Pitt-Miami Thoughts + Bits and Pieces

Pitt-Miami Thoughts + Bits and Pieces
Here is an informative post by longtime Pitt POV user Joe Lawerence (aka JoeL), complete with comparative stats and Joe’s Keys to the Game.  Based on what you see below, what do you think Pitt needs to do to bring home a victory?  Also I’ve added some bits and pieces that have come across the wire this morning. 

Ladies and Gents,

I played around with some stats today and compared Pitt’s offense to Miami’s defense, Pitt’s defense to Miami’s offense and also includes some other stats.  I also gave my own thoughts about who has the advantage.  (editor’s note:  It appears Joe is largely assigning advantage based on national rank.  That is why Pitt has the advantage vs what appears to be a very stingy Miami run defense.  However, please feel free to discuss.)

Pitt Miami Advantage
When Pitt has the ball:
    Run – Yds/game 247.5 132.9 Pitt
           rank 13 34
    Pass – Yds/game 155.5 141.7 Miami
           rank 118 3
    Total – Yds/game 403 274.6 Miami
           rank 66 5
    Pts per game 30.1 19.5 Miami
           rank 62 19
When Miami has the ball:
    Run – Yds/game 163.5 188.6 draw
           rank 65 49
    Pass – Yds/game 241.4 188.6 Miami
           rank 87 103
    Total – Yds/game 404.9 377.2 draw
           rank 79 91
    Pts per game 28.1 31.5 draw
           rank 75 48
Other stats:
Sacks allowed 22 24 draw
INTs thrown 5 10 Pitt
Sacks made 27 31 draw
INTs made 9 15 Miami
Penalties 77 69 slight edge to Miami
QB rating 132.9 122.9 slight edge to Pitt
Ranking in Special Teams areas:
Punting – Net Yds 100 127 Pitt
Punt returns 71 3 Miami
FG% 52 80 Pitt
KO returns – Yds 7 6 draw
Joe’s Keys to the Game
  •   Start strong – establish an early lead
  •   Run the ball effectively
  •   Use high percentage passes
  •   Avoid turnovers

Bits and Pieces

The Good:  Pitt’s Kenny Pickett Named ACC Quarterback of the Week

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