A New, Slightly Used, Pitt QB…

A note from our new QB to his old school USC.

If you would’ve told me back in high school that I would be the starting quarterback for USC, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I wasn’t a five-star recruit or anything, so I didn’t exactly have a ton of big-time offers pouring in. But then one day during my junior year, I got the call that USC would be coming to watch me throw. I remember telling my dad, “Hey, if USC offers me, everyone is going to offer me.” And he just looked at me and said, “If USC gives you an offer … then what else are we waiting for?”

After that morning practice, I went to lunch and my phone started ringing — it was Coach Ellis offering me a scholarship. Everything changed that day…. I was so excited I scheduled my visit immediately, I literally couldn’t wait. My parents came with me on the trip, and it’s so funny, we had no idea where the campus even was — all we knew was “it’s in L.A.” The minute we turned onto Jefferson Blvd, though, the whole scene changed … it’s hard to explain. It’s like I got this wave of a feeling.

The more we walked around campus, the more I was blown away. My parents’ biggest thing was the academics, so as soon as they heard about what a good education I’d be getting, they were sold. I remember we were sitting there, in Coach Helton’s office, and had this really cool moment — where they’re looking at me, like, What do you think?? And I’m looking right back at them, like, This is the place. That Saturday, before we left, I committed to USC and became a Trojan. One of the best days of my life. 

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