Saturday Morning BB & FB Blahs…

Saturday Morning BB & FB Blahs…

More BB info (I guess) and all this won’t go down well with fans:

The Trib-Review starts today off with this bit about Mark Schmidt:

If Pitt truly is interested in hiring St. Bonaventure men’s basketball coach Mark Schmidt, the Panthers fan base does not approve.

At least if social media is any indication.  Those on Twitter were losing their minds Friday afternoon after word leaked that Schmidt, a former Robert Morris coach, interviewed to replace the fired Kevin Stallings.

Reporters for the New York Times and the Olean (N.Y.) Times Herald reported on Twitter that Schmidt interviewed Thursday. The Buffalo News reported that St. Bonaventure Athletic Director Tim Kenney said a representative for Schmidt informed the school of Pitt’s interest .

My favorite Tweets in all of this.

Apparently we actually did interview Mark Schmidt, HC at St. Bonaventure, to see if he’s dumb enough to work at Pitt (from the Post-Gazette):

St. Bonaventure coach Mark Schmidt, who previously coached at Robert Morris for six seasons, interviewed with Pitt on Thursday, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

The 55-year-old Schmidt just finished his 11th season with the Bonnies, the most recent of which saw his team go 26-8 and finish in second place in the Atlantic 10 regular-season standings, behind only Dan Hurley’s Rhode Island team. Additionally, their win against UCLA in an NCAA tournament play-in game was the program’s first NCAA tournament victory since 1970.

Sticking with the P-G Paul Zeise thinks we know not what we are:

Pitt coaching searches always seem to turn into a punchline, and this current search for a basketball coach is quickly turning into one. There are many reasons why this has happened in the past, but this time around it’s because Pitt has no idea what it wants the men’s basketball program to be.

This whole process would be a lot easier if everyone in positions of power got on the same page. 

No program can conduct a successful search for a coach until it figures out these questions: Does Pitt want its program to compete at the highest level? Does Pitt want its program to fight for ACC championships and NCAA tournament success? Does Pitt want a program that regularly produces NBA players?

Three questions and no real answers to any of them. I will say this – for the price Pitt is willing to pay, and I don’t believe for a second Pitt offered a higher salary than Narduzzi is getting to anyone, the answers to those questions will end up being “NO”.  If anyone thinks Pitt all of a sudden offered upwards of $3M to a BB coach they are dreaming – that would put a new Pitt BB coaching in the Top 13 of salaries… and that ain’t going to happen when Narduzzi hovers around 60th in his field.

And can we please kill the “Boosters will ante up” when discussing Pitt – there are none who will donate any sum that would make a dent in this coaching search. That happens at real universities that take athletics seriously.

Corky Cost was the last big donor Pitt had and he’s backed away a bit I’ve heard.  The last big slew of donations were for the Peterson Sports Complex and there hasn’t been much since – although the info for donations to Pitt athletics is hard to find.

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