What They Really Meant; Aug 17th

Here is the Pitt Media Dept’s news release after yesterday’s Practice #10.  Lots of fun stuff here and I’ll let the coaches and players speak for themselves… with some personal commentary thrown in.

Love the throwback uniforms and, to some fan’s chagrin I’m sure, we won’t see them for the PSU game but for the Homecoming game on Oct 8th against Georgia Tech. Another reason to buy season tickets.

Folks, we can talk all we want about if Pat Narduzzi is a good Xs and Os head coach and whether or not AD Scott Barnes bungled the basketball hire but in my opinion there is no denying that the excitement level has risen, honestly risen and not just with hype bumps, over the last 18 months.

This article from the P-G points to only one of the positive benefits this new team has created :

 Barnes added Pitt has seen a 50 percent increase in merchandise and apparel sales since unveiling of the Pitt script May 18 and carrying through until the end of the fiscal year. First-quarter sales numbers are not yet finalized and will not be available until October.

But here is the best part – some happy campers and a look at Narduzzi when he’s (pretending) not happy…

These throwbacks are much more Marino-era than Dorsett-era colors but I guess Pitt had to choose one or the other.  I can see why they went with the yellow-gold rather than the mustard-gold as it presents a much more modern look.  The 1970’s uniforms were more subtle.  These bolder colors jump out and I’m sure they appeal to the younger set more that the older ones do.3c090347bb5d917e9e799f9a7818174d

This is what I’d like to see in the future, maybe Barnes can wear it at the next BB coaching hire presser.

Here are the notes from the practice yesterday, my notes are italicized (all in fun folks, all in fun):

Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

Opening statement:

“We got a double in yesterday. They were off the field at like nine o’clock last night. We woke our guys up early this morning. We had two really good practices yesterday. They came out and got after it pretty good, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ve got today.”

“I beat their asses like a drum yesterday. Ha ha….”

On if he’ll be taking it easy on the players today after working them hard yesterday:

“It’s camp. There are no easy days. We will have a lot of focus. We won’t do anything live today even though we’re in full pads, but it will be heavy, heavy thud.”

“That is a silly ass question.  I’d like to thud you right on top of your head.  How do you think I got this tough guy reputation, by coddling those punks out there?”

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