The State of the Program

Interestingly the University of Pittsburgh did not release Pat Narduzzi’s press conference transcript yesterday, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to doing a Sunday “reading between the lines”. I’ll chalk that up to a systems glitch.

Nonetheless, Pat Narduzzi is in year six and offensive coordinator four, and this was supposed to be THE YEAR. He’s lost two winnable games by one point, and he’s been blown out by both top five teams that he’s faced.

Expectations were higher. And yet, as long as he beats Georgia Tech he’ll probably be back next year. Oh and here is an interesting stat. Pat Narduzzi’s career winning percentage is .547. His 2020 winning percentage if he beats Georgia Tech? .545. Water finds its level.

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  1. He’s 1-13 against teams .500 or better since winning that participation trophy

    He will have more blow out losses than majors 2 by next seasons end

    He makes top 25 pay yet his team finishes ranked in the 50’s in both saragin and rpi which do look at sos and point differentials, actual versus expected, etc. They are algorithms.

    The program will become a dumpster fire. No viable candidate will want to walk into that mess.

    The time is now. Although no booster will want to rescue heather, I hear that PNC has some very low interest rate loans. Put up the Pete as collateral. That’s another dumpster fire ready to happen. Keep your eyes on it.

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  2. ok, my sound is as follows:

    yesterday’s game was disappointing but expected

    we should compete better but PN will not get us there with any consistency which so far he has only done on individual games but imo underperformed on seasons with above average talent

    recruiting MUST improve, no excuse for current level of RB, o-line and TE —- NO EXCUSE!!!

    smoke signal Whipple should go, Yellen won’t be able to run fast enough if

    HL must address all above and MUST come out of her bunker and address where this program will be over the next 3-5 years and whether PN will be a part of that

    for me, PN is done as soon as buyout is “possible”, if not for 1 or 2 more years, staff changes must occur and HL must answer to the extension error

    that’s a start from me


    1. Tvax – you speak of consistency in your first paragraph. May I direct you to PSN or Rivals to listen to DE Weavers take on his four years at Pitt. He references consistency and that 5 losses in a season is not something to feel good about. Interesting because Narduzzi’s best years he always lost at least 5 games.

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  3. Here is my sound. We keep PN for another 2 years. He’ll have the same mediocre winning percentage. As someone said, his water has risen to it’s level. The offensive side of the ball needs addressed. Whipple has not developed a consistent offense. Almost everyone except for RB and WR coaches on the offense need replaced. We do have skill at those positions. We keep getting 4 star RBs into the program with no success running. Offensive line coach finally finds the right guys by accident after 8 games. Pickett was an adequate QB but we ruined his NFL career in the Clemson game or he ruined his own. Anyway to summarized we’llbe the same 2 years from now.


    1. You’re assuming we will be the same…mediocre and disappointing. It could be far worse.

      Pitt is rebuilding on both sides of the ball next year. They lose their best QB. They lose their D with all that nfl talent and experience. I don’t see how Pitt wins more than 5 games next year. Better chance they win 3 games than 7 games. That would qualify as a dumpster fire.

      That means attendance and donations take a hit. The brand takes a hit. A loss in merchandise sales and advertising revenues. All that could add up to the buyout amount.

      Pitt needs to bite the billet now. Heather has my list and others. There are a good 20 candidates on it. And the Cincy coach isn’t one of them. He’s replacing harbaugh next season.

      Get a loan for the buyout. I’m serious. Pitt will pay three percent over ten years for that buyout. Peanuts.

      No booster is going to bail heather out. In fact, if I were Gallagher, I’d be giving a call to riddick today. Offer him $3 million plus all the primantis he can eat.

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      1. Given the secrecy around the Pitt administration, it’s hard to know if Gallagher even cares. Lyke is in her bunker and hasn’t spoken to the press in six months. Assuming Covid is under control and there are no restrictions on game attendance, Pitt is looking at woefully small crowds in 2021 and the local press, already nipping at Narduzzi’s obvious flaws, will bite harder. The television broadcasters on ESPN and ACN already ridicule Pitt and Narduzzi. Don’t see anything good coming up. You’re right, Tex, next year’s record and on field performance will be very JMII-esque.


  4. “This was supposed to be THE YEAR.” Those of us in the camp of thinking that the college football landscape favors the elite and continues to be more so every year, were/are puzzled by the lofty expectations we were reading in the spring. If you believe that the limitations and hurdles for schools like PItt are organic, suggestions like recruit better, hire better coaches, raise more money, are just empty words. There are no magical ways to do that.

    Our defense was expected to be good. And it is. Hamlin played a great game. Our defensive line played very well. But we do not have great players at every position. Nor do we have a deep bench of superstars waiting to replace every opt out, injury, or tossed player. It only takes one breakdown among 11 defensive players to keep a drive going.

    On offense, we all agreed that our line in 2019 was our biggest deficiency. There seemed to be an expectation that since they were all returning, we would be better. As we have seen, a year’s experience at playing poorly does not necessarily make you better. Just more experienced.

    You all can go on calling for coaches and administrators to be fired. Nothing that I have seen over the last forty years makes me think that will solve anything. Just puts us into another 3 or4 years of several steps back to rebuild relationships with recruits and teaching those players who stay another offensive or defensive scheme.

    As for me, I will hope for getting to watch mostly close games that come down to the wire. We’ll win some of those and lose some of them. But I’ll be entertained and continue to support my alma mater. Throw in an occasional upset and I’m good.

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    1. There’s this thing called accountability. There are leaders at Pitt. There is a governing board. If you allow mediocrity to continue, you are just as complicit. You then have no right to complain. That’s how I see it. We all should demand better from Pitts so called leaders including the AD who hasn’t said a word since July.

      And people do make the difference. People can change the culture. People can get something better than mediocre and low value results.

      Like I said before, the first step is treating sports as a business. Next step is finding your identity. Then go out and find experienced people who fit.

      It’s teally not all that difficult. Business do it all the time. Other schools have this mentality and built in processes and procedures. Pitt is still using the athletic model and system from the 1920’s.


      1. In the 1920’s Pitt was winning big and claiming national championships. I’d say the current athletic model is post-Bowman pre-Myslinski.


        1. Pitt’s heyday was in the 1930’s. I should know….right ! (2 Rose Bowls, with a win and several #1 end of Season rankings)

          Although the 1920’s was a close 2nd, (with an additional 2 Rose Bowls)


  5. Here’s some fun facts for all to chew on regarding this subject. For purposes of this comment I’m assuming the FBS playoffs for 2020 will be Alabama, Clemson, ND, and OSU.

    Since the first year of the playoffs (2015) there have been (or will be) 24 teams selected to play. During that time 19 slots have been filled by 5 FBS teams. That means less than 4% of the teams in the FBS have been selected to play in over 79% of the playoff games.

    In total only 10 teams in the FBS have ever played in the FBS playoffs. That means only around 7.5% of the FBS teams have ever been good enough to play.

    Worse than all of this, only 2 teams (Clemson and Alabama) have been selected 11 times. That means that only 1.5% of the FBS teams have filled 46% of the 24 available playoff slots.

    Pitt is part of the have not’s representing 96% of the FBS teams. They can’t and never will again, be able to play with the likes of ND and Clemson, which are both part of the 4% of FBS teams eating up almost 80% of the FBS slots..

    These are national teams who get the absolute best talent throughout the US. Pit is “at best” a small regional program. PSU, ND, OSU, Michigan will pick off mindless SWPA 18-year old lemmings who get absolutely no good advice and simply follow other 4* and 5* athletes to the same schools over and over again. Meanwhile the regional and small regional programs play mediocre football year after year.

    The Pine-Richland QB is the epitome of this lemming mentality. He could have picked practically any school he wanted to choose, but instead went to a school with a 5* well establish sophmore QB who gave him absolutely no chance to get on the field. Robert Foster is exhibit 2 in my thesis. The list is probably endless just for SWPA kids, but is repeated throughout the country.

    Pitt, Syracuse, Wake Forest, NCSt, GT, etc don’t belong on the same field with Clemson, and the NCAA better figure this out or it won’t be long before the 20th time Clemson plays Alabama for the championship will draw paltry TV viewers.

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    1. They have figured it out. When the tv contracts expire, the football factories will form their own semi pro league. There might be 30 schools that qualify and would be interested in making $100 million each year from this new league. Mind you it would be based on those who have great brands and large fan bases. And schools who sign up for it. Pitt will not be one of those schools. That’s a good thing.


    2. The playoffs are all about TV revenue (eyeballs) on the screen. They will always pick schools with large followings.


    3. But how does Luke Fickell and Cincinnati do It? Football team and basketball team ranke? The greedy elites will never allow the Bearcats into the playoffs, but if they win out they will be looking at a New Year’s bowl game? Back to 2008, that will be three for Cincy and 0 for us. I hear how we are a small regional program but so is Cincy and yet they run rings around us – so does WVU. It all goes back to the failures of the Pitt administration. What else is there? Yes, Pitt is paying more now for coaches. But when will we catch up with the funds to dump Narduzzi (and probably Capel) and hire good coaches?


      1. After 40 years of data….clearly there are ‘Hidden Forces’ working against Pitt.

        Why would of else, they hired Barnes to even wreck the once vaunted Basketball Program.


  6. I see nothing wrong with .545, especially considering that the schedule over the past 6 have been much harder than the previous ones …. and are in most cases, not even close.

    In 2014, Pitt only played one team that finished ranked and lost 56-28 (not to mention an 11 point, mid-season loss to Akron) In 2013, FSU beat them 41-13 in James Winston’s first game where he completed 25 of 27 passes. Duke which finished 25th was the only other team that finished ranked. In Pitt’s only 10-win season of the past 38 years, they lost to both franked teams (as well as to NC State which finished 5-7)

    Misery Likes Company ….

    BC / Arkansas / So Carolina / Tenn / Ga Tech / Syracuse / Fl St / Purdue / UCLA / Nebraska / Mich St

    These are schools that like Pitt were once-proud FB programs that have fallen upon hard times (there are no doubt more)

    But get this …. every one of these schools has had more (and in some cases much more) recent successes than Pitt has had over the past 30 years. And with the exception of BC and Syracuse, all have more to sell or are in better circumstances than Pitt

    IMO, the delusions of grandeur on this site borders on psychosis

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      1. —- B10 and SEC money (since you are so $$ oriented)
        — large campus/student enrollment
        — on campus stadiums

        plus, Arkansas is handy to both Texas and Louisiana, 2 fertile recruiting areas (espec Tex as you should know)


    1. You write a defense of the status quo. But please explain what Cincinnati is doing? And don’t tell me the ACC is all that much tougher than the AAC – expecially the coastat.


  7. A lot of good points, in looking into my crystal ball.

    Whipple is gone at the end of the season. Maybe a few other offensive position coaches.

    Narduzzi gets one more year to win that elusive ACC championship.

    The Duzz offers to make lasagna for Tex but no meatballs.

    Narduzzi will go to charm school in the off-season and be Mr. Cheerful at the press conferences and give Reed full practice access.

    Heather will stay and make her first hire for football at the end of the 2021 season when Pitt goes 5/6.

    I’m still hoping to hit the lottery so I can offer the administration a lot of money for the Narduzzi buyout and a stadium built on campus named after me.

    I’m living the dream being a Pitt fan and I’m not psychotic, maybe delusional at best!

    Take care


    1. speaking of delusions of grandeur …. ‘Narduzzi gets one more year to win that elusive ACC Championship’

      This is Realism ….. as in most conferences, there are only a small percentage of teams that can win a conference title. In the ACC, there are of course Clemson, this year ND, and the 2 Florida teams if they ever get their act together. Maybe UNC, but doubt it

      College FB is so top heavy these days, it’s pathetic.

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      1. My remarks were made in jest.

        This isn’t;

        There is no commitment from the Pitt administration to win, moving to Heinz was a joke.

        There is no fan commitment, even when Pitt won sellouts were few. People just don’t turnout, I went to the 77 and 82 Sugar Bowls not a lot of fans turned out.

        Go to PSU, WVU or tOSU, 3 schools within a 175 mile radius, great game day atmosphere, what’s our game day experience like?

        I’ve been going to games since the 60’s, saw Pitt get blown out plenty of times and by the grace of god they caught lightning in a bottle with Majors 1 and Sherrill.

        Ed Bozik killed Pitt football in the 80’s and we have not recovered since.

        Pitt has the money, look at others schools and how they compare financially,Pitt has chosen to focus on other priorities.

        We are an also ran, the 80s are history.

        I’m not psychotic or delusional rather I like to sprinkle in humor with some semi truths because quite frankly I’ve given up on them a long time ago and realize there are things in life is far more important than a game.

        Athletics are big business but again the administration feels differently.

        If you want to make a change become a donor and become involved with the program to influence the administration.

        Is Pitt it or chooses not to be it?

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      2. And Pitt is in the bottom third of P5

        It’s a third tier P5 school

        Based on Pitts spend and facilities, it should be a second tier school.


      3. Narduzzi winning the ACC championship in one of the next two seasons saves his job. Yes, I said two. Heather made a mistake by extending Duzz after a losing season. She may be gone before Pitt parts with Duzz.

        Besides, how does someone fire the person who hired them?


        1. Erie – I think the whole bit about Naruzzi hiring Heather is way overblown. He was one guy on a large search committee. And that was a committee with many more academics and adminstrators that athletic folks.

          I have fired someone who interviewed me for my present job. Actually two people who were on that committee. Not once did I give pause because they voted for me. It really isn’t hard if they aren’t doing their job and the expectations are clear.


  8. Apologists are funny and are the biggest part of the problem. Excuse making breeds a loser mentality. The schedule. The recruiting. The fanbase. The lack of local prospects. The bag men, The weather. The excuse list goes on and on.

    There is a reason that Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Clemson and Georgia are always in the running for the CFP. They commit to the program. What many don’t research is that Alabama, OSU, Clemson, ND are all requiring around a 4.0 GPA to get into school. Not dissimilar to Pitt. So what is it about the other schools. Commitment to excellence, real commitment.

    You can be a Top10 Program athletically and top 100 academically. Many view each on their own merits and use a parallel track, but that is flawed. Pitt should look at things in their totality and tie athletics, research, private/public partnerships into academics. You can leverage your strengths and lean into them to address your weaknesses. Pitt’s weak link is athletics. Pitt needs to hire the right person that understands the inter-workings and can bring all the programs together for one common goal. Pitt is so decentralized in thought that they cannot see past their individual fiefdom’s to get to the holy grail.

    Excuse makers need not apply. If you are one to make an excuse, go work and support Penn State or Michigan.


        1. And so is Cincinnati….and none of the experts here can explain why this Group of five school runs rings around Pitt


          1. Woody will explain. UC actually hires HC’s that were previous HC’s. Not asst Coaches, that ‘On the Job’ is required and these guys have no Blueprint. While paying them like top HC’s.

            UC’s last 4 HC’s
            1) Luke Fickell previously HC at Ohio State
            2) Tommy Tubberville (20 yrs as HC before Cincy)
            3) Butch Jones (one 11 win season and two 8 win seasons before Cincy)
            4) Brian Kelly (9 win season before Cincy)

            Same on the Basketball side, with John Brannen, Mick Cronin and Bobby Huggins.


      1. Why is there no doubt in your mind? I mean you make a statement, but don’t back it up with anything other than trust me. Trust me is probably inappropriate in this instance because it can never be proven, and Clemson is most likely not moving its headquarters, so why trust the wwb. I am asking for a friend.

        It’s commitment, money, talent and resources, period. Change management works if the right people are in the lead.


    1. Arnold you may be as stupid as your namesake. I always laugh at the excuse vs. reason argument.
      It is the same as the grass is always greener argument, that some magical coach is going to come along and take us to the promised land. This is not 1972. Mr Haney is never going to get the girl, excuse or reason.


      1. Your name calling proves my point. The grass is greener where you commit to making it greener. Excuse makers will always fall short of any aspirational goals. Set the bar low enough and you will achieve it. That is Heather’s model. .


  9. Having the same teams in the college FB playoffs will not be problem until the TV ratings and receipts decline. Same applies to us and other mediocre FB and BB teams. The virus will accelerate this situation.


  10. “Now, Pitt (5-5, 5-4) must play one more game on Dec. 10 against Georgia Tech, a game postponed from Nov. 14 by covid-19 issues.

    A loss would leave Pitt without a winning record in three of the past four seasons.” (Trib)

    My take on Pitt’s place in the FBS? Being a fan of a college football team can be wonderful fun as long at least some of these criteria are met:

    1) The university is fully behind the football program and not just paying lip service to have an FBS P5 team so not to look ‘bush league’ with a non-P5 slot or an FCS team or playing in a lower division.

    2) The HC has worked as hard as he possibly can to become a FULL leader of his staff and his players. ‘Full leader’ means he has an interest in ALL facets of the game as practiced and as played.

    3) HC and staff recruiting team works hard as possible to get some of the best of the local players to stay home which will keep some sort of local interest in the players and the team going.

    The team plays in a consistent manner whether that is great ball, good ball or average ball. Even poor ball as long as the extra-curricular things (media access, open practices and great tailgating and activities for alumni, etc.) are fun also.

    5) The AD and HC do everything possible to draw in new fans and keep existing fans fully engaged in Pitt football. That means actually letting fans see what is happening during spring ball and fall camp and…granting AD interviews to discuss ACCOUNTABILITY and where it resides.

    Can anyone say that any one of those things can be checked off when looking at our program?

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    1. No way to tell for sure, but it’s likely IMO that Pitt is no more secretive with regard to “what is happening in spring ball/fall camp, allowing bloggers to ask questions that put the AD, HC or any other leader in a tough position, than any other school.

      If any of us thought allowing bloggers and media to watch practices was the secret to a great football team, we’d only be kidding ourselves.

      Recruiting is a problem that will not be solved by “better leaders”. Getting 18-year olds to make intelligent decisions that enhance their future, instead of simply going to the same schools who dominate the FBS annually, is not likely in my lifetime. Young entitled athletes who have been on winning teams all their life simply follow the same path.

      I think, the problem is WAY bigger than Pitt’s AD or HC. Pitt could get better, with better coaching but will never be one of the elite teams in FBS, but that merely puts them in the 90%+ of the rest of the schools in the FBS.


    2. Pitt does none of those things. That is why it fails. I really feel bad for fans. I don’t feel bad for anyone who works in the sports department. They are the problem. The honorable ones should just resign.

      And the BoT doesn’t care that 5 percent of Pitts overall operating budget produces D grade results. And I guess taxpayers don’t either.


      1. Your projecting nonsense, Reed. If anything, Ox is totally clueless like Lenny (In “Of my Mice and Men”) before George skillfully takes his skull off.

        Geez. Your blind


  11. C’mon Reed, you could find 130 coaches who look the same way at some point in their careers on a football field. This is a cheap shot and unnecessary.

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  12. Fazio, Gotfried, Hackett, Harris, Wannstat, Graham, Christ, and Narduzzi. Say no more. Does anyone think it will get better? No on campus stadium, small fan base, no billionaire donors. I say no more.


  13. Just saw this on Rivals – seven losses in ACC games by 20 or more points over the last tree years…

    Penn State 6–51
    UCF 14–45
    Miami 3–24
    Clemson 10–42
    Virginia Tech 0–28
    Notre Dame 3–45
    Clemson 17-52

    Which means 20% our our games were blow outs.

    Average score of those games? 41 – 7 Yea Us!!!

    Flip side – we beat up on some ACC teams also…

    VT 52-22
    WF 34-13
    FSU 41-17
    VT 47-14

    So – just a bit behind the losses by 20 over all by 7 to 4. Yea Us Again!!!


  14. Can you imagine the VT fans in 2018 when we beat them 52-22? Its one thing to lose big to Clemson giving up 52 points… but to Pitt? They must have lit up the boards and blogs…


  15. Michael, I thought this is Whipple’s 2nd yr. as OC? I still don’t see him as a major problem. Except for bringing in Yellen. Recruiting is the biggest weakness. The offensive line is just plain and simply not talented. Running backs need improvement. Tex, Pickett is a talented kid who had few weapons to help him.

    Do we forget how unstable the football program was a few years ago? Steve Pederson made us a laughing stock of college football. A program doesn’t recover from something like that over night unless you have superman recruiting. Narduzzi is not superman. He is an average football coach.

    Lyke is fine. I like the improvements we are making with our minor sports. Adding girl’s lacrosse is a good thing. Now bring on the men’s team. Let’s get a track!

    It’s not easy finding the “right” coach. I watched Hafley (BC’s coach) because he is from my neighborhood in NJ. I watch him recruit for Wannstedt and Schiano. He also did well in the NFL. He sees “players”. You don’t easily find a talented coach like that. That’s my point. PITT should not move too quickly making a change.

    No question though, we need to make changes in both football and basketball. These guys will not take us close to well we all want to be.


    1. Did I say something about Whipple?

      I simply stated that Pat is on his fourth OC in six years. People can take from that what they want.

      But since you asked, bow that we’ve seen 20 games I don’t think Whip is the answer. Sure he showed some flashes against bad defenses but that’s about it.


      1. Per your comment above, Michael, your second paragraph was confusing to me. I didn’t understand it as you meant to write.


    2. Respect your opinion but don’t give a flip about minor sports. PR wise, they do nothing for the front porch image. I care about men’s basketball, women’s basketball, football, and baseball. Under Lyke’s leadership, Pitt still sucks in those sports. Good for her, she is under no pressure. It’s not like the BOT cares about winning. They do care about being embarrassed, and we are very close to crossing that line.


    1. None

      They need to begin that feasibility study

      And release the nhl viability study for pitt hockey. The secret is that the nhl found pitt to be viable. But Pitt doesn’t want to add more work to their workday.


      1. They should do a feasibility study on:

        Is it Possible that Pitt won’t wet the Bed on National TV less than twice a Season.


      2. I agree with you. Calling out coaches in private takes work. Keeping the fan base engaged – which Lyke gets a F- grade in that dolman – also takes work. Being a good financial manager takes work. Can anyone honestly say Lyke is managing Pitt’s finances by extending Narduzzi and putting Pitt in long term debt to him and extending Capel who has done absolutely nothing yet? She finagled Stallings’ release which shows she can do something well. And to her credit, unlike Steve Pederson, Lyke doesn’t appear to be antagonizing everyone in the Pitt athletic department. She certainly can get along.


  16. It’s time to move on from Duzz. He is what he is. I wouldn’t fire him until after signing day, however. Whoever takes over will at least have a solid foundation. Side note … I doubt he gets fired. One can only hope, however. Nothing really left to say about Pitt football. Fire Duzz or stay in this 6-8 win rut. Need a booster to step up and pay his exit fee or else I’ll be wishing the same next year at this time.

    Capel’s top 25 class are freshmen. He gets two more years. And missing Nike is huge. Need the NCAA to move fast there. Complete BS that they haven’t granted this request in a “free” season for eligibility.

    Capel took over arguably the worst P5 team. He gets a few years to build a culture. Anyone expecting more really didn’t understand the state of the program. That first season gave some a false hope of a quick fix but if you looked closely you saw that they outperformed expectations and it wasn’t reality.

    Regarding the present, don’t forget this team didn’t have exhibition games or a “secret” game. It’s going to take a little time. The improved from game 1 to game 2. That’s what you want. They need a 4th scorer … and that’s supposed to be Nike. There’s a reason this team was picked 15th in the preseason poll … the program isn’t there yet.

    Getting Nike allows Pitt to move Horton to a shooter off the bench, 6th man role. Then you have X, Nike, Toney, Champagnie, and a rent-a-center. Small ball lineup but enough length and positional flexibility with the bench to overcome it against most teams.

    Two top 100 players will get you a sweet 16 (they’re both freshmen) … two top 50 players will get you a Final 4. If they can get Jalen Hood-Scifino back in the fold for next season it helps move the needle significantly to where they have to be.

    Basketball can turnaround quick if there’s a foundation … Capel didn’t have a foundation. Now he’s getting one with the current class. X and Toney were building blocks to get to a solid foundation but they aren’t the future of the program.

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    1. I agree with you on basketball.

      But Pitt can indeed get a loan for the buyout if no booster steps up. A booster would have too many strings attached. A bank will just charge you interest and to pledge collateral.

      It absolutely needs to happen this year before the program becomes a dumpster fire like pitt basketball was. It will take much longer and be far more difficult to put out a football fire.


    2. I said the same thing yesterday…..and don’t sleep on Hugley. I’d give him 3 more years. Let this team be seniors first.


    3. Yes perhaps some of us are expecting too much of Capel. I don’t know. When Howland came in a quickly turned everything around in year 2 (?) he had some quality recruits left over from the Willard regime.


  17. Query: What is so secretive about Pitt’s practices, other than compliance breaches? One need only review the tape of game 1 in any of Pitt’s recent seasons and your scouting is done, even if you don’t play them until week 7.

    I think Reed touched on my earlier points. Tip of the cap to you for recognizing that a global strategy is needed.

    How can Lyke be doing a good to great job when the two revenue producing sports have produced negative results under her reign. I did not use the term leadership there because she hasn’t yet learned to lead. She was too green for the position. She has no strategy. She has words of football championships and basketball championships soon when she was brought here. She lied.

    If you outline a strategy, there are timeframes within which to execute. No tollgates equal no measurement of success or failure. No measurement equals 40 years of aimlessly wandering in the fog. The desert scenario was taken by another writer, so I used fog, not foge. With Foge, we definitely wandered aimlessly too.


    1. Heather, like Narduzzi, lives in the moment, day to day. No good manager can win with that strategy. You need long term and short term plans. Someone said it earlier, we’ve been at Heinz 20 years. What’s the plan when the Steelers move?. None of course….or it’s the biggest secret ever. Where is the long term strategy and planning? Or as Arnold said, Global Planning.
      Any manager who lives in the moment is dead! A failure. Welcome to Pitt Football.


  18. @ Tossing – Pitt compliance screwed up the Nike transfer paperwork, not the ncaa. That is on the Athletic Department that has an expert compliance person there. It was a fail.

    All teams had no warmup games so to excuse the initial performance away, falls flat.

    Agree with rest. I am more on board with Capel than most because I do agree that he inherited an awful program. Now, I wouldn’t have extended him already, but that was just an Agent, abusing a green AD that doesn’t understand how “the game, works”.


    1. @arnold Not true at all. Miami lied about their reasoning.

      “ After talking to Owens and Corbin, I believed Miami had taken a reasonable position and had provided a justifiable basis to withhold support of Sibande’s waiver request.

      Here’s the problem: Miami wasn’t telling me the truth.

      After I talked to Owens and Corbin, ESPN obtained the documentation for Sibande’s waiver request, Miami’s response to the waiver request and Sibande’s appeal to the denial. Sibande’s Aug. 13 waiver request did not state, reference, mention or imply that he had been “run off,” did not have a spot on the roster or was unwelcome to return. The basis for Sibande’s waiver request was the continued care of his infant daughter, Oaklynn, who has relocated to Pittsburgh along with her mother, and Sibande’s concerns regarding COVID-19 on the Miami campus.”


      1. Two sides to every story. Apparently the NCAA wasn’t convinced by what Pitt submitted. C19 is probably not a good measuring stick. Most all cases for transfer are not denied, especially if the real reason was that he wanted to perform on a bigger stage. That definitely is deniable.

        Also, it was a POV writer that reported the wrong form usage by the department and candidly, it makes as much sense as anything.


        1. NCAA has said the only cases they’re rejecting right now is if the school transferring from says no. That’s why so many kids are getting approved. It’s a free season of eligibility anyways. Makes no sense he’s not playing yet. This wasn’t Pitt at all. It’s a spiteful school.

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      2. Whether it’s true or not, it boils down to this. What you’re saying is Capel’s whole season is/was dependent on a late year transfer(Sibande), after again not recruiting a PG. And this guy is a 1 year player, so same problem next year.

        Additionally he’s not a PG, so we still have Xavier at PG, who isn’t either.

        And it’s not like he was avg’g 30 ppg or something. 13.9 ppg in the MAC.

        This is a stretch, to blame this soon to be horrid season on this reason.


        1. No. I’m saying it’s a big piece. And it’s basketball. Of course one player makes a difference. I just don’t have the expectations that you do. Mostly because we don’t have the talent or experience plus talent have higher expectations.


          1. Horton was supposed to be a big piece too ! And this sibande kid is just another Horton. Plays the 2 guard as well. Avg’d similar numbers in a 2nd rate conference.

            So suggesting that all the problems this year is due to this kid not being eligible…is a HUGE stretch.

            You’re looking for excuses. in what is shaping up to be another horrendous Conf year, with not enough Rent-A-Wins on the schedule to make it ‘appear’ like a not so bad year.


            1. Who said all the problems?Lol. That’s ridiculous. Nike is a scorer and they’re missing another scorer. That’s what I said. This is why I come here less. Everyone makes statements so polarizing. Pitt will be a better team with Nike.

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  19. Time to weigh in with the following comments:

    1) Looking back, we previously observed that Pitt is filling more recruiting spots with defensive rather than offensive players. Why aren’t the offensive coaches complaining about this? Could it be that the OCs haven’t been around long enough to push their case with the HC? And how does Whipple get away with not recruiting on the road?
    2) Most people agree that having a good OL makes the offensive skill position players better. So why hasn’t developing a rock solid OL over the past 6 years been first priority if it makes Pitt’s slightly above average QB, RBs and WRs perform better? Chryst knew this and immediately began recruiting a solid OL.
    3) There is no good reason why Pitt doesn’t have 2-3 good TEs on the roster. What is going on there that they can’t recruit a good TE with their pro style, even West Coast type of offense?
    4) Why 4 OCs in six years? Narduzzi seems to give complete control of the offense to his OC, so why hasn’t this been a great opportunity for the right OC to go out and get his type of players?
    5) Beating GT means Pitt finishes with a 6-5 winning record. No booster will pony up big bucks to oust a coach with a winning record after the Wanny debacle. Heather needs booster money in order to pull this off and she doesn’t have it. It will take a 4-7 year in 2021 to fire Narduzzi.

    With the recruiting inroads made in Southern states like Florida and Georgia, there is no reason Pitt can’t recruit sufficiently to be a program that routinely wins 8 games and occasionally more. WPA’s reputation as a rugged, hard working area seems tailor made to recruit tough linemen. The budget is there and if colleges like Iowa State and even WVU can do it with limited local recruiting, then Pitt should be able to do it.

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    1. To wit. For a coach that prizes putting pressure on the quarterback, Narduzzi sure has missed the mark on the offensive line.


    2. I agree. WVU and Cincy seem to do just fine. Keep in mind that if we beat GT and someone win the bowl game, Narduzzi will be 7-5 and crowing about how great the kids are and how they came back from adversity. The Kool aid drinkers will coo, and Lyke can stay in her bunker.


  20. ESPN has us with Navy in Annapolis. We went there a few years ago and got killed. I doubt I want to see that again in person.


    1. Navy was favored then, had a QB that was in the Top 10 in Heisman, and that team was ranked and favored in the bowl game


      1. Yea well if Pitt would have won that game…..Pitt would have been ranked to finish the season.

        You mean to tell me a Service academy had better players than us. haha

        And our QB was Peterman who was drafted by the NFL. in the 2nd round.
        We should have and many of us did know, after that day…after giving up almost 600 yards
        to a Service Academy, in another nationally televised beatdown…….that Narduzzi wasn’t the guy.


      2. The defensive genius had a month to prepare for Navy’s offense and played against a similar offense in Georgia Tech.

        Northwestern’s running back also set records against Pitt in a bowl game that defensive guru Narduzzi had a month to prepare for.


        1. Even in the pathetic bowl win against the last place team in the MAC East….the Doozer’s great defensive scheme gave up 30 points and almost 500 yards….to a LAST PLACE MAC team.

          The ONLY time, his Defense does well, is when the opposing team has a horrendous QB.


      1. Harbaugh and Herman both needed fired yesterday. I’m consistent in my thinking. Narduzzi should never have been extended. He would have been gone this year.


  21. and here is more BS from Dokish who is as overreactive as many of you are

    Chris Dokish@ChrisDokish
    In the last 4 seasons, after the last of Chryst’s core recruits graduated, Narduzzi is 25-24 overall and 17-15 in the ACC.

    Dokish knows damn well that Pitt relies primarily on upperclassmen, and the classes that made up the bulk of the starters were from Chryst’s last 2 classes

    Weah, Henderson, Officer, Ditino, O’Neil, Bookser, Ashton, Herndon, Jones-Smith, Odowu, Zeise, Wiriginis, Maddox and Briggs Of course the rest of the team were sophs or frosh

    Hey Doke, how did that Wanny thing work out for you?


    1. fact is that Narduzzi recruits didn’t make up most of the team until 2018. And PN won 21 games in his 1st 3 years and 21 in his last 3 if he beats GT. And he would be 29-20 in the ACC, with 15 of them in the last 3 years.


      1. How many of those wins were against teams with winning records?

        He’s barely over .100 against schools at Pitts level or better with his own recruited players in his system.

        He beats up on the sisters of the poor and gladly without shame collects a check for $600k for each win.

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    2. Wanny never made close to Narduzzi money. And he didn’t alienate so many fans.

      Narduzzi has become a divisive figure. He will tear the fanbase apart.

      The bum needs to be thrown out this year.

      Make a call to PNC Bank first thing Monday.


  22. Dr Gesundheit says Pitt fans are suffering from massive self-abuse, mental anguish and almost 4 decades of systematic institutional neglect and a wanton disregard for the remaining highly distraught fan base.

    Dr. Gesundheit’s prescription includes, staying away from Yellow blouses, BoT members (if they can be found) and overly hairy armed men.

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  23. From the devil’s advocate position, what is gained by firing Coach Pat?
    Pitt loses a boatload of $$$$$
    We have a losing record next year (with or without him).
    TV money stays the same.
    Gate revenue probably goes up slightly.
    No bowl game one way or the other.

    So really, what difference does it make?

    The BOT has shown they don’t care about wins or losses. So they are happy Heather (who by some accounts is on the orbiting space station) saves them some coin during a pandemic.

    And by the way, if I was AD, Id fire him pronto. Life is too short to tolerate induced mediocrity.


    1. Opportunity cost

      There is a coach on your list that won’t be there next year or won’t want to walk into this mess.


    1. That’s setting us up for another bowl loss(on national tv). I would refuse that one, if we didn’t learn our lesson of playing a bowl game on the opponents home turf…that would be cause enough to fire both The Dooz and his accomplice….aka: Yellow Blouse.


  24. The Coaches Poll has moved Clemscum, ahead of Ohio Fake in the newest rankings.

    So they must have been impressed with Clemscum’s dismantling of the Fighting Narduzzi’s.

    I had Clemscum scoring 70 and us 10. And it would have been 10,,,without the Clemscum
    fumble on their 19 yard line and the gift TD for Pitt.

    Anyone that was expecting a beatdown, hasn’t been paying attention. Please remove Rose
    Colored glasses and smell the stench.


  25. While expectations were high this year because of a pretty solid defense, many of us were aware that the offense was highly suspect. When you don’t have an offensive line, running backs or tight ends that are even average players, there might be a problem. When you add a QB and wide receivers that are completely inconsistent in all past performances what do you expect?


  26. WMG and the sooner the better. I wouldn’t have a problem with an in-season firing.

    This doesn’t relieve Nardog of responsibility but sometimes you have to admit when something is not working. Given that you are going to re-start the offense with a new QB, this is the best time to make a change.

    You have to get someone who understands the way that college football is played and not try to put a round peg (NFL dink and dunk offense) in a square FBS hole.


  27. Let’s look at all the Florida schools. Commitment to football, check, great recruiting footprint, recent performance, not so much. It just isn’t that simple to have winning programs. How is USC doing lately? Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, all storied programs.

    Top ten Pitt football ended when Jackie left. Wanny’s firing ended top twenty football. Pitt administration will be content as long as Pitt is competitive with the lower 2/3rds of the ACC.


  28. USC is undefeated and Number 17 in the latest rankings.

    Trying to minimize our plight by pointing out others….isn’t going to work with most of us.

    Try again !


  29. Just saying that there are more examples of schools with strong commitments, much more money and much more fertile recruiting grounds that are struggling than those having success, which is always a moving target.

    Complaining without answers is futile.

    I have been around long enough to hear complaints about Dick Stuart striking out too much, Roberto Clemente’s basket catch being a problem, Franco Harris running out of bounds, and Terry Bradshaw being a knucklehead, probably true, but he did win 4 rings.

    It will take a lot more than firing Narduzzi to fix Pitt Football. But what does that even mean? What is a satisfactory Pitt Football program? I am pretty sure that everyone agrees this season was unsatisfactory but what is?

    What is the percentage of fans that will be satisfied with their teams performance this year?

    When a few teams have a lock on their conference, Clemson, tOSU, Oklahoma, Alabama, which gets broke once in a while, what is the goal for the rest?

    Isn’t not winning a championship just an excuse?


  30. Ghost, you’re missing the overall point. Nebraska, Michigan, Texas, FSU, have experienced success more recently than Pitt and they are suffering. That doesn’t make Pitt fans feel any better but points out an issue.

    1.5% of the FBS schools taking up 46% of the FBS playoff slots indicates the severe imbalance that many schools like Pitt are facing. Do you throw up your hands and give up . . . of course not. But suggesting simple solutions like changing the HC will not do it. Herman at Texas and Harbaugh at Michigan proves that doesn’t always work.

    Pitt has serious issues beyond the HC and administration, lyke playing in a terrible stadium away from campus, scarcity of empty space on campus, small on campus student population, professional sports competition for fans. These are limitations that God himself would struggle to overcome, no matter the HC.


    1. But what is pitt doing about it?

      No talk of a feasibility study.

      There is space on campus. A study would point out those places. I’ve found seven myself. Pointed them all out here at least two times over the past three years. What’s so difficult about surveying campus. I actually did. Site visits. Remember me and CompLit?

      Pitt has far more students living on campus or in Oakland than ever. Pitt is not a commuter school anymore. So don’t want to hear this urban myth anymore. You are perpetuating non facts.

      College football doesn’t need to compete against pro football. I see them as different sports. A totally different experience.

      Pitt doesn’t need God to overcome its ineptitude and lack of leadership, strategic planning and risk taking also called entrepreneurial spirit.

      Every limitation or constraint has multiple solutions. Pitt doesn’t even try.


      1. Sorry Tex your all wet on this one, and it’s been pointed out several times. Come home and live in Pittsburgh for few years and get a reality check. The problems with Oakland are varied and many. The most critical is the sever lack of infrastructure, for which Pitt has no authority or answer.

        Roadways and traffic gridlock are a mess and keep fans away when only 12,000 used to attend bball games. A 40,000 football stadium would be a 2-3 hour nightmare no matter where you put the stadium. Your fan base, which is mostly non-students (but more on that later) would abandon you. Easy for you to criticize based on your occasional visits.

        Facts per University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus University Life. There are 19,200 undergraduate students at Pitt and only 42% (8,064) actually live in college owned, operated, or affiliated housing. Urban myth my sweet Italian rear end. It’s a commuter school, it’s a fact and making unfounded comments , doesn’t make your argument it makes you sound uninformed.

        At Clemson, ND, PSU, Michigan, OSU, Wisconsin etc the number of students living on campus or within walking distance to the sports venues are multiples of Pitt’s numbers.


        1. You left out all those students living in Oakland in non university housing. Like me when I was there. I sure the Hell didn’t consider myself a commuter.

          And Pitt played football in Oakland for 70 years. Don’t tell me it can’t happen because of traffic.


    2. The Ghost knows all that…….. after all I am a 100 year old Ghost !

      Thanks for your input…..Ghost likes all reasonably sounding explanations.


    1. Essentially…yes. Pitt’s Swimming teams can’t swim either. Finishing DEAD LAST . Far. far. ever so far removed from everyone else.


  31. To recap, after the VT beat down the Narduzzi haters were called out by some. I responded by admitting that I predicted 4 & 7 and was wrong on that point. I also predicted a couple of things headed into the Clemson game. So in the interest of continuity lets see how those Pitt program critical and Narduzzi critical prognostications faired. Predicted that Clemson would expose the discrepancy in talent, especially in line play on both sides of the ball. Check that box. While the defense was not embarrassed to the extent the offense was clearly not at top tier P5 competitive level play on either side of the ball. Predicted Lawrence would have a record day, big check plus with a gold star in that box, he set the all time Clemson record for points scored in 1 quarter. 31 points in one stinking quarter. Predicted 5 & 5 headed into the G Tech potential let down game. Check that box.

    Take aways from the Clemson game, program image and recruiting severely damaged. If you are one of Pitt’s potential recruits and tuned in to watch a possible upset game during covid lockdown why in the hell would you come to Pitt after that embarrassing performance? So bad I am at a loss for words. Kenny Picket won’t be playing on Sundays unless its for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. If Clemson can pick him like that any NFL team would have a field day. Good candidate to beat the Nate Peterman 5 picks in one game Buffalo Bills performance. National media making a complete mockery of the Pitt program on live TV. When you have announcers saying hey Clemson is beyond their 5th stringer who can you find to get on the field to run a play, your have major problems. Heather, did you notice this overt slap in the face?

    So clearly in year 6 of Narduzzi we can say this with confidence, recruiting is sub par, talent development is sub sub-par, assistant coaches mediocre at best. The best season record of the Narduzzi era is with players recruited before his arrival by potato Paul Christ. So can we all agree this over paid bum, a PR huckster if you will, needs to go? Looking at his body of work 7 & 5 is his ceiling. Which I think most of us would agree is not good enough. I am not satisfied with 5 or 6 and whatever. This guy is, and I hate to use this quote, a cowboy that’s all hat an no cattle. Only difference between him and Todd Graham is TG had the decency to leave town.

    Regardless of all the obstacles this program has faced over the last decade plus, if wanting a program with an upward trajectory and a coach you can believe in with upside potential is wrong then I don’t want to be right.


          1. But…. We lost to NC State and to top it off also BC. Those are the games where Narduzzi lost his support.


  32. We can go back and forth with differences of opinion and that’s all fine. It is what a blog is about. But one thing that makes me wince is when people say that our coach is satisfied with 5 or 6 wins, or the athletic administration is okay with an average or slightly above average program, or the Board of Trustees doesn’t care about sports. These things are said as if they are facts.

    I have never gone out with Madonna. That is a fact. But don’t assume it is because I don’t want to. It could be that she has just never met me.

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    1. All hat no cattle

      Talk the talk
      Walk the walk.

      Talk is cheap
      Actions speak louder than words

      That dog don’t hunt

      If the BoT was serious, why no feasibility study.

      Why is heather hiding

      What has pitt done about that front porch. Point to specifics please. What evidence do you have that pitt cares about sports

      Pitt has a top third football spend in the ACC. But it’s only separated from the bottom third by a mere $3 million

      Pitt has a people problem

      And like I said it’s trying to run sports using a model and system from the pop warner era.


    2. Correct Farmer. And if you don’t meet her in the next 40 years but kept talking like next year is the year for you and her, you have a koolaid drinking madonna prognosticator. Wait til next year never happens farmer. It’s a false narrative.

      Or, you could do something about it. Figure out a strategy. Perhaps invest (commitment) in your electric guitar playing to the point you are the best so you can execute your strategy. Being considered the best in the industry might attract her and a whole bunch of top flight performers (recruiting) to your recording studio (Pitt).


  33. I am not sure the coach even knows what a top 25 team looks like.
    He was bitching about his ranking and then list 4 in a row.
    My god
    What does he see? If I was going play Jimmy Conners in tennis I know I would get destroyed.
    He rolls in against ND thinking he is disrespected!
    It is all defies reason.
    Where is Heather?
    Maybe she is like a bull and if I wave a yellow blouse she will come out charging and say something.


  34. How do schools like Cinn do it? Is it a matter of a prettier campus? Cheating? Where are their coaches coming from? Who is their AD? Has he been around since at least Kelly? What ties together their success? UConn had it for a time. Louisville usually does well also.

    Rather than just bitching on this site, any body got any solutions? Real ones! Positive ones!

    One bright spot about PITT. Local NJ high school kids are finding PITT desirable

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    1. Woody will explain. UC actually hires HC’s that were previous HC’s. Not asst Coaches, that ‘On the Job’ is required and these guys have no Blueprint. While paying them like top HC’s.

      UC’s last 4 HC’s
      1) Luke Fickell previously HC at Ohio State
      2) Tommy Tubberville (20 yrs as HC before Cincy)
      3) Butch Jones (one 11 win season and two 8 win seasons before Cincy)
      4) Brian Kelly (9 win season before Cincy)

      Same on the Basketball side, with John Brannen, Mick Cronin and Bobby Huggins.


      1. UC knows how to manage a successful Football program. Pitt doesn’t know how to manage a successful program and won’t accept the reality that it lacks the capabilities necessary to be successful. Has its head in the sand or worse. The Emperor has no clothes.


  35. While we still have Clemson fresh in our minds, in my opinion, one of the unsung heroes in all of college football has to be the Clemson administrator who recognized something in Dabo and is responsible for the almost unparalleled success they have had in the last decade. To have your Head Coach forced to resign in mid season, and bypass your Associate Head Coach, and both your OC and DC (two with previous Head Coaching experience) to promote a 38 year old Wide Receivers coach as interim Head Coach is unbelievable. Who does that? What would you see in Dabo that would allow you to do that?

    I have to assume it was an extraordinary ability to relate to young men. I wouldn’t think a WR coach would be in a position to demonstrate organizational skills or innovative schemes, maybe some motivational skills? Dabo wasn’t even a Clemson alumnus. He grew up in Alabama. Was a walk-on at Alabama and caught seven passes over his entire career at Alabama. He was the recruiting coordinator at Clemson so I assume he would have had the opportunity to show an ability to bring players in. Hence my assumption of him being able to relate to young men and their families. But, man, what a gamble that worked.

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  36. Old Pitt Grad, I’ve watched two recorded Cincy games this year (after they were played) and can say that they play as a true team in every sense of the word. They all pull together and don’t point fingers if someone misses assignments. I believe they have more talent and balance then we do also.

    Maybe not more 4 or 5 star recruits but the real talent that lies in being able to accomplish exactly what the coaches want to have done out in the field. A good example is that I watched the Cinch DBs play the receiver well and didn’t take risks to pad their INT stats.

    I feel this has been a problem for Pitt for some time. There is a reason no one is crying about Ford quitting the team – he was the first to throw blame on others in our crap defensive backfield and he cared more about the NFL then he did Pitt.

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    1. I just didn’t realize some of the football star guys were so self centered. At first, Reed, I thought you were talking about the Men’s basketball team.


  37. I don’t buy the recruiting isn’t good enough. In fact, I think if you give Pitt a legit college OC, the offense would be substantially better with the same players. WMG.

    We have seen Narduzzi’s best and it aint good enough. NMG.

    The program should be better. Period. No one expects a national championship. Just top 25 occasionally would be awesome at this point.

    Wait til after signing day and make a move.


    1. Norocketscience, Nothing will happen this year. Seeing the right guy out in the market should determine when to make the change. Plus long vetting process. Want a coach who likes the Pittsburgh area, has character, and of course able to recruit. Find me another Jeff Hafl


      1. Hafley hasn’t proven anything yet. Only year one and sitting at 6 wins. Let’s see how he does for 3 years.


  38. Narduzzi will not be fired. Heather is living in a “Covid world.:” Oh my God, did he keep his players safe? Yes. No fans at games to boo. It’s a Covid world. She can take a deep breath and relax. Blame everything on Covid. Narduzzi made it through the season in the Covid world.

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  39. Pitt’s New TE’s offers. This is Pitt for God’s Sake. If you are okay offering kids like this then you are sadly a Lyke and Frauuzzi apologist.

    New Pitt TE Gavin Bartholomew had offers from Bowling Green, Army, Buffalo, Elon, Monmouth, Holy Cross, Maine, New Hampshire, William & Mary, Fordham, Idaho, Lafayette, Furman, Villanova, Albany, Delaware, and Missouri State.


    1. Oh my god, he did have an offer from Elon. What is it with these Elon recruits. Seriously, my initial joke has now become a regular staple.


  40. Way to go Mike, 131 comments and 127 of them say the same thing. Why don’t you put a poll up asking if posters think he should be fired because I’m still not sure sure after reading this article. ;o zzzzzzz!


  41. Just a reminder, Patrick Jones and Rashard Weaver, who are both expected to have a legitimate shot at playing on Sundays were 2* recruits. Let’s give the young man a chance before we doom him.


    1. Maybe a question of talent. You can’t coach a guy to catch a ball anymore than you can coach them to run faster. Larry Fitz and Tyler Boyd caught everything as soon as they stepped on the field. Guys may get a little better like Weah, but talent is talent.

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  42. see, you POVers continue to talk pout of your butts. You overreact, you make up innuendos, and just plain don’t pay attention to the facts or likely don’t care to

    Pitt current’s class, at this moment, is ranked 20th …. the BEST ever. Here look for yourself

    The best prior to that was in 2006 which ranked 21st., and that was when there were many more quality local recruits, not to mention that there were a total of 27 recruits

    But as usual Nellies …. don’t let the facts get in the way of your fun

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    1. I’ll tell you one thing for damned sure … if they do hire a new HC, they better put a rope around Partidge and Beatty to keep them from escaping


    2. Look at average stars. Look at percentage 5.7 and above. It’s an average class at best. The ranking is high given the number of recruits. Other schools will catch up. The 4 and 5 stars wait longer to commit.


      1. 20th is 20th, that is a good class for Pitt. It may not stay that high and it may. Credit to the staff.


        1. It’s only ranked that high due to the sheer number of recruits. The percentage of recruits rated 5.7 and above is similar to previous years. Pitt is middle of the pack in the Coastal behind Miami, Carolina and Tech.


          1. That’s not how it works Tex, you’re making your own rules up now. Since we are repeating ourselves here……… Narduzzi will not be fired anytime soon. but you guys can keep on dreaming though.

            Most on here picked PITT to lose to Clemson by at least 35 pts, what’s the big surprise here?

            Below, Bernie. I think PITT is up to four O-lineman verbal-ed to PITT right now. I agree on the Fran and friends tailgate.


          2. Everyone except you would take a 20th ranked class every year. Not all things are negative, LOL.

            They could have the number one class, won’t fix Whipple’s offense.


  43. If we want to be factual then lets all agree that the recruiting ranking is a projected ranking. The final rank will not be known until all the commitment letters are signed and in the books. And that final class is compared to everyone else’s final recruiting roster. We have no idea if all those kids will show up, some might change there mind. CoVid vaccine comes out and some of these kids may go elsewhere. Just sayin, not a top 25 class yet.


  44. A few random thoughts:

    First, there have been a few articles/posts in recent weeks about the problem facing today’s college football, and in a nutshell the league is left with 3 teams, Alabama, Ohio St. & Clemson, almost locked into the playoffs and competing for a NC every year, with a 4th team to be determined. This is bad for the sport, long term and short, and I suspect something will give eventually. Short term, they desperately need to increase the number of teams in the playoffs, everybody knows it, but long term that won’t fix the core problem.

    Regarding Pitt overall, I agree that some big picture thinking needs to be done, and done correctly at this critical juncture; what is the commitment and who we want to be as a school? To this point, our leadership has been suspect and that starts with the board, so making such large decisions with that group is a scary proposition.

    Regarding Narduzzi, after 6 years his record is 41-34, and 28-20 in conf. if I read correctly. This is more than enough data by itself to tell us he is not a bad coach, but is not a particularly good one either; and there is no trend here, the team is not ascending or descending (granted, he could take a little dip in 2021 unless he finds a QB). This tells me two things: (1) We are not going to fire him after this year given the mix of his record, the covid crap, and the buyout all rolled together, and (2) We know what they have in him, stable mediocrity, and he is not the answer long term, so we should be on the hunt for his replacement. I think what will happen is we fire the OC, and hopefully some others, but even if we do and get the right guy this time, it will be tough rowing for Narduzzi I suspect.


  45. If we had said before the season that we would be playing Clemson without three oline starters, our starting tight end, Jaylen Twyman, Paris ford (and then his backup), starting middle linebacker, and Damarri Mathis what would we have predicted? Probably the same result or worse. The fact is pitt is and will only ever be as good as the first team players. And Pitts first team will always be a big step down from the football factories.
    There is no easy fix and some of you are living in fairy tale land with where pitt can actually be. “Just hire a new coach and pitt will get to the next level.” How has that worked over the last 35 years?


    1. I don’t really agree with ‘woe is us’ crowd, the sentiment we have no chance to compete at the top for a given year, but I respect people who feel this way. As an example this year alone, Indiana & Cincinnati have both risen to a level of competing for a CF playoff spot this year, and both would be in such a playoff if we had one.


      1. I think pitt could have that type of season once in a while. But how many losses would Indiana and Cincinnati have if they played Clemson, Notre Dame, and Miami? At least two losses and possibly 3


  46. Its the losses to NC State and BC that got the crowd going hot and heavy against Narduzzi. Thank goodness FSU and VA Tech were down this season.


    1. I agree those losses were brutal. Unacceptable and no excuse for them. I am very torn about what our best option is. I have always wanted the next big coach. I was getting tired of Walt Harris, Wannstedt, Jamie Dixon, etc. I learned the hard way that most times with Pitt the next coach will be worse.
      I would kill for Harris or Wannstedt right now.

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