My necessaries are embark’d:  Farewell…. Hamlet

When I started this Pitt POV blog back in June of 2016, after many years of writing about Pitt football for the Pitt Blather, I knew it would become a huge deal in many ways.  If that sounds like bragging then maybe it is – but I knew that Pitt football had a large, strong and diverse fan base and so I tailored my writing in a specific manner. I wanted it to be different from all the other websites and media outlets that toe the party line and spread sweetness and light everywhere.

Some of that wasn’t what a lot of die-hard blinders-on fans wanted to read because I didn’t hesitate to act in a critics role when I felt something or someone was skewed toward the bad side of the road and so I pointed it out. As a critic does in many different ways.  Some Pitt fans want nothing but positivity so they read a bit here then went over to other websites that better fit their way of thinking.

Writing whatever jumped to mind or was triggered by events was pretty easy to do in that I was never covered by the strict rules of Journalism precepts (although I adhered to them as much as I felt was appropriate).

I also didn’t hesitate to praise things or people if that was the case but that wasn’t why the Pitt POV existed – what I wanted to do is write compelling articles that raised the level of discussions so that the readers themselves could carry the show – and boy did you ever!

So sometimes I exaggerated in a stance taken to do just that – get new readers involved first with reading the articles then by chipping in on the comments section.

That obviously worked very well.  I posted up the POV’s statistics in a separate article not too long ago so I won’t repeat them all here but I do want to share a few; in only 28 months we have had 750 blog posts with 96K+ comments. A total of 1,896,248 “views” have taken place with 189,000 “visitors” who have read the articles and commented.

My friends, that outpaced even what I thought would happen and it was due to you.  I truly believe that – my writing was but one small part.  However, your devotion to the blog (if that isn’t too strong a word) with your insightful comments, emails, phone calls and all the extra-curricular stuff like the Golf Outings and POV tailgating were really what the Pitt POV has been about. And its been all good even when I was upset with certain things.

Thank you – each and every one of you – for everything you  have done in making the Pitt POV what a great experience it was for me. I can’t thank you enough as I bow out stage left and hand over the POV to Michelangelo.

Since today is Thanksgiving let me close with these thoughts…

I am truly thankful for the great new friends I have made through the POV. You are too numerous to list but you sure do know who you are.  However, I want to acknowledge a handful of guys – Ike (Ike!) for being supportive when I wanted to do this last year; Rick (Erie Express) for the long hours he puts in setting up the golf outings; Fran (Lastrow) for his dedication to providing the wonderful tailgating parties for the POVers; Bernie (BigB) for his support financially and otherwise and Jim (Pittman4ever) for being a great new friend and keeping the civil discussions just that way.

And Annie for being the group conscious and keeping us rowdy guys from getting too far over the line sometimes..

Thank you all… really and truly.

I’m also thankful that I have now realized it is just the right time to use my time and energies elsewhere and finally let go of the blog.  While Pitt football and basketball is fun and this season is pretty exciting as well (and well done Panthers!) it isn’t involved in my life as much as it used to be.  As a matter of fact I really didn’t follow the team closely after the first few games this year and I think my writing reflected that also. Don’t tell anyone, but I haven’t watched the last four games at all… so that’s a true clue as to what to I need to do at this juncture.

I’m OK with that because at this point in my life – starting the last third of it – I am ready to double down on my volunteer work in trying to keep helping others.  Thirty-three years of hands-on public service gets into your blood.  I’ve a few pretty important irons in the fire along those lines and that’s where I need to concentrate here on out.

I stopped taking donations on here some time ago.  Do me a personal favor and at some point down the road toss a few bucks that you might have donated to me where it is really needed to help others and think of the POV when you do it.  Please – I’d really appreciate it.

So – thanks for the great time; sparring back and forth and always learning something new each day has been a great joy over these last three years and I urge you all to get behind Michelangelo just as you have supported me since the blog started.  He’s a great one to take over the helm and hell… I’ll drop in an article every once in a while to let you all know I’m still alive… and remember – Civility at all times!

Best wishes for fair winds and following seas to you all,



58 thoughts on “I’ve a Lot to Be Thankful For…

  1. Well written and on the perfect day. You have shed a lot of light on Pitt football, university history and life in general.

    We are going to miss you big guy – stay close and be safe. We all have much to be thankful for, and if you need help with your list, Jim (Pittman4ever) and I would be glad to help.

    I enjoyed the ride, am glad to call you my friend and look forward to hitching on with Mike as he drives us to a new “ship” (ACC championSHIP).

    Well done!

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  2. Keep up the good work helping others in their trials of life. Posting a comment every one and a while might be something to think about. I’m that sure would be appreciated by all your many past followers. God’s speed going forward in your many endeavors.

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  3. Thank you Reed for creating the POV and giving many of us an opportunity to meet new friends. More importantly thanks for continuing your efforts to help others…a higher calling.
    I’m glad you are not totally going away as I enjoy your writings.
    I heartily embrace The Maestro and the continued journey.
    Bless you my friend.

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  4. Best wishes in all you choose to do moving forward. We the POV followers can’t thank YOU enough for providing this forum and bringing us together. Take good care and here’s hoping your back recovery continues to go well!

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  5. Reed.

    Thanks for everything. I admire the volunteer work you do and your life of service to this country.

    God bless you and your family.

    Same to all POVers and Michaelangello. Take today to truly stop, enjoy family and be thankful.

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  6. As we bade ( new word invented on the POV) you farewell Reed, a heart- felt thank you..with your amazing ability to use the Kings english in the written form you literally created a living United group of PITT fans… what you started shall carry on.

    Take care brother and keep up your good work.

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  7. You started something good Reed. A way for fans of the school to connect and discuss things. Thank you for allowing us to have a voice. I’ll miss your perspective on things. But, you’ve left the POV in good hands and I look forward to the next chapter. Best wishes in your volunteer efforts and helping others.


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  8. My best wishes, Reed. But, you are not really gone. You have simply passed the job at the helm off to a new Skipper. I look forward to what you write next, whenever it is.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all POVers.


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  9. Thanks for everything you’ve created here friend, you should be very proud of the family you have put together. I have 30 new email addresses of people who were total strangers just a few short years ago. That’s thanks to you.

    As much as I hate to say this, maybe it was time for you to hang up your POV shoes. I just want you to know that what you’ve done at the POV is alive, it has a life that is real and genuine as all families should have.

    Thanks for all you’ve done and best of luck moving forward in all you do. Take care of that back and Best Wishes to you, your wife and children. Happy Thanksgiving and now go and take a load off Reed. ..ike 🙂

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  10. At certain points in life we lose that stabilizing force that binds us as one. We move on, making our own, new way. But those who helped shape and form our thoughts, opinions, and attitudes are never really gone, just remembered in a much different manner.
    My personal interactions were very limited, but profound. A simple walk to the stadium gave insight, and allowed me to view some things differently. I sincerely thank you for your efforts, and patience, we Pitt fans are never easy. Those who you have contact with and dedicate your efforts towards are truly fortunate. Good health is the best wish I can give. Thank you.

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  11. I’m so thankful that Reed built this blog into the wonderful cyberspace it is. He willed it to be and then added the most insightful, most well-written, most humanity laden (got to be at least 10 words in the English language to replace those two words. On this Thanksgiving, we thank you for what you have done and given us.

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  12. Thank you for creating a “community” of Pitt football fans.

    For our commander let me describe a Pitt game day this nautical terms and phrases..

    In the morning I wake “groggy”. I tell my mates to “shake a leg” as we ready to “get underway”. We’ve gathered the “slush fund” and look for a “port to anchor.” Then we get “three sheets to the wind.”

    We don’t know “what’s in the offing” but are certain we’ll experience a “loose cannon” or two.

    This team often sends us to “panic stations” but we won’t “cut and run”. For three quarters, it’s “touch and go” but we fight to “the bitter end.”

    Because we are Pitt fans, there is little “plain sailing” but I now have new shipmates with whom to sail.. and for that I thank you, Reed.

    My sincerest best wishes to you and yours.

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  13. Reed, Thanks again for your leadership and putting this community together.

    Thankful for all my Pitt brothers and sisters and the passion we share for Pitt sports.

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  14. Reed – Thank you very, very much for all your time & effort.

    As JayTowerA stated above, you created a “community” of PITT fans. This “community” (which you created) is helping me get through a rough patch of my life.

    Thank you again. May your volunteering efforts result in as much impact as the POV has done for me.

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  15. Thank you Reed for creating such a beautiful space for all of us, far and wide, to share our thoughts and joys regarding Pitt. Here’s wishing you a wonderful life… and a Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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  16. Reed – A big thank you for what you’ve done with the POV. Because of you I’ve gotten to meet and get to know some really great Pitt fans. As it turns out, I sit in the same section as Fran, Scooter, Tom, and Bob, but I never would have met them if not for the POV.

    At one of the first POV tailgates – I think it was for a spring game – I remember looking at Fran and Scooter and thinking, gee, those guy sure look familiar. Where do I know them from? After a while it dawned on me that the faces were familiar because we have sat about 10 seats apart for many years (and no one in that section could miss the Scooter rants when Pitt is losing!!)… 🙂

    On the POV, we got to read about and better understand a wide range of perspectives on Pitt football and the expectations Pitt fans have for Pitt football. Interesting stuff. Then you added in the podcasts, the Pitt fan articles, and the golf outings – for many of us it’s tough to beat the intersection of Pitt football and golf. 🙂

    So best wishes to you as you check-off the box for the POV challenge as “mission accomplished” and move on to your next challenge. One thing I know for sure is that you have a huge heart and you’re leading a noble life. Hats off to you and the example you are setting.

    Look forward to your future return visits to the POV.

    Hail to Pitt!

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  17. Nostalgically remembering all of our Thanksgiving rivalry games with PSU and WVU. Maybe Miami becomes our new big rival. Never happened in the Big East because they were good and we weren’t for the most part.

    This is a big game to keep Pitt’s Mo rolling.


  18. Formerly Special K>>>>Reed, count me as one who disagreed with many of your articles and/or posts. But, I always respected them as they created great conversation and fodder. It was your vision and your actions that created POV, so thank you Sir for taking that huge step to initiate this blog for the all of us to enjoy.


  19. Looking at Miami’s wins and losses it is really hard to figure how we aren’t giving them points.
    They are really having a bad year. Sure hope we make it worse. One tough OOC game and the rest were cupcakes. Could help with Florida recruiting too.


  20. Thanks a lot for everything Reed, and a very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May the Lord bless your new endeavors in helping others. Godspeed….and H2P!


  21. I think Ollie will be back on Saturday, Ground and Pound them into submission.

    Hoping for a big Pitt crowd.


  22. First, Happy Thanksgiving to All…

    It has been a tough year for me in Pittsburgh, personally, professionally, and emotionally. I have lived here 18 years, been coming regularly since 1992 when I met the wonderful girl from Castle Shannon who has been my soulmate since we first met and my adored wife for 20 years. I admit I am not a lifelong Pitt fan, but Pittsburgh is my Home now and will be until I pass on.

    I discovered the ‘thrill’ of SOP when I went to my very first Panther football game – the one against Nebraska the day after major flooding in the area, the one where Coach Harris quick punted on third down not once but twice…the one which Pitt could have won and gained some National attention…

    Yet perhaps SOP has a silver lining…it builds strength and character – no, it channels the strength and character of Western PA – and it is one of the things that makes #PittsburghStrong.

    I really never understood the whole Steel City meme, I watched Franco make the catch and The Family edge out the Orioles, but from afar. I paid lip service to the whole Steel City toughness thing, but never really understood it…until the tragic events last month in Squirrel Hill.

    You can now feel the resolve and tenacity in the air: body language and the look in the eyes of the strangers crowds in downtown at lunchtime tell it all. We are not strangers. We are all in this together and by damn if we are going to let the goodness and decency in the world be overcome by hatred and violence. We are going to help each other, we are going to mourn and cry and drink and pray and laugh and cry together.


    This is what makes me a Pitt fan. I have never been more fascinated, confused, depressed, and exhilarated by any sports team. The lows reach bottom of the ocean depths, but the highs have me rocketing in the stratosphere.

    I am so thankful that you Reed have given me and others a place to share these feelings that others can not really grasp. A safe, intelligent yet chippy home on the Internet. A place where everyone can kick their feet up, grab a cold one and proceed to have a spirited no holds barred yet civil discussion.

    Godspeed in your future endeavors Reed – you are one helluva man. A Pitt man.

    The POV is the real Front Porch of Pitt Athletics.

    I am thankful I found it and all here – I feel like We Are Family.


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  23. Reed, well done in every way, thank you for all you’ve done. I wish you God’s blessings on the next stage of your journey. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  24. Well Reed,
    Today I sing the song “Give thanks with a grateful heart…”
    I am also so thankful for your friendship which only came about because of your fabulous POV.! Thank you!!!! Most don’t know this on here but our daughter and her family live about 30 minutes from Reed which allows us to get together throughout the year. God bless you Commander and all that you continue to do for others!

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  25. Thanks Commander for letting me post my Pitt thoughts/experiences, both happy and sad on your blog. As many of us have been Pitt centric for so long, the Group Therapy provided on the PoV was something that many of us benefited from.

    And because of you, many of us have become friends and dare I say…..brothers, Pitt brothers.

    I am glad to hear you are recovering nicely from your medical issues, as so many of us now have.
    Hope to see you at the ACC Championship game or at some future Pitt game or event.
    Until then………Better Days Ahead !

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  26. Just watched “Pitt Beyond the Script” on the AT&T Sport Channel.

    Narduzzi did a ffantastic job with the Thanksgiving interview.

    Very nice publicity…


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  27. A little locker room bulletin board material ffor the Pitt players and coaches –

    Manhandle miami lyke they are yesterday’s thugs.

    Dintino, Herndon and Hargrove protect the middle and have each other’s backs. Bookser and Millan need to have their best games ever protecting the edge. Aston, Medure and Carrigan need to do outstanding jobs sealing the pocket.

    KP, Q and DH will have big games on the ground and KP will throw enough to keep the canes off balance.


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  28. PITT will have to keep Miami’s scoring to the barest of minimums. I really do not expect KP and PITT to score a lot of points. Mistakes, imo, will be the key to this game. The team to win the turnover battle and plays the cleanest game will be the winner. << ok, another captain obvious statement but it will ring louder for this game.

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  29. Strangle the Thugs with their own Choke , I mean Turnover bling/chain… the kind Fran wears…

    Gonna put my golf grille on my front teeth for this game.. hey, I got a buddy down here in NC who makes a good living making customized gold grilled for yo teeth…need sum.. NigB can put you on to Mr Ed in Hertford NC.. home of Jimmy Catfish Hunter…


  30. Thank you Reed for all you did to honestly report on the state of Pitt football to the best of your abilities. Hopefully you are leaving now with Pitt on the road back to national relevance, or maybe not:) From what it sounds, you may be embarking on something much more important. Wish you well on your next passion. Once one retires, it is our passions that drive us. Never let anything become a “job” ever again. From your comments, this blog was becoming just that. It was wise to move on!

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  31. Reed, thank you so much for all you have done- for starting this blog which provided us a community of people who also love Pitt football, for the thoughtful coverage of the issues surrounding Pitt athletics, and for enlightening us to the issues and challenges many veterans face after their service is done. I will be forever grateful for helping me find the POV friends I have made, and for all the work you do in your community service. You are a good man, and I am thankful for your friendship. Stay well, my friend, and keep in touch.

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  32. Many, many thanks Reed for starting this blog and bringing together Pitt fans from all over the country.

    I have confidence that you will remain involved, but will serve a higher purpose with your commitment to service in your community.

    On a personal note, I thank you for presenting my plea to find a kidney donor to the POV. No matching donor yet, but we’ll keep trying.

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  33. Reed…can’t thank you enough for your friendship, your Fiji memories, and your POV.
    We’re watching Pitt Miami Saturday if you care to join us. Tough day ahead for Pitt.

    Fair seas and following winds Commander!

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  34. I’ll drop my prediction here since I have a busy day planned at work –

    Pitt wins 24-20

    Miami scores late as Pitt holds on in sunny S.Fflorida. With Miami missing their two best WR’s and all TE’s on scholarship, the TR FR QB ffor the canes will struggle to ffind a rhythm.

    But, the Miami D will stop Pitt’s O enough to keep the game close.

    Pitt will need KP to win this game with a balanced attack – there will be several ffrustrating moments in this game with Watson’s play calling, but the D will hold up Lyke they have in 4 of the past 5 games.

    Pitt is currently a 6 point dawg and the ESPN predictor has Miami as an 80% winner of this “rivalry” game. Connor Dintino and Bryce Hargrove play well with no snap issues in leading Pitt to a mild upset.

    Go Pitt – crush the canes!



  35. Bernie. I wear a tailgate chain and will be wearing it as I tailgate in my driveway pre game Saturday…😎
    Erie…I agree with your game take but will pick a different score. 30-21 Pitt as we score late.
    Ike, we need a Mr Obvious to stay grounded.
    Bernie, order me 2 gold teeth…one each for me and Scooter.

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  36. Hope everyone has recovered from their Thanksgiving revelry and didn’t need any Alka-Seltzer to finish the night. We have some musicians in the family and part of our Thanksgiving Tradition is a jam session after after holiday meal. The highlight of the session was a request for Sweet Caroline, which didn’t come out too bad despite never playing it before. My Miami prediction is 28-24 Pitt, with the offense starting slowly as the new offensive line needs to find its rhythm and the defense once again doing enough for the win against another 2nd tier QB.

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  37. I figure a prediction article should be coming up soon but I’ll throw mine out there right now.

    Miami’s weak spot sure looks like it’s with their offense. So giving up quick and cheap TD’s just can’t happen. I figure PITT may have a tough time putting points up on the score-board tomorrow, so the onus will be on PITT’s defense to shut down Miami as much as possible. So I know some of you are thinking isn’t this obvious Captain? Sure it is but there are certain games when it can become more apparent and this game is one.

    Penalties and turnovers also just can’t happen especially on offense. PITT will have to play a very clean game down in Miami’s 83 degree heat predicted tomorrow.

    Special team? oh boy. Kirk (whos first name is easier to spell) the punter will have to change the field position a few times at least. Kessman the field-goal kicker has to make his attempts, again, pretty obvious.

    It sure would be nice to beat this team twice in two years and it can be done. I’m calling this game a close one. PITT will win the turnover battle and Kessman will make his kicks. so the Captain Obvious says:

    Miami ..20


  38. As a tag-along issue after a day of thanks please share this webite with ANY Veterans you may know.


    It is truly shocking how many Veterans have no idea what benefits are due him or her and don’t know how to start.

    Just this morning I got an email from one Vietnam Vet from our homeless shelter I worked with who received word on Wednesday he was awarded an 80% disability rating that will get him $1,587 tax free dollars per month which is at least enough to get him an efficiency apt and food to eat.

    That and the Disabled Veteran Hiring programs in place there are should get him a job (which is a whole different world of convincing!) But he’ll be off the streets at least.

    There are thousands of Vets out there who could do the same…all they need mostly is clear info and a strong push to action.

    As always you can refer anyone you know to me to help get the ball rolling at

    Thanks so much…


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  39. Reed you are an inspiration to us all. Thanks again for your contributions to the Pitt Fan base through the POV and your much more important work with our Veterans. I’ll do my best to keep it going with the POV so you can keep it going with the Vets. #HailtoReed #HailtoPitt


  40. Reed already with a BIG victory this Holiday weekend. Could this be a sign? My oldest brother is a Vietnam Vet and he has had his struggles. Wonderful to know there is help out there for the men and women who struggle to lead a normal life after all they have done for our great country. Thank You Reed.


  41. Hi Reed,

    Thanks so much for all you have done for many of us during the past few years. I will miss reading your POV and have enjoyed it going back to the Blather.

    I echo the sentiment of many here that bringing together a very special group of people may be the greatest accomplishment of the blog. It’s really something special.

    My best wishes to you and your family and I hope a healthy back enables you to make the most out of the next chapter in your journey. Don’t be a stranger here and I hope we see you at a game in the future.


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