Pitt flipped a Rivals 2* recruit yesterday.  6’4″ 225 DE/LB Nate Temple had been committed to Middle Tennessee State University until he took in the Virginia Tech game and decided that Pitt was the place for him.  Needless to say, a big win in a big game does tend to help the recruiting experience.

For what its worth 247 has him at a three-star and also bumps his weight up to 230.

nate temple
Looks like a high-character kid

Temple is a South Carolina product, which is noteworthy.  Also noteworthy was that the staff got a look at him at a University of Georgia football camp.  The conventional wisdom down here (I live in Atlanta), is that the so called “second tier” of southern recruits is still pretty  talented, even after the SEC has skimmed all the cream off the top.   Programs like Central Florida and (yep i’m going to say it) West Virginia are good examples.  If you take a look at the last few Hoopie recruiting classes, the star-power is nothing to write home about.  And yet, there they are, ranked higher than Pitt at #13.  Note the preponderance of southern states in their commit list.

The recruiting sites have the usual run down on Temple.  I took a look at his highlight video and this looks like your standard Narduzzi / Partridge under-the-radar DE recruit:  Lanky and tall with the frame to add some weight.  Good strength, as evidenced by his ability to push D-linemen back.  Above average athleticism and get-off.   Definitely a bit raw, but high motor.  Looks like he’s got a decent swim move at the high-school level.  I have no idea how that will translate in college, but I do know that his arms look looooong, which is something you can’t coach.

Right, wrong or indifferent, It’s clear to me that the staff knows they probably aren’t going to land any four-star DE’s this year, and their strategy is to grab as many developable two-and-three-stars as possible, in hopes that a diamond emerges from the rough (Nate will be their 5th DE commit for 2019).  Given the current state of recruiting, it’s not a bad strategy.  We’ll see how it pays off a few years down the road.

Hail to Pitt and Welcome Nate!  May you outperform your star ranking and make us all proud.


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  1. Back in the mid 80s, Don Nehlen (WVU) started to recognize all the speed that southern high schoolers possessed, and start recruiting that area. In ’89, WVU played for a national championship … and also had an undefeated team in early 90s before losing in a bowl. Pitt didn’t hop on the Florida bandwagon until early 2000s.

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    1. Pitt would have been playing for the national title after the 1988 season if it had Major Harris. Loved Gottfried, but he screwed up that recruitment. Harris wanted to go to Pitt, but Mike didn’t want him as a QB. When a coach gets hired on he should take as many athletes as possible in his patchwork class and let the rest sort itself out.

      Pitt beats BC, WVU and NC State if it had Major Harris. The ND and Syracuse games would have been tough. Heck, Pitt may have gone 10-1 with Harris as a redshirt freshman in 1987.


  2. LA Panther, here .

    Watching Aaron Donald Monday night, should remind some recruits and fans understand what can happen when UTR players get some good old Western PA hard hat schooling

    Also, so thankful for Michaelangelo. Excellent work. The painter isn’t so bad either. Any relation?

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    1. Haha I can barely draw a stick figure, but I ‘ll take the complement. If I can be the Michaelangelo of Pitt sports I’ll be good with that.


    2. Someone posted this link about Aaron Donald on FB. Worth watching. Lots of Pitt references. goo.gl/My1XTz


  3. After winning the Coastal one should give Narduzzi and his staff all the leeway he wants when he decides to offer any recruit. Wasn’t Jones II much the same size and body weight when he was recruited a couple of years back? If Temple ends up like another Patrick Jones caliber player I’m all in.

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  4. What was the word around here? Something like…. ” All you guys said wait until Narduzzi gets his own recruits in place” and I all I heard was “after 4 years what has he done? .. and then I said….. “it hasn’t been four years yet, let’s wait”


    PITT wins the coastal in Narduzzi’s fourth year. PITT has won as many divisional championships as Miami has in the ACC. The time has come to TRUST THE PROCESS!!

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  5. Yep, but you don’t understand Ike the fire Narduzzi crowd would say he won it with mostly Chryst recruits. Of course that line will be a non factor come nest year but I’m sure it will be resurrected the first chance they get when Pitt loses a game they should have won. In fact maybe we will even see some non posters for the past several weeks again return on the first opportunity they can get to bash Narduzzi and his coaches.


  6. OT: Miami sophomore WR no longer a part of their team as reported(coach Richt announced) on panther lair. A dynamic player but evidently troubled at the same time.


  7. Met Patrick Jones Dad, Mom and sister at the Wake game… found out they live in Chesapeake ,Virginia just across the Carolina line… Mr Jones told me he has been a patient on our Moyock office… is that cool or what …

    H2P and WUPalittle

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    1. Hey B, met Mr Jones a few weeks ago at the Residence Inn on an elevator. Seemed like a real nice fellow. His name could be BigP.


  8. Alan Saunders’ film study on PGH Sports Now is pretty sobering on the pass defense. He documents some things we all saw where WF could have had some big passing plays with more accurate passing.

    Course we’ve been going up against some just ridiculous QB play over the last couple years. The throws that Trubisky made against us were just unreal good…

    So maybe some things are evening out.

    But the open guys are worrisome when we play Clemson, and maybe even Miami this week.

    Go Pitt.

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  9. Michaelangelo… great job taking over the reins

    JoeL.. a late thank you for all the statistical legwork… just had time to look over your work as we finally arrived at our Thanksgiving bade of operation in Indiana Pa.

    danh72… really enjoying your insights into the basketball games…keep it coming… sounds like a couple of biggies will get us there sooner rather than later… hope they shoot fouls better than the few PITT games I watched in the past…X- man sounds like a frost phenom by the posts I have read on here in the non-con matches….

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    1. I know you played and really appreciate your comments. I miss coaching but enjoy breaking down Capels genius. X Man at point guard is like having a great QB in football. It elevates everyone on the team.

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  10. Above: bade is a newly created word… feel free to add your own definition….

    Frost phenom should read frosh… you folks figured that out


  11. Danh72, even though the buyout for the current coach is around 14 million, Pennlive makes a compelling case for Franklinstein jumping to USC after Notre Dame kicks their buttocks.
    (I’m a nurse…that’s how we talk)

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    1. Fran – that was an interesting read in Pennlive…

      Also interesting that Lynn Swann resigned Coach Helton for five years and now he’s going 5 and 7… Maybe USC will hire Franklin and Heather…😊

      Go Pitt.


  12. SOP.
    Yes, I understand the unbridled enthusiasm that winning the Coastal brings.
    However, if we lose the next two games (where we are underdogs) that puts us precariously close to a .500 season. Add that to the barrage of two and three stars coming in, I remain nonplussed.
    Yes, Debbie Downer, Johnny Raincloud.
    Hope I am wrong.

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  13. Obviously feeling good, plenty to be happy about, but recruiting still has to get better.

    Yes we won the Coastal and that is great but, the Coastal is a below average division in the P-5 this year.

    Overall the ACC is pretty weak, with FlSt, Va Tech, Louisville, Miami well below their norms.

    We still lost badly to PSU and UCF and to a weak UNC team.

    OK things are trending up right now but recruiting is still sub par.

    You will find some elite players in the twos and threes, but there are more Marinos Fralics and Dorsetts among the high school elite.

    The top ten teams recruit the top ten classes for a reason.

    I hope the new kid (he does look like he should be in a boy band) becomes a number one draft pick, but Narduzzi needs to up his game. He needs to get some stars.

    Look at Xavier Johnson and what he is doing for Pitt Basketball. We need a few kids from the top 50 and top 100 in football as well if you really want to succeed.

    By the way, it is more likely that we lose the next three games than win them. Underdog this week, big underdog next week and depending on who we get in the bowl game…..

    Las Vegas is looking at the quality of our players vs Miami’s and saying we are 5 point dogs, not our record because it is better than theirs.

    So be happy because we are having a good year (so far) but don’t tell me that our recruiting is good enough, because that remains to be seen.

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    1. Well Gorden if Booker’s comment that our scout squad this year is the best he’s seen since being at Pitt is correct then Narduzzi is either recruiting much better or he recruited terribly in prior years. I guess we know how you might answer that question. But from where I’m looking I think Pitt will trend upward with it’s play on the field as long as we can keep a Pickett caliber QB running the show.

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      1. I think both things are true. Narduzzi has improved depth and has a better QB. Scout team is also better because so many seniors are starting therefore better underclassmen are on the scout team. I think Narduzzi’s formula is a good one but also dictated by his inability to sign the higher rated recruits he has been after. If and when he starts getting more of them the trend line will accelerate upward.

        It also looks like we finally have a decent stable of QB’s.

        Let’s hope the scout team O-linemen are really good because they will be the starters next year.


    2. We have been 5 point dogs or more for some time now but you don’t get better recruiting without winning games and especially opponents who have better recruits than you. Our trajectory is moving upward. HTP!


  14. So we are ranked right now, but need to win 2 of the next three to stay ranked.
    We may squeak in if we only win the bowl game but doubtful.
    So Miami does turn out to be a must win if the top twenty five is the goal.


  15. Interesting, Dr. Watson…

    “Rumors abound regarding Jeff Thomas’s status with the Miami Hurricanes”

    “Miami Hurricanes WR Jeff Thomas is one of the most electric playmakers in College Football. His combination of speed, quickness, and playmaking ability is elite across the board.

    Even with that being the case, and Thomas’s starting status on the Miami Hurricanes team secured, there are plenty of rumors that the East St. Louis, IL native is unhappy with things in Coral Gables. To that end, there are rumors swirling that Thomas, Miami’s leading receiver with 563 yards, has left the Canes program.”

    Quoted from: https://www.stateoftheu.com/2018/11/21/18106678/reports-rumors-abound-regarding-jeff-thomass-status-with-the-miami-hurricanes

    ** (reposted from earler thread.) **

    It is official now as reported on ESPN News Ticker – the kid missed several practices this week and is off the team.

    Miami is going to have one less option on O; also they have lost their best backup linebacker to injury – he started last week vs VT. Little things are starting to add up…another Pitt Victory Saturday in the making.


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  16. Fran – isn’t that gludeus maximus in your world? You bade past tense of bode farewell to the pov boys for the night….i thinkII Franklin to USC would be good. When I was there last summer, the dairy school wasn’t bought in to his style.

    Safe travels all and thanks to each of you for your continued participation.


  17. Question, what happened to Upitt? Did I miss something that happened? Is it lent and he gave up POV? Seriously, what’s up? I miss his takes.


  18. Happy Thanksgiving to all my POV friends. Each of us has families and worries in daily life. This is such a great place to come to set aside many of our problems and focus on our one love. The University of Pittsburgh! Be safe and have a great day all!!

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  19. Naw, no way he’d stay away because we’re doing good. He’s not like that. Something must be up? People may not have liked his views, but Marks right a lot more than he’s wrong. Hope he’s OK. Reed, any idea what’s up?


    1. Well I certainly don’t think he’s been right in disparaging almost every coach Narduzzi has hired to this point do you joeknew?


  20. Not sure about that ftd. I think naysaying was very appropriate when you watched the losses to the Dairy, UCF, NC…..and also a couple of our wins. The loss to ND was not a bad loss except that the game was actually winnable.

    The coastal has been winnable for six years and in each year, a different team has won it. That goes to the mediocrity of the division. For years I have said that Narduzzi should recruit better because he can sell the relative ease into the college football playoff’s if he could recruit better player’s and the AD could schedule an easier OOC.

    Let’s not think about where we would be had we scheduled a creampuff OOC…okay, let’s. At a minimum of 3-1 OOC, we would be sitting at 9-2, probably in the top 12-15 national ranking. Beat Miami and probably go up a few more spots on Sunday. Finish the regular season at 10-2 and a national rank of 10. Beat Clempson and then have an outside shot at the playoff.

    Go 4-0 OOC and do the rest and poof, welcome to the playoff. The coastal is like the big10 west, PAC 12 South, and the big8 doesn’t separate divisions. I am happy to celebrate a division championship for sure, but to say there shouldn’t have been any naysayers the first month or so of the season is a bit careless. If you weren’t somewhat of a naysayer, you weren’t watching the product on the field in my opinion.

    Even Ike…..well, okay….not even Ike….well sorta sometimes Ike…..lol. Well, gotta love IKe!!! I do, but not in an awkward way! Look, I started the whole 1-0 on gameday mentality two years ago and I never gave a season W-L prediction because so many things can happen from week to week (not only to your team with injuries and firings and the like, but the same can happen to your opponent), that I only predicted game to game. Reed admonished me for doing that, but the preceding is why I did and still do. I am 7-4 this year, always pulling for Pitt and trying to find them a way to win.

    That doesn’t mean there are blinders on. We are lucky to be where we are at and the luck can run out very quickly. Do I worry about the game Saturday? I sure do, alot. Does that make me a naysayer, nope. I am a Pitt realist.

    Gushing over a season prediction being right once in 35 years is funny. I would just ask that we be humble and act like we’ve been here before…except we haven’t and therefore struggle to act appropriately….like we’ve been here before Larry Fitzgerald. We are all on the same boat and when we recognize that and paddle in the same direction, life will be good. Some deserved discourse along the way, if done respectfully makes us stronger.

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  21. This just in from cbs sports –

    Miami Hurricanes Boot Leading Receiver / Returner Thomas – The sophomore is currently the team’s leader in catches and receiving yards with 35 receptions for 563 yards. The speedy playmaker was also contributing on special teams, as he’d averaged 24.6 yards on nine punt returns and took one to the house. He’s also returned 10 kicks for 260 yards this season.

    Wow, this in addition to their other leading wr loss for the season due to injury. Every little bit helps. Are stars aligning?


    1. Pitt got a big break
      He would have run wild in Pitt’s secondary
      I’m more concerned about the loss of Pitt’s Center
      He made the calls on the line and led the unit


      1. I guess we’ll never ffind out if the Miami WR would have run wild in the Pitt secondary, just lyke we’ll never ffind out if Wirginis would have taken this young WR’s fface mask off while he crossed the middle of the ffield.

        Such is the game of college football.

        Crush the canes!

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  22. For those inquiring minds, I’ve been in touch with Mark/UPitt. Nothing too serious, and I hope for him to be back at it on the POV soon. And I’ll tell you, contrary to the perception that permeates the POV, he is a great guy. Some people need to cut some slack.

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  23. As Ike says, let’s let things play out..

    IMO, this Miami game is big. Say Pitt loses, falls to Clemson (as most predict) and lose their bowl game.. then it’s a 7-7 season in a bad league, no signature wins, two big losses and a winless bowl career for Narduzzi. That is certainly within the realm of possibility.

    I was probably cheering as loud as anyone down in Winston-Salem- I love MY Pitt Panthers. But .500 and flipping 2 star recruits, isn’t success in my book.

    That said, let’s beat the Canes, play Clemson tough and win a bowl game. That leaves us feeling pretty good and maybe some high-level recruits agree.

    Happy Turkey Day to all and.. H2P!

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  24. LA Panther, here. Just about 3 on the west coast. Hope you are all dreaming of home-bade stuffing and bading your turkey.

    I feel really good about this team in a way I haven’t before, even the Major change came really suddenly, this one feels gradual, like the Pete Carroll transformation at usc. (My place of exile for these last 35 years ). After years of false starts, things turned, not all at once, but there were markers. More games like our Notre Dame game and the games in our recent streak where they found different ways to be good. In a few years, we were expecting a against all the midrange teams, just looking forward to how we were going to win. I really feel pitt is reemerging after years of false starts and institutional ambiguity. (And USC is going the other way, only with 5 star recruits spilling all over turf.

    8-6 would be ok, 9-5 is doable… in fact 9-5 would be a big deal in many ways, a real indicator of great changes to come. For the foreseeable future, (5-10 years) Pitt should own the ACC Costal.

    What do I bade this on? Simple probability.

    Assuming that Pitt has a average .25 chance of winning each of the next three games, we have every right to hope for an 8-6 season. There is about a 58% chance we win at least 1, so 8-6 is our most likely outcome. There’s a 15% chance of 9-5, and a 1.5% chance of winning 3. Of course our odds might be a little better or worse than .25, and that would change things. Let’s say we have 40% against Miami, 5% against Clemson, and 50% against a bowl team. That’s 32% roughly. In that case Pitt has about a 65% chance of winning at least one and a 25% chance of winning two.

    Good morning all you early bades!

    Bade To Pitt!

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  25. Thought I stumbled into a Shakespearian blog with all the bades, forbades, and Gluten Maximus/Mjnimus. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Dilly, Dilly!


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