A Goodbye & a (Sort of) Hello

Hello All,

This is Mike – I wanted to let you know I’ll be stepping back from the POV for a while. The last two years have been an amazing experience for me, and running a blog of the POV’s caliber has been an honor and a privilege. However, duty is calling outside of sports, and I am harnessing all my free time and putting it towards a business opportunity that has too much potential to ignore.

The good news is that the POV won’t be going away. At least not yet, anyway. Reed has graciously agreed to step in and at the very least administrate the blog. As for content, well POVers, that is up to YOU. Sure, Reed and I will be able to post game threads, and maybe the occasional write up, but if you want long form articles, we are going to need your help. Richard did a great job during the football season, and we’ve had a couple of additional guest authors. So if you have an idea for a weekly column, or even a one-off, now is the time.

As for me, I’ll be dropping one more piece in the next week or so (made a commitment to someone and I’ll keep that) and after that it will generally be Commander Reed’s show. Thanks for understanding and let’s see if we can’t keep this thing going collectively for a little while.

Hail to Pitt


Ha!! Back Again!!

This is Reed. Mike and I have been discussing how to best effect the change due to Mike’s stepping back from running the POV. He’s got an outstanding new business opportunity (along with a great family with youngsters) so his time is going to be dedicated to the really important things in life. Let’s wish him the best of luck because he’s been a wonderful Pitt POV head.

As most readers, commenters and POV family can remember I gave Mike the POV back in October of 2018 because my interest in Pitt football fell off. I can’t honestly say that I feel any more attached to it now as I did then. Obviously the POV was in good, no, great hands and so this last year I hardly read any articles, commented infrequently and wrote one article that pissed people off.

When Mike let me know he had to back out of running the Blog my first immediate thoughts were twofold; on one hand I felt sorry that the POV’ers would lose this great forum. On the other hand I started really thinking back about the beginning of the POV and how it became, by a hugely large margin, the most popular, most read and most commented on media outlet for Pitt football ever.

Yes, I do mean ever. More read and commented on than any other blogs but also way more than any local media articles by the mainstream papers or radio/TV shows. The POV sprung out of the Pitt Blather, which was also very popular, then shot to the moon back when it first published in June of 2016 because of your interest.

I remembered all the extraneous things this blog has going for it with its newfound and strong friendships, planned events like golf outings (thanks Rick) and our wonderful tailgate parties (thanks King Fran) and excellent written articles and comments (thanks Ike, Annie, etc.) which are well written, insightful and most importantly respectful of other’s thoughts and opinions.

Try finding all that in any other sports blog. Not just any Pitt football blog, but any sports blog. You won’t be able to.

For all the above reasons I decided to wade back into the Pitt POV. But I’ll be very honest here; if I don’t get a lot of help from all of you we may have to face another hard decision down the road. By ‘help’ I mean doing guest articles, policing yourselves in writing your comments and maintaining decorum in adherence to the published standards of this blog.

Mike will chip in for awhile with BB gameday threads, Rich in SC will spin his writing magic also and I’ll try to put some interesting stuff up to discuss every so often too – but let’s make this a real joint venture with our whole POV family.

So – good to be back. My email address is: rkohberger@gmail.com for article submissions or just getting in touch. For newcomers to the POV who may not know or remember me here is a photo that might help so we can meet each other at tailgates or whatever… Yes, I’m only 22 years old.

Hail to Pitt

POV Bits & Pieces; Sept 27th

We’ll start off with Narduzzi’s presser yesterday – more calm, cool and collected on his part.

That’s a good press conference and when he stands up there and talks about actual football stuff he’s very informative and engaging. Here is the full text of the presser as provided by Pitt.

It is interesting how he, at the 9:05 mark, he discussed that killer 17 play (!) drive NC had to come back for the win. 

“Not in particular. When you look at that 17-play drive at the end of the game—we always chart plays and mark each as a win or a loss—12 of those 17 plays were wins for us. They were really good. It only takes five of the 17 to be really bad. We have to find a way to make a play. We have to find a way to knock an arm off us when we’re rushing the passer. We just need to find a way to make a play.

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POV’s Monday Morning QB: NC Loss

Well, what can we say that hadn’t already been said about this last game?  The POV Podcast article made my thoughts pretty clearly known – but I do want to emphasis one thing.  I do not think Pat Narduzzi has lost the kids, lost the season nor should he be fired as I have read elsewhere from upset fans.

I have always known that Pitt fans knee-jerk week to week if a game is a win or a loss, but even I’m surprised at the level of disappointment and even hatred directed at him by Pitt fans on the internet.

Granted most Pitt fans don’t feel this way but a whole lot do and while I am as level-headed when it comes to Pitt football as I can be, at least as I try to be, it is a bit shocking that to me that after only four games some fans are throwing in the towel on the season.

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