Practice #10 (& #11) in the Books

This morning the main Pitt beat writer for the Trib-Review wrote a piece on Pitt’s  QB situation titled “Pitt backup QB brings experience” which immediatly caught my eye because that is the exact topic we all were discussing on here in the comments section just a day ago.

DiPaola wrote the article and relays this about the OC’s take on Manny Stocker:

Then, there’s this from Canada: “I’m very excited about putting the ball in Nathan’s hands when the game is on the line.”

But that doesn’t mean Stocker is being ignored.  “Manny is getting better every day,” Canada said. “He’s playing like a senior needs to play.”  Canada said the difference in Stocker from their time together three years ago is his attention to detail and willingness to tackle difficult situations.

“Pressure is a privilege,” Canada said. “Sometimes, we don’t like it. If you want to be the guy, there’s pressure, and he’s learning to embrace that and understand that and work at that.

“He’s attacking the details of the game.”

OK then; I read that and all the other stuff Canada and Narduzzi have said about the QB2 position so far this month and don’t see Ben Dinucci getting anything but some off hand and cursory discussion at all.  Sorry to all the ‘local boy does well’ fans but I think we have to put that hope about Dinucci breaking into some real playing time as a ‘wait until next year’ scenario.

The Post-Gazette’s new Pitt football beat writer, ir7_ywjjJenn Menendez writes about the new throwback uniforms:

Narduzzi intimated there is a strong chance the throwback uniform could become a regular fixture after it debuts Oct. 8. He added that his senior leadership group, referred to as the “Eagles,” will be tasked with making that decision on a weekly basis.

“I think it’s going to be something that seniors, our Eagles will kind of decide what do we want to do,” Narduzzi said. “If they like the look? I’m open to anything. I just want to coach football.”

This is very interesting as usually the school administration and the contracted apparel companies get together to maximize the ‘visibility’ of the different uniform items to make the biggest profits.

BTW – Ms. Menendez was the Post-Gazette’s hockey writer before coming over to Pitt football.  Strange move all around and not to sound too critical but is this another example of the Panther’s football program not getting the respect it deserves from that paper?  I don’t really understand the Post-Gazette.

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