually make it to the pros.


    2. —- and with Cam lol — He’s GONE from Pitt with this transfer, especially with two full years away??

      Think Tom Savage gives to Rutgers?? lol

      Nathan Peterman, exact example in terms of years with Cam — he will always be loyal to Tennessee right? No, he’s a Pitt Panther.

      Cam is gone, and that’s his choice, his right —- But he’s made his choice and he’s done with Pitt, and Vice-Versa.

      Pitt is not holding him hostage this is crazy. I’m fully on team fine with this whole deal.


    3. I believe you’re missing the point. This is not against Cam. It is against UNC who thinks it can undo any restriction apparently because they are UNC. UNC should not be in the position to usurp anything related to college athletics.


    4. Huff – Respectfully there is no one that is fighting his transfer. No one is blocking his academic pursuits. He can study anywhere in the world if he wants. There are hundreds of schools he could transfer to and compete athletically without any comment or restriction. He could no doubt find professional basketball opportunities overseas. Pitt and every other D 1 school restrict inter conference athletic transfers. Every athlete knows or should have known that going in.

      As far as anyone alienating anyone, cam Johnson basically jumped ship on his teammates. I know his team was counting on him as a leader and our top returning player. No one mentioned the part where cam johnsons dad apparently had planned this course of events from the start… essentially playing Pitt in bad faith.

      Others have mentioned that the benefit of playing for a school like Pitt is in no way limited to tuition alone. It also includes, healthcare, housing, food, tutoring, employment opportunities, world class training, exposure, huge social prestige, free stuff, free travel, and many other fringe benefits. It is a significant investment. Cam Johnson is no victim and I smell an agenda behind Bilas’s vitriol.


  37. Trucksville is the valley that 309 runs through to get to Dallas. Lived in Mountaintop 7 yrs. and as HR Mgr for RCA knew the whole area. Loved it but too far to get Pitt home games. Back in western Pa now and an hour from Pitt. Enough about the stupid NCAA rule, It exists and that is enough.Screw PS on the renewal.I already put in my 2 cents that I would sooner see us play an Iowa, Ok. State or even Maryland .PS has too many arrogant contemptuous fans that I do not miss being around. V. Tech was turning into a good rivalry as the Big East broke up. Lots of kids from Pa. go there makes it a rivalry off the field. WV needs us for recruiting,we do not need them. As for the Cuse .Pitt ,PS and Cuse was a big triangle rivalry in the old eastern independents when I was in school and Pitt/ Cuse carried over to the Big East and ACC. See nothing wrong with continuing. Better than BC or PS as a game and not that far away. My senior year we painted the Lion blue and gold and Cuse painted Staties farm animals orange .Another. Some Staties tried and failed to steal the Pitt panther but instead spent the next week locked in a frat basement and yes there were no criminal charges anywhere—–those were the days.H2P


  38. But did you cut the lion’s nuts off, Pitt 60? Nothing like taking a hammer an chisel to them gonads.. Not saying I did it, you understand… 🙂


  39. Anon – go to any college campus in the power5 and you will get world class work out facilities for students. Jumping ship on which teammates? Luther is the only one left, right? He may have offended the walk-ons, but get serious. I can go down each item listed and give a counterpoint, but it wouldn’t matter.
    We will not agree and I think there is more reputational harm than reputational good towards the university on this.


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