POV Spring Game Tailgate and Bits & Pieces

POV Spring Game Tailgate and Bits & Pieces

Spring Game Tailgate

Let’s do a roll call to see who will be attending the Pitt Spring Game on Saturday, April 14th…  I’ll make the drive up and Fran will, I understand, do his great and wondrous tailgate again.

I’ll pin this when the date gets closer but for advance purposes please give us a quick answer and ID yourself if you would in the “Other” choice comments.

POV Golf Outing

Here is some preliminary info: I discussed this with Erie Express (Rick) last week and there is going to be another POV Golf Outing.  However we are not going to hold it in conjunction with the Spring Game this year – we decided we lucked out on the weather last year (and it was perfect for golf) and we don’t want to chance it again.

So we are thinking late May or early June for 2018’s version. With this I am going to call E.J. Borghetti and see if we can’t get a guided tour of Pitt’s Southside Football and Weight Room Facilities in the afternoon of Golf Day.  I can’t promise this will happen – but if I let Pitt know there will be donors in our group it may smooth the path.

We’ll see on that but I think we can make it happen as long as it is organized.

We have not hashed out the details of the Golf Outing as yet so here is another poll asking about your interest in doing this again. Last year we had 24 golfers and it was a truly wonderful day of fun and fellowship.

So – let us know for planning purposes.  If you think you may do it then comment your thoughts in the “Other” box provided.

Spring Drills so Far

Here are some links to wet your Pitt football whistle:

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