Virginia Tech Predictions Thread; 2018

Virginia Tech Predictions Thread; 2018

Huh, talking with Ike this morning I had to ask him who we are playing tomorrow…that’s how disengaged I’ve become. But – you guys sure aren’t  so lets hear what you think will happen tomorrow…

I’ve not really studied VT this season but it looks like we’ll be able to run against them. So, if that happens I think we have a shot to win this home game.  I hope the weather is good and have a great time tailgating and watching the game… And I’ll post up a Game Day Thread up tomorrow.

BTW good news on the blog ownership front. I will let you know the details when things firm up.

Have fun and bring us a win… Reed

Editor’s Notes:  In three years the POV has had to date:

  • 743 articles published or an article every 1.66 days. Reed wrote 714 of those and 29 were reader’s submissions – thank you!

  • 93,000+ comments or at least 125 per article on average.

  • The POV has had 1,863,089 views with 186,578 individual repeated returning viewers.

  • We have 1,195 dedicated “Followers” which means 1,195 readers signed up to get the new articles emailed to them every time one posts.

  • The POV is read in 107 different countries worldwide.

  • From those 106 countries other than the U.S. we have received 688,944 views.

  • I personally have received over 2,500 emails from readers/commenters (some from pretty surprising big names in Pitt’s football history…).

So you can see that tailgates, golf outings and other extraneous events aside the POV has made a huge impact in the Pitt football media and I believe a lot of reader’s lives. As it looks now that will continue for at least one year after I pass it on to a new owner.

Something to understand though is that the blog will change to suit the different points of view the new owner has. That is probably going to be a good thing as the more jaded the less I’ve cared for, or written about, Pitt football…and it showed I believe.