Welcome Scout.com Pitt Fans!

One of the last free message board sites for Pitt football has fallen by the wayside and turned into a subscription series so I think we’ll be visited by new members to the POV and let’s welcome them aboard.

I’m talking about the Inside the Huddle message board where I first got interested in talking about Pitt football in public around 15 years ago. I started out posting topics and replying to posts on there and started really discussing Pitt in public.

Our friend Ike and I got to know each other there years ago.

So, for the ITH guys we’re glad you have come over here to find a new home. You’ll see that it is a different format from the message boards in that I post up an article and you guys let loose with whatever you want to talk about afterwards. That’s the beauty of it here on the POV; we have some great in-depth discussions about every aspect of the football program.

We also have a few pretty strict ground rules here; one is that we don’t discuss politics in any way shape or form and two; I limit the post to no heavy swearing which means you can say things like hell and damn but anything further than that will be flagged and sent to me as an email and I will not approve it. That sounds draconian in this free speaking day and age but it really isn’t. It keeps things on topic here at the POV.

In essence we have very few off topic discussions that don’t pertain somehow to the University of Pittsburgh or directly to Pitt football.

Have at it!

This ’17 schedule ain’t chopped liver…


Favorite receiver of all-time:


Will this help?


PSN wants you to buy them a drink…


Some other topics:

Oklahoma State has their wonderful QB Mason Rudolph and their best WR returning after passing on the NFL draft. That’s a home game and I expect us to see 50 plus points on the board for the other team.

Who is the one player on offense and the one player on defense who you feel we can least afford to lose due to injury during the season?



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    1. hard to argue against … but I will. I will say QH and Hendrix (who I think was greatly missed this past season)


  1. Overall Henderson because of his special teams play.

    Hard to say Hendrix since we have never seen him play.


  2. I am with gc on that one O”Neil and Whitehead -not only excellent players but I expect both are strong leaders and role models for these young Panthers


  3. Assuming one QB wins the job and takes most of the snaps at camp, I think losing that QB and putting someone in there with no experience would be a disaster. QB is one position where there is NO EXPERIENCE coming back, so the backup certainly won’t have any time with the offense.


  4. From PSN:

    UPDATE (2:37 PM)-
    **Pitt has made the Top Five for a talented defensive end from Florida. Jarret Jackson (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida) holds 20+ offers and has narrowed his list down to five schools. Jackson (6-foot-4, 257 pounds) says he decide between Pitt, Louisville, NC State, North Carolina and Florida State. Jackson is the nephew of former Pitt great Ricky Jackson.


  5. On offense it’s Henderson by a long shot. On defense it’s coach Conklin(just kidding). Right now it has to be Whitehead playing like he did as a freshman.



    From: E.J Borghetti

    Re: Pitt Football/Mel Blount Youth Leadership Initiative Media Opportunity

    The Pitt football team’s 2017 newcomers will host a fitness and football clinic for kids at the Mel Blount Youth Leadership Initiative on Wednesday, July 26. The team will arrive at 12:15 p.m. Following lunch, the clinic will start at approximately 1:15 p.m.

    Media members interested in attending the clinic should email E.J. Borghetti in advance so that proper accommodations can be made. Also, please let us know of any special interview, photo or video requests that we can arrange.

    The schedule for the day is as follows:

    12:15 p.m. Pitt football team arrives/welcome from Mel Blount/lunch

    1:15 p.m. Fitness Trails

    2:15 p.m. Football Clinic

    3:15 p.m. Group Photo and Media Availability

    The address is: 6 Mel Blount Drive, Claysville, PA 15323.


  7. Welcome Huddlers. This is a great blog. Lots of views and ways of expressing them.

    I say Max Browne and Jordan Whitehead



  8. About Kamonte Carter on “Last Chance U” —-

    Okay, for any fans who watched the show —-

    First off — especially for those who know how Documentary Editing for a show like that is done…

    This show as all cut AFTER all of the Footage was captured and brought to home-base. Kam Carter over the course of the show got BUTCHERED by the editors my goodness.

    First off —- “East Mississippi Community College” is just a tiny wild-west town with ‘no law’ compared to a Pitt. There are no “Wyatt Earp” Patt Narduzzi’s with his resources and staff to keep kids’ head’s on-straight.

    But I did research and Kam Carter got in ZERO discipline trouble at that school. His only ever run-ins with outside discipline were for “failed Marijuana tests” at penn state.

    In probably over 50+ hours of footage in that the ‘Netflix’ crews gathered, in the last half of the show they really painted a super negative picture of Carter.

    Obviously he cleared his Academic hurdles if Pat Narduzzi gave him the offer.

    Biggest thing was how he was with the Head Ball Coach at East Mississippi Community College.

    Their coach was incredibly comfortable with Kam, even to the point he was totally flabbergasted when he heard that Kam Carter on two separate occassions had an “altercation” once with a teammate, and another time with his very-headstrong and non-relenting Defensive line coach.

    ……Dang…..I didn’t know Cater already had (!!) 3 children til later in the series wow lol

    But Kam Carter was by-far the most documented subject of that whole series, with the cameras following him around so much that the whole series coulda just been about him —- and they did edit-in by the end of the series bascially Exclusive footage of him at his absolute most ‘raw + WORST’ moments. But he was the Biggest, Strongest, Most Talented Kid on that Team — and Pat Narduzzi vetted-him personally and said, Yes. — I gotta ‘Buy-In’ on Kamonte Carter — who, if he gets into Pitt and clears all Academic Hurdles — is instantly,BY-FAR, Pitt’s Biggest and most Talented Defensive Lineman the moment he puts-on his pads.


    1. And I hope that he is holding a very big grudge against penn state. A hugely, bigly big, grudge.


  9. well karma seemed to be against the Pitt defense last year … at this time a year ago, the 3 newcomers we were looking forward to the most were Hendrix, Hill and Hamlin (all 4-stars) … and they barely saw the field. Combining that with the QBs and WRs we played against last year, it was almost like the Perfect Storm.

    Maybe things will turn around this year and a few of the newcomers will pan out.


    1. wwb, it could’ve a very bump September with penn state, OK ST. & GT all in a row, but by mid season this defense will be unrecognizable as compared to last years unit.
      You’ll see.


  10. Just picked up 2 tickets for GT AT $11 a piece on stub hub + got 2 for Duke on the Pitt side 35 yard line for $15 a piece.

    Hail to PITT!


    1. as I recall from 2 years ago, if you’re on the 35 yard line near the open endzone, you will be right next to where most of the Pitt fans will be


  11. pmd..hope you are right about Max being a leader-has to be in his position. Hope somebody else at the QB position gets some quality snaps this year. I am excited about this season but think it will be a springboard for bigger and better things to come.
    Reed..Ricky Jackson’s blood interested in PITT..this is where he need’s to be……


  12. That’s a great comment Dark Knight, we have to watch these types of show with the proper perspective. After-all it’s entertainment more like studio wrestling than it is actual football stuff. Kam just was the focal point as he was more comfortable in front of the camera. I have a possible nickname from the show. Kam the “Ham” Carter.

    Sure hope some of my pals make it over to the POV from Inside the Huddle. I know a couple of guys that played football for PITT and they are great commenters/posters from ITH, and many more flat out studious PITT fans. 24/7 is run by a psu guy that I butted heads with. I think I have 3 lifetime bans by him.

    Where is BG68 and pitt22 (Shaun)? and you pitt75? Let’s get with it men!

    Let’s face it. PITT isn’t quite in a position to lose any starter except for maybe running back. Then again on the other side of perspective we won’t know how deep the team is until we see some of these other younger players step up and in.

    If Browne doesn’t quite do the job or gets hurt? Will it be that bad for this season or would we find a QB of PITT’s future? Same goes for the O-Line which seems to lack depth or does it? I really like Warren, Drake, Morgan and PITT seems to like the Morrissey kid. It might be nice to have a new youngster in the lineup for 3 or 4 years.

    OK that said, my two players that would be missed the most.

    Offense… Weah, he’s the guy that will make or break the passing game this year.

    Defense…Whitehead, he’s the guy that if plays as outstanding as he can, could really bring this unit together. imo… ike



  13. Pittman, what ever happen to your signature sign off? It was very clever. or were you just busting my balls? πŸ™‚


  14. Browne.
    I think Ffrench is only a tad behind QH.
    As for defense, it’s a toss up.
    And why does Kam having three kids remind me of a certain running back who switched to WVU and had two kids?


  15. Ike,
    How dare you criticize a Pittsburgh icon like Studio Wrestling!!!! When I was a kid I would watch it with my BaBa (Polish Grandmother). Baba, who lived on the hill in Southside, made Ringside Rosie look and sound like an alter girl!!!! My Baba also made awesome home made pierogies!!!! Nothing better in the Burg on a Saturday night than to watch Studio Wrestling in Southside while eating home made pierogies with BaBa!!!
    Thanks for the memories, BaBa!!!!!!


  16. Ike@11:13 am,
    Sir, I humbly confess I was just busting your…….. and enjoyed it immensely!!!! :>)


  17. Dark – your comment: “Obviously he cleared his Academic hurdles if Pat Narduzzi gave him the offer.” isn’t necessarily true at all. Lots of JUCO offers go out pending the academic requirements are met before the start of the fall camp at the new school.

    If they don’t make the clearinghouse requirements that open scholarship then gets carried over into the next recruiting class.

    I have no idea what Carter did as far as the academic requirements but just getting an offer by no means makes it a fact that he did indeed meet them.

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  18. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ — @Reed…… It’s vital that you talked before about the extreme difficulties of addiction….. What’s it gonna take for you to kick your addiction to the Pitt POV?? haha I knew you couldn’t stay away long πŸ™‚ !!


  19. I wish you wouldn’t have said that DK. There’s a big humongous difference between pumping out an article everyday and writing a 2 paragraph post. Yes, talking PITT football is addictive and we all need to keep Reed engage but try and make it as easy on him as we all can.

    That said, and I will say it first and I don’t care what Reed thinks of it. Come next month if Reed gets back a bit of his PITT mojo. We all need to kick in a little again to help our man out. Reed, my check is practically in the mail as I speak. but not really. but it will be very soon.. πŸ™‚ …ike

    We All Pittman’s got
    We All Pittman Needs
    Hail to Pittman and all Pover’s


  20. whether you agreed with Reed’s analyses or not, one thing that should have been apparent to all was the substantial amount of research and subsequent data and detail Reed included in his (often) daily blogs.

    He certainly didn’t do in the past what he did here … locating a handful of Pitt-related articles and posting them for our consumption and reaction. This can be done in a short amount of time yet certainly serves the purpose of keeping us PittPOVers engaged, as evidenced in the postings above.

    It is IMO to not only respond to the stories that he links but to further the discussion as long as it pertains to FB … and perhaps Pitt athletics. Further, if Reed just continued to do this with maybe a detailed MMQB and a Thursday or Friday preview, I would be content.


    1. the last sentence was meant for once the season starts and Reed had continued to have time restraints.


  21. Ike – HaHa!!! You da man!

    There once was a Pitt fan named ‘Ike’
    Who many POVers did like
    He proudly wore his blue and gold
    His love for Pitt was clearly bold
    And when it comes to our enemy Penn State
    The Nitters and JoePa top his list of hate

    (don’t worry, I’m not coming out of retirement to write poetry)


    1. And while we’re bashing penn state

      Remember, there is no debate,

      Whether they lose to us just one game or perhaps two,

      At the end of the day,,,,, we all know,,, Joe knew.


  22. Oh great, now even the Boy Scouts of America is forbidden to be mentioned on the Pitt POV since that organization has now also been tainted by association with an unsavory individual.


  23. Ike & Pittman4ever

    Let’s not scare the Huddlers away by making them think that we are too intellectual. πŸ™‚



  24. LOL pmd, we are jus keeping it real in the POV field. It’s what we do in da burgh…

    About this new tailgate experience being offered up as a service. I say OK with me. It’s an attempt to service people who may want to do something like this. It’s another option but I’m hearing all kinds of criticisms and snide remarks. What the hey? I hear the hollers for action but every-time an idea is presented it’s shot down by the same people who live to be cynical 24/7.

    PITT needs answers to the problems not so much complaints about what they do. Although even negative feedback can be good as well but only from conscientious well intended people. imo … ike


    1. It is the human condition. The bitchers & moaners are that way because their personalities like to,,,,, SURPRISE! moan & bitch.


  25. Breaking!!!

    Brian Batko βœ” @BrianBatko
    Texas grad transfer OT Brandon Hodges announces he’ll play his last season at Pitt. Talk about an 11th-hour pick-up.

    I have no idea how good he is but the OL can certainly use some expereince


    1. Brandon Hodges’s started 9 games for Texas last season at RT.

      Good pick-up as he can play both guard positions as well.


  26. more on Hodges:

    The 6’5, 310-pounder sat out for most of the spring due to academic difficulties, but apparently recovered enough in the classroom that he was able to graduate and retain his final season of eligibility.

    However, as a result of missing that time, Hodges fell behind senior Tristan Nickelson and sophomore Denzel Okafor at the right tackle position, where Hodges started nine games in 2016.


  27. ^^ ???? Why is Brandon Hodges — https://www.burntorangenation.com/2017/6/20/15838648/brandon-hodges-graduate-transfer-texas-longhorns-football#comments — a final-year Senior someone Pitt wanted??

    Did they deem that Jaryd Jones-Smith was not up to the task to be the #1 right guard??? That is the single, only plausible thing that seems to make sense??

    Or, is Pat Narduzzi going to set an big-time exampe on Alex Bookser and suspend him for a long time — so he wants a 5th year Senior (Hodges — started 9 full games at Texas last year at Right Tackle did okay) to come in and start at that tackle spot over the RS Freshman??

    Did Brandon Hodges just come to Pitt because Pitt was a school that would let him get a scholarship to come earn a Graduate Degree, while getting the full-ride to be a backup???

    So many questions on this super-late pick-up on a 5th year offensive lineman???


    1. Jaryd Jones Smith at Right Tackle I meant…. did they decide he wasn’t doing well enough, so they wanted a “Healthy” player with experience for that role?? Interesting…

      Pat Narduzzi always is up to something.


    1. yea, that’s a better explanation

      Plus there is no experience at all with any of the back-ups


  28. I understand why Narduzzi would want Hodgers as an experienced offensive line man. I’m not sure why Hodgers would want to come to Pitt not being assured of any substantial playing time. It could be for the graduate program with little to no likelihood of any possible NFL play in his future.


  29. Still doesn’t explain Cam outside of a great football player and to shove it to PSU. I personally was excited about him but watched Last Chance U and came away wishing he picked a different school.


  30. We have been saying on here since winter that our OL is not deep. We’ve been worried about it! Duzz brings in depth and we say ” why did Duzz do that. Maybe because he likes our graduate school”.
    Really??? LOL


  31. Refresh my memory about our AD and some sort of tailgating organization.

    I haven’t read anything about it but I haven’t been looking either – can someone give me a link or tell me what it is?


  32. Some great points here from you guys:

    jrn, right on, having Hodges in the fold is all good for PITT. Being the optimist that I am, we all will be real happy he’s playing for PITT by the end of the season. Not to mention the young man graduated from Texas. Yes, I did mention it and Texas is probably no big whoop but a degree is a degree.

    ted? c’mon, it’s a TV show. and imo.. if he actually makes it onto the team, then I’ll feel he’s earned it. Again, no lose for PITT. I’ll even bet there is a disclaimer absolving the participants of their behavior as being “doctored up”??

    Narduzzi is on the beam here guys and gals, he’s adding to the one thing PITT football is lacking right now. DEPTH! Let’s not crucify people we don’t know or have a REAL clue about.

    Grizzly, so happy you mentioned the much maligned Maddox. It’s a good choice, what would PITT do without a soon to be 4 year starter? Like or lump it, Blair and Maddox have been very hard to keep off the football field their first 3 years at PITT. Make of that what you all will.. …ike

    Good night Houston


    1. Ike, if Maddox was 6’1″ he’d be vying for All American status for the 2nd year in a row. Unfortunately, at CB size does matter.


  33. Reed, it’s more of a partnership with a professional group called “TailGate Guys” Many teams across the country have joined in and it’s another option. Chris Peak has an article up about it but I couldn’t find a link because I’m stone cold stoopid! .. ike


  34. There once was an ike from nantucket…..

    My poetry ain’t so good either, so I’ll stop there.

    I don’t think that our OL isn’t deep or talented. it just lacks game experience. It could be one of several issues with Bookser, Jared BurgerSmith and Officer upfront. Solid security, but I would like to see Morgan, Drake and Carter get some work.

    Welcome Scout dudes and dudettes!


  35. Nothing is rumored as to a Ol guy O’Neill or JJS not being physically good to go. Bookser does have some legal issues so adding depth and keeping a redshirt is preferable. The incoming freshman will not be under any gun to play before they are ready. QB, TE and OL grad transfers take some pressure of the freshman and red shirt freshman. Buys time to let the Ol and TE be scout team contributors. Reeves may be a player at TE. Kids a monster. Pitt needs to get to 85 and two players or recruits have to go. My guess is Gilbert is not cleared and will go off the football ride. Who the other is unknown. Ford will not know until August 4th from what I hear. But he may already know as he knows what what was required. If he doesn’t make it, Hodges brings them to 85.


  36. Huff: may I finish for you?

    There once was an Ike from Nantucket,
    Who conjured Pitt thoughts by the bucket.
    To submit all he said,
    Caused a jam on the Web,
    So Ike said, “Screw it”,
    I’ll just have to truck it.

    There ….. and Reed, you didn’t have to “Gong” me!!


  37. My choice of the one player we cannot afford to lose to injury on offense and defense is

    Jordan Whitehead.


  38. LOL @ SP. Well played! Ike and Reed welcome back. The forum continues! In case you Scout folks need introductions, we have Tex, from Houston, Jackson from Mississippi, Gary from Indiana and Cleveland. I don’t know where Cleveland is from.

    Offense – can’t lose : QB and Oneill.
    Defense – Uggggh! Right now, I can’t find one where I think it would be critical if we lost. One might argue and say that is good because all of the players are about the same so a loss of one wouldn’t be catastrophic. Conversely, you could argue that the loss of one is sooo big, that the defense might equal last years output.

    I’ll go with Whitehead because the whole department of defense is going to be newish!!


  39. Great move landing Hodges. Some Pitt fans might be scared off by his minor academic rut he hit at Texas, but Hodges graduated early from college to show he took his school work serious. The O-line needed depth and the coaches made it happen so kudos to them.


  40. Offensively, I agree that the FB Aston would be the biggest loss. He’s so good at blocking and has been extremely versatile.

    Defensively, the fans. We need more, especially in the lower endzones.



    We will 100% for sure have Pitt POV tailgates for every home game. Rest your minds on that and they will be legendary.

    Fran, I’ve been remiss in talking to you about this. When I drive up for one of the first week’s camp practices let’s get together and discuss specifics.

    Speaking of tailgates here is the link for the Tailgate Guys.


    If Pitt is going to have formal tents set up I think it might not be a bad idea for POV to get in on the ground floor of that… but we’re going to have to have commitments from a bunch of POV’ers before we go ahead and allocates resources & money for that so we’ll decide that once the actual details come out.

    On a separate note the day after I posted up that I was going to step back from the POV a little bit I got another job offer from a national magazine… stringer for Pitt football of course. Like sharks in the water…


  42. First off count me in on any which way or where for the tailgate and for whatever cost.

    If you’re going to write about PITT football it should be for the POV. This is your baby and people take care of their kids, it’s what you’re suppose to do!! ike

    Anyway Anyhow


  43. I’ll cheat a bit and say we can’t lose Weah on offense, Whitehead on defense, and QH on special teams!


  44. BigB …… blind hog finds an acorn every now and then!

    But Thanks!

    BTW – can’t lose:
    O – whoever plays center. Thin there, right?
    D – Whitehead is obvious choice. But we have so many new guys coming into the D, that just about every position will have 1st string and 2nd string newbies, and probably not much separation. So replacements available of similar calibre – at least early in season.


  45. FWIW – the new grad transfer from Texas can play all five Oline positions, including Center. I believe Bookser can as well. Hmmm…

    The Oline depth got much better yesterday, provided Bookser’s punishment is only one game. Any more than that, I’d say Pitt maintained the status quo, which is better than doing nothing.

    BTW – someone mentioned Zach Gilbert in a comment yesterday – he has not been listed on the Pitt roster for over a month. I hope he is doing well with his health issue and school work.

    HTP and beat penn state!


  46. BTW, Hodges played at Texas is 2015 while new OC Watson coached there; I assume that had something to do with him coming here.


  47. Pitt BB offered a JUCO forward last night from New Mexico JC. Kene Chuckwuka is 6’9″ and he ken chuck-it – courtesy of YouTube –


  48. Speaking of Kam Carter, below is a recent tweet from him. I have mixed emotions here

    β˜…$β˜† KAM CARTER β˜† $β˜…β€ @PipeUpKAM5

    What they aint show on last chance u is that i got deans list 3.75 .


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