Reading Between the Lines: Post-FSU, Pre-Georgia Tech

Pat Narduzzi was back in action Monday, dealing witticims and platitudes during his monday Zoom press conference. As usual, our crack team of sports analysts uncovers what he really meant to say.

PAT NARDUZZI: All right. Last night closed that chapter, 24-hour rule, Florida State. Really felt pretty much when you watch the game tape afterwards, the same day or the same thing I felt the day of the game is great team victory for our kids. Just proud of the way they came out of that first quarter when things didn’t look as good and they were persistent on what they came down and traveled to Tallahassee to do. I told them earlier in the week we’re not going down there to play Tallahassee or play Florida State, we’re going down there to win, and our kids did absolutely that.

Yes, you hear that. We WON. WON THE GAME. And lets be real here, I think I kinda had a thought of which way this thing was headed after we got down early, but I’ll be damned if one of our defensive backs didn’t make a play. And I thought to myself right then and there, you know, that’s something we can build on.

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