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    1. The placement of this thread pretty much sums up the state of the program. On the Panther Lair board there is a discussion about who’s worse – Capel or Stallings? Irrelevant but by the end of this long 31 game season, the discussion might gain more interest.

      Dan seems to believe Capel is calling it in because the recruiting outlook is dismal. But isn’t Capel’s brother responsible for recruiting? If so, why is he still employed?

      How is Lyke evaluating him? Zeise, Starkey, Meyer, Cook, these guys should be chasing down the story. We all agree the evisceration of Pitt basketball is a story (i.e. whose worse discussion).

      By the way, our former coach isn’t doing so well, either: https://www.heartlandcollegesports.com/2021/04/16/transfer-chaos-means-an-even-hotter-seat-for-jamie-dixon-in-2021-22/


  1. Thread on my iPad but not on my computer ??? Maybe we are better hiding the thread in the Internet weeds. After 12 minutes of play we have ONE field goal????? We should play Chatham.

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  2. Basketball is a game of runs within the game. Pitt just hasn’t made a run yet – there are still 7 minutes left in the half and we have 8 points.


  3. The wrong team made that run.

    We now have 11 points with 5 minutes left in the half – this next run is ours.



  4. What a pathetic performance….after losing to bottom feeders of the Colonial Conf, and American East….and getting blown away by something called Monmouth. Add in no recruits for 2022.

    If I was AD….Capel and his crew would be fired after this game unless they come back and win.


  5. Look at the bright side. Pitt may have just found it’s next coach .. King Rice.

    Played at NC but coaches in NJ/NYC area with many connections

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    1. Bring in anybody…..can’t be any worse…than losing at home to The Citadel, UMBCxyz & now Monmouth.


  6. tHEY finally get the camera angle switched to show the Oakland Zoo…on tv. And there are like 20 people there in Oakland Zoo T’s.

    Whatever is left of the Zoo….Capel has totally destroyed this season.

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  7. How can a supposed P5 program shoot 22% against Monmouth. They have no clue how to get the ball into Hugley. Or at least they didn’t for the first 15 minutes of the half.\

    This guy and his turd staff can not coach a lick.


  8. If no decent recruits are found by someone very soon, Hugley has no reason to stay – get in “a” car and jump to the portal to save you basketball career.

    It is very sad watching what Chancellor Gallagher has allow Pitt men’s basketball to become.

    Come on man!

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  9. We are all FRUSTRATED because there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Erie, you are right Hugely will transfer because he is in the basketball sewer at Pitt and his talent is wasted. We have NO RECRUITS and why should we have recruits…our coach is probably out the door as soon as Lyke and the Board decide on paying for the buyout.
    If we hire the right coach for next year it is possible that we will pick up some talent from the transfer portal, but that is not a sure thing and who is going to determine who to hire for next year. Hugely will be gone and Jefress should be gone….so how many walk-ons can we play at one time. DISGRACE!

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  10. Pitt slowly catching up, but we should not be in a position where we have to catch up. Capal read the riot act about 3 minutes ago in a time out…why didn’t he call time out early in the 1st half to snap the team out of their snoozefest.


  11. The next game is Saturday 12N in Noo Yawk in Madison Square Garden against a below-average St John’s team. In the past playing in The Garden was a great way to impress potential recruits…..it ain’t gonna happen this year!!


  12. The wrestling team is bad also – blown out a few weeks ago by Lehigh and today by tOSU.

    Some of our guys seem disinterested to give an effort – very disturbing to watch.


  13. I tried to watch the 2nd half of the men’s BB game without commenting. I took a lot in and also held a lot in.

    This team and coaching staff is beyond bad. One stat tied to another jumped out at me offensively – 6 assists on 17 made baskets and 50 attempted shots.

    We have no visible offense.


  14. From Jerry Dipola’s article…

    “….Pitt never got the ball with a chance to win or even tie, and the result was another loss to a mid-major team.
    That makes three amidst the rubble of the Panthers’ 3-7 record (3-6 outside the ACC). Even during the 2017-2018 season – the last of Kevin Stallings’ two seasons that ended in an 0-18 ACC record – Pitt won eight nonconference games.”


    What a TRAINWRECK this program has become…. 😦


  15. The program is beyond repair under Capel, I’m afraid. I knew it was going to be bad. Really really bad actually … and Pitt is still performing worse than I anticipated. I liked the Capel hire. Gave him the benefit of the doubt. But, this team, right now, is trending way worse than the Stallings 0-18 ACC team.

    I still think the way to win in the ACC is hire a recruiter first, coach second, but you have to be able to coach a little.

    I would throw money at Archie Miller and see what happens. The Miller’s have a reported bad blood with Pitt so who knows if it’s possible but you have to at least try.


  16. Zoom Zoom Reed, great to see an updated version of the round-table discussions or of some facsimile of sorts.

    Excited to see some familiar faces and some new ones. I’ll be a stand-byer for this one but may join in on another sometime. For now I just wanted to say that Reed, you never asked for Narduzzi’s head and who knows what the future holds. Narduzzi was never my first or favorite choice it’s just my nature to stick with whats working for now. I was never completely right and you were never completely wrong. So there you are Reed, stuck in the middle with me again! 🙂

    Good luck with the Zoom meetings. ike/iek

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  17. It’s not about being wrong or right. I don’t post my opinions taking that into account whatsoever. They’re just opinions. I’m not a stakeholder so they’re without pressure, too. Opinions as fact is a pet-peeve of mine.

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    1. There are only a handful of things that I can factually comment on lol. I don’t have many connections or sources at Pitt. I used to know the guy who carried the wires when Walt Harris was on the sidelines but I wasted that connection by playing drinking games every time our group of friends saw him on TV.


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