Look Back; Uniforms Seem Familiar?

This week Pitt rolled out their own version of a ‘throwback’ uniform.  This naturally follows suit given that we had the Pitt Script return a bit less than two years ago and then new regular game uniforms just two months ago.

Boy, #1 looks happy down there, doesn’t he?  Quick quiz… who is wearing #1 this year?

Correct – no one!  That is a one of a kind jersey.

Anyway, when I saw the color combination I had to scratch my head a bit to place just where we had seen that combination before, if even we had.  It isn’t enough to just say “We are going back to the old style uniforms every so often” because that ‘old’ uniform had so many iterations.

So let’s take a look back and try to figure this out.  Let’s start at the beginning of the Pitt Wonder Years.

This is the best article written, in the New York Times no less, about the uniform changes since Majors introduced the Script back in 1973:

When Majors arrived on campus from Iowa State, taking over a team that had won only one of 11 games the year before, he decided to give the program a makeover in every way. He put together a real weight room, but he also wanted his team to look good on Saturdays.

“I looked at their uniforms, and I thought they were pretty dull,” Majors said.

So Majors redesigned them. The school colors are old gold and navy blue, but Majors decided that a mustard yellow and royal blue looked sharper — in part because Pitt would not resemble the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as much.

He added double “Northwestern stripes” (one wide stripe bordered by two thinner stripes) to the jerseys and a thick blue stripe, a nod to the N.F.L.’s Pittsburgh Steelers, to the pants. He wanted a helmet insignia that stood out in newspaper photos, on television and on magazine covers. Majors dreamed big from the start.Majors liked the “Ucla” script insignia on U.C.L.A.’s helmets. So he told an artist whose name he cannot remember, to draw something similar for Pitt.

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