POV’s Take: Pre-Spring Drills – Defensive Backs

POV’s Take: Pre-Spring Drills – Defensive Backs

Another sterling article written by our resident football expert MajorMajors – this covers his outlook on our 2018 Defensive Back unit, a group who has played poorly over the last two years especially… Let’s keep our fingers crossed that changes this upcoming season.

2018 Pitt Defensive Backs – Is the arrow pointing upward?

Here are the DB’s two-deeps from the opener (left) and the last game of 2017 (right):


DBs Miami








This will be a look at Pitt’s defensive backs.  These guys pass the eye test in warm-ups; now can they begin to make more plays on the field.  We all know that Pitt’s defense against the pass has generally been lousy since Coach Narduzzi arrived.

We were warned by Michigan State fans that Coach Narduzzi’s defense would take 3 years to come around.  Now we get to see if they were correct and if the Pitt defense will finally start to roar under Coach Narduzzi’s scheme.

Let’s start off with a reminder of the DBs we lost from last season:

Jordan Whitehead left early for the NFL; Avonte Maddox graduated and is headed to the NFL, IMHO and Malik Henderson, who would have been a redshirt Junior, has left the team.

Here’s a list of our returning DBs:

  1. Damar Hamlin 6-1, 190#, Junior
  2. Therran Coleman 6-0, 195#, Redshirt Soph.
  3. Dane Jackson 6-0, 180#, Redshirt Junior
  4. Paris Ford 6-0, 175#, Redshirt Freshman
  5. Demarri Mathis 5-11, 185#, Sophomore
  6. Dennis Briggs 5-10, 195#, Redshirt Senior
  7. Kollin Smith 5-10, 170#    Redshirt Freshman, (walk-on)
  8. Phil Campbell 6-1, 195#, Redshirt Sophomore
  9. Bricen Garner 6-1, 180#, Redshirt Sophomore
  10. Phillipie Motley 5-10, 175#, Redshirt Senior
  11. Rob Boatright 5-10, 190#, Redshirt Senior, (walk-on)
  12. Jazzee Stocker 6-2, 190#, Redshirt Junior
  13. Jason Pinnock 6-0, 190#, Sophomore


3* Erick Hallett, 5-11, 175# Cypress TX

3* V’lique Carter, 5-10, 165#, West Palm Beach, FL

3* Marquis Williams, 5-9, 165#, Fort Lauderdale, FL

3* Judson Tallandier, 6-2, 180#, Hyattsville, MD

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