2020 Football Class Superlatives

Okay gang, now that the season has ended (in the most Pat Narduzzi way it possibly could, I might add), it’s time to have a little fun. We are going to nominate Class superlatives for the 2020 Pitt Football team (I’m ripping this off from a local Atlanta Radio Station.) Pick one player for each category. Does not have to be a senior. Have fun and I’ll pick the winners later this week!

  • Class Clown
  • Most likely to be Prime Minister (keep away from REAL politics please!)
  • Most likely to be on a Reality Show
  • Best Bromance
  • Most Athletic

161 thoughts on “2020 Football Class Superlatives

  1. Class Clown – V. Davis
    Prime Minister – K. Christodoulou
    Reality Show – P. Ford after he’s broke and out of NFL in 2 years
    Best Bromance – K. Pickett / J. Morrissey
    Most Athletic – I. Abanikanda

    Bonus: Kenny Pickett as most likely to be cast as Benny in The Queen’s Gambit

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  2. Class Clown – Paris Ford for leaving his buddy Hamlin high and dry after begging him to come back another year so they could play together.
    Most likely to be President – Morrissey in a landslide.
    Most likely to be on a Reality Show – Mark Whipple, all watch in amazement as I make offensive talent disappear.
    Best Bromance – Ford/Hamlin/Weaver – the jump ship trips
    Most Athletic – Addison

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  3. Paris Ford for Class Clown …. and not because he jumped ship but because he seems more animated than anyone else

    President Tre Tipton (2048)

    Randy Bates for ‘Survivor’ Reality Show

    Bromance?? — one thing I think even the detractors here must admit is how close this team seems to be. Not sure I have ever seen such togetherness.

    Athletic – Addison

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    1. I’m all about results and not fluffy kittens and unicorns.

      I’d fire everyone. Don’t care if it’s a covid season or not. It’s a business. But for most it’s addictive bad eye candy.

      Tex who feels good when a pitt player does what Tony Siragusa says.

      Why did he go to Pitt again?


      1. I would disagree that MOST Pitt fans want to run the football program strictly as a business—meaning that wins are all that matter regardless of how those wins may be achieved. After all, didn’t JoePa run PSU strictly as a business that had to be protected from scandal? And I don’t think we
        want to use them as an example of good business practices. I also think
        MOST true fans do not want to root for a team that is composed of kids constantly on the wrong side of the law (see Wanney’s demise), or one coached by a guy who routinely runs roughshod over the rules (see lots of examples). And I did say “most” fans because I realize that many would indeed not give a damn about these things.

        And, finally, I did love to watch Tony Siragusa, even if he did go to Pitt “to kill people.”

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        1. Paterno ran penn state as a cult. Big difference.

          And yes you are right on the Goose.

          If I want to hug someone, I’ll hug my dog.


  4. Class Clown – HCPN for trying to watch a football game through a fogged plexiglass shield.
    President – P Ford for attempting to label his defection as a triumph.
    Reality show – the receivers as they attempt to catch water balloons filled with acid.
    Best Bromance – coach Pat and coach Canada in the bowels of the training complex
    Most athletic – Kessman…for never giving up on himself.


  5. Left over business from last night:

    On the face of it, VD had a wonderful game – 25 carries for 247 yards = 9.88 YPC.

    However, if we strip away 3 carries (74, 68, 38 yards) – and you know we must – he ends up with 67 yards in 21 carries. A somewhat less-than-pedestrian 3.2 YPC. Ho-Hum!

    Which brings up the question: “What do we do – at season’s end – with all those yards we had to throw out during the seasons (and do we also throw out any ensuing TDs scored, as well)”?

    It would be great if we gave them all to a young RB who has only 2-3 carries on the year (Issy Anaconda – aka The Snake?). He’d qualify for Freshman All American.


  6. And, the above is probably a contributing factor to the OL problems we’ve been having. They (the OL) probably think: “What’s the use of busting our butts in practice perfecting the art of opening huge holes, when all those yards are just gonna be thrown out, anyway? WT🚫??”

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  7. Where was the rushing game against good opponents. I would not read too much into that performance. Pitt still has major issues with the line and at back. Narduzzis 19th ranked class isn’t going to quickly address those gaping holes.

    I snorted when I typed 19th.


  8. Narduzzi comes across as though he almost encourages his top players to exit early for the NFL. I don’t get it. Whatever happened to character, commitment and seeing things through? All this talk about togetherness is probably just BS. The remaining players, including Pickett who played with a bad foot, must be livid that their boys, including even Twyman at the start, bailed out on them with visions of fat NFL paychecks awaiting them (I caught a whiff of that resentment in the Jones post game interview). Sorry but these guys aren’t about winning if they bail on a couple of games at the end. So skip college and just go straight to the NFL..

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    1. VoR… it ain’t college ball anymore…. no player looking forward to delivering babies or yanking a tooth… it’s all about money for the administration and they have lowered the entrance requirement bar that(the average student would be required to meet for entrance) to accept these NFL wannabeez!!!


      1. The Mission Statements of all these universities has certainly been skewed for sure.

        So they should just stop the charade. Love the Equality on the back of the bball team uni’s.
        High Comedy indeed.


        1. Hope the equality label gets them equal to the good teams in the conference…..
          Social justice messaging- just another reason to turn off the TV and do something more valuable with my time on the planet…!

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      2. Agree Big B.
        Have the NFL fund a minor league.
        Let the guys go play in front of 15,000 people in Akron for 2,500 a game.

        Let kids that should be in college play college football.
        no help for academics
        no special housing
        no APR bull sh t
        Get in to school. Stay in school on your own merit and graduate. Or Don’t.
        Just like every kid there.

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    2. I don’t know if this is a rational opinion, but I’m fine with guys opting out BEFORE the season starts if they want to focus on training for NFL draft. But with the guys like Ford opting out in November, that is flat out quitting on the team. Finish the commitment you made and be part of something bigger than yourself.

      I don’t think it is a coincidence the team played a little better without Ford. I think the NFL scouts will be quick to note the selfishness in some of these mid-season opt out moves. Start looking at careers of guys that have sat out of bowl games. While I understand the need to preserve your body, these types of moves will be viewed as a negative check in the character department for some NFL evaluators. Patrick Jones moving up in the character department for some NFL scouts. Glad to see him play last night.

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  9. Glad we won and all that….and I predicted a Pitt win…31-21. Which looks to be the winning entry in Before Game Predictions. Taxing did predict a 14 point win, but failed to predict a score.

    One of the reasons these games are getting unwatchable imo (and it’s not just Pitt games) are the interminable and many play reviews. They destroy the whole flow of the game…right or wrong.

    They destroy the whole flow of the game, not only for the players but for the fans. You’re at a fever pitch, after some big play, great play…..only to be taken down off that fever pitch…to wait and wait and then wait some more. If you’re lucky enough, ‘that the authorities’ validate the play and you score, it’s anti-climatic.
    It sux. it’s ruining the fan experience.

    On the players/coaches side…..YOU HAVE THE BIG MOMENTUM FROM THE BIG PLAY, GREAT PLAY….have the defense on it’s heels. And it’s like giving these reeling defenses a 10 minute Time Out to Regroup. Its totally ridiculous. It’s having grave unintended consequences on the game. I can live
    with the initial call. We did for decades and decades.


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        1. On that note.
          How did Pitt end up with first and goal at like the 21?
          I thought:
          Ruffing Q B vs G Tech 15 yards/ half distance to ( Guessing here) 5 yard line
          dead ball unsportman call vs Pitt
          ball goes back to the 20
          first and 10 at 20? or first and goal?


  10. VoR – They’e amateurs. Of course you support them going pro and staying healthy. That’s how they’re going to earn their living. You want character and loyalty pay the kids, give them long term health care and pay for their insurance policies in case of injury. That philosophy will get more high quality kids at Pitt. I have no problem with kids with pro potential not risking injury for meaningless games. It’s an issue if Pitt is contending and kids sit out but once contention is ruled out, risk vs. reward tells you the reward is too high to risk it. What’s left to win once you’re eliminated from ACC title contention? Who cares if they leave early at that point? Once that elimination happens, the reward is a meaningless bowl game where you have even more risk of injury because it’s a month after the season ends and you’re out of football shape. You pine for an era that is bygone. You want your kids to declare early and play all 12 games … make sure we have a coach that can win 11-12 regular season games and stay in contention for something meaningful until the very end.

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    1. Double good. 6-5 needs not to be rewarded.

      We can still watch PSUx playing in their bowl game…hopefully losing.


  11. BC….virtue signal’d last night. Pitt signals back. That’s all it is. I would imagine the Big Joke teams won’t participate either. BUT OHIO STATE WILL PARTICIPATE IN THE 4 TEAM PLAYOFFS…FOR SURE !

    What hypocrites.

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  12. Players that quit on their team before seasons end are selfish and lack character.
    They aren’t playing for free. The get great health care, nutritionalist, personal trainers, tudors, education, etc. Without those things they would have zero chance at the NFL. It makes the university money and gives them an opportunity to reach their dreams. Games aren’t meaningless to the players busting their butts to get to 6 wins. If you start the season, freaking finish it.

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    1. That’s all crap. I’m a sales manager and I tell my employees all the time to never be loyal to a company. Always put yourself and your family first. Sometimes they align sometimes you have to make hard decisions. Business decisions are not selfish. Those that think they are selfish are really the selfish ones. “Hey kid, I know you have millions at stake but it’s selfish for you to not suit up in this meaningless violent game with nothing at stake”. Smh.

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      1. I agree. There’s nothing loyal about Universities, coaches or NFL owners. Patrick played because he was having fun and wanted to add to his sack totals before the Draft. All personal decisions….but be honest about them. (unlike Ford)


  13. the players have been on campus since June 8th, haven’t been with their families except for brief post game meeting .. at a distance

    Once again ….this season is to be taken with a grain of salt

    — the ACC had less than 3 weeks pre-season
    — the SEC had > 4
    — God knows what the others had
    — by the CFP time, ND and Clemson will have played 12 games, Ohio State 6
    — Clemson and ND had their final season games cancelled, making it a total 5 bye weeks
    — a few rivals which had played each other > 100 years, are not playing


  14. A bit OT (and more serious), but there’s been an important development regarding potential conference relaignment/creation of a superconference after some conference’s grant of rights agreements expire in 2023.



    I’ve been a bit worried about a full reshuffle of schools when the grant of rights expires for the wealthier conferences, potentially placing the Panthers once again on the outside looking in. Others such as Tex have also suggested major change is on the horizon.

    The SEC’s deal with ABC/ESPN would appear to extinguish the possibility that this will happen. ABC/ESPN threw absolutely crazy $$$ at the SEC, causing CBS to back out.

    While mass-scale realignment is a lot less likely – after all what is a superconfernce without Bama and LSU – , the impact of this deal creates a greater financial gulf between the haves and the have nots.

    Likewise, the BigTenNetwork has inked some extensions as well. WIth the emergence of other conference networks, they’ve lost their leverage in how their product is placed within cable packages. A few areas have dropped the BTN from more basic packages – something former commisioner Jim Dleaney never would have permitted. Times change though.

    The incoming ACC Commissioner wil have his/her hands full figuring out a way to close that gap. For that reason, I hope they go after someone who is both from the broadcasting industry but is also not a native of Tobacco Road. Given the huge market price shift that the SEC deal creates, perhaps a renegotiation of the ACC is possible. The conference has quite an attractive TV market footprint and one would hope a new commissioner can squeeze out some more money for member schools.

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  15. Class Clown

    Most Likely to be Prime Minister: Kenny Pickett

    Most Likely to be on a Reality Show: Mark Whipple (Survivor)

    Best Bromance: Pickett/Morrisey

    Most Athetic: DJ Turner


  16. Good decision to opt out of a potential bowl game. Wonder if the players had a say?
    The future high draft choices certainly did.

    I don’t have a problem with anyone quitting early this year, for any reason. Forget the rah rah nonsense, college football was played this year for one reason and one reason only, $$$$$$.

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    1. The announcement implied the team made the decision.

      Last night HCPN indicated he wanted to go bowling in his post-game.
      Perhaps ADHL set him straight?

      The good news is he can replace WMG and Borbs right after LOI day.

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  17. I fully support the decision not to play a bowl game this year. The players decided it! The bowls will not be very attractive as there will be hardly anyone in the stands and the teams will not be hosted in venues all around the bowl sponsoring cities. There is also the possibility that a given bowl could be cancelled at the last minute due to the pandemic.

    I also support the athletes who decided to halt their season early this year. It is the same as you or me moving from one company to another for better pay. Most of these players who have decided to forgo the rest of the season come from lower class families who are struggling to get by. This especially true during this pandemic. When these players sign with an agent they get up front money to help their families immediately. If you blame them for that, there is something wrong with you, not them, in my opinion.

    The bowl game officials make over a million dollars a year for what probably does not amount to 80 hours of real work during the year. They also get tons of perks along with a lot of “gifts” from conferences and universities to influence the decisions these officials make in selecting teams. If you want to rant about someone, these officials deserve your attention.

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    1. There’s hardly anyone in the stands at most Pitt bowl games. No difference. But we actually had a chance for a Florida bowl. Which would have allowed and gotten more fans perhaps, wanting to get out of these lockdowned looney bins….many would have traveled.


  18. As expressed earlier, new ACC Commissioner should be CEO of Comcast.
    Clown – Ford
    Prime Minister – KP
    Reality – Addison (Frederick MD kid)
    Bromance – Morrissey
    Athletic – Turner


    1. I vote for Arnold Ziffel for new ACC Commissioner.

      Clown ~ Narduzzi
      Prime Minister ~ Yellow Blouse
      Reality ~ Ming the Merciless
      Bromance ~ Dooz/TP
      Athletic ~ Kenny the hobbled Gunslinger


  19. Well this guarantees that narduzzis average wins per season is 7. Or around $600k per win in his pocket. That’s obscene.

    That win average equates to going roughly 2-2 in the ooc and 5-3 in conference. With one of those conference wins always coming against Syracuse. So around .500 ball in their weak division, the weakest in all P5 based on saragin rankings.

    1-3 in bowls and no chance of losing another one.

    I for one am glad the season is over. Disappointed no chance of bowling in Dallas though. I’ll save Ike from choking.

    Back next Fall…with a vengeance. Make sure someone in your house knows the hymlich.


    1. I agree the money is obscene for Duzz. But If you go by $$ per win, Dabo and Saban make more. And Ed Orgeron at LSU is on track to “earn” maybe $3 million per win this year (~$9 million salary). As far as the ACC, in 2019 Narduzzi was the 8th highest paid head coach. So I don’t quite see where his salary is terribly out of whack with Division 1 coaches in general. I guess maybe we are seeing one of the quirks of a free market capitalist system? A system where most people (you excepted) shrug off salaries of football coaches but get bent out of shape with physicians making 6 figures………(and, no, I’m not a doc and don’t work in health care—in fact, I guess I don’t work at all any longer🤪)


  20. The POV commenters are a group with many views on how they describe PITT sports. I picture it as a graph. At one end has IKE with the other extreme TEX. I find myself skewed towards IKE even though there are some points TEX has which I agree with. How do others see themselves on the POV opinion graph?


  21. I would weigh in by saying that I’m definitely in the ike camp. Being a loyal Pitt fan entitles us to criticize and second guess the coaches and administration whenever we feel the need. But Tex goes too far with the negativity, and adds in an element of nastiness and name calling that is really not appropriate for a site that exists to follow and support Pitt athletics (like suggesting burning the place down). The hairy arms and meatball stuff, which is really a form of ethnic slur, and the yellow blouse mocking, which nearly borders on misogyny, are indicative of personal nastiness rather than legitimate criticism. I try to consider that players may read this blog as well, and hope it will not have a negative influence on recruiting or respect for the coaches.

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    1. You’re worried about the players reading this blog. LMAO.

      This blog has been full of criticism of Pitt coaches and the administration for years.

      And Pitt has a Top 20 Recruiting Class for football this year and basketball last year. So that would seem
      to dismiss your non-sense.

      Try Again !


      1. As I said Pittacus, criticism of coaches and administration is fine, but the personal attacks are not appropriate. It is hard to measure the impact of these attacks on recruiting, but I think it as an effect. Maybe Pitt would have had the 18th or 16th best class if not for the attacks. We will never know.


    2. You’re entitled to your opinion and perspective obviously. But I never attack players. Adults making good coin who are borderline ignoramouses get my scorn. Yes I can be nasty to those in the Pitt admin and a bit abrasive to some posters. It’s in my nature. I really don’t care if I’m on Santa’s naughty list. Hope all have a blessed holiday season and a safe and healthy 2021.

      Tex looking forward to a good tailgate and a packed Heinz.


      1. If you love mediocre, non -top 25, losing bowl football, those who love narduzzi should be thrilled with the status of the program. There are others who expect more.
        There are plenty of teams that have turned their programs around with the right coach.
        There are also plenty of teams who haven’t….
        The facts speak for themselves,


        1. If Pitt has been consistent at one thing the past 40 years it is not hiring the right coach.

          It will never change with the dullards who run the university.

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      2. Criticizing actions are one thing- making fun of someone’s physical characteristics or the color of clothes they wear is simply juvenile and small-minded. Tex you must have been bullied as a kid because you sure know how to dish it out now- similar to an abused kid becoming an abuser as an adult.I’m with you, VOR.

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    3. I don’t think Tex literally means to burn down the place and the characterization that it does, seems a bit dramatic. Perhaps he got his euphemism backwards and went with a harsher statement instead of saying they need to scrap the entire athletic department. Is that less triggering?

      Not sure that hairy arms is ethnic. It may be testosterone driven along with other factors, but down on the farm, hair growth is not really studied. As for me, i have very little hair so I can sweat better. Sometimes, i roll in mud and use it as sunscreen since I don’t have hair protecting me. That’s my supergoop! Google that.

      Best Bromance – Narduzzi/Pickett
      Prime Minister – Tie – Addison and Ibanikanda (for obvious first names)
      Clown – Charmin. Needs to be squeezed out
      Reality – Hamlin Island
      Most Athletic – Jen Hatz.


  22. my guess is that college players / recruits don’t pay much attention to blogs like these …

    — they seem to follow Twitter instead, and

    — they know too much about the real goings-on to buy in on some of the hyperbole written on these blogs

    However, I wouldn’t doubt that rival recruiters would use blogs like these to their advantage


    1. Since the media doesn’t ask the tough questions and the university sometimes hides the truth (literally locks the media out of practice, few open public forums for honest Q&A from the AD), sites like these are immensely valuable.

      Plus you have some very knowledgeable posters who actually do research and provide evidence/analysis or at least well thought out arguments. You’re forced to think and reevaluate.

      I don’t believe anyone lies on this board or just makes things up. Posters are guardians of Pitt, the good and bad. And some posters are champions of causes or agents of change. Nobody here wants the university to fail.

      Now as a recruit, I’d want to know the truth. I’d want to know what the most in tune and passionate fans are thinking. I’d want to know the programs worts before I make a college decision. I’d feel good that at least fans aren’t apathetic and truly care about the programs success and therefore mine.

      Lastly, although the name calling is childish and boorish, it does provide some comic relief. And really it’s no different than what other adults do every day on Twitter who have national profiles. You can’t hold a poster to a higher standard.

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  23. Whacked by WordPress again – I’ll try re-posting in two parts – Part 1 below:

    Look, 6-5 is better than 6-6 for several reasons.

    -1. At 6-6, that would give Duzz his 3rd non-winning season in his six years as HC.

    -2. The administration does not want to pay the large duzzy of a buyout Heather strapped them with.

    -3. GT (@ 3-7) gave Pitt one heck of a game with several of Pitt’s top talent opting out. Imagine what a team with a winning record would do – Pitt has beaten not one team with a winning record in 2020.

    -4. Possibly 3 or 4 others would have opted out of the bowel game – Jones, Morrissey, Pickett and Pinnock.

    -5. The season had many bad looks and why add one more with a bowel loss.

    Number 3 above is probably the most disappointing fact about this “talented” 2020 team. Many on here blast me for saying this team underachieved. But they have, IMO.

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    1. Part 2 – above was regarding opting out of a bowl game –

      We all have opinions – I could care less who the class clown is or the most athletic. But some do lyke that. As a fan, I want to be entertained by wins. This team should have been better. I believe we made a mistake six years ago when we failed to hire a HC with experience. That was my opinion then and I stand by that still today. I tried to support Duzz – I travelled to away games, I donated my hard earned money and I even lyke the guy as a decent human being (I did not say he was perfect).

      Also, I miss Emel and his wisdom of all things Pitt. I miss Frankcan and his passion for Pitt athletics.

      Most of all I miss my dear wife of 31 years, who along with my friend Lastrow…helped organize the 2019 POV Frankcan Cup.

      This forum can be fun, frustrating, enlightening & educational.

      Merry Christmas to all – be safe and enjoy life as best that you can…

      I’ll sure give it the old college try as I have a 10:40am tee time today.

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        1. Did not lose her as my earthly spouse – sorry for the confusing post. I miss her in the intellectual state – she is in month 18 of recovery and there is still a long way to go for a full recovery.


      1. So sorry Erie about the loss of your wife. I also agree about Emel & Frankcan being missed.

        I hope you got your golf game in before the rain…..Merry Christmas.


  24. Happy this team is NOT going to participate in a Bowl game.

    Who needs the embarrassment of flailing around against another DIRECTIONAL Michigan team in a Busted Tailpipe or Pizza Game 😦

    Better to focus on making CHANGES to this program. ( …wishful thinking that real change(s) happen) //sigh//

    HTP! ……but , same old Pitt


  25. Erie, you seem to forget that the pandemic not only caused Pitt not going to a bowl and preserving a winning record … but it also prevented

    — Pitt playing 11 games instead of 13

    — Pitt from playing Ohio U, Richmond and Duke (2-8) …. but it also

    — caused Pitt playing Clemson and NC State (neither were originally scheduled.

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  26. and as far as bowl games go …..

    — Pitt played a grand total of 1 bowl game in the 1990s (Liberty Bowl where it lost to Southern Miss 41-7)

    — Pitt had a losing bowl record since the 90s even before Narduzzi’s arrival, and

    — which in addition to 41-7 above, also included 35-7 to Utah, 3-0 to Oregon St, 28-6 to SMU, 38-17 to Ole Miss, and of course 35-34 where Houston outscored Pitt 29-3 in the 4th

    and except for Utah, none of these schools were ranked

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    1. They weren’t ranked or pitt wasn’t ranked, or both. That’s what failure and mediocrity gets you.

      Narduzzi 1-3 Bowls (Navy 21st)
      Chryst Teams 1-2
      Wannstedt Teams – 2-1 (ap- oregon st 24) 0-3 game.

      Lots of Mac N Cheese Bowls


      1. Narduzzi is 9-9 in ACC play over the past two years. Year 5 and 6 of his tenure. That’s not impressive. The trendline is down. I guess Narduzzi is more like milk than wine. He gets worse as he ages. I think he’s past his expiration date.


  27. Erie, by the way 6-6 is considered a winning season.
    Although I do agree that Pitt beat the lesser ACC teams.
    However if Pitt beat both BC and NC State, they still would have only beat the lesser teams.
    To beat someone with a better record meant beating one of the top three this year, and while expectations were high, they weren’t that high. Check the predictions and especially the pundits predictions.

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  28. Was a student in the 1963 season and well remember the tragedy of Kennedy and the no bowl game. However we did beat PSU although my memory of the game was severely clouded by rum.

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  29. I guess I am not as understanding as some here regarding the opt-outs. Didn’t you ever tell your kid that they can drop out of a sport they joined, but not mid season? Stick it out to the end and don’t sign up next year. It is integrity or ethics. And money does not change ethics. By opting out you are clearly putting your welfare ahead of the team’s. No other way around it. That is not how team sports are played.

    Also, professional teams already have their share of primadonnas who opt out when they feel they are not getting the respect ($) they deserve. Why would they want to draft players who have already shown that they are willing to screw the team for their own benefit?

    It’s like having employees who refuse to work overtime or a weekend when there is an urgent situation. You get shy of those folks as fast as you can. You don’t need them.

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    1. Times have changed Farmers. Why should employees have those ethics when businesses will lay them off at a drop of a hat. Loyalty needs to go both ways.


    2. not that it will change your opinion, but here is what I heard on The Fan yesterday

      Apparently, Weaver and Hamlin informed the coaches and teammates (or at least some of them) that they planned to opt out of the Ga Tech game a few weeks back. They wanted to play against Clemson, and then they they thought it would be ideal time to start focusing on their future. Weaver signed with an agent last week.

      Remember Weaver missed an entire season with an ACL last year so after he reestablished himself as draft ready, he probably felt relieved to make it this far


  30. Farmers has really nailed it. We have taught our kids to stick it out when things get rough, not to quit in the middle of a season and leave the team hanging. I saw where a player said he came back to win an ACC championship but when that was not possible he bailed. What if all players felt that way? In the college game only 4 teams get to play for the national championship. Other than that, a conference or division title may be nice, but the overall record is what players will remember most.

    Gordon, teams show loyalty by providing a scholarship, free room and board, top medical care and other benefits regardless of whether or not a kid plays. The 99% of players in all sports who don’t earn a pro paycheck still get the opportunity to earn a college degree which studies show greatly benefits them over their working lives. And college athletes almost universally say that the characteristics of team play, working together, etc. stay with them for a lifetime.

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  31. Here we go:

    Class Clown – V Davis. Hope he can grow on that 247 yard performance

    Most likely to be Prime Minister (keep away from REAL politics please!) – Patrick Jones II

    Most likely to be on a Reality Show – love the nod by others with Whipple here.

    Best Bromance – hands down, our very own Tex and Narduzzi.

    Most Athletic – giving this to Kessman. A kicker needs some love too. 🤣


  32. These guys will be paid handsomely commensurate with the risk they take for the entertainment value they bring. The risk is part of the deal.

    To me, walking out on your teammates is equivalent to plopping your butt down on the court sideline and taking off your shoes. You have just secured your legacy in this fan’s mind.

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  33. Will the coaching staff get their bowl bonus money? Or, will the AD give the coach and the staff a bonus for not participating in a bowl?


    1. Will pitt receive the bowl cut from that ACC check. I think the ACC screws pitt and BC over for not going to a bowl. The ACC needs schools to play in these games for the tv money.


      1. I’ve been wondering about the bowl money situation….but I’ve been saying here for weeks that going to a bowl game now with covid restrictions would be stupid. Bowl games are a reward for the players who get a week to travel to exotic places like Birmingham, Detroit, etc. (sarcasm off) and go to restaurants, and have fun at local fun spots.

        A bowl game experience now would consist of a week hunkered down in a hotel, then play in from of 1,000 fans.

        However, they would get that extra practice in for the incoming players who may not get to play in a Spring practice now if covid persists.


        1. It’s nice to give players a mental break. To be home with family. But the truth is that pitt would have lost money going to a bowl. Half the team would have opted out. Few fans would attend. And Pitt would have lost.


  34. The pedos are losing 21-10 at the half. The game’s on ABC. It’s all about the names, not the wins when it comes to TV.

    Speaking of big names on TV and bad records, 1-2 ND is about make Kentucky 1-4, leading 53-40 in the 2nd half on CBS.


  35. Pedo game on in the background while I work around the house…noticed a WE ARE commercial and threw up in my mouth.
    Guess I still think they suck!

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  36. Still not buying it guys. It is all about risk – reward, a torn ACL could cost them millions.
    This is their chance of a lifetime, the potential difference of rags to riches and what they have been working towards. Look at basketball’s one and done rule if you think it is about anything other than money.
    Plus do you want a player on the team that really doesn’t want to be there and is not giving 100%.

    Maybe we should be happy because this is the first time Pitt has had multiple players with this concern.
    Plenty of guys have been skipping bowl games, because they really don’t matter.

    Seriously Farmers, do you think these kids could care or should care about their legacy in the Fan’s minds?
    That is seriously funny considering what some fans say about them anyway. If they play well in the NFL the fans will love them, and all forgiven. They will be asked like Curtis Martin or Ironhead Heyward to come and take a bow.

    If they took to heart what is said on POV, they would have quit after the BC game, maybe Syracuse.

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    1. Maybe you are right, GC. Maybe the players don’t care what the fans think of them. I’d note that in all the years that Pitt has introduced a parade of former players at halftime of a basketball game, I don’t recall ever seeing Donatas Zavackas being part of them. Maybe he has never been around to participate, being an international player, but I would be curious to see the fan reaction if he did.

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      1. I don’t agree that what Weaver and even Ford did was equivalent to Zavackas, he quit in the middle of a game. I agree that he would not be welcome by the fans and probably not by the administration.


    1. Duke lost two home games against big ten teams. Now coach K says he won’t play any team ooc. Only ACC. He’s sending his players home until conference play. He says they deserve a mental break and to be with their families. I call bs on that one. Not my first rodeo.


      1. Seems like the whole college sports world has called BS on Coach K recently. His ripping the NCAA for not delaying or ending the basketball season, from the comments I’ve seen, has been universally condemned as self-serving. It has been noted by all that his university has the right to pull the plug on their season any time they want. But they want someone else to take the heat.


  37. Once again, Coach K reveals himself to be a jerk. Since when has he ever cared about giving the players a mental break? It’s all about the losing..


  38. Coach K is showing his true self-serving and condescending colors. His team isn’t ready or able to play and he’s looking for a way out of the mess he created. Man up you pompous ass.

    Bowls make no sense in this pandemic. How do you entertain the players, give them a good time as a reward for the hard work, etc. during a time when most states are partially or fully shut-down. Having them play is nothing more that sacrificing them to the big money bowl organizers, looking to protect their own paychecks.

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  39. That said, I still think Ford quit on his team to protect his reputation, and it’s completely related to his timing. He was made to look foolish and sloppy by ND and he didn’t want that to happen again against Clemson. So he quit on his team, not because he was afraid of injury but because he was exposed by ND and would have been again by Clemson.

    Weaver, Twyman, Hamlin, etc. made their decision after a big win, and I think confirms that they truly were concerned about getting hurt during the last game of their careers. However, how do you not have a soft spot in your heart for P. Jones as he stuck it out and gave his all till the very end.


    1. Sorry, I screwed up as Twyman opted out before the year began, but I think it again speaks to his true health concerns.


      1. They’re playing at Army’s Michie Stadium, not Annapolis. I was at the bowl game for Pitt’s debacle with Navy and remember the fog was on the field and in Nardummy’s head.


  40. I do appreciate Jones more but I don’t respect the others any less if that makes any sense.

    Not really sure what to think about Ford. It seems there are issues between the ears, why did it take him so long to get on the field? No doubt he is a talent and I hope he represents Pitt strongly in the pros, but a little undersized for a safety. He does like to hit though. Always depends on where he ends up, and the system he plays in.


  41. excerpt from a story on SBNation …

    However, as has been the case with many things in 2020, the announcement became a point of controversy for some who failed to grasp or ignored the fact that the team voted on the decision. And as a result, Pitt associate head coach Charlie Partridge took it upon himself to set one malcontent straight.

    “Admin and coaches wanted to play a bowl game,” Partridge said in a message posted on Twitter on Saturday morning. “The players voted over 90 percent to not play. The stress on them has been immeasurable. Haven’t left dorms or apartments since June 8 [for anything] other than football. They’re grateful admin had their back for not wanting to play.”

    Partridge’s statement came in response to a Florida Atlantic fan who publicly suggested that every Pitt and Boston College player enter the transfer portal in response to the decision. However, it seems that will be an unlikely choice for the vast majority of players.


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    1. Wow, getting over 90% of 18 to 24 year olds to agree on anything is amazing. Good for the coaches and admin for having the backs of their players and adhering to their wishes. Should send a good message to their current and future recruits.

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      1. How does a bowl benefit the players anyway. They don’t want the extra practices. They want to go home. These games wouldn’t be fun for them given covid. Many of their families wouldn’t be able to attend anyway given restrictions and concerns. And the game is meaningless. Who are the ten percent that wanted to play?


  42. “The Panthers are now 3-1 and will face Gardner-Webb today. As expected, Pitt is a double-digit favorite in the game. The Bulldogs have only played once so far this season — narrowly losing to Western Kentucky, 86-84.

    This is a game Pitt should win, obviously, but Gardner-Webb shouldn’t be taken lightly. They shot over 50% from the field in that lone game and that included knocking down 12 of 19 three-pointers — 63% from long distance.

    Game time is at 4:00 p.m. and you can catch it on WatchESPN or AT&T Sportsnet.”

    No game link yet….Pitt up 4-0


  43. I was always 12-1 before conference play. Then just needed to go .500 in conference to get a bid. My secret – I didn’t have Heather scheduling.


  44. Pitt hoops on 3 different Fox Sports channels….vs Gardner Del Webb. Pitt pitching a shutout…4-0 at the first TV break.


  45. Gordon – you have just as much of a chance tearing your acl, mcl, achiiles etc., getting out of bed at night to pee or running down the street, or getting in a car crash, then you do playing the actual game or practicing for it, since there is limited contact now. What do you think these kids are doing to prepare for the combine, playing tiddlywinks?

    That thought just isn’t supported by the medical evidence. How many injuries have you heard of where it is clear that the injury was non contact or non-football related? Sure, there have been a couple of high level injuries because of actual game activities over the last couple of years (michigan TE Butt, and ND LB Jones), but the chances of serious, career ending injury, lifting, squatting, running, car crashing and the like are more probable outside the arena.

    Not meaning to be critical here and I fully support the risk/reward theory. In this case however, there just isn’t the large risk being present. I do have the evidence to back that up and explained it all in a previous post about college football injuries and insurance payouts (permanent total disability and partial total disability). For me, when I see the Oscar Meyer truck pulling into the farm, i start limping, snotting, pulling a hammy, etc.

    Anyone figure out who Jen Hatz is? I put her as best athlete.


  46. Again, I don’t buy it and the players certainly don’t either. Yes you can get hurt in practice or falling off a curb but football is a violent game just ask the Steelers how they are doing this year with injuries. KP lucky to recover so fast, or the linebacker from last night playing with a broken hand. Concussions seem to be down, but they still happen. Pitt had Mason’s knee injury, the fullback with the concussions and plenty of other injuries on the field.

    It doesn’t have to be a career ending injury to be a set back starting a pro career, and the risk is low considering how many enter the pros each year, but why take the chance if it is your career?

    My guess is that most football players go through some period of injury rehab at some point in time. Many go through it multiple times. How many miss whole years? Five months before the draft is a costly time to do it.


  47. I would be interested in seeing how many on here, if faced with the situation that the “stars” of the team (Weaver, Jones, etc.) were faced with when the season was supposed to be over (after the Clemson game) would have played the GT game. Wave $1 million or likely much more in front of your face and say “This is yours unless you get seriously hurt in the next (nearly meaningless) game.
    Would your own “loyalty” override a paycheck like that? After all, your performance over the past 3-4 years has already helped the team much more than was probably ever expected of you in exchange for your scholarship.


  48. Tre Mitchell from UMass leads the nation in scoring at 31 points per game.

    Many thought he was not good enough to play at Pitt – word was that Capel was not interested in the former Pittsburgh native.

    I think there was more to the story in that his HS coach is now on the staff at UMass along with some HS teammates.


  49. Bad Pitt examples as Picciotti never did anything in college and could be classified as one of thousands that never had a chance. Mason the same. A good player, but not in any discussions around nfl drafts.

    Look, i told you all a couple of years ago that players were going to sit more and more games out and it would get into the regular season and I was trashed. The reason I said that was because the agents were getting more involved with the athletes, presenting a false argument, while the actual medical evidence suggested quite the opposite.


  50. Class Clown: Mark Whipple, here is a fake quote: “I really got the quarterbacks this year. The whole group irritated me. Kenny shows up with quarentine weight from mama’s New Jersey Italian Sunday dinners. Coming from Arizona State and a good high school program, Yellen has never had to run before in his life and needs to hustle and that Nick Patti…has anyone seen that mustache? What the hell, it makes me think I’m at Gilly’s from the movie Urban Cowboy and I’m going to get slugged by Johnny Travolta. Makes my face get red. You know how I got them back this year? No offensive signals. They can jog their butts to and from the sidelines each way. I’ve whipped Kenny back into shape…get it, maybe Yellen now has the hint that with this o-line and receiving core he needs to get used to running for his life, and Patti’s mustache didn’t go away because Nard caught me trying to break into his room to cut it off during the Georgia Tech bed check…but at least he ran the entire year in practice as a punishment. Now how can I get that Beville?”


  51. Well, Whip, if you somehow survive, looks like you’ll have Pickett running to the sideline every play for another year. (Why would Pickett want to do that?)


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