Another Take on Whipple

by Joe Lawrence aka JoeL


A lot has been made of the Mark Whipple departure in the past two days. When ensuing public statements don’t provide enough details for mass consumers of college football news, speculation runs rampant. And there are missing pieces in this story for sure. Twitter and message boards are rife with all sorts of thoughts, many of which tend to draw on the negative. Not surprisingly, Pgh radio personalities have been quick to pounce on theories that paint the program in the worst light. Not a surprising move as negative Pitt news gets Pitt fans upset and makes other fans happy – which draws listeners. It’s a business in the end after all.

One comment I read cited Occam’s Razor, which suggests that “the simplest explanation is usually the best one”. A good comment IMO.

Below is my take on the “simplest explanation”.

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