POV’s Bits & Pieces; 3/27/18

POV’s Bits & Pieces; 3/27/18

Yes, I’m the new Rodney Dangerfield… I get no respect.  I do understand that with an opinion/editorial Blog like The Pitt POV, sitting firmly outside the mainstream as we do here, isn’t considered a completely valid ‘media’ outlet   in the world of Pitt football but sometimes things rankle me (of all people Chris Dokish once responded to my disagreeing comment on his article with a “YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY!” answer).

I tend to listen to Chris Peak’s podcasts while I’m working out at the gym sometimes – it’s a good way to get a feel what other Pitt writers are thinking about different issues and it sometimes leads me in directions for articles – and last night I heard the below from him when he was discussing the start of Spring Drills and the 2018 offense (to paraphrase):

“No one thought that we’d see the QB problems coming that we had last season… No one thought Pickett would play… Fans were shell-shocked the offense played poorly, etc…”  

Well, that made me sit straight up and drop a bar bell on my foot.

This is what gets me because I know a lot of other media writers read the POV,  but hell guys – I was screaming all of that from the rooftops way before last season started.

I wrote that Max Browne wasn’t going to be a good QB even before the spring drills of last year; I wrote that DiNucci wouldn’t be a starter lunless Browne got hurt and finally, after I watched Pickett practice,  I wrote that he was by far the best QB on the roster.

And I wrote that our offense was going to suck because of the QB situation and putting a poor OL on the field.

So, yeah – someone did think all those things and even wrote about them. Oh well…

In a comment to yesterday’s article a reader wrote this:

Read the PSN write up on Jacob Gamble(OT Ventura CC) visit to Pitt tomorrow. Quite a story around him IMO. With the offer to the Lackawanna College OT today and the visit of Gamble tomorrow it would appear that Pitt is in a little “panic mode” in trying to shore up the OL numbers for next year with a couple of our senior OL graduating this year.

To which I responded yes – there is panic at Pitt about the OL for this season and next year.

What he was referring to is the recent spate of offers to JUCO and CC offensive lineman to step in and play as soon as they get on campus.  I’m not the only guy who thinks Pitt OL is going to be scary this season – Peak in a podcast addressed this same issue – which honestly got me thinking more in-depth about it.  In the podcast #320 linked above Peak begins talking about the OL and states “the OL is what concerns people the most this coming season…“.   That’s absolutly true – his OL bit starts at the 20:15 mark and I suggest you listen to it.

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