OK! A Zoom Pitt POV Discussion It Is…

This should be fun. I’m scheduling a Pitt POV Zoom meeting for Tuesday Evening, Dec 14th at 8:00pm. I do weekly Zoom meetings for another organization so I know how to host these pretty well. I upgraded my account so that we have unlimited attendees and an unlimited time period for the meeting. The basic Zoom plan limits meetings to 40 minutes so I went to a “pro” subscription. Nothing is too good for POVers.

I will send out a mass email tonight with the Zoom instructions (meeting site, etc…) so that we don’t have zoom bombers all over the place.

What I need from you is this… Send me an email as soon as possible and no later than tomorrow morning so that I have your email address and then can include you in the meeting list – also , if you would, please put “POV Zoom” in the Subject line.:


Please put some interesting questions/topics of discussion in the comments box below or in your email to me and I’ll moderate our discussion using them so that it isn’t just a free for all talkfest. I have received some good ones already but can use more for tomorrow and for future Zoom meetings before the bowl game and during the off season.

Let me think about how the nuts and bolts of the discussion should be but I’ll figure that bit out before Tuesday. This should be fun for all…


It should look something like this when we are all in the meeting except people will be younger and the only female will be Annie (hopefully):