Peach Bowl Prediction Thread

Pitt’s bowl game is tomorrow, and seems almost anticlimactic doesn’t it? It shouldn’t though. 12 wins is the number everyone keeps talking about, and Pitt has a legit shot at at top-10 finish if they win, which in the grand scheme of things is a pretty nice cherry on top of the ACC-championship cake.

The question of course, is will they win? And if Kenny Pickett were playing I think we’d all feel pretty good about that. He’s not, however, and that horse has been pretty much beaten to death, so save your commentary. Instead, the relatively untried-and-untested Nick Patti will get the start. In my opinion that’s worth about a 15 point swing versus our season average. (Although 15 is a weird number in football, so I’ll just round it up to two touchdowns and a field goal). For those if you with accounting backgrounds, we average 43 points per game right now, so replacing Pickett with Patti, and subtracting 17 gets us to…26 points? Talk about your weird football numbers. I’ll round that right back up to 28. And that doesn’t even factor in the fact that you’ve got Tim Salem calling the plays. (For the record Pitt scored exactly 28 in the Military Bowl, when Salem last stepped in for a departed OC, so there you go. A data point.)

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