Heather: “Hey Pat, What’s McNeese State’s Phone Number Again?


Hey – the fighting “Cowboys and Cowgirls” had a better record than we did wearing the blue and yellow so maybe things are looking up for us.  And what the hell is this guy talking about?  But at least those pants are semi-gold…

… 4. The whole uniform design is a throwback to what any reasonable observer would call the most beloved sports era in Pitt history.

The football team was a national power in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, dressed like this:

I could live with the look below if the “PITT” was in the old script (and in real gold coloring).

2013 Pitt Panthers Blue Uniform with New Helmet Stripe

But really, how hard would it be to just stick with the actual, formal, school colors as shown in Pitt’s own Public Affairs guidance... But if we do that we can’t switch apparel out every time we need money to extend PN’s contract another 15 years.

School colors

I do like the new Panther logo – that goes back to 1930’s tradition when the Cathedral was built.  I think my Dad proposed to my Mom while swimming in that fountain after a night of heavy drinking in the Phi Gamma Delta basement.

I’ll pass on the “arched” numbers though, personally I think that looks silly.  Again, we’ll revisit this is a few years when Nike tells us “OK, time to do it all over again Pitt!”  And that will happen as soon as this version’s sales start dropping off.

I’m actually OK with it all but just think they could have done better. Let’s hope this is the uniform that sees us win a bowl game.  OK – Back to OC Whipple promising the moon.

If anyone in Maryland is bored this Saturday evening come join me for a bit of the Bard…

H5 Program

MM Note – here is the pic “Big B” referenced below.  A throwback’s throwback.  That helmet looks like a toy!

1970's throwback

A Follow-On About Media/Scout Access and Recent Recruiting

A Follow-On About Media/Scout Access and Recent Recruiting

In light of the recent article Mike put up the other day and our responses to it I’d like to share a Rivals.com Podcast by Chris Peak that addresses both subjects very well.  It was done last week and you should listen at least from the 3:00 mark to 6:15 or so for his take on media access then the rest of the podcast is about ‘What happened to the 2016 recruiting class?”

I wanted this up for readers to listen to because he echoes exactly what I have been saying about the total shutdown of information save for what is force fed us from Pitt and the football staff.


Now – Chris’ idea of what makes a “star” player differs from mine.  My criteria is that the player be named to All-ACC 1st or 2nd teams or, of course, All-American.  His is that the player plays well in his role as a starter.  But that aside – I agree again with his ideas here.

2016’s class was just as Peak says it was – hyped to hell because it was Narduzzi’s first full recruiting class and it held five 4* recruits.  Here it is:

'16 part 1

'16 Part 2

Granted these kids have a year or two left but the reality is most often that ‘star’ players usually show their talent and worth in their first three years.  There are exceptions sometimes – RB Darrin Hall is one who broke out in his SR season, but really, if a kid hasn’t shone by the time their third year rolls around odds are that they will continue to be basically regular players.

In other words Pitt has to field 22 starters and someone has to do it.

And that is what Pitt has had last year and I believe, going into the 2019 season. The fact is that out of those 24 players who joined in the 2016 class only one has made any post-season teams and that is 3* WR Maurice Ffrench.  Peak lists two others – DB Hamlin and DL Weaver are the other two but I wouldn’t call them “star” players…  good players yes, great players? No.  I think Peak calls them “major contributors” – that I can agree with but IMO they aren’t star players (yet).

Honestly, I see much the same when I look at Narduzzi’s 2017 and 2018 classes also.  We are becoming a roster overwhelmingly full of 3* players and thus are playing (less than) 3* football over the last two seasons.  This is why PN has to rely on so many transfer players who come in for a season. The recruits he’s been able to convince to come to Pitt have been lacking.

Some kids will surprise – that happens every year  but I think we have to keep fingers crossed with both hands to hope we get play above what it looks like we’ll get.



Great Future Articles Ideas

Great Future Articles Ideas

I just had lunch with Pittman4ever (Jim G.) as we always do when he comes to Maryland to visit his daughter’s family.  As we ate we sat and thought up possible future articles about Pat Narduzzi and Pitt football that would be sure to upset most Pitt fans.

As of now we have 43 different topics to cover. The first eight are about recruiting.

Just though you should know…can’t wait till mid-April!!  How about you!!!  Which subjects do you think we can write about to torque fans off?







Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Celebration…Free!

Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Celebration…Free!

I’ve been remiss for not getting this PSA out sooner but a local health care organization I volunteer with, Gilchrest, has an annual “Welcome Home Vietnam Vets” celebration and this year it is on  Saturday, March 30th.

It isn’t too late to register for this free gig at Martin’s West  just outside of Baltimore.  All Vietnam era vets and their families are invited- great full brunch and a speaker’s program that is just fantastic – this year the Governor of Maryland is the keynote speaker (last year was Jan Suggs who headlined the efforts to get the Vietnam Memorial Wall built in DC).

In addition this year we’ll have a vet who spent several years in the Hanoi Hilton POW camp.  He’ll share his story with us, along with a nurse who served in-country and other great speakers.

I will be there again as a volunteer Veteran and hope to see anyone else from our POV family who might want to take part. You will absolutely not be disappointed you did this and I promise it is worth even a hour or two drive – it is that well done and meaningful.  It is a true Welcome Home! to our citizens who served during the Vietnam war era who didn’t get the reception they deserved back then.

Here is a great video explaining just what this is all about…

Here are some great photos of last year’s event:

Welcome Home 2018

There will also be a detailed and expert US Military Museum set-up by the Boys Latin Center for Military History in a seperate room to look at and learn from.

Image result for gilchrist welcome home vietnam

Thanks all and hope to see you there, and no – I won’t be in uniform – that was 30 pounds ago!  Again – here is the link to register for this well done and memorable event.

Reed Kohberger, LCDR, USCG (Ret.)


The More Things Change…

The More Things Change…

… the more they stay the same. To wit – Reed’s going to be back with the POV again.

I know – WTF? Right? Well, I have just been in meetings with both my accountant and my lawyer about the animal that The Pitt POV is and what it became since I turned the reins over to Mike (“Awesome Mike” I call him).

The upshot of what is happening is this – The Pitt POV is a certified Small Business registered under my name in the state of Maryland and because of that I have some pretty strict  legal requirements on what I can and cannot do with it.

The two main things are having employees and liabilities associated with the business. In a nutshell if we kept the arrangement the way things are today Mike is my “employee” (even if I’m not paying him anything) and thus I am responsible to pay him wages and provide benefits for him…etc.  Since he’s ‘managing’ the Pitt POV business and is it’s full-time writer a whole slew of  legal issues kick in.  There are also issues with copyrights and other crap.  Plus all the computer/website/domain things are still in my name and I’m still paying for everything which makes all the legal stuff even harder to get out of.

This truly came as a real shock to me and we looked at every angle to try to keep things as they currently are, but as Billy Shakespeare wrote, “There’s the rub…” (See below).

So, the upshot is that I’ll be taking The Pitt POV back under my control and Mike will be a ‘guest writer’ just as things were before I turned it over.  It’s either that or I have to close the business and disband The Pitt POV altogether.  

Angry Narduzzi

I don’t think anyone wants that to happen… except maybe  King Pat, the current Pitt HC.  This won’t happen right away and I’ve just talked with Mike over the phone this evening and we decided we’ll keep this arrangement until the middle of April or so.

Mike  is a real gentleman and so very gracious and understands what this means for the blog.  He’s OK with this (I was really worried that I’d  be disappointing him)  and I suspect maybe a small bit relieved as he’s a  brand new father and we know how time and effort intensive that is.

What we envision happening after the switch back is that I’ll hold all management issues get back to writing more articles and he’ll kick in his own expert point of view on Pitt athletics when he wants to – instead of feeling that he’s obligated to.

I do hope all the POV readers and commenters understand that I was very happy with Mike’s efforts and his writing on here – he’s a solid wordsmith and his articles are great,   even though he and I see things through different lenses some times.  After the changeover we’ll have a bit of a ‘Point-Counter Point‘ going I’m sure.

One of the reasons we’ll wait until April is that I’m in Shakespeare’s play (Henry V) at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company in Baltimore.  This is a Vet Arts Connect program run in conjunction with the Veterans Affairs. It has been a blast so far even if the twice weekly rehearsals are pretty brutal for me as my memory ain’t what it used to be.

Especially because I’m playing three roles (Duke of York, The Dauphin and Bishop of Ely). I’m seriously thinking about getting one of those play-calling wrist cuffs a QB wears with my dialogues on it. So I’m two-blocked with that commitment until mid-April when we stage the play for the paying public.

So Mike will keep the reins until after the Pitt Spring Game on April 13th, which also is the day my play will be performed, then we’ll switch over.  That is until Mike decides to start his own Pitt blog and take all the Pitt POV readers with him…which he half-joking said he just might do… and that would be fantastic also.

I do want to reiterate to everyone that I was completely happy with the arrangement as it has been since Mike took over and really am sorry we can’t keep on that way.  But it is what it is and truth be told I’m looking forward to being involved again…  I miss you guys a lot more than I thought I would so that’s a silver lining with the situation at least.

Thanks and I’ll see you next month.


I’ve a Lot to Be Thankful For…

I’ve a Lot to Be Thankful For…

My necessaries are embark’d:  Farewell…. Hamlet

When I started this Pitt POV blog back in June of 2016, after many years of writing about Pitt football for the Pitt Blather, I knew it would become a huge deal in many ways.  If that sounds like bragging then maybe it is – but I knew that Pitt football had a large, strong and diverse fan base and so I tailored my writing in a specific manner. I wanted it to be different from all the other websites and media outlets that toe the party line and spread sweetness and light everywhere.

Some of that wasn’t what a lot of die-hard blinders-on fans wanted to read because I didn’t hesitate to act in a critics role when I felt something or someone was skewed toward the bad side of the road and so I pointed it out. As a critic does in many different ways.  Some Pitt fans want nothing but positivity so they read a bit here then went over to other websites that better fit their way of thinking.

Writing whatever jumped to mind or was triggered by events was pretty easy to do in that I was never covered by the strict rules of Journalism precepts (although I adhered to them as much as I felt was appropriate).

I also didn’t hesitate to praise things or people if that was the case but that wasn’t why the Pitt POV existed – what I wanted to do is write compelling articles that raised the level of discussions so that the readers themselves could carry the show – and boy did you ever!

So sometimes I exaggerated in a stance taken to do just that – get new readers involved first with reading the articles then by chipping in on the comments section.

That obviously worked very well.  I posted up the POV’s statistics in a separate article not too long ago so I won’t repeat them all here but I do want to share a few; in only 28 months we have had 750 blog posts with 96K+ comments. A total of 1,896,248 “views” have taken place with 189,000 “visitors” who have read the articles and commented.

My friends, that outpaced even what I thought would happen and it was due to you.  I truly believe that – my writing was but one small part.  However, your devotion to the blog (if that isn’t too strong a word) with your insightful comments, emails, phone calls and all the extra-curricular stuff like the Golf Outings and POV tailgating were really what the Pitt POV has been about. And its been all good even when I was upset with certain things.

Thank you – each and every one of you – for everything you  have done in making the Pitt POV what a great experience it was for me. I can’t thank you enough as I bow out stage left and hand over the POV to Michelangelo.

Since today is Thanksgiving let me close with these thoughts…

I am truly thankful for the great new friends I have made through the POV. You are too numerous to list but you sure do know who you are.  However, I want to acknowledge a handful of guys – Ike (Ike!) for being supportive when I wanted to do this last year; Rick (Erie Express) for the long hours he puts in setting up the golf outings; Fran (Lastrow) for his dedication to providing the wonderful tailgating parties for the POVers; Bernie (BigB) for his support financially and otherwise and Jim (Pittman4ever) for being a great new friend and keeping the civil discussions just that way.

And Annie for being the group conscious and keeping us rowdy guys from getting too far over the line sometimes..

Thank you all… really and truly.

I’m also thankful that I have now realized it is just the right time to use my time and energies elsewhere and finally let go of the blog.  While Pitt football and basketball is fun and this season is pretty exciting as well (and well done Panthers!) it isn’t involved in my life as much as it used to be.  As a matter of fact I really didn’t follow the team closely after the first few games this year and I think my writing reflected that also. Don’t tell anyone, but I haven’t watched the last four games at all… so that’s a true clue as to what to I need to do at this juncture.

I’m OK with that because at this point in my life – starting the last third of it – I am ready to double down on my volunteer work in trying to keep helping others.  Thirty-three years of hands-on public service gets into your blood.  I’ve a few pretty important irons in the fire along those lines and that’s where I need to concentrate here on out.

I stopped taking donations on here some time ago.  Do me a personal favor and at some point down the road toss a few bucks that you might have donated to me where it is really needed to help others and think of the POV when you do it.  Please – I’d really appreciate it.

So – thanks for the great time; sparring back and forth and always learning something new each day has been a great joy over these last three years and I urge you all to get behind Michelangelo just as you have supported me since the blog started.  He’s a great one to take over the helm and hell… I’ll drop in an article every once in a while to let you all know I’m still alive… and remember – Civility at all times!

Best wishes for fair winds and following seas to you all,



Pitt vs Wake Forest Predictions Thread

Pitt vs Wake Forest Predictions Thread

What would have been a small game has now turned into a big game due to Pitt’s ACC winning streak which now stands at three and counting.  Pitt’s Panthers (6-4) will be travelling to North Carolina to play the Demon Deacons (5-5).

Now we are playing for  a conference championship and what might be the best bowl offer we have had in ages…

I can’t see Pitt losing this game to Wake Forest after the way we have won the last three games with our strong run game and a defense that has really solidified.

I’ll call this one:

Pitt 35

WF 21 

What do you think?