Delayed POV Sunday Podcast; 11/5/18

Delayed POV Sunday Podcast; 11/5/18

Here is a podcast that is a day past due but will explain some things that are going on with the blog of late. It is important to me and to the readers and commenters out in POV land to listen and 100% understand what my message and intent for the future is.

Corrections:  Pitt stands at 5-4 right now, not 4-4. Also, QB2 Jeff George, Jr played at Illinois last season – not Indiana. Here is what he did there:


Pitt is now the favorite to win the ACC Coastal, with a 47% chance, per FPI. The Panthers are trailed by Virginia Tech (18%), Virginia (13%), Miami (13%), and Georgia Tech (9%).  We certainly control our own destiny, don’t we?

Here are the offensive leaders for Pitt’s 2018 to date:

O week 911-5 stats

Again, if no one steps up to take over the POV at season’s end this will be the result…Shoot dog