Look Back; Uniforms Seem Familiar?

This week Pitt rolled out their own version of a ‘throwback’ uniform.  This naturally follows suit given that we had the Pitt Script return a bit less than two years ago and then new regular game uniforms just two months ago.

Boy, #1 looks happy down there, doesn’t he?  Quick quiz… who is wearing #1 this year?

Correct – no one!  That is a one of a kind jersey.

Anyway, when I saw the color combination I had to scratch my head a bit to place just where we had seen that combination before, if even we had.  It isn’t enough to just say “We are going back to the old style uniforms every so often” because that ‘old’ uniform had so many iterations.

So let’s take a look back and try to figure this out.  Let’s start at the beginning of the Pitt Wonder Years.

This is the best article written, in the New York Times no less, about the uniform changes since Majors introduced the Script back in 1973:

When Majors arrived on campus from Iowa State, taking over a team that had won only one of 11 games the year before, he decided to give the program a makeover in every way. He put together a real weight room, but he also wanted his team to look good on Saturdays.

“I looked at their uniforms, and I thought they were pretty dull,” Majors said.

So Majors redesigned them. The school colors are old gold and navy blue, but Majors decided that a mustard yellow and royal blue looked sharper — in part because Pitt would not resemble the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as much.

He added double “Northwestern stripes” (one wide stripe bordered by two thinner stripes) to the jerseys and a thick blue stripe, a nod to the N.F.L.’s Pittsburgh Steelers, to the pants. He wanted a helmet insignia that stood out in newspaper photos, on television and on magazine covers. Majors dreamed big from the start.Majors liked the “Ucla” script insignia on U.C.L.A.’s helmets. So he told an artist whose name he cannot remember, to draw something similar for Pitt.

Thus was the start of the traditional Pitt Script with Old Gold & Navy Blue at Pitt.

Gee – wonder what ever happened to it?  Well,  Steve Pederson happened and the rest was history.  We just either were never satisfied with how our uniforms looked or we were greedy.  Try to guess which was the stronger case?

Greed of course, because with the slightest change of a jersey or helmet there are thousands of Pitt fans who go out and spend money on the latest combination.  They want to either collect all of the possible apparel items or they want to sport the ‘latest’ Pitt look.

Here are some of the crappy uniforms we Pitt fans have had to endure… and the worst part was we had to watch our players stink out the joint and lose more often than win while wearing them most seasons.

past unis

Personally, I was happy with last year’s uniform but would have liked it more a with a script “Pitt” on the helmet. But the nature of the beast that is college football is marketing and branding.  We seem to be getting the part marketing down alright – hence the new uniforms every three or four years because different apparel = more sales.

However, we drop the ball completely on branding in that there isn’t one ‘look’ that people who aren’t Pitt fans can automatically associate with the University of Pittsburgh when there are no text markings on the uniforms.

As I said, in May we rolled out the 2nd most recent ‘new’ uniforms (behind the newest ‘new’ uniforms, the throwbacks).  When they came out I didn’t jump up and down when I saw them.

Actually, in this Pitt Blather article I wrote that I was basically unimpressed because I thought they didn’t go far enough to tie into our traditional uniforms. :

There isn’t one iota of even a nod to the mid-1970s to mid-1980s wonder years of Pitt football.  Aside from the Script itself these uniforms have no semblance what so ever to the uniforms our wonderful and popular players Tony Dorsett, Dan Marino, Mark May, Hugh Green, Bill Mass, Jimbo Covert and Bill Fralic wore.  Every student of college football knows those names and what the great teams that they were on did.

However, now it’s like we purposely don’t want to be associated with those past winning and championship seasons.  Hell, If Pitt felt they just couldn’t go completely traditional I would have been happy had we stayed with the 2015 uniforms and just changed the helmet’s color a bit, along with scripting the small “PITT” on the front of the jersey, to point back to the traditional look.

Well, someone on the Southside must have heard the drums along the Monongahela because Poof!, all of a sudden we have just what I, and many others, were asking for albeit in a limited edition.

Now we do want to be associated with those past winning seasons.  Or do we?

Does anyone else think it’s unusual that the colors picked for the throwbacks most evenly match the teams from the late 1980s?  Here we see the Master of the Play-Action Fake QB Alex Van Pelt wearing what our throwbacks seem to mimic most closely.

But wait!!  Do they match?  I can’t remember any Powder Blue jersey’s in our past…


…and looking back over the years I can find any reference to Power Blue anywhere.  But let’s say that is the best match we have, then the throwback colors represent the years 1989-1992 as best I can tell.

So we are directing Pitt fans’ and the nation’s attention back to a time were we had a four year stretch of the Gottfried / Hackett years and a putrid 20-24-2 record which included two 3 win seasons.  Right on!  1992 saw us post a 3-9 record… and why are we drawing attention to that?

I’m not complaining here – not after the great reaction the players themselves had when they saw the throwbacks for the first time in the meeting room.  Nor after the  overwhelming and positive reviews that Pitt fans have had to them either.

I’m just wondering exactly where and when are we throwing these uniforms back to?

Honestly,  I don’t much like the idea of throwback uniforms because I’d much rather we find a uniform we can not only live with but celebrate.  In other words, create a brand and stick with it.  Going back to that earlier article I wrote I said this about successful program branding:

In the collegiate ranks Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, USC, Texas, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, etc. – and even some other lesser programs like Mississippi State – all hold to a constant traditional look and the benefit from positive impact doing so generates in so many different ways.

There is no need for me to post photos of those school’s uniforms here – if you are any sort of a college football fan you visualize them as soon as you read the universities’ names.

You’ll see some minor uniform changes here and there with those programs, tweaks really – but the uniforms stay recognizable as to what school they represent and more importantly what the school’s ‘family” wants them to represent.  It is the essence of what advertisers call the “Brand” and is part and parcel of what the students, alumni and fans of those universities love about their programs.

Through thick and thin the traditional uniforms stay the same and represent that particular school.  It is what makes them what they are to the rest of college football fans – easily recognizable and invoking thoughts of successful and consistently strong football teams and programs.

Why can’t Pitt do that?  Some say that we need the revenue from apparel sales.  But is that really true?  Just how much do we need that apparel money, especially now that we are raking in much better ACC monies and are on the verge of making even more when the ACC network is fully rolled out.

Maybe, if this new administration is savvy and more importantly, gutsy enough, they will develop a singular uniform and stick with it.  Something that draws on the Wonder Years (if not those uniforms themselves) and thus creates that strong brand we need to situate Pitt in the front of college football’s mind.

And yes, I say we need to do it to be as successful as possible.

Again, if we are serious about “The Next Level” as we have heard incessantly over the past two decades, then getting there is akin to completing a jigsaw puzzle.  You need support from the Administration, alumni, booster and students.  You need quality minds and continuity in the Athletic Department and the football program itself.  You need facilities that represent your university and are attractive to play in – and yes, Heinz Field has a good reputation for that.  All of these have to fit.

But most importantly you need that missing piece which is immediate recognition of the football program nationally. In that I mean when someone sees a photo of a Pitt player from any year from now forward, or sees a Pitt team playing ball while watching TV , or a video while surfing the internet, they immediately think – “That’s Pitt.”

Put all these together and you’ve created a brand that screams class and consistency.

I have heard the old saw that recruits want to play in flashy modern uniforms and that may be true somewhat – but I guarantee you that when a recruit and his family see the uniforms of Alabama, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, etc… they want to play ball wearing those also.

You may counter that is because those programs are consistently successful and that’s true – but part of their successes is that strong uniform and program’s brand itself.  Here is an article that addresses the Top 25 Uniforms – notice that a lot of those are not the powerhouse programs mentioned above – schools like Boise State, TCU, Army, Navy, Arizona State, North Carolina – in other words programs like Pitt.  But all 25 have the fact in common that those uniforms are easily recognizable and have constituted a brand for their program.

Look at that Pitt uniform mosaic above once more – do we really want to go through that again over the next 20 years?  No, of course not.

It would take a leap of faith and a risk on Pitt’s part to do this but why not embrace that and set a course to separate Pitt apart from the 100+ other programs whose uniforms aren’t easily recognized?

If we truly want to be “Pitt Proud” and live the ideal that “Pitt Is It!” then I say create a 360 degree Pitt brand in football…. and stick with it.

End Piece:

Speaking of Look Back Saturdays here is an article I found while doing some research on past Pitt uniforms.  This is from the Uni-Watch website back in 2006:

“Meanwhile: I love historical uni oddities that we all missed the first time around but are now rediscovering, and reader Chris Ford has come up with a doozie. Here’s his scoop:

Tonight I was watching a replay of the 1977 Sugar Bowl between the University of Georgia and the University of Pittsburgh, and I noticed something peculiar: Some of the Panthers were wearing different uniforms from the rest of the team. For instance, if you look at this shot, you can clearly see that Tony Dorsett’s numbers [including the one on his sleeve] are dark blue with gold trim, and his name appears on his jersey.

However, the guy in the air (QB Matt Cavanaugh), has a light blue number on his sleeve, with no gold trim, and it was the same way on his back. Also, his name did not appear on his back.

It seemed to me that it was mainly the WRs and RBs whose unis were like Dorsett’s (maybe 10 players), and the rest of the team wore unis like Cavanaugh. I took this screen shot, which shows Nos. 33 and 34 wearing the blue/gold numbers and names on their jerseys, while No. 77 had no gold trim and no name. Additional examples are here and here.

https://i0.wp.com/static.flickr.com/94/233478240_84e4ad1bf4_o.jpgIt’s hard to imagine a major college team doing this today — in a bowl game, no less. Anyone know the story behind this one?”

Here is another photo that shows the different uniforms quite clearly – look at the difference between Ellott Walker’s (#34) and Cavanaugh’s (#12) uniforms. https://i0.wp.com/static.flickr.com/83/233478290_0c0e81fd52_o.jpg I wonder if some of our guys might have taken their game uniform jerseys and sold them for drinks on Bourbon Street in the practice week before the game.  If you remember Majors didn’t impose any curfews on the players while they were in New Orleans…

Seriously, that just may have happened.

42 thoughts on “Look Back; Uniforms Seem Familiar?

  1. I think it is sad that the season is almost here and we are still talking about uniforms.

    Narduzzi’s gag order on the media is killing the buzz.


  2. Reed,two things:
    – the second I saw the new retro uni’s this week I thought……..are you ready – Paul Hackett
    – My guess on the Sugar Bowl different uni’s is simply that the RB’s, etc. are wearing “tear away jerseys”.


  3. “Thus was the start of the traditional Pitt Script with Old Gold & Navy Blue at Pitt.”
    Shouldn’t it read “Mustard Gold and Royal Blue”?


  4. On the uni differences noted at the Sugar Bowl, I know that in that era many of the running backs, and Dorsett in particular, wore tear away jerseys. That might explain why the WR’s and RB’s appear to be in slightly different jerseys.


  5. The throwback uniforms also serve nicely as a compliment to our football present and future home stadium. I was surprised when they revealed the new uniforms in the spring that they did not find a way to work the primary color at Heinz Field into the football uniform. The throwback uniforms honor our past and recognize our future.


  6. I pulled this video from HCPN’s Twitter account – “Dream On!”


    If you have six minutes and you want an adrenaline rush – watch and listen!

    Our HC get’s it.

    Reed – in case you want me to explain what “it” is – HCPN understands that Pitt has a great tradition with NINE National Championships and many great players in our FB history.



  7. Pitt Man I think you are on to something with the tear aways.
    Hbg LMAO – the empty yellow seats as a school color could be spun as public support by those who stay away are supporting the team by showing on of our team colors.
    Reed – when they rolled out the “new” colors instituted originally by Cornhole who had no connection to this area whatsoever wasnt the point made by our administration that all places with logs would be replaced over the next year or so. If this is done it will be with Smileys Notre Dame colors. They should have gone back to Majors 1 and just tweaked the small parts of the uniform. You are absolutely correct, there is nothing about our unis that scream Pitt (italics font).


  8. Erie – thanks for the video link. great moments but in light of this thread it looks like we are schizo in our lack of adherence to a color scheme.


  9. @Hbg – the point I was making is that I’m not sure if the throwbacks actually do ‘honor our past’ as it looks like a combination we’ve never had before.


  10. BTW – this was the sum total of Narduzzi’s description of last Saturday’s scrimmage.

    “Overall, I thought that our offense did a great job of driving the ball. I thought our defense did a good job of playing bend-but-don’t-break ball when they [the offense] got down in the red zone to force field goals. Overall, it was a very healthy scrimmage. It’s always good to come out healthy. I’m sure we will have some bumps and bruises tomorrow, but it was a physical, great-effort scrimmage. I would probably say that the one negative was penalties since it was the first time that we had officials out here today, which was on purpose. We really have been pretty good for five practices with limiting the unforced errors—as far as jumping offside, committing illegal procedures and lining up offside. I knew that a corner would line up offside today, and it happened. So we’ve got to clean up a lot of those mistakes.”


  11. They said as much during the reveal Reed. They aren’t throwbacks so much as honoring Pitt’s past. They said they pulled ideas, with a modern spin, from several previous iterations of Pitt uniforms. I think they look better than anything Pitt’s ever worn. Cant wait to see them “live”. Of course, I like the new uni’s too in comparison to what we’ve worn the last 20 years. Of course, I’d prefer to go back to our old color scheme but I also understand the money necessary to rebrand the entire University a new color again is highly unrealistic especially when Barnes only had 60 days before the uniform orders were needed. The nice thing is it will be up to the kids (Eagles) on what they wear and when.


  12. Don’t really think they’re really ‘Powder Blue’ Reed. Royal blue changes shades depending on the lighting. It can look lighter or darker again depending on the light. I do like the player’s numbers on the shoulder pads or the upper arm, better than no numbers at all.

    But the new alternate uni’s are still way better than those god awful stripe-less pant ones modeled in May.
    Hopefully we can ditch them quickly.


  13. “Here are some of the crappy uniforms we Pitt fans have had to endure… and the worst part was we had to watch our players stink out the joint and lose more often than win while wearing them most seasons. ”

    Huh, did I miss something here since the big Uniform switch of 1997, under the direction of Cornhole. While I do agree enduring Cornhole and his arrogance of trying to destroy script ‘Pitt’, and the destruction of our beloved Pitt Stadium, was much more than any fan base should have to endure.

    Pitt didn’t lose more often than win. Since 1997 we’ve really had only 4 losing seasons, just counting Regular season games. So in 19 years, 10 were winning seasons and five were 6-6 regular seasons. Two of those 6-6 years we didn’t get a bowl game and the other 3, well let’s not revisit those bowl games, mostly under interim coaches and such.

    We’ve been slightly better than mediocre I guess. And mediocrity is a terrible way to go thru life. Looking back I wish we would have hit Rock Bottom, ala the late 1960’s. Which would have forced the administration to do something radical. Like hire a competent coach and give him the necessary support and funding to succeed. Not the half – hearted attempts we’re all so familiar with


  14. russbroman – the video showcased past color schemes for Pitt uniforms and some awesome Pitt “greats”. I thought it played with this articles theme very well thank you…

    Notice Tino did not make the video cuts?


  15. ^^^ Long road traveled for Dontez Ford, now a RS Senior, being the pre-season #1 wide out on the depth chart. He was once a 2 star recruit from Mckees Rocks, whose only offers were: Syracuse, Akron, Temple, and Vanderbilt (I’m pretty certain offered by James Franklin lol):


    Even Ford in his interview pretty clearly declared that come the first offensive live-game series against Villanova to open up the season it’s going to be Dontez Frod #1, *** Jester Weah #2 ***, then Quadree Henderson as the versatile Slot + Hybrid-Scatback role (lot’s of motion and movement along the line and even in backfield formations to create mismatches for runs & passes + many screens —> as @Reed and other posters have said very similar to Tyler Boyd’s role under Chaney). I think Pitt fans will see Quadree Henderson also utilized very similarly in the run game to how Jordan Whitehead was used on those change-up run plays. Henderson is so quick and agile — he reminds me greatly of a wide receiver version of Ray Graham when he was healthy with Todd Graham (The Year was Tino: Year 2 😦 )

    **** Frankly: IF I WAS THE OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR, I would want Dontez Ford (legit 6’2′, 210) to add only about 15 pounds of muscle-mass (he’s got plenty of frame for that no problemo) and turn him into a Jordan Reed / Charles Clay (6’2”, about 225-230 lb Pro Bowl NFL hyrbrid tight ends) style player — or for Pitt lovers, a Dorin Dickerson style super-quick, agile tight end (Dickerson was about 6 foot, 220 but was great in that role and even got NFL snaps at that role). But, alas, Narduzzi and Canada decided the best role for Dontez Ford was to stay as a ‘Pure Wide Receiver’.

    —–> Look,…..I really appreciate Dontez Ford and think he’s going to catch everything thrown his way and even have some really impressive moments in his RS Senior Year. He’s got the Heart of a Lion on the field, and he’s definitely no slouch athletically so I am Not hating on him at all. Hopefully he’s improved himself all-around from last year as well and evolved physically into a faster and stronger player also.

    Dontez Ford has a great frame (6’2”, a very muscular 210 and long-arms to reach for contested catches) and watching his live-game plays no one can deny he has absolutely great hands. He makes great contested catches, and he makes perfect, soft-hand catches on almost every ball.

    ***** Dontez Ford has put in a ton of work to get to where he was last season in 2015, and he’s a big, strong, Smart, and no one ever questioned that. But as I really watch him now I’m crazy-impressed by how silky-smooth he really is as an athlete. He moves around like a dancer, great fluidity. Players who have that great smoothness and fluid-athleticism like Dontez Ford can make up for lacks of natural speed and explosion because of how well they can control their body.

    I never really allowed myself to invest in Dontez Ford contributing to Pitt this year, and I kind of overlooked him and already moved on to the other options. But @ Dr. Tom I must confess you’re correct: If Dontez Ford can stay healthy, I think he’s going to keep finding ways to get open and also make tons of great contested catches when Peterman throws it up to him. I would not be shocked to see Dontez Ford be the ‘Top Dawg’ of the receiving core and have a 1,000+ yard, 5+ touchdown season and get himself some NFL looks.

    More than Dontez Ford’s ’40-time’ (my guess is a reasonable, decent 4.6 – 4.65 ) I would think that in shorter range agility Dontez Ford has elite-quality agility. Dontez Ford clearly crushes it in the weight room as he looks Yoked-Up.

    Hail to Pitt!!


  16. Reed, great piece that is appreciated from somebody that is a college football uniform connoisseur. While I was anxiously awaiting the throwback uniforms, I came away less than impressed at the royal blue effort. Your “powder” blue reference is spot on. My initial thoughts were the boys from Nike raided the McNeese St. locker room because those uniforms scream McNeese St. Time and again, the people licensing the script Pitt apparel in recent years have utilized this royal/powder blue that looks nothing like what was worn in the 70’s and 80’s. Can they not just reference old photos? Up through the Craig Heyward era, the blue jerseys always had a darker hue than basic royal blue. By about ’89-90 they opted for the electric yellow and bright royal leaving behind any traces of the harvest gold and deep blue. Your Van Pelt picture captured the comparison perfectly. I actually thought the 2nd stint of the Majors era had the color scheme closest to the 70’s; however, those white facemasks were terrible in my opinion (link below?). Maybe Nike has a pulse on what is popular, but you are correct in stating that this version doesn’t throw us back to the Dorsett/Marino era uniforms in any way. Adidas’ 2005 version of the throwback uniforms (against Youngstown) was better than this current iteration.


  17. Somebody might have already brought this up. The discrepancies in the 1976-77 uni’s might have been because some were wearing ‘tear-a-way’ jersey’s while others were not. Since Cavanaugh ran the veer option he most likely was wearing a tear-a-way.


  18. One thing we should go back to is : Our 2 biggest wins in the last 40 years were in the Sugar Bowl. Both over Georgia. Funny thing Johnny’s first game(1973) was against Georgia and so was his last (1977)as Pitt Head Coach. And of course the historic last minute Marino to John Brown TD pass in the 1981 Sugar Bowl.

    Both games had Pitt as the Road team, and we wore white shirts with gold/yellow pants, as we did from 1973 to 1996. We should definitely go back to the white/with gold pants for road games.

    Pitt vs South Carolina Gator Bowl (Heisman Trophy winner and the Runner up Game)


  19. For our younger alums and current students. I give you your #3 ranked Pitt Panthers, better than anything on TV today.


  20. Last year the athletic department released scrimmage highlights.
    This year, not so much as a photo.

    And enough already about uniforms.
    What next? Kardashian nonsense?
    Think they are talking uniforms in Tuscaloosa?

    And Reed, can’t you sell some advertising to SugarBaby websites so we can have something meaningful to discuss, now that Pitt Athletics has gone covert, black ops on us?


  21. Here’s some more stuff Gasman.
    More creepy goings ons over at Creepy Valley. It never ends from that creeped out place.

    STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (KDKA/AP) – The body of a Penn State professor who’s been missing for a week has been found in a quarry, and police said Friday they’ve charged a man with luring him there under the ruse they’d harvest marijuana plants but instead pushed him off an 80-foot cliff.

    The remains of Ronald Bettig, a 56-year-old associate professor of media studies, were found Thursday, a week after he was reported missing. Penn State police launched an investigation and transferred the case to Pennsylvania State Police this week.



  22. Well I have seen some old pictures of the PITT uniforms from the long past when they dominated the national scene. (20’s) I don’t think anyone is interested in revisiting those uni’s. I also remember the Carl Depasqua days and the uniforms most definitely looked a lot like ND and/or Navy. Majors was smart to separate the look. Then the script uniforms started to take on various shades of blue and gold. The shear fact that PITT’s new administration has embraced returning to the great script years with those great script uniforms is reassuring to me that they are all in with the PITT football program. So the new throwbacks have a slightly different color scheme (I like mustard) it’s ok. After-all these throwbacks kind of go back to a national championship era and great teams while some PITT fans were still alive. Lets be thankful and not worry about the shades right now.


  23. Six golden domers were arrested yesterday. One for resisting arrest – he’s supposedly in big trouble.

    The other five were riding in a Ford Focus smoking pot and speeding. Misdemeanors, but it gets better (or worse) – three were charged with possession of an unregistered firearm.

    A friend of mine who attended nd told me that all six will be removed from the football team and have a slim chance of being allowed to attend nd for academic purposes.

    Transfers to bama?


  24. Emel,
    Don’t worry, my brother.
    PSUcks police launched their own investigation.
    I m sure the conclusion will undoubtedly be: if we wouldn’t have taken down that statue, this misunderstanding would never have happened.


  25. Darkknight – You need to get some ass buddy!! Haha.

    In West Palm Beach and saw the new remodel of Dolphins and The “U”‘s stadium. It is bad ass. The “U” is gonna be good and they will get a big following under Richt.



  26. @ Upittbaseball —– yeah, can’t really argue with you there lol.

    This total media Blackout from Narduzzi and the Football Program is unbelievable. Total Shroud-of-Secrecy. Almost bizarre that they’re insulating themselves to this level.

    After these last 2 weeks Pitt fans should have so much tangible evidence to learn about Pitt’s new young players, how the defense is progressing and what Josh Conklin has been devising (haven’t even seen one interview with him). And it would be great if maybe the media could watch and report on how the receiving core is actually looking.

    It’s insane: Now that Fall Camp is fully underway and Game 1 is only 2 weeks away, there is less Pitt Football news than ever.


  27. Pitt needs to create traditions,memories, spirit. This is an effort to ensure we stay on the chosen path. Remember…one that stays on the right path is destined to find the end of his journey. In Pitt’s case, its national prominence and increased alumni donations. Although the journey never really ends. It ends up being a new beginning.


  28. I like the new uniforms. I like the new throwback uni’s. Don’t care if they don’t exactly match the 1976 version.


  29. Emel,
    Thanks so much for that 1980 Gator Bowl video! Somehow my memory banks totally wiped that game clean ( I was going to say as clean as someone’s emails but that would mention a politician so I will not do!). Anyway, can’t wait to watch it again for the first time!


  30. Frankly I could care less if Pitt came out in pink uniforms if they won the game. Now if they did come out in pink uniforms and lost the game then we would have something to talk about.


  31. FYI Vividseats has some club level seats available for the Penn State game for $1091 each. If that doesn’t suit you, Seatgeek has some seats in section 232 available for $1514 each for the game.


  32. The uniforms and “throwback” apparel looks great and is going to sell like crazy. Wondering if they will sell jerseys?
    Regarding Miami, if you think we have attendance problems then Miami is a national disaster. Richt is a great hire, they recruit excellent talent, they get 4500 at games since Orange Bowl went down.


  33. John – Those days are over. Stadium improvements and a bonified HC. Miami will be the best Florida Football within 3-4 years. Better than FSU and UF.


  34. Plus that stadium use to hold 82k. Not it holds 76k ish. They get 15-25 a game real seats sold as of last year.


  35. I’m glad Pitt script is “official” and hope it’s never modified. Pitt’s new football new uniforms are looking like a real winner. Now, Pitt needs to play like a champion.

    Hail to Pitt! Can’t wait for football season to begin.


  36. the only uniforms pitt should ever wear are the 76-85ish versions. why they changed the color scheme in the first place ill never know cause its been a curse since. I was a freshman in 1986 when they changed to the neon yellow color. they had 2 mediocre seasons then went in the toilet. going back to glory days uniforms seems like a no brainer instead of experimenting with 50 shades of pitt. i emailed current athletic director about this as well as prior ad’s especially when pederson destroyed tradition with block pitt letters and got no response. so I guess these a holes dont really care about tradition. like it was said earlier about certain college programs that only tweak but dont change uniforms i totally agree. would nebraska change their iconic N to a corn husk? we put a bogus panther on ours for a while that looked like a dinosaur. we are morons and why we are even discussing this is a problem. its a no brainer. go back to dorsett/marino etc mustard and either navy or royal would be acceptable because if you watch highlights of past games they actuall wore both navy and royal with mustard. mostly navy. looked great till they screwed it up!


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