Pitt at Georgia Tech Postgame Thread

Opening up a new thread for postgame comments. Pitt once again cements a slightly-better-than .500 regular season and punches its ticket to a minor bowl. It was a sloppy game by both sides. Sloppier by Georgia Tech thankfully. Vince Davis and our slowly improving offensive line took advantage of a depleted and suspect Georgia Tech rushing defense. Davis clearly had a career day and according to Larry Richert racked up more yards than any other ACC back this season. The defense (for the most part) was once again stout against the run and really bad against the pass. Pitt also left at least 14 points on the field. Geoff Collins is a bone-fide A-hole. One more game until Whipple is gone!!! (We hope)


109 thoughts on “Pitt at Georgia Tech Postgame Thread

  1. if Duzz is a meatball knucklehead, he just met and almost shook hands with his match

    GT HC >>>> DH

    as to GT and Pitt, “i DON’T think that they are exceptionally well coached!!!!”

    no complaints on my copy/paste work, right?


  2. I am not shy about my opinion of Narduzzi. I think he’s a jag- off as a person and a horrible, detail deficient, game day unfocused coach. I also don’t think he’s going anywhere.

    It’s been 6 years now of sloppy football with either offense or defense being uncompetitive. His record as a coach for the talent he’s had is ok, but the yearly upset losses and the crushing defeats to the elites have become a pattern (save for the Clemson upset). Poor play by Pitt is the constant.

    Maybe there’s something on the Southside about being pass happy.

    I appreciate Kenny P’s guts but he still doesn’t know how to put air under the ball on long throws.
    He will not play on Sundays.

    Hoping against hope that we at least get a new OC but everything that seems good for Pitt Football, Duzz does the opposite. I hope there’s no bowl. I cannot stand to watch this team underperform again. But…..

    H2P. Glad we won.

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    1. Wouldn’t it be great if we got the pedos in a bowl game, everyone played and we got them last again. Man….that would make the season.


      1. If I were Pitt’s AD, I wouldn’t accept an invitation to any post season bowl that would invite penn state to play as our opponent.


  3. The good ole boy, southern boy, color announcer. Said some ‘fighting words’. He said, if Pitt won,,,,they would go to… ‘some sort of bowl game.’

    Granted it’s gonna be some 2nd/3rd rate bowl. But everyone now-a-days goes to these bowl games.
    And GT would jump at one…in a heartbeat.

    And he’s ‘some sort of an announcer’.

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  4. Wait til the Flea puts on 4 or 5 lbs in the off season lifting and getting up at 3am for a couple of PBJ sandwiches…. he emerges from his off-season cocoon as “ Super-Flea!”

    Damn PITT FB is ugly to watch… must be an addiction problem… I keep tuning in for more of the same …year after year after year…

    Trying to imagine KP playing at the next level and my mind goes blank…

    Good night folks!

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  5. It’s been said many times this year, “a win is a win” but honestly this team has to find an offensive scheme from the 21st century. Winning games with FGs is a losers game.

    I am neither a Pickett fan nor hater, but it’s time to move on. His football career should be done, start anew without Whipple and Borberly, and with a new QB. BTW, you have to be nuts to think KP gets a whiff from the NFL.

    I really think Goncalves is going to be a stud, but it looked like Van Lynn got beat regularly pass blocking.

    Pitt’s WRs caught the ball much better and the run blocking was outstanding. Likely because of GT’s pathetic defense, but nevertheless taking advantage of it was great to see. However, it bogged down in the red zone, and that is why WMG – WMG – WMG!!!!! And take Borberly with him.

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  6. From previous thread:

    I wouldn’t be too hard on the GT HC. It must be really difficult trying to be competitive there, and he has a tough job recruiting players. Also, I saw some real hot dogging on the part of some Pitt players near the end of the game. He probably felt Narduzzi should have controlled their enthusiasm better, especially coming from a 5-5 team. I tend to agree with this. When you are basically a .500 team, there is not much room for excessive celebration and in your face attitudes..


      1. The article actually hit the nail on the head for the game and season…no red zone offense, pedestrian Pickett and a dead-last run game. 2021 in a nutshell.


        1. I thought Davis came off looking like a punk. And he may be a great kid – don’t know him. Showboated a bit on his final run and showboating on the sidelines. Coach Powell even went over to him and had words. One good game in your career bud. Previous best of 69 yards.


    1. Give me a break VOR the GT coach was a complete ass. If GT won the excessive celebration from their AH coach alone would be something way over the top. There was no excuse for that non hand shake at the end and you even suggesting there was some justification for that behavior makes me wonder just where you are coming from.

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      1. I’m coming from a place of reason jrnpitt, hence the name. I personally don’t much care for the GT coach, especially after he threw the headset like a petulant child. But Narduzzi overdoes the players coach thing, and puts up with too much sideline BS for a team that is barely over .500, and got killed by its two toughest opponents.


  7. C’mon VOR that was a bush league move by an A-hole Southern loser, and merely showed his team the example of what a sore loser looks like. If that was his bitch, look PN in the face and call him out.

    His bitch was the non-PI call that was correctly not called. If the WR has to be standing with both feet out of bounds to catch a pass, it exemplifies the description of an un-catchable ball which is what was called. What’s worse, there were less that 20 seconds left in the game and A-hole’s team was down 14.

    The game was over, shake hands look him in the eye, say nice game and move the hell on. Your team sucks, DEAL WITH IT!!!

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    1. Agreed, taxing. See my comment above. I doubt the guy will be around long with the way his program is trending. He is a bore and a fool, but I also didn’t like the way the Pitt DBs who gave up big plays early were in the face of the GT WRs at the end.

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  8. I am not pro or con Kenny Pickett but after watching what’s behind him. If we have to bring back Whipple I don’t have faith we will have a great season next year. Casually hoping Kenny opts out before the bowl game so we can at least see against closer competition what we have at QB.

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  9. When you figure that the Pitt defense began fall practice with Twyman, Weaver, Camp, Hamlin, Ford and Mathis as starters and played last night without any of them and played a very good game, turning the ball over and making numerous big stops, best depth in a long time.

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  10. in the final drive, both RS FR Matt Goncalves and natural FR Branson Taylor were on the field … so maybe there is hope. Morrisey, Hargrove and Huoy are likely gone, and they will miss 2 of them …. but hopefully among Zubovic, Van Linn, Drexel, Kradel, Carrigan and Warren, they can get some consistency. (Of course, we have been saying this the past couple of years)


  11. there is much potential and depth on both sides of the ball for next year. Plus a promising in coming class.
    That is what happens with coaching stability I guess. Of course, it would be nice if it it would result with a few more wins

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    1. But in all likelihood they may be missing a QB. And folks without a good to great QB behind center we could be in for another long and difficult season.


  12. Besides all the obvious (red zone miseries, defensive lapses, etc., etc.), two thoughts about the game: (1) the most impressive player on the field last night was the GT punter, (2) it would probably be a good thing for him and the program if Pickett comes back next year. He’s obviously not ready for the pros and in an extra year he might be able to learn how to throw a long ball.


  13. I’m sorry but a guy who runs for 248 yards deserves to celebrate in any way he wants to. It is too bad that he and the line took all year to figure it out but wow that was something. For the first time in two years we didn’t have to rely on KP to finish. The last drive was a thing of beauty. I was dumbfounded on the previous drive a three and out with KP throwing or getting flushed three times when the clock was your biggest enemy, and Davis was running like a wild man.

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  14. I don’t think KP’s game translates in the pros. Not nearly accurate enough, not a good enough runner, doesn’t pass well on the run, and not a particularly quick release. At best an NFL back-up for a while.
    I think like Tino, he may have a good career in Canada.


  15. from the Atlanta Journal Constitution

    After one of the personal fouls, on Tech safety Juanyeh Thomas for hitting Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett out of bounds in what was a debatable call, Thomas and Pickett jawed facemask to facemask at each other. After that penalty, Pitt tight Kyi Wright was also called unsportsmanlike conduct.

    “Someone stole someone’s towel on the other team and our guy grabbed it back and got 15 yards for trying to get his towel back,” Narduzzi said. “I think they watch too much NFL football. That was one of those follies when someone stole a towel and all of the sudden, they steal a towel from us and we get 15 yards for getting it back. Just some crazy stuff.”

    Collins acknowledged that he did not maintain his composure as much as he would have liked after calls that went against his team. During the game he did not hide his displeasure with some of the calls. Tech was called for eight penalties for 86 yards.

    “I let my opinions be known during the game,” he said. “I’m not going to let my opinions be known on one of these kind of (media) calls. But just know that I do have strong opinions, but I’m mostly intelligent enough to keep those to myself.”



  16. Again the ACC is right for Pitt. Very competitive games every week. Nice places to go to. We would be Rutgers in the B1G.
    A very nice week for Pitt after a tough year in Football and a rugged start in BBall.

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  17. BOWL BOUND!!!! Thank you Pat and Whip. We come to expect this. You are spoiling the faithful.(def.of faith:believing in that which you cannot see)

    Would love to see this team matched up against Liberty Flames or the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers !!!! Wouldn’t that be fun???

    No MAC bowl opponent this year as that bunch stayed in the basement in the fall of ‘20.


  18. I did think Pitt got the best of the calls last night which has been a rarity in the ACC. I also thought the refs “Let them play” instead of calling everything like when they ruin some games. Nice to see Pitt with few motion calls etc.

    It also seems to me that they are calling pass interference differently this year or else we have gotten a lot better. It seems that they don’t make as many guy didn’t turn around to look for the ball calls.

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    1. Roughing the QB- really….. hitting OOB- really….PI- really??? all were crap calls against the home. Jack Lambert, Jack Tatum and Dick Butkus would not play today’s pussified game!!!


    1. I have several others I cheer for when I am in my depressive cycle of POTT football… got that way through “ conditioning!!!”


    2. Hey, that’s one of the longest trending traditions that Pitt fans have that you’re trashing, don’t you know? When Pitt beats a great team, it’s a fluke. When Pitt beats a bad team, they still suck. When Pitt gets beat by an elite team, it’s an inexcusable embarrassment. When Pitt gets beat by a poor team, it then, actually IS an embarrassment. The only way Pitt gets a vote of confidence from many of these fans is for them to put together a 10 win season, so in essence FORGETABOUTIT.
      The biggest problem that many Pitt fans have is that they expect Pitt to be relevant. I’d like that to be the case too, but alas, that is just not the case. Until further notice Pitt Football is irrelevant, so let the complaints continue.

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      1. Dr Tom, I only disagree with you on one point. The ten win season. I can hear it now as we have heard this refrain many many times before. PITT plays in the worst division in all of college football. Plus they played a few cupcakes. Leopards do not change their spots. So many PITT fans hurts the team with the constant undermining of the entire program under the guise they are trying to make it better.. FALSE!

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        1. Pitt fans don’t undermine the program when they are critical of it.

          I thought you were speaking in A Nitter tongue for a moment. That kind of thinking is reserved for Pedo State fans.

          I like pitt fans to demand accountability, have high yet reasonable expectations and be critical thinkers.

          I’m no zombie. But I can be bitter if I want to and demand change. Otherwise you are mired in mediocrity and who wants to go around being just average in life.


          1. Walmart is so so profitable relying on the masses of average or below avg types. Apparently it makes a great business model.


  19. How much did Pitt underachieve?
    Look at the ACC standings. Pitt’s two one point losses are really the only flaws in the season.
    If Pitt wins those games it finishes fourth behind the top three, which is pretty much all you could expect.

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    1. this is why I wrote here yesterday about how much the fans’ psyche change after a 1 point win vs a 1pt loss. I guarantee that if Northwestern made the final shot at the buzzer the other night, the entire mood of this site would have been different, and there would have been much more negativity here

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  20. Certainly a disappointing season but last nights game was not disappointing. It was a typical college football game. Big plays, stupid mistakes, missed open receivers, etc…..this isn’t the NFL.

    Kudos to the staff and especially the players for doing what it takes to play all of their games. That takes incredible discipline, dedication and focus. Huge accomplishment.

    Kudos to the team for staying together after a bunch of players (some so called leaders) quit on them during the season. Obviously, Narduzzi communicates the next man up mentality very well.

    And lastly, WMG! Hard to complain when you score in the 30s but the red zone failures are maddening.

    Pickett will get an NFL shot, there are pathetic backups in the NFL.

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    1. hopefully, this may turn a light on in the mind of the existing OC. I noticed a few times last night that after a 5 or 6 yard gain on 1st down, he couldn’t wait to call a pass on 2nd down. Very pleased with the end of game mentality

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    1. Oh, That’s a JoeL family outing. Brother ChrisL lives in Knoxville (but prefers Pitt), nephew MikeL is a Vol and sister LizL is a Pitt fan.

      The only problem with that matchup is the location. Meh, uless one thinks that Paul Finebaum hung the moon.


      1. I’ll take that matchup in Dallas

        Given that bars and restaurants are at 75 percent capacity in DFW, I wonder if outdoor venues in Texas can be at 100?

        Fans will be allowed to attend games in Texas.

        Weather is hit or miss down here. Could be 70 degrees and sunny with a warm breeze or in the 40’s with a cold rain.


    2. Birmingham the Pittsburgh of the south?

      I’ll bring homemade meatballs for the tailgate.

      When I lived in Dallas I went to the bowls there when Pitt played. Actually I had a lot of fun.


      1. I might just show up for the meatballs.

        If the games in dallas, I’ll bring the homemade breakfast burritos and brisket sliders. And plenty of Texas bourbon.


  21. Pitt’s red zone problems are personnel issues, not play calling issues. It is strength against strength in the red zone. If the OL can’t move people out and the RBs can’t pick up a tough couple of yards, then the passing game cannot be successful in the short field, especially without a good TE.

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  22. Pitt vs Vols would be a preview of the Sept 11, 2021 game already scheduled. May be interesting and maybe build up some ill-will for the next meeting. However, I can’t figure out how any of these bowl games will happen. How do they make money if limited or no fans can attend?

    The ESPN article on the A-hole coach illustrates the imbecile he is. “I can’t remember what I said”. Hey dumbbell, it was 15 mins ago and you can’t remember? Admit you were stupid, apologize for your lack of sportsmanship and move on. It’s simple, just like you.

    I think if WMG and takes Borberly with him, it may (but unlikely based on PN’s horrible hiring decisions on the offensive side) open the door to an OL coach who can teach the skills needed to run block.

    Tex – No serious Pitt fan would “be happy” with what you propose, but throw in 2 8 win and one 9 win season it would be all we can really expect given the limitations Pitt plays under. Pitt has won 8 games 2 out of the last 5 seasons so we at least have that. Although a 9 win season in 2021 is as impossible as finding a corvette under my Christmas tree this year.


    1. Pitts overall record over the past 6 years is actually worse than that. It seems to me that the BoT and most pitt fans are happy with those results. But for a top third spend in the ACC, I believe that’s underachieving. But it’s not my money. Just my alma mater.


  23. Many have missed the rub (a pig cooking thing). The main issue is that the Pitt Administration is paying for top 3 results and saying how Pitt is the place for championships in football and basketball, so don’t blame the fanbase for blowback when the team underachieves.

    Watching that game last night between two very average teams was bad. Were there some good plays, yes. A couple great plays, sure. But for the most part, it was bad football being played between two very average teams. Also, this talk about home field advantage and going on the road in a tough environment is hog wash.

    Perhaps Pitt would be better served not to come out in week two and chastise the media for not voting them in the top25. Pitt can’t manage to expectations because there are no expectations communicated to the fanbase except for the big lie that the Administration has learned from the Pirates. “We are here to win championships”! No we are not!

    If you want championships, hire the people to bring them. They are out there. Don’t put lipstick on a……ohh crap! Don’t get any ideas.


  24. JoeL… UAB has brand new FB stadium… they were building it on our trip to the PITT – Ole Miss game…. hopefully, the game would be Played at that venue not the dilapidated Iron Bowl sitting in the middle of urban blight


    1. I think that is Legion Field, where Alabama use to play some of it’s home games back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It was a rickety old rusted out thing the last time Pitt had the misfortune to play there in the BBVA Kumquat Bowl, so that Tiny’s parents could more easily see him play.


  25. Sorry Huff I’m not buying what your selling. Championships, as in National, are a pipe-dream.

    What do you expect Pitt to say, buy your tickets and be happy with mediocre or watch our boys try real hard. Of course their going to sell what they can, but we need to be honest with ourselves and know that Pitt will not be a national champion again in our or likely any lifetime.


    1. But they sure as hell can get ranked more than once every decade.

      Or win ten or more games more than once every 40 years

      Pitt is spending over $40 million each year on football. For 7 win seasons and bowls in Birmingham or Detroit. That is a crime

      Arrest the atom counter. Lock him up.


    2. You are buying what Pitt is selling. That is the problem. I am not selling anything. Read what the AD and the coach are selling. They are lying. You buy into the lies, hence the pipe dream predictions of 10, 11 and 12 win seasons on here. Go back and read predictions the last few years. There are those that actually believe Heather and Narduzzi. Obviously I, and many others do not and get labeled as negative.

      You are conflating issues tvax and are almost spot on. What Pitt should say (instead of lying), is that we have given x amount of money to football. With that money, we expect y results, not yearly championships. Noone likes to get lied to. Tell the flipping truth.

      Yes, to your second paragraph. Buy tickets. Support your team. We will graduate our kids. We will place them in jobs upon graduation. They will not be in trouble with the law. We will win half of our games each year. We will not lose money each year. We will announce attendance accurately. We will not lock the gates. We will allow the media in to our practices because we have nothing to hide. Our opponents need only watch the first half of our first game to see what we will do for the rest of the season.

      Do you think by telling the truth, Pitt will sell any less tickets? Have you seen attendance? Attendance numbers fall when the reality of the lies hit home. Quit lying, noone believes Pitt. Look to the Pirates as THE example in this town.


  26. Tex – I agree, they have underperformed. The disagreement is by how much. Asking for a 9-10 win season every 5-7 years is reasonable but not if you are playing 2 of the top 4 teams in the nation in your conference, and scheduling other top 15 teams in you OOC schedule.

    What is more important playing equal to better opponents in your non-con or getting to 10 wins? It’s not reasonable to assume you are going 4-0 in the OOC if you playing 2-3 teams like, UCF, PSU, WVU, OK St, Tenn, etc.


    1. Go 3-1 in ooc and 6-2 in conference. Win your bowl. That’s ten

      But you can’t have heather screwing up the ooc

      You play in the weakest P5 division whose cross over every year is lowly Syracuse.

      Win your non New Year’s Day bowl.

      That results in a top 15 ranking.

      That’s when Narduzzi earns his pay instead of being a thief.


    2. Pitt should only play the Domers and Hoopies as their P5 schools in the ooc. I would pay for the other three wins. Seriously. $1 million each. Heathers job to find the money. She is getting paid close to one million for being a clown. And hiding in her bunker. Or on vacation at OBX.


      1. Buttgers methodology under Schiano (his first go round). Only time they had double digit wins in 30 years. And throw in three 9 win seasons. Again only 9 win seasons in 30 years.

        JoePedo also scheduled like this to make Pedo State a big winner in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.


    3. The AD controls those things. The scheduling is fixable. Pitt is Pitt’s worst enemy. This isn’t difficult. You hit on it tax – does pitt want 10 wins or 7. Both are achievable with minimal effort. Pitt leadership doesn’t know what they are or what they want to be.

      You can get to 9 or 10 wins every year with the scheduling and current recruiting as I have advocated for since graduation. Our AD has no plan to achieve anything. Make a plan, share the plan. Measure your coaches performance against the plan and everybody is happy. No accountability leads to 40 more years wondering aimlessly through the fog(e). The original plan she communicated was for championships. She and he hasn’t delivered. Those aren’t my words tax. those are hers.


  27. Michael, you are too tough on Whipple. In the last two years he gave us a passing game and some good receivers are playing/played for PITT. O line was the problem for the last two years not Whipple.
    Next year I’m worried about the QB. Yellen is not the guy. Maybe Patti will come alive.

    Can we recruit some transfer some O linemen?


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