Reading Between the Lines: Pre Virginia Tech Edition

After a quiet weekend with no Pitt football, our crack football staff is back at it. Telling you what Head Coach Pat Narduzzi really meant to say.

COACH NARDUZZI: I thought we’d be coming in here on a Monday after a win down in Atlanta. Obviously we didn’t get to make that trip. And obviously disappointing as we sat there, I guess, last Thursday at noon or 1:00, whatever time we meet on Thursday, and you feel like everything’s good. And then you get reports.

I mean I don’t want to come off as arrogant or anything…

And the one thing I’ll say is I think people take it for granted out there like how impressive our kids have been for eight weeks, nine weeks, really with an open week. I said earlier, it’s like I’m talking to myself sometimes. It’s kind of like move on to the next question. But our kids did an incredible job for nine weeks, including that open week, of really having nothing at all, no issues.

These guys made the supreme sacrifice (for a college student) of having no lives. And if it wasn’t for a couple of one-point losses and an injury to Kenny they’d probably still be sheltering in place and toeing the line. But now? Heck…

And then when you least expect it, and you think you’re all good — and I talked to our guys all the time about keep your guard up. Don’t let your guard down. Just pretend that everybody’s got it out there. When you look at the numbers in Allegheny County, with COVID right now, the numbers just keep going up. It was in the five hundreds yesterday, keep an eye on it.

Actually after Florida State I was like “look fellas, we aren’t going to the ACC championship, and if there is one game you want to reschedule in December it’s the trip to Atlanta. Do whatever the hell you want this weekend, you’ve earned it.

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