317 thoughts on “Pitt at Clemson Open Game Thread

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  2. Announcer = Todd Blackledge. ☹️Never been a fan…

    No matter what unis we wear today, “The Ugly Uniform Award” goes to Clemson…

    Go Pitt.


    1. You’re not kidding, the Pedos will probably get votes in the Polls.

      And Michigan had to go to OT to beat Buttgers….that’s how bad. And lost to winless Psux.


  3. You may have notice #8 Justyn Ross carrying the flag and leading Clemson on the field. He is not playing due to spinal chord surgery. The successful surgery was performed at UPMC. Wonder if this was some kind of nod to Pitt


  4. General Pickett was getting the large…talk up. Which i dont remember many times in the past.
    NFL desperately needs QB’s. So many of them flop….like former first rounder Josh Rosen.


  5. I sure hope Pitt does some good things today. Already sick of hearing about Trevor Lawrence. Glad he’ll be leaving at the end of the season. BTW, Lawrence needs a hair cut and style. He looks like a girl -and a not very pretty one too!


  6. I thought I read where Vandy had a girl FG kicker today, not Clemson.

    The girl just booted a 43 yarder lyke it was nothing.

    The rout is on…


  7. Glass half full guy: Excluding turnovers Pitt has only given up three points!
    Glass half empty guy: Pickett’s only completion is to the other team.


  8. The last xdxxinb thing you want to do is try a trick play….and fail miserably! Here’s a trick play Pitt ..try holding onto the ball and blocking someone!


  9. Blame the receivers all you what, but buck up and admit Pickett is a stiff. Throws into triple coverage, behind receivers, and chokes like a dog in the big games. Now Clemson will rub our nose in it. Pitt the Piñata.


  10. oh man the troll job….

    Well at least my wife will be happy i’m not going to have to watch this game till 7


  11. Kenny just dropped out of the draft consideration and might be considered for a cow pattie throwing contest in Indiana County instead.


  12. Dabo: No Pitt…this is how you run the Flea Flicker.

    The Duzz: But you said you wouldn’t run up the score. Bad Dabo


  13. Gross QB. Gross Coach. Gross OC. Gross AD. Gross BB Coach.

    Picket Sucks

    Narduzzi Sucks

    Can’t beat a team with a winning Record.

    Pay 3.5M to someone who if they were fired today would
    Never be rehired.

    And this moron says he is going to compete for a ACC Title.


  14. What’s there to say?

    They are playing a team with far superior talent and coaching.

    Clemson can score 70 today and might do that in 3 quarters.


    1. Oh my. Drops, bad throws, tips. You always end up getting what you deserve. Just gives the Duzz lots of excuses. They’ll score 30 in the first quarter. This is not funny. Embarrassed again.Keep the Duzz.


  15. I’m shifting my expectations today
    PreGame: just try and get close to the spread to make the bettors nervous.
    In Game: if Pitt is going to give up – get slaughtered so Clemson can hop ND in the rankings.


  16. You have got to be kidding me………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


  17. No call on that late hit??? Southern refs just kill Pitt. Ok I knew we lose this game but this “deer in the headlights” stuff is ridiculous!! Cmon man! Catch the ball!!!


  18. We’re gonna. O Pete for ACC Titles!! “Gorilla Calves” said.

    We couldn’t beat the junior college 5 miles from Clemson’s campus.

    Heather act like you care. Like show up to work 1 day in 6 months.

    Between Capel driving his Cadillac making videos
    and Frauduzzi Running his mouth both need fired. They stink.


      1. Haha….xavier performed well today. He should transfer to that conference, he could be all-whatever conference 2nd team.


  19. Why does this commentator keep saying it’s in review for targeting. Second time and that is not what the refs said the review is for. Pathetic.


  20. Whipple and Pickett — what a team !!

    I really sorry for the Pitt players who are actually good and give it their all.

    First, the ND game disaster, uniforms and all, on national TV.
    Now this embarrassment on national TV.
    You really have to wonder what Lyke and Gallagher are thinking right now.


  21. I predicted Clemson would score in the fifties, maybe the sixties.
    More like seventies, maybe the eighties.

    The ACC might take things into their own hands and kick Pitt out of the league after this mess.
    Embarrasses the university and embarrasses the conference.


  22. Did peeps say…Clemson would be rusty. This is another national embarrassment, but oh so Lucy Like typical of the Charlie Browns.


  23. I forgot about the national TV coverage jinx. This game is on ABC because the WVU game was canceled. Nice showing fellas…


  24. 31 points in the 1st q —- WOWZA. Clemson’s higheast score ever in 1st q.

                         Mercy Rule.    I very rarely turn a game off but this one is 👹👹


    1. Remember Chryst’s presser after they played FSU (natty championship year with Winston). His first line was like “Wow they were pretty good weren’t they”


  25. My wife just revoked my pass on painting the front door because I just “had to watch the game”. Thanks Coach. Thanks Heather.

    What a terrible week for Pitt sports….

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  26. On pace for a 0-124 score.

    We really messed up the flea flicker because “flea” didn”t give the ball back to Pickoff. He should not have thrown that ball. Dabbo showed Charmin and nardon’t how to properly execute a real flea flicker.

    The other two picks were not 100% on him, but….

    Always good to use a draw play when you are down 31. LOL,LOL


  27. Pickett is not currently NFL material. Needs to stay at least another year. It won’t go to 100 points. We can forfeit at halftime and the team return to Pgh.


  28. He didnt kick field goal, Kessman did.

    4th and 2, down 167 points and he kicks. What a clown. Announcers even mocked it.

    10 more field goals and we beat em

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  29. Now the announcers making fun of us…”down by 31 with 4th and 3 and you go for three?” – gotta love the snickering as Duzz is shown writing “the FG is good…”

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  30. Now 3,3, and 3. I can’t stop. Even the announcers are laughing at going for a field goal. Don’t they know the Duzz’s history and tradition.
    I do go back further than most on this board, I remember very, very bad teams. You know why this is worse than Hart, DePasuque,mHackett, and JMll? Is it because we are actually spending good money now? Is it because we are in a conference now? Is it because we have continuity in the coaching staff? Is it because this is the Duzz’s best team ever? Yup.


  31. anyone appreciating the db’s of course including Hamlin celebrating pass break-ups?
    sandwiched between PI penalties and critical TO’s be PN on first and goal from the 2


    1. Right…your defense has gotten burned for 31 points in a quarter and lost track of the deep passes completed….and he’s celebrating. Selfish to say the least.


  32. why doesn’t their qb run to the sidelines each play?

    that was a bad call against hamlin, but they gave us one earlier on williams. Boy those ACC refs have it in for us again, apparently…lol

    AJWoods forgot to look back for the bomb from Lawrence. He forgot to interfere correctly to stop the catch from happening. Best to take a 15 yard penalty versus a 60 yard gain.


  33. Our D has given up 5 pass plays of 20+ yards in less than one half of FB.

    I guess the national ranking will suffer some today.

    Walking away while it is still light out.

    Looks lyke a good movie night.


  34. Alright gang it’s been fun. Fortunately there is a burrito with extra queso calling my name. Enjoy the rest of the train wreck. Revised prediction is 84 – 3!


  35. “With three starters out on the offensive line, Pitt just hasn’t been able to get the job done today.”
    Yup, that’s the precise reason we’re down 35 points in the second quarter.

    Any update on the second half being canceled?


  36. Pitt’s passing game is almost as pathetic as it was in the ACC championship game.

    So no real improvement against good teams in over 2 years. Kenny also lit up WF and some
    other crap team that year, much like the last 2 games.


  37. ABC is thrilled with decision to move this game to national tv. I am too so that the BoT, wherever they are, can see what we have become.

    They are playing their backups in the 2nd quarter.


  38. If Pitt doesn’t want to compete at this level….spare us the agony. Reminds of the mid 1990’s, when any time Pitt was on national TV, they got absolutely destroyed.

    Same goes for BB. Build a New Pete or whatever it takes to become relevant again.


  39. The damage to the Pitt brand was pretty bad today. Probably cost pitt millions. I kid you not.

    When you neglect the front porch this happens.

    And atom counter is a back porch guy. He doesn’t have the first clue about sports.

    Any booster giving money at this point is a FOOL.


    1. If I win the super lottery I’ll buy out Narduzzi personally!

      Also maybe I’ll donate a few hundred million and have the on campus stadium named after me!

      Take care all, off to the Salt Life for dinner and drinks!

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  40. When Pitt gets a bid to the Gasparilla Bowl in holiday festive Montgomery, Ala…..Yellow Blouse will extend the Dooz another few years.


  41. Clemson’s three man rush created 5 sacks so far today.

    Our Aussie punter with over 400 yards punting today. Is you leg tired yet mate?


  42. Didn’t Pitt hire a defensive genius six years ago. What happened?

    Will Heather be staying in her bunker after this game?

    Another national embarrassment. Irreversible damage to the brand. Yet Pitt may just throw Whipple under the bus and make him the scapegoat.

    Both Narduzzi and heather need to be thrown under something heavier.

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  43. Nearly 600 yards given up and with Clemson’s foot off the gas for most of the second half. This was supposed to be narduzzis best defense. If this is the best he can do, why are most of you guys so petrified of a coaching change. Seriously can it get any worse than this?

    Narduzzi now almost has as many blow out losses as Johnny majors did in the 90’s. Wasn’t Johnny fired?

    What’s heathers excuses now. I bet we don’t see or hear from her until next Fall. Basketball will be a dumpster fire this year.

    Disgraceful. Pathetic. Maddening.

    I left out the cuss words.

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    1. You sound lyke Jerry’s lawyer Jackie on Seinfeld.

      We need someone to be fired. Why not Whip or Borbes. Or a D coach lyke Harley. Someone’s head should role.

      It won’t happen nor will a top 25 ranking anytime soon.

      wwb – does Cincinnati count as an example of a school similar to Pitt with it’s attractiveness?

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      1. If you go back over the years Cincinnati has had some really good selections for head football coaches. They tend not to stay long term.

        I lived in Cincinnati for 10 years, similar urban campuses.


  44. Neville being from SC should have gotten playing time.

    KP had 4 INT’s and Pitt has been down 35 for quite a long time. Bringing Yellen in with 4 minutes left in the game leaves next season with a huge question mark.

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  45. Fellow Pitt fans, I harken all of you back before the season started and the crap I got for predicting Pitt at 4-7. Most of you had 7-9 wins for Pitt. “This was our greatest team in 40 years” several wrote
    It brings me no joy to say this but 6 years of Narduzzi speaks for itself. Unless we make a change, years 7-8 will look just like thisor much worse. In the corporate world I never got excited when the BOD was yelling…..I got concerned when they were quiet. . Hoping against hope that Heather has been getting advice from and interviewing potential coaches. I don’t care if the players loathe them, as long as they respect them! Players love Duzz (really?) but it’s obvious they don’t respect him. Did you see the Pitt sideline clowning in the second half today???

    They sure played like Ringling Brothers Circus!

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    1. Remember, this is just the beginning of Capel’s 3rd year. If BB is anywhere like this late in Capel’s 6th year it’s all over for Pitt sports.


      1. Didn’t heather already extend Capel? Seriously I think she did.

        Do you really trust heather. An AD who’s made some very unwise decisions and is currently awol.

        But Ike swears she’s not on vacation at OBX

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  46. Does Cincinnati still play in Nippert Stadium?
    Been there twice but not in a while. Didn’t even like the Skyline Chili…and I love chili.


    1. Since 1924 – holds 40,000 today.

      Cincy getting a lot of national attention – some rankings show the Bearcats sitting at #5 waiting for a P5 time to fall and slip into the 4th playoff spot.

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  47. What’s Coach Pat doing on the flight home?

    Amazon surfing for Heather’s Xmas gifts.
    Counting his money.
    Exchanging beer farts with Whip.

    What isn’t he doing on the flight home?

    Improving his team(s).
    Adjusting his defense.
    Recruiting better players.
    Procuring better assistants.

    His best team ever at Pitt?


  48. Duzz needs to go back to the Big14… but who the he$$ would come to PITT… I love seeing these smaller underdog schools doing well- they obviously have much better management… we are so much like the Pittsburgh Pirates in that respect….

    If the BoT this crew in charge will keep their jobs… good ole boy system… Duzz hired heather… Gallagher’s into social justice…. all we want is a FB team who can win 9-10 games…no pesos from me…

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  49. I’m crap at predicting games…I thought Pitt would keep it under an 14 point loss.

    Say what you want about Pickett but I don’t think he’ll be “playing on Sundays” next season…nor for Pitt. He puts up big passing yardage numbers due to a non-existent running game but he isn’t all that effective in getting us in position to score (58th of 127 – thanks Austin Peay!) or 3rd down conversions (95th @ .367)

    Very good QBs don’t have big swing up and down games regardless of who they play. They are consistent in their effectiveness.

    Before this game Pickett stood at 58th in Passing Eff. @ 137.9. Now his PE rating is 134.0. He’ll end up clustered with Sunseri, Voytik, Stull, etc…as one of a long line of average at best Pitt QBs (save Petermen).

    Well, 6-5 looks a lot better than 4-7 as some thought we’d be. Fingers crossed for a GT win for us.

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  50. And in case you’re not depressed enough little ole UMBC beat the crap out of St Francis today by 18 points! I’ve supported Capel to this point. No more. He won’t make it to year six!


  51. Sorry folks our Pitt football team does not belong on the same football field as ND and Clemson. But then again, that is pretty much the same, to some degree, with about 115 of the 130 teams in the FBS.

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    1. But most of those other teams would not get blown out. BC played the Domers tough. Cuse plays clemson tough. The number of blow out losses under Narduzzi is troubling. He has far more national embarrassments than signature wins.

      I count at least 8 blow outs compared to just 3 signature wins over six seasons.


  52. Had Clemson duplicated their 1st quarter offensive production in each of the next three quarters they would have hung 124 points on us. Jeez, we could have been in the record books! Ugh!


    1. …thanks for the recognition Reed! 🙂

      …I’d like to donate the huge $$$ proceeds of my winnings to the “POV Regime Change Fund” …..LOL


      1. Progress would be a woman replacing Narduzzi as coach and a man who actually played the sport replacing heather.

        Tex looking forward to a wardrobe of suits


  53. I’d like to brag about my predictions: said Pitt will get 4 sacks and they got 6–only off by two sacks; said they’d hold Etienne to 49 yards and he got 58–only off by 9 yards; said Pitt would win the turnover battle by 3–only off by 7 turnovers; said they would pull off the upset—only off by 5 touchdowns.
    I was so close……..why, oh why, do these games always have to be on National TV! (Well, except for the 2016 game of course.)

    Stay safe everyone. This virus is going crazy. I believe there were 19 college games called off just today for Covid. Pitt can’t afford to lose any of their loyal POV fans


  54. Pitt walloped VT last week but got walloped today vs Clemson. So, next week, Clemson should beat VT by at least 40 next week, right?

    Not so fast. The game will be close until Clemson widens the lead in 2nd half


    1. Because Fuente is the better coach. That’s why it will be a closer contest

      Only reason clemson didn’t hang 80 on Pitt is because their 4 th string walk-ons played in the 4th.

      This program is getting close to what the majors 2 era was like with blow out losses. And Narduzzi has four times the budget and far better facilities than Johnny ever did. Plus he has a boss that loves him.

      So I say the state of the program might actually just be worse given Pitts resources today.

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      1. As far as I can tell, Johnny endeared himself to fans and the media.
        He also was a Pitt legend.
        Coach Pat…not so much.
        If you are a winner, the snarky arrogance can be overlooked.
        Perhaps next year, along with predicting wins we can predict blowouts.


        1. Majors and Jackie Sherrill both had huge personalities and could work any crowd and have them coming back for more and donating.

          I agree PN has very little charisma and his act is old and stale.


  55. Just returned from dinner and checked the score. I wish the internet was 40 years old so that we could check the tape and see how many have said “wait til next year”. I give this years call to the realists who were right again for the 37th year out of 40.

    Will the Pitt Administration (Gallagher and BoT) get it after watching that debacle? This job is too big for Heather.

    When Charmin tried the “Flea” flicker and our qb made the horrible decision to throw it anyway into double coverage, Dabbo came in for the kill. Dabbo clowned Charmin and Narduzzi by executing a real flea flicker that turned into a huge game, maybe a TD, He basically said watch the master clown you and the university. The Dabbo’s could have scored 70 had they wanted

    At the end of the game when it was 52-17, and the Dabbo’s returned a fumble recovery to the 2, he tried to score, twice. We stopped their walk-ons with our schollie players. So we should celebrate. Wait til you see what we have coming back Charlie Brown.

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  56. Trying to put the Clemson game behind us and looking ahead, this team better be ready for GT or greater disappointment lies on the field at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

    GT smacked 56 points on Duke last night – 8 TD’s – 2 per qtr. Their QB threw for 3 TD’s and rushed for 108 yards.

    Pitt slipped to 9th in the ACC standings yesterday and has a losing record with away games at 1-3 (thank you FSUx for that 1 victory on the road). This team does not travel well. Now that I read that last line, let me rephrase that to, this team does not do much of anything FB-wise very well.

    The Aussie punter averaged over 46 yards per boot and with over 460 yards for the game. So let’s add up the failed drives yesterday –

    Punts = 10
    INT’s = 4
    Fumble lost = 1
    End of 1st half = 1
    FG’s down > 3 scores = 2

    Total failed drives vs Clemson = 18

    Did I miss any? If I do the simple math and take 18 x 3 (and out) = 54 plays

    Pitt ran a total of 67 plays and Clemson ran 90


  57. 18 three and outs is a traveshamockery…(bud light commercials)
    Wonder what the record is???
    Is % of 3 and outs / possessions a stat that is kept?
    Going golfing today for most likely the last time in a while…to chase my blues away. 😎


    1. Not sure Pitt actually had 18 three and outs, just used 3 as an average – I’m pretty sure the FG series were more than 3 plays each.

      I did not mean to mislead any Pitt fans with whimsical stats, but I guess that is what I did.

      Hoping to quarantine myself on the golf course today as well.

      Be straight and try to hit the ball straight.

      We Are is 1-5 and Pitt is 5-5. Neither looks very good. What could have been…


  58. That was difficult to watch, but not unexpected. A well rested team with something to prove.
    Face it we have a few guys that may play on Sundays, they have a few guys that will star on Sundays and a whole bunch that will play. They have a decent chance to win it all again and needed to show that yesterday.

    It certainly didn’t help that our guys missed a bunch of passes that should/could have been caught, ending drives. KP was not sharp but he had no help from his line or receivers. Obviously we know we have no running game. We had one circus catch made by Addison. They had so many I lost count. They also have the best QB in the NCAA who made great passes almost every time, and runs like an antelope.

    We did hold a great running back to a reasonable number and got a few sacks against a great line and an elusive QB.

    Tex, if you think Narduzzi is not earning his salary, what about Harbaugh? He has none of the built in disadvantages of Pitt and can’t beat an 0-5 PSU team.


    1. Yet Trevor still passes for over 400 yards in just 3 quarters after Not playing a game in over a month.

      Tex who doesn’t look at silver linings.


  59. From panther lair by a poster

    Narduzzi is 1-13 against .500 or better teams since winning the Coastal.

    Narduzzi can’t beat the good teams, those that go to bowls

    Yet he makes top 25 in comp

    Both harbaugh and Herman will be fired before Narduzzi

    If no booster wants to rush to heathers rescue and bail her out, pitt needs to go down to the bank and get a $12 million dollar loan for the buyout

    Plenty of very good and would be interested candidates out there. Need to make a hire before this program turns into a dumpster fire. It’s headed there quickly.

    Narduzzi will have more blow out losses than majors 2 by next seasons end. And Johnny was an old drunk with no administrative support with horrible facilities.

    I don’t expect national embarrassments given Pitts spend and facilities these days.

    Tex who still wants his money back from the Domer game


  60. 1-13 against teams with winning records is an eye opener Tex…
    Lastrow who plans on golfing with both eyes open today.
    But still putt with my eyes closed. Haha.


  61. Perhaps the older POVers among us love our Panthers because the remind us of some beloved entertainers of our youth….Chevy Chase, Dan Ackroyd, Jane Curtain, John Belushi, Garret Morris, Gilda Radner, and Lorraine Newman, The Not Ready For Prime-Time Players!


  62. 1-13 is an amazing ratio. I thought it might be bad but that is horrible.

    Too often Pitt fans hold on to one thing at the expense of others. PN’s big upsets are great and fun to watch but they overshadow the crux of the situation in his coaching.

    When you cannot adapt your gameplay to individual opponents and thus throw the same thing out on the field week after week…that is poor HC & staff coaching.

    When an opponent sees you can’t run the ball going into the game they know Pitt will pass, pass and pass and be ready for it. Fans will say that our OL and RBs suck and that’s why we can’t run the ball…but that falls directly on PN and his poor recruiting. Pitt sucks on O because no good offensive players want to play for Narduzzi knowing he doesn’t give a crap about offense.

    Our defense puts up gaudy numbers like sacks, etc. But we give up 25 ppg which lands us at #41 nationally. This years ppg allowed against ACC teams is 28 ppg which is poor given all the hype this team’s defense has had.

    In two games we were outscored 97-20… That’s what our fantastic defense is – good against average teams and crap against quality.

    I look at our roster and see real problems ahead. Yellen is not a good P5 QB and our RBs will still be poor producers trying to run behind an average at best OL.


  63. This staff will he gone after next season and Covid is saving it from being axed in a couple of weeks.

    Narduzzi will get one more chance to fix the offense. The entire offensive staff should be flushed out as Powell and Beatty are proving to be useless after all. I cannot see Pat hitting on both his OC and OL coaches and hitting on one would shock me.

    Of course, the chances of Pitt hiring a better coach than Narduzzi is at or around 50 percent. I keep reading how Heather needs to hire someone young and energetic. Since when does Pitt do that? Walt, Wanny, Chryst and Narduzzi were statues on the sideline and each’s winning percentage reflect their personality at Pitt. This administration also hasn’t a single clue or care in the world to fix the program.

    Hey, maybe Pitt does that rare feat and goes 4-0 in the OOC in 2021. Better land a good grad transfer QB to have a chance at making that happen.


  64. Would agree with most of your comments….however Wanny was certainly Energetic. And a great Pitt Ambassador and wasn’t a statue on the Sidelines, even when he had the broken leg the one season.

    The Man being a Pitt Man really cared about winning and cared about the University. Even going so far as
    taking the job, after first saying ‘No’….when really Nobody wanted it. And then even going farther.. giving Pitt
    a Huge Discount for his services.

    That was and remains one of the biggest blunders in Pitt Football History (of very many I might add).

    Pitt would have been in position to take advantage of the chaos at Pedo State, when that happened and entered the ACC with a stable and very possible Top 20 program. Not limping in as just another middling northern team/school with no Direction and nobody at the helm that knew what the hell that were doing.

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