A Commit! (A Commit?)

Well just when you think the entire thing was going off the rails, Pat Narduzzi goes out and lands himself a commit. And not just any commit. But a Tight End commit. Three stars at that! Gavin Bartholomew is a three-star rivals 5.5 from Schuylkill Haven, PA (Blue Mountain HS), which means he’s a small school guy. He must fancy himself a pass catcher, because he de-committed from Buffalo to sign with the Panthers. Buffalo, as you can see, is more of a running school:

Pitt on the other hand sets up the run with the pass, and has been searching for a pass catching tight end (or really just any sort of tight end) for oh… the last twenty years (exaggeration here, but only slightly), so maybe Bartholomew is the guy.

Fans will be pleased to know that Pitt was Bartholomew’s only Power five offer, so there will likely be little competition for his services. He did have 17 other offers though. (Including Elon!)

His HUDL tape shows some pass catching ability and straight line speed (for a TE), but we are talking coal region football here where everybody is like 5’11” so it’s one of those “men among boys” situations. I know because I used to play coal region football (and not very well I’ll add).

Another developmental prospect to be sure, but unlike previous years, at least Pitt has a guy to develop.

Welcome to Pitt, Gavin, may you catch many passes and outplay your rivals ranking.

Michaelangelo Monteleone

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    1. The Jim Thorpe Olympian. My junior year I started at safety and we had a bunch of studs in the senior class and went 8-2 … our two losses were to Minersville and (ironically) Schuylkill Haven. We did beat Blue Mountain in a major upset though. My senior year we dropped to 4-6 under my wise and courageous leadership!


    1. oh, I don’t worry about money as I’ve read on here often that the universities all are covered by insurance(or some such whatnot) and cancelling/not cancelling sports and CV really has nothing to do with $$$ or $$$$$ or even $ for that matter

      “soft” coal region v “hard” coal MM,,,,literally 🙂
      although Berwick was dominant in the state for many years and of course Wyoming Area won last year


  1. I don’t see how pitt can avoid cuts and eliminating programs. They are not immune.

    Would be an opportunity to refocus on what sports make the most sense. What sports are a good fit with the local area, the conference, a sport where Pitt has a competitive advantage and is poised for future success.

    There are at least 4 programs that should be eliminated in my opinion. The savings would amount to at least $5 million annually. Pitt has 19 programs and a $100 million dollar budget. It doesn’t come close to turning a profit. It has one of the highest subsidies in all P5.

    That ACC check will be far less this year. Ticket sale and other game day revenue is non existent. Donations are down. Advertising revenues way down. Covid expenses sky high and unplanned.

    And you notice heather is not responsive to multiple media requests. What is she hiding. Where is she hiding?

    Other AD’s have thoughtfully commented. Been very honest and transparent. But not at Pitt where everything is a secret and fan engagement is discouraged.


  2. Among the 21 recruits, Pitts average star is 2.9. That figure is lower than previous years. Pitt ranks number 51 based on average star.

    The percentage of recruits rated 5.7 and above is still around 25 percent just like previous years

    Pitt is being outrecruited by Miami, Carolina, GA Tech, Virginia and soon VA Tech.

    This class has mediocre written all over it

    Please don’t use this class as a reason or excuse to keep Narduzzi. You’re reaching people.


    1. no Narduzzi should be maintained because of his 29-20 ACC record …. 15 of them coming the last 3 years

      financially, this year will affect Pitt a lot less than most schools because I’m sure they budget a lot less for FB gate receipts than most others.


  3. Mark Madden:
    “Narduzzi is a blowhard who can’t really coach. Capel, too, is a blowhard who can’t really coach,” Madden said. “What they have in common is that they don’t understand that they are no longer at Michigan State or Duke, respectively. They are in a pro sports town where nobody cares. And if you can’t win, at least don’t run your big, fat yapper all the time.”


    1. typical Mark Madden …. the only time he has something to say about Pitt is when it is negative. Otherwise, he never utters a mother freakin’ word. A shock jock of the worst kind.

      And for him to use the words “at least don’t run your big, fat yapper all the time” may be the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever read since in the late 90s when the manager of the Andy Warhol Museum said that building a pirate ship would be really tacky

      At least he does reveal a major problem that Pitt is in a pro sports town where nobody cares

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      1. Actually, he’s wrong about the ‘nobody cares” comment as well. In a town with a lot to do, sports and otherwise, maybe it’s fair to say “almost nobody cares unless you win”, but that’s another dimwitted comment for the sake of getting a rise. And some of us unfortunately fell for the bait.


    2. Says tubby, the biggest Blow-Hard in all of sports. My oldest son use to call him and referred to him as tubby. Boy he would get so pissed off and hang up. Another one that can dish it out but can’t take it.

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  4. No matter how you slice it, 20th rank class is good for Pitt. Give credit where credit is due. Most of us would take a 20th rank every year. It won’t help Whipple, WMG!

    I’ll give Tex credit also. I don’t know how many times a day you post, but it is impressive and it is equally impressive to stay consistently negative, LOL. You are the anti-Ike.

    You and Ike are like the angel and devil on the kids shoulders in Animal House. 🙂

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    1. I’m not negative. I just point out facts from a realist perspective. Narduzzis 2021 class looks no different than previous classes based on quality. Stars and P5 offers. I’ll be impressed when he stops going after Elon recruits.

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  5. To say that this season was not a disaster is like saying it is not raining today. Likely we missed a lot of virus which was the real blessing and success. Hopefully GT and Navy will be asleep but I doubt it.


  6. If I say “PITT lost two games by 1 pt each, both with unsuccessful extra pt attempts” people cry foul and say I’m making EXCUSES.

    PITT has the # 20 ranked recruiting class, Tex makes things up and says it’s because of this and that. PITT has the third best record in the ACC. Tex cries lousy conference. EXCUSE? Quit moving the goal posts Tex.


    1. Pitt has the 51st ranked class based on avg star rating. Pitt sits at 2.9 stars

      I always look at stars and the percentage of the overall class rated 5.7 and above. Looking at their offers is also good below the surface scrutiny.

      For Pitt to be competitive in the Coastal, it needs to shoot for around a 3.2 – 3.3 avg star or a minimum of 40 percent of the class being rated 5.7 and above. This might equate to 4-5 four stars every year and no two stars.

      Seriously, what percentage of two stars without P5 offers actually pan out. The two stars you bring up all had multiple legit P5 offers. Other schools besides Pitt obviously did not see them as two stars


      1. What about Reeds example above, Cincinnati? They and many others throw your theory out the window. BTW, not to many care about how YOU rank PITTs class. If the shoe was on the other foot you would say the exact opposite. PITT can never win in your mind. Never!

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        1. Cincinnati recruits players that average around 2.7 stars. They play against teams that average 2.4. That’s actually a significant difference.

          Hence they have more talent among the schools in their conference. Hence they win more games.


    2. What has the third best record in the ACC gotten pitt

      One participation trophy
      A blowout loss to clemson in the championship.
      A 1-3 bowl record
      No ranked seasons
      A saragin ranking in the mid 50’s


  7. Tex, you must be writing Madden’s lines for him. Regardless of the source, talk like that does not help the Pitt programs to recruit better. As loyal Pitt fans, we may be critical at times, but to trash the coaches in a manner that hurts the program is counterproductive. Tex, you should realize by now that you are not helping things and your endless tirades will not force Pitt to oust Narduzzi. ike is right that he will be back next year, and you can accept and encourage positive results or spend another year trashing him. What helps Pitt football the most?

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    1. Do you honestly think any boosters are willing to help heather out because they like Narduzzi at this point. They are all tired of his act by now. And they are losing confidence in heathers ability to lead and manage a P5 program.

      You don’t think her silence has anything to do with booster pressure. Think again.

      My opinion is irrelevant. There are about five major boosters whose opinion does matter. And a few just might walk away unless there are substantial changes. And firing Whipple is just a bandaid.


  8. How did our left tackle Concalves do against Clemson? Was he more effective than what Warren has shown? Who should start against GT?


  9. Welcome to our new tight end.
    I don’t see any changes being made this year, for a number of reasons.
    First are finances, in the toilet due to the pandemic, and of course the cost of the buyout.
    Secondly the case can be made that we lost to the three best teams in the ACC and the other 2 were by one point each. Thirdly so few people care about Pitt Football that there is no major PR price to pay.

    I don’t think Narduzzi dumps Whipple either since it would be a symbolic gesture at best making it 5 OC’s, unless he can find an up and comer who can recruit as well as coach.

    The two wins probably took a lot of the heat off, things would have been different without those results.

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  10. A couple of “Coal Country(Blue Mountain region) Questions” for the board. Who was the last FB player from that region that stared at Pitt and then played a few years in the NFL? And #2 what was the name of the city prior to be renamed Jim Thorpe? No fair goggling for any of those answers.


    1. Not certain but I stayed at the Inn at Jim Thorpe a few times in a past life. He was not from there as I recall but rather the town purchased his remains to bury there and rename the town after him.

      Something “Chunk” as I remember.


      1. Mauch Chunk. Means sleeping bear in local Indian language. Was once the center of the anthracite coal mining industry for the entire eastern seaboard (and US really). Lots of fun history.

        The asa packer mansion is in JT – the facade of the Disney haunted mansion is modeled after it.

        The first “roller coaster” in the world was the Mauch chunk gravity railroad. Used to hit 50 MPH on the way down the mountain from summit hill. Was originally used to take coal to the real railroad down in Chunk but later was a great tourist attraction. We are talking 1890’s here so 50 mph over several miles on open air would have been quite a ride!

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    1. Yep on both accounts, and if we do wind up with that W/Y combo (which I doubt), then that should cement next year as Narduzzi’s last.


  11. another recent Pitt player from that area was DL Shakir Soto from Wilkes-Barre. Was moved to DT his senior year and played well …. but sadly only played 2 series is his final game.


    1. Yes he was just an okay DE, but when Duzz moved him to DT (something Paul would have not thought to do) he was pretty solid


  12. In addition to Berwick, another PA football power of the late 90s was Central Buck West about 2 hours south.
    In fact, that school produced one of the biggest SOP scenarios ever …. Dustin Piccotti anyone?

    RB Piccotti was the 1999 PA 4A Player of the Year …. (Rutherford was the 3A POY) …. and Walt was able to reel him in from Eastern PA. But Picotti suffered a concussion in summer drills before his freshman year, had chronic headaches and his stats at Pitt was 7 carries for 23 yards


    1. I got to take in a pre-concussion practice as a journalist. Remember Piccotti just dragging people down the field.


  13. When PN starts getting 4* or 5* offensive players that actually produce start play out on the field I’ll get excited. His defensive recruiting is good though – except for DBs. I know all about Hamlin and Ford’s pre-season hype but this year they shat the bed.

    Collins just isn’t a good DBs coach and I don’t think Bates can see past his precious LBs. The DBs don’t adapt at all to any sort of a decent offense across from them. In our five losses our DBs gave these numbers up:

    NC 28-44 336 yards 4 TDs and 0 INTs

    BC 19-35 358 yards 4 TDs and 0 INTs

    MIA 16-31 222 yards 4 TDs and 2 INTs

    ND 17-33 319 yards 3 TDs and 0 INTs

    Clem 35-52 436 yards 3 TDs and 0 INTs

    Which my Pitt fan friends is an opposing QB average of 334 yards, 3.4 TDs and 0.4 INTs per game.

    Yuk 😦

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    1. Pitt pass defense is ranked 82nd @ 245 yd/gm. Ohio St is 117th @ 291 yds/gm. Oregon is 86th — 249 yd. Michigan 91st; UNC 96th @ 264 yds; Va Tech 105th @ 274 yd; Texas is 112th @ 287 yd; UVa is 115th @ 289 yds; and LSU is 120th @ 303 yds

      And WVU is 1st at 162 yds ….. welcome to College Football 2020

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  14. and oh by the way, Reed (and Tex)

    Clemson with its backup QB threw for 439 yards on 44 attempts against Notre Dame

    with mostly its All-American starter, Clemson threw for 436 yards on 52 attempts vs Pitt

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  15. Good article, Bernie, thanks!

    OT, but concerning use of this board, last week I updated by iPhone to IOS 14.2 and my iPad to iPadOS 14.2. On each device, I have been unable to “like” a post since that update. The exception is if I post something of my own, then I can “like” others’ posts during that session. Once I exit the blog and come back, no can like. Anyone else have this problem or better yet have a solution?


    1. I got a new phone and have to log on every time I post -always checking off the “remember me” box. I can’t click a “ like” either…


      1. Bernie, same thing is happening to me. Boy that is annoying. I think it was caused by an IOS upgrade. The “remember me” doesn’t remember.


      1. MM, there is no obvious way to go from the WordPress app over to pittpov.com. Maybe you could see if the hosting software is doing this.


        1. Here is what to do. Possibly too complicated but give it a shot

          Download the app
          Login / create login
          Press the “reader” tab at the bottom
          You can type in Pittpov and it will find it. Then you ca follow the POV on the app. Pitt POV is a WordPress site so it all works together


  16. Have nto had a chance to opine on last weekend’s game and would like to offer a couple POVs:

    Look at the difference between Clemson’s receivers and Pitt’s. They stretched and grabbed Lawrence’s inaccurate passes. Kenny throws balls like they and they are dropped. ANd its not because Kenny has some strange spin or lack of touch, sports fans. That’s the difference between good and elite talent.
    Im still sticking to my view the HCPN is not the right guy and offer two examples.

    1) Pitt has managed to get 17 points and turn Clemson into a normal team.The score may have been something like 38-17 at that point. We have the ball midfield and its 4th and 5, either late in the 3rd or early in the 4th qtr. Narduzzi elects to punt. I don’t know for a fact what he was thinking but would bet a dozen donuts he’s thinking “we held them and we just need to do that again.” It was a Wannstedtian move, which only comes from a defensive minded HC. Need points to get in the game, bro…. and at that point what do we have to lose by going for it? SMH and Im humming “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”… “so now Im waiting for the end of time…”

    2) The OL got reconstituted after the improved sjhowing against the Hoke-sters. THe coaches get particpation credit for that move, but lets be serious: that enlightenment wold not have happened without the COVID thing. Looks, I don’t don’t expect Pitt coaches to run an elite program, but I do expect them to be able to recognize who can play better.

    All that said, the recruting class is good by any reasonable person’s measures and best so far during Narduzzi’s time at Pitt. Money isn’t there to boot him now, so good chance he holds onto them.

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    1. JoeL do you honestly believe that blocking vs Va Tech (108th ranked in Total Defense) is comparable to blocking vs Clemson (8th). I can’t believe how people here are losing their minds

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      1. No, I don’t wwb. Had nothing to do with the differences between the opponents. My point is that the only reason the 3 kids had that much playing time vs VT was COVID. The run game was better that night than in any of the prior games. Maybe it was the run blocking, maybe it was play calling…who knows? But what I do know is Narduzzi apparently didn’t know those back-ups could play as well as the starters and blamed that on not being able to see them in action enough to know. Maybe Im being picky, but his reaction sure had a “well, gaw-aw-ly” tone to it.


  17. If it is the 3 star 6’6” 295lb OLinemen from Michigan who was also a hockey player, then I’m interested to see him play at Pitt.


  18. Let’s go back to the statistics that the wwb proudly posted. Good stats, but you have to look past the statistics. There is often a reason that pass defenses have good or bad total numbers. For instance, Ohio St has given up a significant amount of pass yardage because they typically are so far ahead that the only option their opponent has, is to throw the ball on almost every down (see Indiana game where OSu was up 35-7 at half). Same with Penn St game, up 21-6 in 3rd period.

    Same with Pitt defense showing that teams beating Pitt didn’t go to a pure pass game. Clemson racked up the yards for their potential Heisman candidate and Dab trying to step on nards throat. Kind of like Pitt throwing 50 times in a game and acting all excited that our qb threw for 300 yards. Wow, not. Stats are just part of the explanation. Understand the totality of the circumstances and we can talk.

    Agree Zubovic was overmatched on a number of stunts by the opponent. Also agree that Addison made a terrific catch. Dabbo clowned Narduzzi and basically stuck his middle finger up at Nard for trying a non vernon davis “flea” flicker. He quickly showed him on the next series.

    Recruiting. Nothing said on a blog stops a recruit from committing to Pitt or any other school. That is hogwash. I llike a hog wash every couple of weeks. More hogwash the fans are yelling. Here goes. Some on here quoted PSN about how Pitt is having their best recruiting class ever….well, hogwash! Rivals has only been tracking recruiting since 2002, or 18 years. Narduzzi has 6 classes. So 1/3 of the complete sample size. It’s about time he got the highest ranked class. I agree with TEX on this one. Number of recruits often skew a recruiting class for the better and also for the worse. When Pitt had a lower ranking, many on here said the reason was because we only had x amount of schollie’s available. For every argument, there is an equal and opposite argument about the hogwash being spewed. Why doesn’t anyone just say, Pitt hasn’t finished in the top 25 under Narduzzi, regardless of his recruiting or coaching up of 2 stars? Why doesn’t anyone say that Narduzzi was outcoached in the one point losses this year, and badly. It is embarrassing to read grown adults say we only came in second place on two saturday’s by one point. Like that is some kind of almostness win. That is embarrassing. We lost, whether by 1 or by 40.


    1. but here’s the rub, Huff. Just a week ago, Pitt was the UNDERDOG against Va Tech and Pitt beat the crap out of them. So one week, they were fantastic, and then next, they were terrible (against the #3 team no less), but of course all people of your ilk only seem to remember this past game.

      But that is normal for football fans who expect more from their teams. Christ, I lived in Cleveland for 8 years!

      Narduzzi has won nearly 60% of his conference games and I’m willing to bet that Pitt has won as an underdog more than they have lost as a fave. That 60%, like it or not, is a better percentage than what Pitt has been over the last 30 years ….. not to mention the beginning of this past decade before PN took over (and for the umpteenth time, against lesser competition)

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      1. Again, pick the issue. Who was missing from Tech due to covid vs who was missing from Pitt? Making sense of this season for that reason alone is difficult. Yes, we had some players out. Yes, their replacements may have played as good or better for a game…or was it just a different match-up? For every ying, there is an equal and opposite response, hence the blog differences. You cant put blinders on and say X is definitely the reason, but it is misguided in my opinion. Totality of the circumstances is the answer.

        The only thing you can say is that the final record is either 5-6 or 6-5, regardless of how you got there.

        For Pitt however, the regardless sounds like the last 40 years.

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        1. Is Fred still living? But I digress

          Yes I made the point last week that WHEN VT played Pitt, it was pretty much the same circumstance as WHEN Pitt played ND. A well rested team vs a beaten team that had played several weeks in a row

          But guess what …. WHEN Clemson played Pitt …

          — it hadn’t played in 3 weeks since the loss to ND
          — it had A-A Trevor Lawrence back for the first time in a month (who had dropped in the Heisman polls)
          — it was left at the altar the week before by a very afraid FSU

          If you don’t think Clemson wasn’t primed to play this past weekend (on senior day) and make a statement ….


          1. 2 more points to your post Arnold

            — Pitt had 5 more players out due to Covid than VT did

            — yes, this season is like the past 40 years … so why blame the current coach when it is obviously the program and not the coach

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      1. I missed $600M a couple October’s ago by two numbers. lol. Won $100 but reading the numbers broke my brain. I thought I was reading off of my ticket instead of the screen. LOL.

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  19. Some poster up-thread said this was the best yet recruitment class for Narduzzi — hate to pop that balloon, but —

    Avg. rating per Pitt FB recruits, from Rivals

    ‘16- 3.08
    ‘17- 3.04
    ‘18- 3.05
    ‘19- 2.89
    ‘20- 3.06
    ‘21- 2.90

    People should probably stop saying the ‘21 class is such a great class. On paper it’s similar to every Narduzzi class. Or Chryst. Or Wannstedt, though he had a 3.16 once.

    The above, compliments of Dokish.

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    1. Duzz better pick it up on the O side…need a couple of 4 star lineman but I don’t see that happening,,,,Can’t believe that big RB from Beaver Falls went straight the Dino Babers,,,PITT wasn’t even part of the equation…I think most of us have seen enough of the “Flea!” …Hope we win @ GT and get an extra game only for experience for up and comers…I don’t see the 6 guys who think they are NFL-bound signing on for the risk of injury in a meaningless game so they will opt out of the “skunk” bowl….


    2. PITT is ranked # 20 by the exact same site (Rivals) so pick the ranking that makes best for your agenda. Of the 21 recruits there is a tight end from Utah, who looks to be moved to O-line who has 0 stars bogging down the numbers. He was once committed to BYU and had offers from Kentucky and Utah. A little known recruit that will probably jump to a 3 star before the end of the season.


  20. PetePitt, Yes, but these past few years when I tried to make the issue that in the past few years, Pitt only had room for 16 to 19 players, thus the lower rankings …. people here didn’t want to hear it. So now, average player rankings matter and not class rankings, right?

    And as far as Dokish, go back to his twitter in June and July and see how he felt the incoming class. He should know better but after al this time ,he is more reactionary than anyone

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    1. Talk about reading politcs-Dokish is the place to go….gave ujp on him a long time ago. he is the ultimate cheerleader the jumps off the band-wagon when the going gets rough..thankfully, I am not on twitter ’cause he would block me!!!,,,POV is much more informative.

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          1. I used to read his stuff for the comedy. Usually between him and a poster talentmaker or something like that. That dude got under Dokish’s skin like nobody’s business. I didn’t post over there because I thought him and Madden were the same person. I wonder what name he uses here. And he liked dogs, and down on the farm, ever since Cynthia left me, I hate dogs.


  21. I have always said look to average stars. Look to percentage of class 5.7 and above. Look at other P5 offers.

    The only reason pitt is ranked number 20 is due to the sheer number of recruits. Once other schools recruit their limit, pitt will be easily knocked back down

    The coach is the program. You change the coach, you change the program. The administration is giving Narduzzi everything he needs to succeed.

    Pitt should be doing far better recruiting relative to other coastal schools in their division

    Two major reasons why Narduzzi fails

    He is a poor to mediocre recruiter

    He is a poor to mediocre manager of staff and that includes his hiring decisions

    As a coaching candidate in waiting, pitt has plenty to sell me on. Where’s the contract. When do I begin.


    1. ^ Well using that logic then Narduzzi had a great year recruiting last year but no! That didn’t fit so we went by final rankings. Flip the goal posts again. It’s one of three. Final ranking, if low, we go with that. If it’s high (# 20) we go with average recruit ratings. If both are good we go with offers. Stats are like play dough, you shape them into anything you want them to be. Please, let Richard handle stats, he doesn’t mold them to his personal agenda.

      BTW Jason, you said you have always gone by average recruit ratings and I believe you. So did Narduzzi have a good class last year with a 3.06?


  22. Kyle Fugedi 6’6″ 295lbs OT from Michigan did commit to Pitt. The kid also played hockey so maybe he has the agility lacking from many OL recruits. Interesting tidbit is that Pitt has recruited 3 OLmen from Michigan this year.


  23. Indiana and Kentucky were his other P5 offers. A lightly recruited prospect. 5.5 rating. But you can’t teach size. And he’s got it. He may be able to contribute as a starter in three years and play under a new head coach.


    1. He committed to Narduzzi because he heard that if you get penalties here, you don’t have to sit in the penalty box or get benched. In hockey, if you get penalties, you sit in the box first. If the other team scores, your ice time typically gets diminished. That drives accountability. A match made in Oakland.

      Now Tex, if you say something bad, he will de-commit, like all the other 500 commits that have been bashed and de-committed….because blogs matter. LOL.


  24. I read on this site that Narduzzi has done poorly against teams with above average win records. So does the total number of ACC wins really mean anything when determining coaching success? How should a HC be evaluated? Personality doesn’t really matter as we have seen with some other successful head coaches who can win while being total dolts (ND’s Kelly and Pedo’s Franklin come to mind).

    Total record can include cupcakes from soft OOC scheduling, so maybe it shouldn’t count. ACC wins? A soft Coastal can improve that number, especially since FSU is down and Miami is occasionally winnable. How about Division titles and ACC championships? Clemson appears poised to dominate the ACC for sometime, so don’t look for any championships.

    Maybe one metric is how has a coach done against the spread. This might be indicative of his game day and motivational skills, but doesn’t say much about his recruiting abilities. How about a metric that combines recruiting ranking with wins against the spread? This would maybe show how well a coach brings in players and then uses them to achieve wins.


    1. My simple metric

      How does he rank in compensation

      How does the team rank in rpi

      This year Narduzzi is ranked number 25 in total compensation

      This year the team is ranked 52 in rpi

      Look at the differential

      Narduzzi isn’t cutting it this year

      Very poor coaching value.


    2. One of the things we do on the farm is look at the average recruiting rank number for the team over the prior 5 year period and compare that with how the team ranking finished (rpi, etc.) in current year.


  25. Again, 20th ranked is 20th ranked. Some are just searching for negative stats, me included, but the recruiting class is not one of them.

    Amazing what removing the easy OOC games does to college football. The conferences beat up on each other. Of course the same old teams rise to the top.
    ND, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma

    Then you have a few taking their turn in the spotlight which IMO won’t last.
    Miami, Iowa State, Northwestern

    Teams with the same or worse records than Pitt..
    ACC: VT, WF, Virginia, GT, Louisville, FSU, Duke, Syracuse
    Big10 (played less games, here are the worst): Minnesota, Purdue, Illinois, Nebraska, MD, Mich State, Rutgers, Michigan, Penn State 🙂
    Big12: Baylor, Tex Tech, Kansas
    PAC12: too early to tell

    That is a long list so don’t feel too bad, LOL.

    As many have stated, there are the elite programs, then the rest of college football. No reason Pitt can’t shine once in a while. I have no faith PN will hire a good OC and if he sticks with Whipple he will sign his own walking papers after next year because it will be a disaster.

    It will be interesting to see if the HC turnover is substantially lower this year than in years past.


    1. Good point on the not having the gimmee wins for these teams. You also point out what I did earlier, many more teams having poor years than good years.

      What really hurt Pitt was the higher than normal expectations and the tougher than average ACC schedule. The one point losses were devastating. The other losses were expected. I guess you could say we lost KP at the right time, although might have had a better chance vs Miami but still…

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    2. That’s why the people that run our athletic department wear ducecaps and yellow blouses, and sometimes both. They haven’t figured out the easy OOC scheduling concept. When you have 8 in conference games and 4 ooc games, it is imperative to go 3-1 or 4-0 at worst. Then go 6-2 in conference and you have 9-10 wins. In years where everything aligns and you win the three most challenging games of your in conference, shazzam, CFP!!! The path is clear, the execution fails. AD and Coach must go.

      The 40 year experiment needs to end. Quit walking in the Fog(e).

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    1. Comparing coaches would be better. Franklin makes the same mistakes that nard makes, or a rookie head coach makes. Franklin just does it with 4 stars so they cover for his incompetence. Three stars typically can’t cover for their coach, hence the record differential. Recruiting players to fit the coach seem to fit northwestern and indy. They have a system, kind of like my old friend Ken Nayawakatulluli or whatever his name was from Navy. He didn’t recruit 4 stars. He recruited players that could execute his system flawlessly. So there’s different ways to churn the butter.

      Again gents, you can’t pick and choose pieces of puzzles. It’s the totality. All things must be measured to see if you have the right person. Some get weighted more heavily as in revenue producer versus revenue negative. As we say on the farm, Nard needs to be put out to pasture and we need to sort the Wheat from the Chaff with regard to the AD.


  26. The absolute lack of a decent running game and the number of dropped passes meant that the defense was on the field way too much. The question remains how much is Whipple’s fault vs. talent level. No doubt there is plenty of blame to go around. The dropped two point conversion, the missed extra point and other kicks. The poor red zone production.

    On defense the giving up of big plays far too often. Not getting a stop when needed most.

    Tough year any way you look at it.


    1. D has always given up big plays at the most in-opportune times -like third and long, broken coverage and someone is running wide-open or giving up a late scoring drive to lose the game or giving up a ton of points ,,,been so damn frustrating watching Narduzzi’s vaunted D….

      I remember when he was hired UPitt posting that Nard’s D at Spartyland gave up a lot of points when playing out of the Big14 against wide-open offenses-if I remember correctly Oregon kicked their a$$…

      UPitt- jump in and correct me if I am wrong….


    2. Agree on the D.

      The Clemson and ND games are perfect examples, your D can only take so many three and outs and turnovers from your O. I think in the third quarter of the Clemson game the D had three straight stops. The O did nothing to capitalize. With high scoring offenses in college football, you have to score. More than 2 three and outs in a row are unacceptable.

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  27. And I prefer rpi over saragin because rpi is used by the NCAA in playoff qualifications and seedings across multiple sports.

    Penn state doesn’t have a QB. That’s their problem. One of many but a big reason why they fail this year. And Indiana just lost their QB. They won’t win a game from here on out.

    Pitt has no excuse

    This was supposed to be the year for pitt. Might have to wait another 3-4 years for that. That elusive ten win season.

    This was just a down year for penn state. They will bounce back strongly. They don’t rebuild. They reload

    Pitt is rebuilding on both sides of the ball next year. Little experience.


    1. I don’t think there will be that much of a drop in line play on both sides of the ball. There will be plenty of experience.
      A new QB is always an issue.


  28. After the Clemson game I was reminded of a sarcastic line Val Kilmer made in the Door’s movie when he was playing Jim Morrison: “Proud to be a part of this number boys.”


  29. Biggest losses for next year
    Jones and Weaver, but the cupboard is not bare.
    Morrisey and Hargrove, same thing.
    Pickett of course, toughest to replace but…
    Pinnock and Mathis
    Pine and Campbell
    The injury group Camp, Tipton, Mack

    So with a regular schedule and decent QB play Pitt could easily win 8 games.

    By the way some of those guys could come back for another year.

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    1. I don’t think Whipple’s offense is easy for a new QB to jump in to. I may be wrong but it doesn’t seem like Pickett has it down yet.
      The vast majority of high school, JC and college teams now run some sort of spread offense. It would be much easier to find a new QB with a more modern offense. The transfer portal will get more crowded every year.

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      1. You can have experience and be terrible. Game reps don’t necessarily mean improvement. It can mean you are improving, getting worse and can’t be unseated by newer talent or it can mean you are staying the same. Can anybody argue with that statement? No. Good.

        Can anyone argue that 2 of those 3 scenarios are bad for Pitt? No, good.

        If that premise is correct, the next question is whether your opponent started out better than you, was even with you or worse than you. Agreed? Yes, good.

        If you answer that, the question becomes development, did you get better than your opponent this year, stay the same or get worse? Two of those three, if answered in the affirmative are bad for Pitt. If you stayed the same, expect 7-5 or 6-6. If you got worse, expect 5-6 or worse and if you got better than your opponent, expect 8-4.

        It’s when everyone gets better than their individual opponent, that you can have a special year. For the most part, this is man v man. If you are better than your guy, you will beat your guy.

        Unfortunately, this can also be said about coaching, recruiting and ADing, We just lose out of the gate there so need to compensate in other areas for those blunders. Who’s with me?


    1. Sitting here in Baltimore watching Harbaugh lying thru his teeth and playing the NFL like a Stradivarius! Just amazingly he forget t tell the NFL that he’d get back 6 players including his top 2 RBs if they play Wednesday . Unreal!

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      1. They threatened a wildcat strike if they had to play today and the NFL caved. They should have forfeited and lost a 1st round pick if they did. The NFL should called their bluff.


  30. I see 3-1 in the ooc

    3-5 in the ACC.

    6-6 record

    Invite to the toilet bowl in Calcutta.

    $4 million well spent since 50 kittens were saved from the high oaks on the Cathedral lawn.


  31. Pitt wasn’t supposed to play Clemson, NC State or BC this year

    But it was supposed to play Ohio, Richmond, Duke (2-7) and UVa (4-4)

    In fairness, UNC and Marshall were also on the schedule

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    1. You could argue though that Ohio, Rich, Duke and UVA could all have been wins. If you look at it that way, we would be standing with a solid record – maybe even ranked. Still the same team. Wins but masking a very average at best team.


  32. Just watched Dabo’s weekly press conference on the ACCN Extra channel. Some interesting stuff. When he came to addressing their next opponent, Va Tech, he noted that fans look at won-loss records. Coaches look deeper. He said VT is 9th in the nation in rushing, 4th in the nation in yards per carry, and the quarterback is 2nd in the country in all-purpose yards. I think we beat them 47-14?

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      1. That puts pitt in elite ineptitude

        But go on Koolaid drinkers and compile your justications, rational, reasons and excuses as to why Narduzzi shouldn’t be on Santa’s naughty list

        He’s getting a lump of coal and an onion for his stocking come saint nick eve.


    1. Those pressers are awful. Kind of like the Hrbaugh presser. You can’t believe any coach, any time, about any thing. When was the last time you heard a coach say that team x is terrible at anything? Or how undisciplined they are? Or how they will have advantages in x areas of games. They don’t. Pressers are the biggest waste of time, but I am not suggesting anyone stop watching.

      When I’m nibbling on some corn and hay, i overhear pressers and it gets my tail twisted. You would think that every team is undefeated each week by what these millionaire’s proclaim and the media barfs out. Such drama!

      I harken back to pitt being ranked so good against the run, except that the run total gets decreased for sacks. Pitt has a lot of sacks, so it makes the run stat look better, when in fact, they are stopping/tackling a passer. It should be deducted off of passing yardage against because the dline and dbacks often team up for coverage sacks. Bad stat, but keep quoting em. NFL computes it correctly.


  33. I’m happy to see that Pitt got 2 new commitments. The TE has the size you look for at the position but is probably years away. I have no confidence in Salem to do anything besides fly around the country to chase recruits and tweet about it. So if he is to develop, it’s probably going to take a while. However I do like that the kid is from the coal region and I will being rooting like hell for him. If he can catch the ball in actual game play he would be a dramatic improvement over the TEs on the current roster

    The OLine commit is the one I am most interested in since he has size. As others have mentioned, he is a strong skater on his hockey team. He does not seem to be the prototypical clod footed oaf. He reminds me a little of Goncalves but a little more athletic looking (positivity!). It was apparently between Pitt and Minnesota so I wouldn’t necessarily say we poached his just from Miami of Ohio but also Minnesota (which has had more recent success than Pitt). I hope they can develop him because boy does this team need OLine help.


  34. You really have to wonder how much of a difference Twyman would have made this year. He did lead the team in sacks and TFL’s last year.

    When you add his loss to the ACC screw job on the schedule, Covid hurt Pitt more than most.


        1. Yes, I know, I wasn’t intending to discuss the C word excuses here, just contrasting the two losses, and the Mathis loss was bigger in my opinion.


    1. Not sure if covid really hit pitt harder than most. If it did, it was on the margins. Not material enough to impact the overall record. Every school is in the same boat. Some sink. Some sail. Pitt obviously sunk. That’s on the captain.


      1. I would agree if it was only Twyman, but the scheduling was whack. We have played 6 of the seven best records in the conference. Clemson, ND and Miami at the top. Giving us Clemson as an out of conference 3 years in a row. The only break we got was not playing UNC and turns out not that big of a break. Florida St. turned out to be a gift, but not much else. We get NCST and BC instead of Duke and VA.
        UNC didn’t get either Clemson or ND, c’mon man. The fix was in.


            1. You can’t guess what anyone could have done. You play with what you have. We have mediocre.

              Twyman may not have had enough confidence in his game and figured he was at his top performance and as such opted out. Again, maybe. We never know, but projecting what ifs is like projecting how many more wins we would have had if Narduzzi wasnt the coach. We can say, probably more but these are points that can never be proven. Same with Twyman. What if we would have had lazy Twyman? Or selfish Ford Twyman? What would have happened to Klancys development. Go with what we have. Same with the schedule. Pitt couldn’t do anything about that this year.

              Tex, the AD may still be down at ACC headquarters arguing against why she has to play against so many ACC schools this year. Maybe that’s why you haven”t seen her. I haven’t seen her down on the farm, piggly giggly (LOL)

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    2. Sorry Gordon, I’m not buying it. Twyman would not make up for no running game, a putrid offensive line, a gutless coach, a porous secondary, numerous blown coverages, Kenny’s injury, Mark Whipple and receivers with Bennie Cunningham-like hands.


  35. both new commitments were flips from MAC schools and 5.5 3-stars. Here are Dokish takes on both:

    from Sunday:

    Chris Dokish@ChrisDokish
    Nov 29
    New Pitt TE Gavin Bartholomew had offers from Bowling Green, Army, Buffalo, Elon, Monmouth, Holy Cross, Maine, New Hampshire, William & Mary, Fordham, Idaho, Lafayette, Furman, Villanova, Albany, Delaware, and Missouri State.

    from today

    Chris Dokish@ChrisDokish
    New Pitt OT commit Kyle Fugedi previously committed to Miami (OH), and had offers from Kentucky, Indiana, and some MAC schools. Really developed this past season, and is now up to 6’6” 290. Very nimble, too. You never know with OL, but he could be a real sleeper.

    Back to normal


  36. I may agree some with Tex on the recruits star average (we’re lucky to be that high BTW), but Narduzzi has 6 O-lineman committed out of that 20. I’d say that’s progress right there.


    1. Why does just adding weight automatically translate into a increased star rating? A scouting report said he needs a lot of work on pass blocking. Also I understand he was 240lbs two years ago and is now 300 plus. Not sure the added weight helps one bit on lateral agility.


  37. Help me out here – please. Why would we want to fire Narduzzi?? We’ve been firing Narduzzis for 40 years, and nothing has changed. It’s as if you think the head coach is the CEO.

    If Pitt was a corporation, the head coach is probably the sales manager (maybe). If the corporation’s sales are down, you may consider firing the Sales Mgr once or twice —- but for 40 years, with no change?

    If the stock holders (think POV) are disgruntled – after 40 years – and the stock $ keeps falling (think: gate receipts, or – more appropriately – WINS), do you think they’d be happy – satisfied – to say goodbye to another Sls Mgr?

    I’d think they’d go after the Top Floor, The Penthouse, first. Change the culture to what it should be, then do any necessary pruning next.

    To keep recklessly changing sales managers, with no change in sales results, is the very definition of insanity!

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    1. A Sales Manager has to be a master of details, a salesman not so much! What we did is promote an average salesman to sales manager! It’s been 6 years and Narduzzi and details are still strangers!

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  38. Borrowed this evaluation of the OLine recruit:

    “Scouting Report
    EVALUATED 11/21/2020

    Power-5 Starter


    Tall, long bodied lineman who went from 240 pounds to just under 300 in the span of just over two years. Hockey player who exhibits the balance and coordination needed to skate effectively on the football field as well. Good bender and mover laterally. Gets off the football well also. Had good functional strength even before he added the weight, but the additional size made him a more dominant player as a senior. Needs to continue to work on pass pro technique, but has all the tools to be a major college player and has Sunday potential.”

    Go Pitt.

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  39. However, if the majority of stockholders (not just POV) are satisfied with the general path (i.e. saving kittens, contributing to the community, producing vaccines, etc) the corporation has been taking, then the current leadership will continue, unabated. In which case, it is probably best to quit worrying about Ws and Ls, and give the HC a life time extension!


    1. She only gives out extensions if she can get the same in return. Just dumped a bunch of white out on your comment savannah so that the Pitt BoT doesn’t see it.

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      1. It took a while on the Tim Salem contribution – the latest and greatest is the only one I could find from the past two years:

        DelGaudio, a native of Shavertown, Pennsylvania, visited Pitt last August and caught the attention of the coaching staff. They communicated back and forth after that, but when DelGaudio committed to Bucknell in November and Pitt stopped recruiting him, he began to regret the decision and reached out to Pitt tight ends coach Tim Salem.

        Salem may be a good candidate to be the fall guy come season’s end, but he and Duzz are BFF.


  40. 6 O-Line commits // qualiity ??
    I have the feeling that Borbs has saved his job, however, Whipple is a goner!

    Our QB issue will be what POV will be focused on day in and day out!
    Salem is another problem//great in using visuals on the internet but recruiting is
    beyond a challenge for Mr. Nice Guy.

    Running backs meh, no make that double meh.

    2021 Pitt will be 6-6 another fantastic Doozy year.


    1. Somebody needs to lose their job for the offense’s overall performance this year, Whipple, Borbs, or both, and I agree, Salem as well.

      2021 will be interesting for many reasons, but amongst the top of my areas of interest will be the QB position. Not one backup QB has shown he can play at this level, which makes me wonder what the heck will happen next year, and if 6-6 may be overly optimistic.

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      1. Someone please offer one positive contribution that Tim Salem has made to our football program? I mean besides recruiting the kid a few years ago and emphasizing how much he would enjoy blocking for Pitt.


  41. The board will continue their ways because fans continue theirs. Fans still go to games. They still don’t demand accountability. They still have low expectations and agree with the excuses.

    Narduzzi is the coo. Not a mere sales manager or regional vp of sales.

    Heather is the ceo for sports. She has a compliance background. No real ceo in the business world has a compliance path to a c-level suite.


  42. defending champ LSU is a 28 point underdog to Alabama …. so once again, welcome to college football 2020

    Btw, Auburn was ranked 23rd last week until they got beat by Bama 42-13. They are now ranked 22nd


    1. LSU has been under performing due to off the field issues for the last year. Those issues are starting to come out. I would expect a down year hangover, especially with all the things they covered up. Eventually the dam bursts. Pitt should stay in contact with D Davis. It could be a problem for LSU soon.


  43. And where is pitt ranked. Where is pitt ranked at seasons end. They average one top 25 ranking every decade. Based on Pitts spend and facilities and reach of recruits along with many selling points because I know, I’m a grad, it is in excusable. And those that continue to deflect, ignore and make excuses are complicit. Don’t be complicit. That’s as bad as a hypocrit in my book. The book I live by.


  44. Bringing in Olinemen is welcome, but six? I think that’s overdoing it. We need better position distribution of our recruits, although when we took a ton of DEs that turned out pretty well.

    But since we’re overloading on the Oline now, expect some other position group to be in trouble going forward…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Seven if you count the TE from Utah that will probably end up at Tackle

      But…just to play devils advocate… linemen take a few years to develop but you can pretty much plug and play WR and RB as frosh or redshirt frosh … so you over recruit lineman and maybe a few wash out every year and you just pick up WR’s and RB’s to fill the holes each year.

      It’s a great plan…in theory

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  45. Some old thoughts I need to get rid of:
    —Bush league of Dabo to not take a knee for the last couple plays. Course he knows he has immunity as we are incapable of getting back at him. Still bush league.
    —Kenny threw the ball poorly that game. I like KP but I don’t think he has the accuracy to play in the NFL where the windows are smaller. How many times have we seen open Pitt WRs make a catch and fall down because they had to extend for the ball. Has cost us some big plays. And even the passes in the flat – the Back usually has to adjust to the ball and catch it awkwardly, eliminating the chance to beat that first tackler.
    —Course our WRs don’t help. Clemson made at least 5 above average catches in that game; we made one. KP being a bit off and our WRs being below average is a bad combo…
    —And our WR are still not coached to go aggressively for the ball. Drives me crazy when a ball is under thrown and they just keep running. If they slow down and just pretend to be going for the ball, they’d draw a penalty- but we seem to have no clue…
    —What happened to Issy? Must be hurt. One Davis has speed and no size; the other Davis has size but no speed…
    —I suspect our punter will get an NFL job, especially after his excellent showing against Clemson.
    —And finally, the targeting call. Still burns me that they called it against Pitt and let the Clemson player go free. I thought they both could have been called, but that the Clemson player’s action was more egregious.

    Go Pitt.

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      1. Dan the Man — perhaps a stupid question, but what does it mean that someone throws a “nose-down ball?”

        I’ve often thought that KP puts too much mustard on his passes, but I honestly don’t know about nose up or nose down…

        Go Pitt.


    1. I thought it was bush league of Dabo too, but it was Senior Day and some of those seniors he sent in may have never played before. Still bush league either way. Made for a nice goal line stand though.


  46. lost in the weekend shuffle was the fact the 3 public (non-Catholic, charter, magnet) schools won state championships. (Central Valley, Thomas Jefferson and Pine-Richland). And Jeanette played well before losing.

    Of course in 6A, St Joe’s Prep of Philly beat Central York 62-13


  47. Replying to Arnold above. I think you can most definitely speculate on what might have been, right or wrong.

    Going into this season, prior to Covid we were all looking forward to our defensive line being the anchor of the team with Twyman being the anchor of that line. While his replacements did ok, we will never know how great that line would have been with his push up the middle and our great D-ends coming from either side.
    His numbers last year were Donald like in sacks and tackles for a loss.

    Covid cost us the pleasure of that experience. Would he have got the double digit sacks and double digit TFL’s, we’ll never know, but we also missed Dennis playing behind him which would have been devastating.

    I do agree you have to play with what you got, and what might have been doesn’t win football games, but in this case we were robbed of something special. And who knows what difference it might have made in wins and losses.

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    1. We will disagree. We could have gotten lazy Twyman. Not saying we would, just saying we could. You can say the same thing for Ford. We didn’t get Ford from last year, this year before quitting. In my opinion we got a selfish Ford, which cost the team. It’s like a box of pigs feet….whoa, i shutter with that thought.


    2. You can’t speculate?? Practically this whole POV speculates daily. Almost every recruit is scrutinized to death in a negative way especially a 5.5 recruit or less. Discounting two stars like Patrick Jones II and Weaver and never mind Morrissey the former walk-on.

      Hell, saying PITT may have gotten the “lazy” Twyman is pure speculation. Twyman woke up last year and got the message that if he wanted to fill his dream of playing in the NFL, he better hustle and play hard every down. So he did. What team wouldn’t miss a future NFL first round draft pick?

      The pure silliness of playing the game of where is Heather isn’t speculating though. It’s pure lies and a goofy attempt at adolescent humor. Maybe it was funny the first time by my gosh it gets to feel like kindergarten around here some days.

      It someone can’t honestly say that PITT got ripped off when the schedule came out then your bias just keeps on shining through. Now see, I just did it.

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  48. Mike – I read 3-4 articles about Jaret Patterson’s 409 yard game. Not one of the sports writers threw out his longest run in order to make his YPC more relative.

    One writer, however, was quoted as saying in an interview, “I was going to discount his 3 longest runs, but I figured, ‘He doesn’t play for Pitt, so what’s the point?'”

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    1. I think the point is that if a rb carries the ball 22 times for 100 yards and one of those carries was for 90 yards, then he ran 21 times for 10 yards. I wouldn’t call that a good game. Now savannah do you think that would be a good game from a running back? Yes or no?


      1. Those running backs are called home-run hitter types and yes that would be a good game. Plus, how do we know if the 22-100 back didn’t run four times for 20 yards, two being on 3rd and 24 yards with no touchdowns? How do we know anything before it happens?

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      2. You forgot to mention that 6 of those runs were 1 yard plunges for touchdowns against 9 men in the box!! He had a great game, and I just wish he played for Pitt.

        (I’ll tell you how I feel when I see that actually happen!)


    1. meanwhile Pitt MBB has just added Northern Illinois for this Saturday at 7 pm at the Pete. Final warm-up before Northwestern in ACC-B10 matchup next Wed


    2. Excellent decision by the ACC

      Most likely the ACC will have two teams in the BCS

      Unfortunately Pitt was blown out in both of them for all the nation to see


  49. OT, hate the new rule allowing offensive L-men to push a running back and the pile from behind for extra yardage. That use to be illegal and still should be. That’s all.

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    1. Right Iek…this ain’t rugby…JeanieB goes one step further- she hates when defenders try to pull the ball out of the runners hands,arm…. probably why half of the DB’s are crap tacklers…. unfortunately, rules change… don’t think Jack Lambert was concerned about yanking the ball from a runner- he was more into ripping off the ball carrier’s head!!!

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  50. Biggie, I loved watching Lambert play…
    And you’re right…decapitate the running back and there is a good chance he drops the ball. 😎
    Lots of snow last night in The Burgh. Stay safe and warm.

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  51. oh to return to the late 70s again…

    — rip off RBs heads
    — double digit win seasons
    — no identity thefts
    — no telephone scams (no emails period)
    — no cable news networks
    — no pandemics

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    1. A watermark???? Thanks for defining. My thought- instead of a “Cathedral ” watermark lets put a winning team on the hardwood… paying these coaches million$ to provide us with a $h#t$how has worn old on this aging fan…


  52. I think that we don’t really know who can play QB after Pickett leaves. None of the backup QBs has really had much of a chance in live competition with the game on the line, since PN refuses to take Pickett out once a game is decided.

    I saw Beville throw his one completion last game, and it was a rope, a perfect spiral that hit the receiver on the numbers. He has not gotten a real chance to win the back up position, and they probably promised Yellen he would be first among back ups if he came to Pitt. So as a result Pitt will have a totally inexperienced QB next year to learn on the job. This is another position that has been mishandled.


    1. Beville is puzzling, but I guess that’s to be expected with his inexperience. Coach Whip apparently doesn’t think DB is the answer. If he can pass even average, I’d prefer Beville because he can run some, whereas Yellen isn’t a runner at all…

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  53. former PSU Prez Graham Spanier’s conviction has been reinstated by a federal appeals court. Will serve only about 2 months in jail plus 200 hrs of community service. But he remains a tenured faculty member although he hasn’t taught in decades. I believe he can and is receiving an elaborate pension despite enabling a child predator …. but why not? During his tenure (1995-2011) PSU averaged over 100k


  54. If this is any type of indicator….it’s going to be an extremely long Basketball Season.

    After easily defeating Pitt 80-70

    St Francis loses by 15 to the powerhouse known as UMBC

    And then get absolutely crushed by Virginia. It was 45-13 at halftime. Before UVA called off the dogs
    and settled for a 25 point win (76-51).

    Capel in search of wins, scheduled a game with Northern Illinois, to squeeze in before Northwestern.
    When he could have dialed up either Duquesne or Robert Morris, who have both have had cancelled games.

    He must know Northern Illinois is a collection of stiffs. But then again…so is Pitt !


  55. Arnold Ziffel – i just saw your questio from yesterday, re 22-100.

    You forgot to mention that 6 of his other 21 carries were 1 yard plunges for touchdowns against 9 men in the box. So, yes, I think he had a great game.

    And I think it was Henry Hynoski – but I could be mistaken😉

    Hey, this is fun; making up stats!

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    1. didnt make up stats, just gave an example,

      I almost peed the pigpen when i read your example where we scored from the 1. Are you sure it was a Pitt game in your example? Sounds like field goal range to me under this administration.

      The ryno is not related to the pig, but i stick up for my 4 legged friend. Don’t mock him.


  56. Something else that didn’t show up in the stats: the fullback had 7 pancake blocks in pass protection – 4 on the DT, and 3 on the DEs. All in all, a great game!

    Moral: you can make stats show whatever you want them to. As has been pointed out many time on POV.


  57. One stat that doesn’t lie is Natduzzi is a 7 win average coach. Will be below that after this year. And he makes top 25 pay. Congrats taxpayers of PA. Unlike most schools, narduzzis salary is not borne by boosters. It’s your money or your child’s.


    1. If Nard goes 1-1 over the next two games. 6-6.

      Interesting comparable to Wanny since they both are at their 6 year run.

      Wanny 42-31
      Narduzzi 41-34

      Very similar, but Wanny got fired. Also Nard did better the first two years (16 wins) with Chryst recruits while Wanny only had (11 wins) with Harris recruits. More interestingly, both had 5 wins their third year, but then Wanny crushes him in year 4 thru 6. Nard gets extended and Wanny gets canned despite trajectory of program.

      Nard receives excessive pay based on todays dollars to what Wanny received. Nards budget is huge compared to Wanny. Wanny worked for the ultimate jackwagon and Nard works for someone who is afraid to make the right call and can her friend who got her the job. Having such a large blindspot, will make it easier for the execs to remove her.


  58. Listen Tex, Narduzzi has won 8 games 3 times in his first 5 years, stop making things up! Just because You say something doesn’t make it right. Telling stories diminishes your credibility.


    1. Ike
      I said average wins

      You can’t ignore seasons when he didn’t win 8 games

      He will be below 7 after this year

      Do you need me to expose the math behind the calculation?


    1. He’s a 7 win coach who has a 8 win ceiling and makes top 25 pay. He collects $600k per win. You obviously are lead cheerleading for these results. I obviously see things vastly different. And the math doesn’t lie.

      Narduzzi needs fired
      Narduzzi needs fired
      Narduzzi needs fired.

      How’s that for being redundant?


  59. Tex, will you please do us all a favor and STOP MENTIONING NARDUZZI’s SALARY! I am actually GLAD that he is paid well, and it shows that Pitt would be willing to pay when the next head coach is hired. If Narduzzi is fired after next year, Pitt will be able to tell candidates that they would be given ample time to produce (since PN will have had 7 years) and they are willing to pay a good salary.

    Point out that the football budget is in the upper third of the ACC and the job begins to look a little more appealing. $1 million OC and DC salaries are not out of the question, so a future coach could attract good assistants. Narduzzi will not be fired this year despite your desperate pleadings, so give it up and dispense with the endless discussion of his huge salary!


    1. You should care if you reside in PA or has a child at Pitt. I care and I live in Texas with a son at Texas. You do know pitt receives roughly 10 percent in funding from the state. I guess all y’all are rich and don’t care.

      Narduzzi is a thief and pitt and fans like you allow it.


      1. yeah tex, forget about accountability. Pay $10M per year for this garbage. I wish my workplace rewarded me so handsomely for mediocre results. How dare you, or anybody else require results for pay.

        If nard sold cars and had 6.5 sales per month of ford fiestas and his comparables at other ford dealership sold 8, you all would extend him and pay him more for not achieving. Now that is the American Dream and I would love to come work for you guys if you really believe this is right. Apay raise with no accountability for results, sounds great. Extend me and I’ll put in a good word for you so you can get a raise too.


  60. Hey Tex,

    Paul Hackett 90-92: 4.3 wins per year
    Johnny Majors 93-96: 3 wpy
    Walt Harris: 97-04: 6.5 wpy
    D Wannstedt: 05-10: 7 wpy
    F Graham 2011: 6 wpy
    Paul Chryst 12-14: 6.3 wpy

    P Narduzzi 15-20: 6,8 wpy / 7 wpy if Pitt beats GT and 7.2 with a bowl win


    1. Yes, and they all were fired and the current one should be fired as well. Good stat for a reason to can the nard, He really isnt better and has significantly more resources and even cheated.


    1. Surely you must be jesting….or stoned/drunk. Extensions or the lack thereof are based on Results.
      And the Results say this HC is vastly under-performing at 1 win and 13 losses against teams with winning records.

      NO TOP 25 Final Season Rankings in what will now be 6 years. And 1 pathetic Bowl win (barely) against the LAST Place team in the MAC EAST. THAT IS THE MAC.

      What does that say to you ?


  61. Texas Longhorns have been mentioned here quite a number of times. Do good Recruiting classes overcome LOUSY COACHING ?

    Capel’s has had some pretty good classes. Where is he ? Last Place in the ACC.

    Spare the Recruiting Class non-sense. Nobody knows how any of those kids will pan out. What we do have is an indication of how previous recruiting classes were Coached. And that is very poorly.


  62. anyone watching the Steelers this year would see how the short passing game can be used in lieu of the run. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Big Ben with JuJu, Diontae, Chase, Ebron, etc. Having said that, today those WRs are looking like Pitt a handful of time. Two TDs and a few first downs were dropped

    Liked by 1 person

  63. OT: The Steelers might be a touch better than Pitt when it comes to running with the ball. But IMO not much better than a touch.


  64. After watching them today, hard to believe the Steelers are 11-0.

    So many 2 yard passes. Where are Oh Canada’s mid-direction plays?

    Go Pitt.


  65. The difference between the Steelers and Pitt’s dink and dunk is accuracy from the QB. Ben lays the ball generally where it can be caught easily, in stride, with YAC. KP’s under or over thrown 3-yd passes end up being 3-yd passes because the receiver is off balance, or falling down, or jumping up to catch the ball.

    If Pitt doesn’t make some serious changes in the offense next season, Nardy has to be done. WMG and does Borberly, Salem, and Powell. OL, TE’s, and RB’s have shown zero development throughout the tenure of these stiffs.

    Wide open competition of QB next season, and may the most accurate passer win!!!!

    Tex – you’re boring us. Narduzzi isn’t going anywhere till his contract is over. Dead dogs don’t need hit anymore. Although if he never hits the 9-10 win mark under this contract something has to change.

    Liked by 1 person

  66. Dr. Gesundheit, I was not serious about giving Narduzzi an extension. But he will be back next year, and if he wins 8 games with a new QB, some people may actually think he deserves an extension.


  67. Pitt women basketballers just got a 2022 class commitment from Aislin Malcolm. She is a local 5-10 guard from Char Valley who may be the best player in Western PA. Excellent 3-point shooter.

    Go Pitt.


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