Pitt vs W. Michigan Game Thread; 9/18/21

Western Michigan Broncos 2018 Football Schedule & AnalysisHere is the Gameday Thread for PITT football as we play the Western Michigan Broncos at Heinz Field starting at 12:00 noon. Following are some websites that might help you all get ready to cheer the team onto a win. 

Kickoff time, TV broadcast set for CMU vs. WMU rivalry football game -  mlive.com

These can be used for in-game commenting research also.

Pitt Football Homepage

Pitt ESPN Homepage

Pitt Football Sports Reference Homepage (current & historical info)

Pitt Football 2021-22 Schedule

Pitt Football 2021-22 Stats

Pitt Football 2021-22 Roster

Here are some sites for info on our opponents:

Pitt vs W. Michigan Game Notes

W. Michigan Football Sports Reference Homepage (current & historical info)

W. Michigan ESPN Homepage

W. Michigan Football Roster

MAC Football 2021-22 Standings (w/ links to team pages)

Here is Pitt’s Two Deep for the game:


497 thoughts on “Pitt vs W. Michigan Game Thread; 9/18/21

  1. Could someone post a live stream for the game. I went to the sight that UPitt posted for the U Mass game but they aren’t carrying this game.


  2. Not nervous about this one, might be competitive for a quarter, Pitt beats the spread to go 3-0.

    Pitt 33

    Geldings 13


  3. Meantime, my heroes today are Fran and Wolfe, who who already have the tailgate setup and have been on the North Shore for almost 3 hours already. Way to go guys! LET’S GO PITT! also a shout out to everyone with a special hey for Richard who traveled up from South Carolina.

    Reed, don’t get me started on the mosque debacle, I loved that place. What a total mess up. (I wanted to use much stronger language here)

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  4. Close game as Pitt pulls it out late 23-17.

    My hope is Pitt comes out hard and never lets the geldings have a sniff of victory but…. that’s not the Pitt way. Left my hair long today so it’s easier to pull.

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  5. What is Narduzzi’s history of getting a Pitt win following a big Panther victory? Can he motivate this team? This has all the makings of a trap game.


    1. Direct TV is part of A T & T. Probably depends on what state you live in.

      On A T & T, the Pitt game is on several different Bally Sports TV Channels.
      Here it’s on the same Bally Sports TV channel as Atlanta Braves games.

      Good luck !


  6. All directv channels are nationwide? I don’t think AT&T changed that part of it? I hope? Price has changed and added premium cost for channels which were included before.


  7. Western PA HS Scores of Note:

    No. 1 Central Catholic 50 Norwin 0

    No. 3 North Allegheny 61 Baldwin 14

    My legacy lives at both schools !

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  8. I never can figure out what Whipple is trying to do. Always a little of this and a little of that. Never a grand strategy. The flea gets 1 yard.


    1. I was thinking that too, but the Rooney’s love PSU and don’t like Pitt. They passed on Dan Marino when they needed a QB after Bradshaw was done. Instead they drafted a Mexican with a drinking problem. Idiots…


  9. Don’t be too quick in the blowout predictions.

    Our DBs aren’t that good as we’ve seen today and last week.

    We, of course, win by two touchdowns at least but….

    That last pass was a touchdown and their receivers are wide open. Watching it in person is scary.


  10. Yes. So you have to ask if it’s just Narduzzi being a stubborn idiot or are the corners worse athletes than everyone we play…..so far they are getting schooled by the receivers if this JV team.

    I don’t know which it is but they are definitely slow


    1. Nothing says Pitt football like beating an SEC team on the road and struggling against a MAC team at home.


  11. Hey Pat. If you want us to keep showing up – particularly the casual fan – you need to be able to beat a high school team at home.

    Laughing at that ESPN article saying Clemson fans are Pitt fans for the next 4 games.

    Ha!!! Now they know what it feels like to suffer.


  12. 10 1st downs 129 yds first quarter. Unreal!

    For every argument Duzz can make against zone, I can make one against playing man to man with short, slow D backs.


  13. What is it? Seven years? Has anything fundamentally changed since Narduzzi arrived? What can we look at and say, “Wow! now, there’s an improvement?”


  14. In most important news of the day.

    For the first time since 1979, Purdue’s All-American Band will be without “The World’s Largest Drum” for their halftime performance.

    The drum is simply too big to fit into Notre Dame Stadium. According to Purdue, the drum would fit if the band was allowed to use the home team’s tunnel, but that isn’t going to happen.


  15. Haha. Western Michigan QB better than all 4 of ours. Think about that!!

    Who can possibly defend meatball brains now????


    Total moron.

    Fans will be gone at half on a beautiful day. Feel bad for the students. We will churn out another generation with not football fans after graduation.


  16. Natives very restless in our section. The dad behind me just apologized to his neighbor for bringing him and wasting his afternoon.


  17. Live odds just went to Pitt by 4.5. Spread was 14.5 at kickoff I believe. UPitt, did you take my advice?

    Any accurate QB can pick this D apart. Pitt plays corner island Defense yet has no Reevis.

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  18. Totally speechless at this point. WMU is headed for 500 yards or more today. We knew this was going to happen, this Pitt team is not ready to play.


  19. Worst coached team in the NCCA’s. Hillgrove said they will pick us apart passing out of RPO’s with Narduzzi’s man-to-man secondary. Any good coach can change things up….Narduzzi has to go. I’m glad Heather didn’t hire this bum…

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  20. Getting our ass kicked by a Mac team Frauduzzi and Heather like both deserve to work in division 3. Freaking bums.


    1. I knew you were a smart man when we shook hands. But this will be a strange year. Pitt will end up beating some team that will come as a shock. Still 7-8 win season.


  21. I’ll be submitting an article on five replacement coaches.

    Even if pitt wins, their claim to fame is beating a mediocre Mac team. What does that make Pitt?

    Btw, tech is being blown out by the Hoopies today. Miami losing to Sparty. ACC is terrible.


  22. There should be a clause in Narduzzi’s contract that states that if he loses to a MAC team he gets replaced by the coach that beats him.


  23. Narduzzi was wondering all week why people don’t go to home games. How about the team showing up for a couple of them!


  24. When Larry Richards spent most of the time talking with Duzz on his pregame show about the UT win, I thought we were doomed today. Way too much post-game celebrating of that win. Guilty as charged on my own part, but the team needed to move on.

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  25. Undisciplined, unmotivated, out of shape, no accountability……hmmmm. Must be on the “kids”. A double digit IQ head coach and (edited).

    Thanks Heather!


  26. It would be cool to just play clean football. This game without turnovers and penalties would be completely different.


    1. They will either do max pressure or play an extra secondary come second half. I think they do both. I see the geldings using a third safety. Pitt is easy to defend. They have no run game.


  27. Pitt has no D. And any team withba pass rush will destroy pitt. Pitt is one dimensional on O. That clemson game will be a disaster. Clemson still has a great D.

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  28. Clemson could start their entire second string on both sides and beat us by two touchdowns. With starters they win by 35…if Dabo lets up.


  29. Uh oh!

    Borbs finally took Drexel out – what a mess of a first half.

    Guys, this is a MAC team we are playing.

    D has got to play better.

    They have a run game and we don’t.

    The band is more entertaining today.


    1. Didn’t even know the band was there. With that pumped-in noise c(rap) they immediately
      play after EVERY play.

      Which totally takes any crowd participation out of the game.


  30. My guesstimate for attendance today is 26,000

    The student section is half of what it was vs UMass and the upper section is mostly empty as is the visitor side lower bowl.

    Bad look


    1. Correct. Attendance is bad. Visitor side completely empty. Kids are half gone after half and I don’t blame them. 1/2 of my section never came back from 1/2 time.

      We, frankly, don’t deserve any fan support with this horrible product. Anyone thought the D would adjust at halftime will be disappointed as a bunch of 1 star and no stars run over and around our finely coached team.

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  31. Well from what I read….most of you were expecting a sluggish Pitt team today, after the big win.
    In what some called a ‘trap game’.

    So you got what you predicted. Enjoy Kenny’s Big Day ! 11 for 14, 285 yds 4 TD passes.

    He will throw for over 400 yards today !


    1. Jordan better watch. He’s the reason why Kenny is good today. He won’t be running free come second half. Might be on sidelines with trainers.


  32. Looks like another embarrassing day for the beleaguered ACC. Miami is losing at home to MSU 17-7, VT is getting clowned by the hoopies and Pitt is a possible loser to a mediocre MAC team. Why are we always in the worst football conference?


  33. My stomach ain’t feeling too good right now. And I don’t think it was because of the road kill possum I just ate.


  34. Our offensive line looks terrible. Thought they protected well against Tennessee. Not sure if we should just roll the dice with Drexel and get keldrick Wilson out of there

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  35. I’ve never seen so many receivers so
    wide open.

    When your coach is an asshat (edited) to refs, every call goes against you.


  36. The Broncos have a running game and we don’t. Note to Nardummy….when you all 2 & 3* players you need to abandon the man-to-man press coverage and run an RPO style offense.


  37. Heather will extend the Meatball for 7 more years on Monday after he pulls out a competitive nail biter 44-41.

    “I’m really proud of this team. We fought to the end and did what we needed to do”


      1. I was just thinking that. What trap game? This team has no trap games. Every D1 team in the country is capable of beating us. Thank God Duquesne and Bobby Mo turned us down!


  38. So glad I can not tune in…don’t need this kind of abuse on a beautiful Saturday….we commenters are supposed to be all about rainbows and unicorns….so try to put a positive spin on your posts please or I might no longer post on this site,,,NOT !!!!! Fire Narduzzi !!!! I just dropped some nice coin getting seats to watch the undefeated Panthers beat Clemson….see where rainbows and unicorns can lead you,,,,typical Narduzzi team…the times have passed by Pat’s defensive strategy.


    1. The times have very much passed by Pats defensive strategy. Fact. He has to know this, right? Or, is he so arrogant he refuses to see?


  39. Pitt 1/4 on third 1/3 on fourth down. Total domination by WM.

    I know few care but it’s time for a coaching change at Pitt. ABN

    Anyone but Narduzzi!


  40. He should have been fired after the PSU disaster at home.
    I will go to Clemson to see Fran.
    Season tickets are over for me.
    The end
    N.B Heather owns this too


    1. I had season tickets for 33 years and have not experienced one….NOT ONE magical season in that time. I seriously may be done. Tired of waiting. I will still root for them, but I don’t have to spend half my weekend and spending over $1,000 while doing it. I have had it. Kept saying before I went down to the Tennesse game, Pitt will win that game and come back and shit the bed today. Truly believed that.

      They could never handle success. The minute they sniff the Top 25 in past years, they lose.

      Hoping this year was different considering all the upperclassmen. Hell, they are not even 5th year seniors…some are even older than that. Sickening. Pathetic.

      I am so over this program. Not even asking to go to the playoffs. Can’t ever even end up in the top 25 for cripes sake. 25! Not asking for 5-10…not even top 25 while in ACC Coastal.


  41. My non heart felt apologies to anyone who bet on Pitt. I told y’all. Me and others like Erie and dan and a few more you know who you are. This was a classic trap game. And will be narduzzis first loss against a Mac team. I will have a list up shortly. Replacement list that is. Pitt justvteached a new bottom today. Thanks heather.

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  42. Heather was stupid enough to sign a Home & Home with Western Mich….smh
    Their QB is only a redshirt Soph.


  43. I’m going back and counting all the POVers who said we couldn’t possibly lose to WMich!

    Duzz is a horrible coach, terrible recruiter and worse person. Time for a change!

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  44. This is a total disgrace. Completely on the coaches, no adjustment to the RPO at halftime. I hate the same old Pitt collapse against a MAC team. Don’t care about consequences, Narduzzi has to go. Its year 7 and same failures are occurring. Can’t beat the supposedly lessor talented teams. And don’t get me started on Whipple. I was really hopeful this year, but I was a to think with this coaching staff anything would change.


  45. Folks in here are very knowledgeable and see how bad our O line is. Perhaps the worst in 20years. Not sure the average fan knows how to watch the action and our linemen get totally owned by mid level MAC team in almost every play. Focus on them. Slow, unathletic, not one “mean kid” on that line.


  46. I understand the hesitancy of changing to a new head coach. I understand the need to build consistency. But consistency in mediocracy is simply unacceptable.

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  47. Never did I think Pitt’s lines would get obliterated by a MAC team.

    Narduzzi a failure at everything he touches! Gloves off! He’s NOT a head coach. I’d fire him post game.

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  48. I know I’ve been wrong on things maybe 5 percent of the time. But if anyone wants to make a case for keeping Narduzzi and heather, have at it.

    I made good coin from Vegas on this one. Easy money.

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  49. Only reason I come back for UNC is to see everyone at 5 A. Why couldn’t have I gone to Grove City like my
    Mom wanted??

    Soooooo tired of this!

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    1. And a terrible system being employed on both offense (pro style with 2 & 3* bums with a decent QB every 20 years) and defense (man-to-man press coverage with 2 & 3* bums in the secondary).


  50. Anyone catch Duzz halftime interview with sideline reporter? When asked what he needed to fix, he said “The offense needs to play better” . My wife just looked at me and asked if that is what he said. There are people in the country who watch and see with their own eyes, yet they still deny what occurred. Any respect I had for him left at that moment. Stubborn, arrogant, and obnoxious is no way to go thru life, right Dean Wormer?
    And, as anyone who follows Pitt football knows, next year will be worse by several magnitudes. Halftime adjustments?? Boy, the postgame should skip the good and the bad and just go for the ugly.

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  51. The amount of money I made on this game will buy bourbon for all at every one of Fran’s tailgates this year. Well some of it is going to Texas. Damn longhorns.


  52. New Hampshire just raised its record to 3-0 with a win over Lafayette, so it doesn’t get any easier

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  53. Looong time not posting…. broken hip // depressed. I have been a Pitt fan for more than 64 years and this loss is in the Hall of Fame for crap (edited) Panther football.

    Duzzidisaster should have been canned a long time ago, however, we will all scream, bitch, moan and yell and NOTHING will change —NOTHING. Our administration just does not care—— wait until the basketball season when will continue our total mediocrity!!



  54. Trying to watch Alabama- Florida but it is damn hard to watch real college FB after following PITT for so damn long…. Scary what we are missing!!


  55. The first P5 team W. Michigan has beat since 2016. Once again Pitt willing facilitates over achievement and punching above their weight for a MAC team while adding to its world class record of losing when favored. And what is really telling is the look on Narduzzi’s face as he walks off the field at the end of the game. Its clear from the look on his face he doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to grasp the reason he lost is that he was completely out coached and doesn’t have the ability to make in game adjustments. The best paid coach in FBS struggling to reach a triple digit IQ.


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  56. I don’t even know what to say. While I called the trap game I was hoping I was wrong. Look at the time of possession and the running game statistics. It tells you all you need to know.


  57. I try my hardest to support Narduzzi and the coaching staff. A day like today makes it really tough.

    Pathetic line play, zero run game, no adjustments. Just pathetic. DBs deplorable.


  58. To add insult to injury the MASN channel which carried the game here in central MD cut off the game well into the fourth quarter and put on a several years old Orioles report. Thus here we didn’t get to see Pitt’s miracle come from behind 3 point loss. By the way who putt the lead insoles in the Pitt players shoes? Sorry but I’m just not capable of saying anything nice or intelligent about this one!


    1. Must have been a Pedo or a Hoopie in charge of the controls at MASN. That’s utterly absurd.
      Send them a nasty email !


  59. I didn’t job on the fire Pat thing a couple years ago, but by last year, I was pretty done. That said, this would be the year right? 7 years in – experience on the team etc etc.

    It doesn’t matter what happens after today. Tenn sucks right now and that wasn’t an easy win.

    There is no “good” to report on today. It all sucked.



  60. First P5 win for W. Michigan since 2016. Once again Pitt excels at helping MAC teams over achieve and punch above their weight. Its clear from the look on Narduzzi’s face as he walks off the field he doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to grasp the fact that the reason he lost is because he was completely out coached. Highest paid coach in FBS struggling to reach a triple digit IQ. Heather for the love God please fire this bum and start over.

    FIRE NARDUZZI, nothing will ever change, no chance of getting better as long as he is our coach.


    1. Nick Saban could be here and they would disappoint. This program is jinxed. Not sure what this program did to the football gods, but….. You’d think little kids were abused in their football facilities or something.

      And I am not making light of that horrible situation with Sandusky. It is painful to watch this whiteout as if that never happened. Rich get richer despite something so appalling and sickening in their recent past..


  61. Guys, one other thing, or two. I know the name calling of the Duzz will happen soon. Ya don’t need to do that( although some are pretty funny😂🤣). Just call him what he is, a bad head coach who won’t change when it isn’t working, makes no adjustments, and loves to snarkily throw everyone under the bus except himself.
    Didn’t go to the game as you might have guessed, minor cardiac issue, nothing really. But did watch whole thing, funny, but took blood pressure immediately after game and it went back to normal. Go figure.
    SOP stands for Same Old Pat! LOL

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    1. Hope ur feeling better Joe. Nothing to mess around with.

      Looked like about 15,000 actually attended. Turn channel to WVU and a packed house and you realize Pitt football will never change. At least no pics of fans sleeping in the stands! PSU white out tonight. We need to hire a coach that excites people!


      1. Attendance is a result of zero work by Lyke to generate fan interest. Never seen a season with less fan excitement than this one.

        Today’s miniscule attendance is an indictment of how the public perception of Pitt’s program has fallen

        Consider all the empty sideline seats after last week’s win.

        I’m sorry to offend any Olympic sports fans but Pitt’s front porch is football Pitt is claiming 40,000 attended today and even that inflation isn’t good for the second home game and a 2-0 start.

        Fans vote with their wallets and feet.

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    2. Good call Joe!!

      Somehow managed to get my BP down by 8pm for my evening measurement.

      Perhaps it’s muscle memory following frustrating Pitt losses. 🙂

      That take the bus strategy suggested you are indeed a fan fan who is willing to go through hardship for his team!


  62. This just in….Bickel family withholding all future funds unless HC position is changed to…
    Chris Bickel ’97 Career Coordinator, not Head Coach Pat Narduzzi. Adding clown emoji as well 🤡

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    1. Bickel looks like a real loser right now. Bickel may know tech but he’s a very poor judge of coaching and knows little about sports. Waiting for your reply mister booster.


  63. SOP means nothing will change–NOTHING
    I have not posted in many months- broken hip and depressed. In my more than 65. years of following Pitt football this disaster goes into the Pitt Hall of Shame. Diuzzi will shuck and jive and Heather will look the other way.

    The 10’s of thousands of empty seats at Heinz speak loud and clear -WE STINK!

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  64. Tough to stay positive about this staff with a loss like today. The team looked unmotivated and poorly coached for four quarters.

    If Narduzzi keeps his job, the entire defensive staff should be fired. Maybe not Patridge, but his line was blown off the ball all day long. If this isn’t Bates’ defense, then he should resign and tell Pat this is your mess, you coach it.

    WMU must have been laughing all day at the DBs giving all that space in the slot on third downs. Picked apart all day.

    How about those linebackers? Can they chase down my dead grandmother? Hmmm, leaning toward grandma on that one. What an overrated unit but, hey, Dennis is fit for the military.

    Borbley. I wish it somehow rhymed with some words I cannot say.

    Who would have thought we’d have to sweat to get to 3-1 in the OOC? With these DBs and whomever is coaching them, every game will be a dogfight, but Pat will say we’ll get things cleaned up.

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  65. I have been patient and this is the first time I have said it…Narduzzi needs to be fired. I would fire him immediately.


  66. Any team with a competent, slightly above average QB will expose this silly Defense.

    It’s been like that since Nardummie has gotten here.

    This defense is as porous as the 2016 horrendous defense that gave up 61 points to a putrid
    Syracuse team playing a 3rd string QB.

    A couple 3rd round draft picks in 7 years and people think it’s great.


  67. Last week proves something I thought at games end. Pitt did not win…..Tennessee lost.

    Corners on an island with slow, short confused players will never work.

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    1. Yeah I didn’t feel all that great about that win either. It was nice to beat a SEC team on the road. But our defense looked bad. But I didn’t realize they are as bad as they are until today. It’s 2016 bad.

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  68. Perhaps, instead of picking up a fifteen yard unsportsmanlike penalty, Coach Pat could redesign the defense to eliminate the slant and the flanker screen.
    A MAC team with over 500 yards of offense.
    Pitt with more penalty yards than rushing yards.
    The most missed tackles I’ve ever seen.
    And defensive backs who still don’t turn around and look for the ball.

    Does Pitt pay the coaches or are they strictly volunteer?


  69. I’ll admit I was overly optimistic about this team. I never thought the defense would be so soft and cheesy, and so poorly coached. The wide open WMU receivers tells me it’s the coaching in the defensive backfield. This defense gave up over 500 yards. And it was apparent from the beginning that the DL didn’t come to play.

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  70. This schedule couldn’t have been easier if we scheduled Sisters of the Poor and the Pittsburgh School of the Blind.
    Talk about a bunch of Gimmees.

    And after today’s performance, I don’t know how we’ll ever get to the BCS championship


  71. 516 yds given up to a MAC team, and he continues to throw an offense who scored 41 under the bus? ( although they did have their own screw ups but IMO made up for it). Honestly, if this was a one off I’d be fine, crap,happens, but every single year? Bickel proves, the sucker born every minute line. For the first time I seriously think Heather is clueless and needs to be on the hot seat as well. And if you’re looking to the chairman of the BOT to save us your going to be sadly disappointed.


  72. But, Kenny Pickett (future NFL star) threw for 6 TDs against a great MAC team!

    Honestly, the ‘realists’ on here have been saying since the beginning of fall camp that Pitt had some major problems – no running game (3.3 yards from our RBs and 3.1 overall), crap OC playcalling, poor OL and that our DBs sucked. 75 yards on the ground – ’nuff said..

    When you give up 356 and 3 TDs passing with a 68% completion rate to a MAC team – your DBs actually do suck.

    Honestly, is anyone shocked by WMU scoring 44 points? We just gave up 34 points to a middling UT team. 39 ppg against our last two opponents – and not even good P5 schools.

    1/8 on 3rd down attempts. 4th and 4 and we get a 2 yard pass play….3rd and 14 and we get an 8 yard pass play.

    I know – rubbing it in and we did score 41 points so that’s a plus but nothing I saw today makes me think we’ll get past 7 wins at most again this season.

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  73. In the meantime PITT’s leadership are content and cozy in their world… fat cat$ with nobody pushing them…. Mediocrity seems to be the goal. This $4mil coach is who he is….

    JP, add some positivity here…PLEASE… cause I ain’t feel’n it!!’


    1. Narduzzi is a $5 million coach not $4 mm. I think Pitt should put him on an island and keep him there. He really likes islands so put him on one.

      There goes the season, again. Agree, good quarterback wasted. Sad, very sad 😞.

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    1. That is the Whipple call and our receivers and backs rarely break a tackle.

      I’m convinced that Duzz is safe as long as Heather and Gallagher are in charge.

      Today was another sad day in Pitt FB history.

      This team was not ready to play today and it was painfully evident.


  74. I want to hear from the complainers about UPITT, Tex etc that they are so negative. I mostly agree with them and like when they post.
    Are they right?
    I say yes


    1. Yes they are right. I think some of the posters who criticize them are foolish, gullible, uninformed sports fans who never had the opportunity to support a winning, well-run program

      Or they’re on Heather’s payroll.


    2. People were making excuses for Narduzzi after the 51-6 PSU embarrassment. That was the final straw for me. Convinced me that the guy was a total buffoon and nothing more than a coordinator. The final home game in the rivalry for 20+ years and that is the performance that they “put on tape.” He belongs in 1-AA.

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  75. WMU coach Tim Lester said he watched video of 2015 Syracuse/Pitt game (he was SU offensive coordinator) about “300 times” this week.

    Said he knew exactly what to expect against Narduzzi.

    Added Pitt added a few wrinkles but overall it was same approach as 6 yrs ago.

    (From a Rivals board)

    This isn’t the first time an opposing HC has said this about PN. He is stubborn to a fault.

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    1. I believe it.
      The coach looks dumb. Is he ? I do not know, but he is lazy.
      No hustle to get fans
      No learning to innovate any systems
      No hustle to recruit
      Keeps dunderheads on the staff and flunkies

      He needs to go like tomorrow.

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      1. If you saw him on that ACC Network show, that visited each school/team in training camp, called ACC Road Show.

        Yea he’s as dumb as a box of rocks. He only has the job because of nepotism/coaching fraternity
        crap. Which is why he hires all these Over the Hill bums on his staff.


    2. If it weren’t for Bates, they probably wouldn’t have even added any new wrinkles.

      At least it seems that way at times.


  76. Bad day for the ACC again. VT lost to the hoopies, Miami lost to Michigan State and Pitt lost to WMU.

    FL State about to start 0-3 with a loss to W_F.


    1. We love it when the biggest school by student enrollment gets waxed by the school with the smallest enrollment. That being the black & gold of WF.

      Even better when it’s those scumbags in Tallahassee.

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  77. As I said this summer, last year and previous years. Narduzzi can’t coach period! He’s proven it over and over and over for seven years!

    Why would anyone Think this year would be different?

    Same mistakes, same confusion on both sides of the ball, same slow short CBs on an island, same leading the ACC in penalties and a total waste of talent at QB and receiver! Same lack of preparation and adjustments at halftime. I truly feel sorry for Pitt’s players.


  78. I was out in our local National Park all day. When I came home I checked the volleyball score. Yep, Pitt’s Women’s Volleyball swept a much weaker opponent in three sets.

    Clicked on the football section of the Pitt Athletic site to see what the score was for the game today. First thing I noticed was that Pitt football was 2-1. The rest of what was written on the site about the game did not matter.

    It is time for the Narduzzi era at Pitt to end. Plain and simple. Nothing is ever going to change under his leadership. Poor recruiting! False bravado! A defense that counts on the opposing quarterback to be inept. Another football season of disappointment is about to happen! Enough!!!


  79. Well we finally got to see a balanced offense today, too bad it wasn’t ours.
    WMU pretty much played a flawless offensive game. They ran through us like butter,
    and we had no answer for their passing attack.

    This one definitely on the coaches, bringing Kenny off the bench on fourth down in the middle of the field was one of the worst decisions I have ever seen. And how about those halftime adjustments? (Sarcasm for you tone deaf guys)

    Can’t believe our defense is that awful, looked like the Keystone Cops, back to many penalties continuing their drives and stopping ours.

    The long ball is great but the offense is one dimensional, 11 carries for Vincent and 1 for Izzy. The offense gave no help to the defense on a very hot afternoon. Nice game by the receivers but that is about it. Very sad that KP is your best rusher.

    It was a very poor performance all around but the mistakes killed us 3 turnovers, none for them and two bad snaps, and again, too many penalties.

    Maybe we could trade offensive coordinators he ate our lunch. Somebody will say, but we scored 41 points,
    look at the time of possession, our defense was out there all day.

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  80. Pitt always loses one they should win and wins one they should lose. It’s all good, it’s all good
    , it’s all good, lol.


  81. So glad I spent the day with my father and my son at my cabin in the woods. No tv or internet. I just got home to find out about the latest embarrassment.

    No one ever learns anything the second time the mule kicks him in the head. I was done with Duzz after the Pedo game where he foolishly attempted a FG inside the 5 down a TD. He should have been fired then. He definitely should be fired now. He is never going to be a good head coach. NEVER.

    Fire Duzz. Please! Hire Morehead and reset again. I’m 46. Maybe they will be good again before I die. Maybe…#optimism


    1. I think I remember saying that, like almost exactly 30 years ago.
      It was Year 2 I believe of that disaster known as Paul Hackett.

      I said….maybe they will be good again before I die.

      30 years and counting…..and I am much closer to death !

      Watching Pitt football makes you age quicker I believe. It certainly does wear on you !

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  82. I think Pitt lives in fear. Fear we might do worse, fear we might get embarrassed off the field, fear we will be seen as a revolving turnstile for coaches, fear we might have to spend money to compete. Well, we are already spending money, 7 years is hardly turnstile, being embarrassed on the field is only a step away from off the field, and doing worse is what we do best!! Hey, we are going to be really, really bad next year no matter what. Make the change, no pressure and no expections. The AD has made blunders, and I was rather neutral on her for a very long time. Next week is homecoming. You think the number of causal fans walking up to the gate to see this hot mess will hit triple figures? Do you? Pat, Heather, Tom, look in the mirror. Doing this to Pitt athletics, how can you sleep at night ( I know, I know, very well with your $$. People in the dept. and BOT are far too comf with their wealth and smugness to really care, so why should anyone else?)
    I’m very certain things will never turn around. Stop pretending you care.


  83. Narduzzi should not have to be fired because if he has half a brain he’d resign



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    1. Duzz enjoying making hay while the $un $hines…. to hell with the fan base…. We are just little people who pay to watch this crap and let them have some of our hard earned over- taxed pesos.


  84. So WMU running backs tore us up for 179 yds while our guy ran for 51.

    What happened to stop the run, Whipple the only one that got the message.

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    1. Lol – best post of the day.

      Izzy didn’t see much action – Vincent Davis Jr was the work horse with very little success.


  85. Our D-backs are going to have recurring nightmares with number 4 and 24 breaking tackles and running by them.


  86. Glad Jimbo BOT member Covert got an up close view of that slop today.
    I hope Bickel ($20M donor) has sir Patrick on his speed dial and demands to know why $20M doesn’t buy what it used to.
    I hope Heather stays in her Bunker because between this and men’s hoops, no human without a Pitt diploma should suffer through this.
    And I hope Honorary Captain Nate Peterman doesn’t end up puking the whole night after watching that pitiful display. Maybe the next time the Raiders are in town he can go to Frick Park and count squirrels…it would make for a much more pleasant afternoon.

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  87. Pitt has few fans, no stadium, little BOT and Chancellor support. Maybe it’s time to give up on football. Or go D2 and play CMU and the Dukes!

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  88. Well, I did see a few positives today.

    Unfortunately, they were all before the opening kick.

    Traffic was not nearly as bad as I expected.
    The Pitt Band did a nice pregame performance. And the drum major was able to touch his hat to the ground.
    There was no apparent controversy during the national anthem.

    Well that’s about it.

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    1. When you and I sat together in the early 70’s I thought these kind of disasters were over. But in the SOP tradition they continue unabated!

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  89. Turn on the TV. PSU everyone makes fun of them but they get it. 100k fans on National TV. We don’t get 100k fans in 4 games. We rent a stadium. Our coach is a gorilla. Our AD is a Compliance Puppet. Basketball is a train wreck
    In Year 4. Football
    In Year 7 is a joke. Imagine if we played in a good conference.

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    1. Penn State’s revenue and budget are three times Pitt’s. No comparison. Pitt will never be that.

      The university has failed fans miserably on sports. Put up the money or drop out of power 5.

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  90. Wonder if Paul Zeise has some inside info…..to write that biting of a column that ends like this.

    Narduzzi has been given a lot of time to build a program. He has succeeded in some areas but he has failed far too often when it counts. There’s a lot of football left to play but if things aren’t corrected immediately, the end could be closer than you think.

    Seven years is plenty of time to build a program that wins —but, so far —Narduzzi has fallen short. At some point, time will run out.

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    1. Time will run out when Heather’s time runs out. Pitt lacks the vision and infrastructure at the highest levels to enact serious change. At this point, all I see is a carousel with the same horses running in a circle.


  91. Pitt needs to fire Duzz first thing Monday. Limp thru the remainder of the season with assistants and make a splash hire next year.

    Only a high profile coach will bring fans back!


  92. Just found the box score – announced attendance on the box score says 40581

    That would mean more than half the seats were filled. Anyone who was there believe that was the case?


  93. I debated about going to a game this year including a campus stop (last in 1999). Funny how events give you the answer


  94. I refuse to do the lather, rinse, repeat of debate between one another about optimist vs pessimist, vs realist. I think we all care and unfortunately that leaves us trying to kick the damn football from Lucy and end up on our proverbial arse.

    The two questions I ask our simple in nature…

    1) As I watched the score I wondered to myself…shouldn’t we as a fan/alum base expect a defense minded coach to offer better than this in year 7?

    2) Can someone prognosticate what is the uber upset game of the year that will reset everyone’s expectation and say let’s give the Narddog (Lucy) a few more shots at this…he is close.

    Ultimately I get it…it’s the Jamie Dixon paradigm. I once said my brother just before he was let go “We know what we have with Dixon, we have reached is ceiling. If you are ok with that, fine, but if you want to reach for more you have to take a risk/chance.

    Well that didn’t turn out to well…

    I don’t care whether they keep him or get rid of him at this point. I have accepted the fact that Pitt will never be anything like it was when I grew up as a kid. It’s done…I love my school, I love the memories and the sports. If I have some time or am in town and they are around I will stop by…but if they don’t care why should I?

    Anyway, I mostly love coming here to read about the other collegiate sports that are going on at Pitt. Hell it’s the only reason I hope they stay in a P5 conference once this thing shakes out. Funds for those other sports programs.

    It’s been a while since I have posted…I have lurked mainly and genuinely appreciate all of your posts. It’s just way too much energy to expend for me at this point.

    Wish you all the best.

    Dave Dellett

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  95. Talked to a fella this week who also loathes PSUcks.
    Said he met James Franklin in an elevator.
    Said he was unbelievably friendly and engaging. Couldn’t help but like the guy.

    Perhaps you don’t need to be snarky, secretive and distant be successful.pittgasman


  96. dan72… PSU HAS 105,000 colored coordinated fans having a great time BUT the powers to at U PITT have amassed $4,000,000,000 and growing in the bank…WOW……one thing Joe did know was how important the game of football is to a university( I know- go ahead a let’s rip) Beaveglr Stadium held 35,000 – 40,000 with fans who were much like us( not a lot of rah rah) but they were treated to aw winning atmosphere on a regular basis… Joe had some vision while we wonder in the desert…

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  97. Note: you can hear the Penn State Blue Band loud and clear on TV. The next time I hear the Pitt band on TV will be my first.


    1. The Pitt band is hardly allowed to play……outside of the halftime show. Maybe pre-game.

      During the game, all you get, after each and EVERY play….is that god awful NBA type noise c(rap)
      at outrageous decibel levels.

      Any fan attempt to start a Pitt cheer and even cheerleader driven attempted start….is quashed by this c(rap).

      I’d love to strangle the kid who operates the PA System. And this has been going on at Heinz
      forever. During the game today,…..i just really had to mute the sound.

      If I wanted to hear that crap…..I’d watch an NBA game. Which I don’t & won’t.

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  98. So many have predicted 7+ wins this season – where do the 5+ additional wins come from?

    NH – should be a win, but after today a 3-0 team needs to be taken seriously.

    GT – they are playing Clemson tough, down one score in the 4th qtr.

    VT – toss up, but in Blacksburg.

    Miami – loss, they have our number when they are having a down year.

    Clemson – not the same tigers, but they know how to win.

    UNC – history on the Tar Heels side.

    Virginia – toss up

    Cuse – Dino is due to defeat Duzz

    With all the issues vs Tennessee last week, it appeared the coaches focused all their efforts on cleaning up special teams except PAT’s. The D continued it’s struggle with pass coverage and developed new issues with no QB pressure and very little run stopping. The O continued to struggle to run the ball, break tackles on passes to the flat and receivers separating from coverage.

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    1. Ok, I missed Duke – they just beat NW from the B1G joke conference – Pitt couldn’t beat NW, therefore a loss in my book.

      Thanks JoeL – I was trying to forget the dismal season ahead.


  99. So what have we paid Pat for his 7 years at Pitt $25 mill perhaps. And Michigan State paid him well before that. He can retire to that island he is so found of and live comfortably.

    Note: I watched the Pat Narduzzi radio show before the game. Pat Bostick was on. When asked what he expected out of the W Michigan offense Bostick replied, “get ready for a lot of RPO.” To which King Narduzzi disagreed. The King said “they’ll do something else and we’re prepared for that!” Bostick just sneered. Well King Pat, what do you think now? “I’ll just have to look at the tape and see what happened.” You happened King Pat. You and your defensive scheme lost that game. Time to ditch King Pat me thinks.

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  100. So the secondary is back to being terrible like it was a few years ago in Narduzzi’s second and third seasons. The difference now is that he doesn’t have a bunch of Paul Chryst recruits on the o-line to build a high powered offense with; he has his own group of guys, who have been mediocre or worse for three seasons in a row now. Bottom line is this team might struggle to get to six wins if they don’t figure something out quick.

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  101. This Pitt team is supposed to be seasoned and mature. They’ll never overlook anyone, Narduzzi says. What a joke. When I read the local TRib and Post Gazette, it is nothing but butt kissing. They are afraid of Narduzzi. Just recently read a column about how great the linebackers are.

    And how many stories have we read about that massive and deep interior DL? Well, WMU ran 48 times today, and Camp had ONE tackle. Kancey had a whopping 3 tackles. Camp is a complete bust, and will NEVER be a top flight interior lineman. He is the most overrated player of the Narduzzi era.


  102. Watching other games just gets me depressed. We are so very far from playing good ball it’s sickening. This isn’t hyperbole, it’s just plain truth. Really hurts, but again, .I’m not sure why I should care, if they’re honest they should realize they don’t care at all,( or are so clueless they think everything’s OK.
    The thing that should bother them is if they can turn a hardcore fan like me off, what fanbase is left?

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  103. Narduzzi needs to look at the tape to see what went wrong? Well, my grandmother could see what’s wrong. No one tackled anyone, and Pitt cannot run the ball. It’s not rocket science..

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  104. If Pitt were to drop down to D2 ball, how long would it be before they were just an average D2 club? The MAC teams are already beating them now.


    1. Truer words were never spoken. We sink to mediocrity no matter what conference or level of competition. We are led to believe they are happy just being in a power 5 conference and having kids who stay out of trouble. I think that’s what they tell themselves because the truth is they have no idea how to fix it and telling themselves they don’t really care eases their minds. We don’t really care, if we did we could be good, that’s a load of stuff. Keep telling yourself that.

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  105. I haven’t commented in quite a while, but need to today. The RB that supposedly won the starting job, got 1 carry today. Somehow the 4th string true freshman gets in and we have a fumble deep in our own territory on his only play. The only team in division 1 football who runs a 170 back on short yardage. The Flea is a situational back, not a bell cow. Horrible player management. I will repeat what I said last year when our pass defense was shredded. It is HCPN’s scheme and not the players. 2 players from last years defensive backfield are in the NFL. Avonte Maddox and Jordan Whitehead are starting. How can you have that talent and not be able to even slow down a decent quarterback. Stubborn coach with a broken defensive system who will never be more than an 8 win coach in his best years. Cincinnati proved what a good coach can do with inferior talent. It’s time to look for a better coach.

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  106. I always found it to be laughable that folks boasted how Pitt players didn’t enter the portal…and if they did, it was always to go to an inferior team………
    Except, of course, for Coleman and Brison

    Is Jackie still available?
    Asking for a $20M donor.

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  107. A few thoughts…

    I wrote about Narduzzi’s lack of intelligent conversation back when I was at one of his first interviews – and reiterated that a few times over the years after alumni functions, etc. Many said that it was just my dislike of the guy…but it wasn’t. He really is an intellectually dense person.

    Why the big emotional upset by fans after this loss? His lack of preparation and non-existent halftime adjustments are his trademarks. This HC thinks that throwing one or two trick plays into the mix is enough to get by on. Forget that it takes intense prep to win many more games than you lose…he doesn’t want to put forth the effort or energy.

    Narduzzi does not know the difference between delegation and washing your hands of something. He does not understand offense so he runs away from it. Successful HCs know what their limitations are and hire others who do understand those things – but they also stay involved in what the other guy is doing. PN puts his head in the sand when we have the ball then after we blow the game he lifts his head, wipes the sand from his eyes and points the blame finger directly at others.

    Fans who think Pitt can’t take yet another HC and staff if Narduzzi is fired are delusional. If you feel that way do not ever complain about SOP or administrative incompetence. Narduzzi is what he is. A mediocre and narrow football mind coupled with an abrasive personality who alienates the more highly rated recruits and their families. Yes, it happens more than you would think.

    This loss does not shock me in the least. We lost the better players off an average at best 2020 team with little 2021 talent to replace them. I heard Rivals Chris Peak say that he thought this year’s team had the deepest talent he’d seen in his years covering Pitt football…I could not believe it. I have said all off season that Narduzzi recruits were average at best and our 1st string had few solidly talented players on it. But Pitt fans just think because a Pitt player wears blue & gold he just has to be good. Well, that isn’t true.

    And it sure looked like that today, didn’t it? But Hell – since I’m ‘Reed’ everyone knows I’m so negative it skews my judgement. The truth is that myself, and others on here, just never bought into the bullcrap Narduzzi is, and has been, selling.

    Want continued mediocrity? Just keep him on the payroll!

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  108. Here is Zeise’s post-game column. He cracks me up. Three weeks ago, and all off season, he’s been writing that 10 wins was a lock and this team would be the best team he’s ever seen at Pitt. This guy calls accu-weather to see which way the wind is blowing before he sits down and types his first word…



  109. Time will run out on Narduzzi when heather admits that the extension was a mistake and finds the money for his buyout.

    The BOT and Gallagher aren’t going to force the issue. No single booster or group of boosters will either.

    This is 100 percent on the AD.

    I really think the media needs to ask heather if she still fully supports Narduzzi. If she thinks that a loss at home against a mediocre MAC school today is her idea of committing to excellence. If seven years is long enough to know what we’ve got in HCPN.

    I’ll begin working on my list of five potential replacements with a bio for each. My candidates are all head coaches, have proven track records of success, have offensive backgrounds and generally come from good coaching trees and know the ACC recruiting footprint.

    There will be no defensive coordinators from Midwest schools on my list. 🤠


      1. For an increase in pay and a chance to prove themselves on a bigger stage. Yes.

        Pitt could be a stepping stone but if they leave Pitt in a better place, then the Pitt job becomes even more attractive.

        Pitt does pay well. They have very good facilities. They are P5 and in a relatively easy division. It would be very attractive to any Mac or aac coach.

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  110. I think the WMU coach gave Pitt the best blackboard material in the history of college football when he said that he watched the Pitt-Syracuse game film over and over and what he saw today was essentially the same thing—hence, they knew what was coming all day.
    Only problem was that he said it after the game was over. Gosh, it’s all about timing I guess. 🤪

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  111. I don’t expect Clemson, or anyone else, to be able two score even two touchdowns on our defense the rest of the year. Why? Because we’re going to “clean up” all our mistakes from today……so I don’t think there could possibly be any more mistakes we could make.

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  112. Narduzzi seems completely detached from his losses. Saying he’ll need to look at the tape is an absurd comment when you have just been torched by a lower class team for 44 points. HC Lester practically mocked Narduzzi, implying he (Lester) actually prepared for the game. Narduzzi said he didn’t have his seasoned, mature team ready to go. I hate to sully Carl DePasqua’s coaching ability at this difficult time, but Narduzzi has the same sort of detachment from reality that Carl had. But at least DePasqua was a likable person.


  113. Like

    1. Agreed. However, in Pitt’s very very limited defense, the QB from W. Michigan looked like a damn Heisman candidate…seriously great throws and decision making ALL day — Pickett had a real good game but was the second best QB on the field today. But, Pitt’s running game is an embarrassment and Whipple needs to GO, pronto.


  114. My thoughts exactly

    Now if this is the beginning of the end of the Terrible Reign of King Pat, how and when will it end?


  115. I’d like to see that list of local media writers who listed the number of wins they thought we would have this season. There must have been at least10 predictions and only one of them, Ron Cook maybe, who stated it would be less than eight.

    Someone please tell me if they really think we can win six of eight ACC games to get to the nine win level… Assuming we beat New. Hampshire that is. Even five of eight to get to seven wins.


  116. I would read Narduzzi the riot act and tell him two things: One, fire Whipple immediately — this is the third straight season we have just about the worst running game in the entire nation…in 2018 we were great running it, but couldn’t pass; now we are the other side, but no run game is worse — and Whipple seems just as stubborn as Nard-dog, and about as oblivious. Elevate the O-line coach or QB coach to OC…how could they have less balance than Whipple? Two, stop playing favorites with players and simply play the best (ie, how can Vincent Davis possibly be our best RB??!) — whether true frosh or 7th year senior, put the best on the field…and if someone is bad, yank them and get the next guy a chance?!

    If he refuses these, fire him. As likeable as Narduzzi is, everyone’s patience and good will has worn thin now.


  117. The issue we saw today starts with this group of fans. We blew out UMass. We beat UT that played with less than 70scholarship players, 2 scholarship dlinemen and a qb that was awful. It was NOT a hostile environment. It ws not rocky top of 15 years ago. That franchise is struggling but will be back on track under huepel. That said, most every commenter on here said how great flea was last week as a runner, despite his 2.6 yards per carry. We celebrated his 2 yard TD like it was something magical. He has an exceptionally high percentage of runs for loss, a statistic that is so telling to a fan that studies meaningful stats. Many have failed to recognize the flea fumble today that the refs missed and we turned into points. The game was not that close.

    Pitt fans are the problem. This fan base was acting like they had never seen a 2 game win streak and how awesome every player was performing. It simply wasn’t true. As long as we continue to live in the 70’s, no change will happen. Many applauded how great Heather was as she was the architect of this great 2-0 start. I’m sorry. How many students matriculate to Pitt from Tennessee? How many athlete students do we recruit from Tenn? She doesn’t understand strategy…..at all. She is beholden to Nardstop because he was the main influencer on her hiring and making more money than she ever imagined making in her life, let alone year. Yet, you all heap the praise as if she and nardstop have actually accomplished something.

    Today was a huge embarrassment. Did anyone look at the crowd? Did anyone notice the actual product on the field? There are those that actually think Kate must be better than Marino and Van Pelt because his 7 year numbers are more than the other guys three/four year run. Kate is not close. Above average competitor, yes. Drama, yes. Drop back, scramble right, yes. At some point the scramble right will shut down and we will see a weak arm going left. He hit a bunch of wide open receivers against 1 and 2 star defenders. Nothing to celebrate there. He should be able to do that. Their guy did. In fact, we will see more next week.

    That said, I will suggest that Krull had a nice reception game. He is growing on me in the receiving game. I like Rodney Hampton as a RB. Flea is awful. Not his fault he is playing. That is Whipple and Nardstop rewarding loyalty, not talent. If flea is your go to, you have under-recruited.

    There is a reason Pitt has one of the highest numbers of 6th year seniors. It is because they aren’t good enough to move on and have taken away meaningful snaps for others to develop. I would not leave campus either. Again, not the players fault.

    I will also suggest that our fans continue to act like we have never won anything and celebrate mediocrity. The fans are the problem, followed by the AD and the head coach. When the opposing coach mocks a coaches work ethic and gameplan, there are big problems. Maybe we can talk halftime or in game adjustments this week?

    Lastly, Pitt received a lot of favorable referee calls today in my opinion. Perhaps Nardstop can comment on that after looking at the tape to figure it out. Perhaps EJ has been copying all the comments on here and sending them to heather about how great everyone thinks pitt is in sport. We are a hockey school. I don’t get on here much now due to work constraints, but I try to catch up every couple of weeks to see if reality will ever settle in. I am not negative. Negative people have no solutions. Many have provided very workable solutions to many problems. The AD thinks she knows more. Remember, she was not an AD and had ZERO experience except in a low level mac school prior to pitt. I am so glad we don’t need to hear all the excuses about being isolated and how difficult college life has been for the last two years…..all excuses! Keep making em. We are good at it.

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    1. Huff, I was doing my best positivo comments after the UT game last week to support our followers who only want to hear about the sunny- side of PITT FB…. Truthfully, we had no running game in Knoxville, flea is no Div 1 running back. The “ I” formation on which he scored worked- been a long time since I’ve seen KP under center…, PITT can’t cover and lacked ability to contain. Big problems going forward.


    2. I presume “We are a hockey school” is a typo. If not, I do put you in the realm of negative unless that was your attempt at sarcasm. (Or perhaps you are influenced by Tex and becoming a hockey school is your solution thereby rendering you not negative.)

      Other than that, I do thank you for the perspective.

      I forget the specific place in the game now but in addition to the missed fumble from V. Davis, I think we had a blatant uncalled PI at some point that benefitted us.


  118. Pitt Coach Pat Narduzzi Transcript
    Western Michigan Game
    September 18, 2021

    PAT NARDUZZI: Obviously a disappointing performance by our guys today. Starts with me. Obviously I didn’t have them ready to go, and we’ll go back and watch the tape.

    I’ll give credit to Western Michigan. The Eleby kid on offense was on fire. He put balls in small windows like I told you they would and could. He’s a good football player. They nickel-and-dimed us. We couldn’t get off the field. We lost the time of possession by over 20 minutes, I believe. We weren’t on the field enough. Three turnovers on offense.

    You’re going to have a hard time winning a football game. And then you can talk about two turnovers on downs, as well, on 4th down, where we don’t get it, so that’s a total of five turnovers.

    Defensively we couldn’t get off the field.

    Felt like we didn’t have any juice or energy today. I don’t know what it was, but we’ll look at it, we’ll go check the tape out.

    But I’ll give Western Michigan credit. They’re a good football team.

    It was more about what we did than what they did. We didn’t make plays. That’s it.


    Q. You said the team didn’t have juice. When did you notice that?

    PAT NARDUZZI: You know, just during the game. I just felt like there was not a whole lot of energy. I don’t know why. It’s hard to tell why, but again, I’m not — that’s not the reason. You’ve got to execute. They executed better than we did, and we didn’t make plays.

    Q. You were 1 of 8 on 3rd downs and that was a strength last week. What happened today?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, I don’t know. We’ll go back and watch the tape. I have no idea. We were 1 of 8 and 1 of 3 on 4th downs. It’s not a good percentage.

    Q. Did you give the running game enough of a chance to get going?

    PAT NARDUZZI: You know, at times — we’ll go back and look at the tape. I couldn’t tell you. But we certainly had some runs — you try to run it on a P and 10 and it’s a minus — TFL, minus 1 one it seemed like every darned time. We were throwing the ball well, and Kenny was throwing it well. He had one pick, but we’ll go back and look at the tape.

    Q. Do you guys feel like you blitzed or pressured too much especially on 3rd down defensively?

    PAT NARDUZZI: I don’t know if we blitzed enough. Seemed like a lot of four-man pressure to be honest with you. I don’t think we blitzed enough. They do a good job of looking to the sideline and getting themselves in a good play, and we didn’t adjust good enough.

    Q. What was Western Michigan able to find in your coverage to seemingly continue to complete those passes?

    PAT NARDUZZI: It comes down to RPOs. They were running it, and your backers are getting sucked up. They’re throwing skinny posts, we call them glance routes, we call it almost kind of a slant route … and that’s stuff we practiced all week. But give Skyy Moore credit and Crooms, I think. Those are two guys that had a lot of catches, and they made the plays that we didn’t. Had a couple missed tackles on a long one where Brandon Hill comes in, knocks our safety out, knocks him off the play, and just can’t happen.

    Q. What went into the personnel change on the offensive line?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Which one?

    Q. Your center and your guard.

    PAT NARDUZZI: Owen was out, so we moved Kradel in and moved Keldrick Wilson to guard.

    Q. What happened on the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Mine you mean?

    Q. Yes.

    PAT NARDUZZI: God, it was so long ago I don’t remember. It was about a communication error where they didn’t communicate. I don’t even remember. I’ll have to go back and watch the tape. It was stupid on my part. MAC officials, I don’t know. Never seen some of the things that got called out there, but we’ve got to go make plays.

    Q. Were you upset that the flag picked up when Kenny got hit —

    PAT NARDUZZI: That’s what it was, thank you very much. Yeah, the quarterback got hit, they throw a flag. Same thing happened last week, and they picked it up. I don’t get it. And there’s no communication, as well.

    Q. How do you guys move forward from this loss?

    PAT NARDUZZI: We will move forward. It’s one game. It’s not an ACC game. All our goals are still ahead of us, and it’s one ballgame.

    Q. You talked about the RPO this week was something you guys keyed in on, and it still was a problem, defending over the middle after last week, defense struggling as well. What kind of message do you send to your defense about picking this back up next week?

    PAT NARDUZZI: There will be a strong message delivered. It was delivered after the game here, and we’ll address it as coaches, and we’ve got to get better. Again, it starts with the coaches. We obviously didn’t do — we got out-coached today, and we’ve got to do a better job.

    Q. What did you see from your 3rd down defense specifically? I think they were [7 of 17] or something like that.

    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah. I’ve got to go back and watch the tape. I can’t tell you. They executed a couple runs where they got us on a draw and some different stuff, but we’ve got to be better.

    Q. Was Erick Hallett injured after Brandon Hill hit him?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, he got injured after — he got — friendly fire.

    Q. When Kenny came back in and needs a couple of touchdown drives, do you feel like that could have been the momentum swing you had hoped for? What would you say about his performance?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Kenny I think had a good day besides his pick. He’s a competitor. He made some great throws and the receivers made some catches. Near the end it seemed like in the second half we didn’t have as good a protection, he’s scrambling out of there, and we’ll see what happened on tape, but wasn’t good enough.


  119. Bad loss but the season is not lost. Does it look good? Nope. I can’t bring myself to bellyache too much, lots of football to be played. The ACC in general is not looking good.

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  120. Pulled this from Vuk at PSN:

    “With the arrogance in which he (Narduzzi) has always conducted himself, you’d think that Pitt is currently a Top 10 program with a trophy case full of recent championship trophies but that’s hardly the case. The reality is his personality only drives people away from caring about Pitt football, which isn’t the smart thing to do when you’re a perennial 7-8 win team which draws 25,000 to 30,000 actual fans a game.”

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    1. Huh, Dan72 and I have been saying that PN is an arrogant guy for seven years…not many on here wanted to believe that. And to harp on an old subject his insistence to close every practice is a direct case of that arrogance.

      I truly believe that is one action he takes that has a big influence on the lack of interest by the people in the WPA area. Fans like to say the interest will grow only when we win big but as we just saw in Tennessee and many other away games the stands can be packed and the team can get huge media interest even when they have W/L records like ours.


  121. Jerry DiPaola’s take on the loss:


    Asked if he didn’t give the run game enough time to gain traction, Narduzzi said, “We’ll go back and look at the tape. I couldn’t tell you.”

    But he added, “Minus 1, it seemed like, every darned time.”

    In the end, he gave credit to Western Michigan, but not really.

    “It was more about what we did than what they did. We didn’t make plays. That’s it.”


    1. Reed – I’ll be on the road traveling back to Central PA shortly.

      I saw mostly bad and ugly. I’d like to forget the experience.



  122. I notice the Aussie punts were not “booming” as usual yesterday and just looked at the box score – he had 3 punts and averaged 37 yards per.

    Our Aussie had one inside the 20 that rolled to the 19. I’d bet he was told by the coaches to not get another one blocked, instead of fixing the blocking scheme. I noticed we had one sometimes two blockers in the backfield, just like the Tennessee game.

    WMU had 5 punts with a 44 yard ave.


  123. Yeah, NRS. But thats what makes this loss sting so bad. The top of the ACC is definitely not as strong as expected. This could have been Pitt’s opportunity to finally show some progress.

    But, instead, our D will get shredded by any competent QB (and there are several on our schedule) and our run game continues to be anemic at best.

    Yesterday’s performance was disappointing for sure but sadly not unexpected.

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  124. Headlines of the Triblive sports page say it all. Late defensive stand lifts Ped State past no.22 Auburn. Pitt bumbles its way to a loss against W. Michigan. That is the state of this program after 7 yrs of the arrogant, ill equipped Narduzzi. For the few of us still interested in Pitt football its time to send those letters and emails to Ms.Heather Lyke letting her know that we love the success she has had with women’s volleyball, men’s baseball, wrestling etc., it’s now time to push for that same level of achievement/improvement with football, starting with the firing Pat Narduzzi. Folks we are headed for a 7 win this season if we are lucky. Tired of waiting and watching no with improvement year to year what so ever. And remember, this is with a squad of super seniors, returning leaders, highly coached up three stars (insert laugh here). When Pickett leaves then what. In the spring game I saw nothing encouraging from Patti, Yellen or Beville. Just wait until next year, could end up at 3 & 9. Final thought, when is the intellectually challenged Narduzzi going to realize that when you repeatedly say after losses such as this, which are frequent, its more about what we did than what they did its the COACHES FAULT. Which means you PAT, you subpar dope.

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  125. “Subpar dope” made me laugh…
    On the road to Canton for an early morning golf outing.
    Hope I stop puking before I tee off…haha.
    Thoughts on yesterday are the same as most bad losses at home…great fun at the tailgate and then the game started.
    Special shout out to my man Wolfe for his tailgate grilling and overall preparation…Duzz could learn from him.

    Heather was seen in Red5a (in a yellow blouse of course) but did not come near our tailgate area.
    Would have made a great POV photo op…😎

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  126. Odd, chrome browser redirects me to the Pittsburghpanthers.com Postgame notes page

    Never have had issues before but now can only read or comment on phone

    I’ve got tons of insight but refuse to text it all or voice to text either

    One thing that hits home is PNs inability to see things and comment accurately as evidenced by the halftime interview

    A good coach should be able to see and comment about everything that happened immediately and ADJUST accordingly

    Pat NEEDS the tape to have a clue THEN stubbornly doesn’t or stupidly does respond

    500 mile round trip for the game was not bad

    The entertainment in between was sickening

    Enough texting for now 🤬

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  127. I regret to inform all loyal POV readers that Pat Narduzzi isn’t going to be fired anytime soon. Our most influential booster, who just donated 20 million dollars, wants Duzz to stay. Therefore, he will be staying. Pretty simple. And pretty sad.


      1. The articles I read suggested that he strongly supports both Heather Lyke and Pat Narduzzi. At the home opener, Duzz came off the bench and out on the field and shared a big bro hug with Bickell. Duzz isn’t going anywhere just yet.


    1. I bought 5 tickets that I will not be using…my plans fell through before yesterday’s game. Had they not, I would have chosen to stay home as yesterday’s game was all I needed to see this year.


  128. In the “best decision made in a long time” category…. chose to play golf yesterday instead of attending Pitt game. Good decision on two fronts.: Avoided seeing that debacle, and picked up $200 in skins money.

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  129. Narduzzi’s constant reference to watching the tape is just a big cop out. Any average observer could see that he was not prepared for the RPO, and that there was a lack of energy for this game. Narduzzi’s demeaner contributes to an attitude by the defense that they are better than they actually are. And any average fan can see that the Flea is not a big time back, and is overmatched on most plays. Running him between the tackles is an exercise in shear stupidity. Yet Narduzzi refuses to change. Why??

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    1. He a cover-up artist… trying his damn best to conceal his flaws which are many- too late douche-dog… you have been exposed…. PITT FB is on life support


  130. It was a good tailgate yesterday, Fran. But the game was what we have come to expect.

    Hats off to Rick and Rachel, Richard, and others who come from a long distance to share their time with us. Rachel looks like she is getting better every time I see her. That alone makes yesterday a good day!

    I got to meet Mark’s lovely wife, Pilar. Great name!

    I need a little perspective from our friend, Ike, this morning. Come on, Ike. Don’t let me down. Give us your best Annie impression (the other Annie): “The sun will come out tomorrow …”.


    1. Like it 👍🏼

      Fun ride in Friday with Mrs. Erie and had a great dinner and relaxing evening next to a Marriott fire pit.

      Tailgating once again was fun – good friends, good food and good Pitt FB discussions.

      Game time weather was hot in the sun, but a beautiful Fall day on the river.

      Game was as I predicted and not as I hoped. There is a lot wrong with this team, administration and fan base. The right coach could definitely turn this all around for the good. Bickel’s money would/could be well spent.

      The ride home this morning with Mrs. Erie was a fun and we entertained ourselves with discussions of fond memories and listening to the comedy channel on XM radio.

      The past 2 seasons are a blurr – Mrs. Erie and I only made one game due to her unfortunate health issues. While she is not 100% back, she is back and prepared to tackle the Homecoming trip with me next week to sit with 10,000 other Pitt fans amongst a sea of 60,000 yellow empty seats.

      We pay good money for our seats and parking pass, donate to the athletic and FB departments annually. When I listened to the Duzz postgame presser, and hearing the answer “I don’t know” over and over makes me very disappointed in my university and leadership that is running things now.

      In my business, all of my employees know that I do not except that answer for anything (I don’t know). That is a cop-out and a lazy person’s response.

      Duzz has been accused on this blog if being lazy. I saw a lazy prep job for the WMU game yesterday.

      Will I renew my season tickets and donate to Pitt athletics?

      I DON’T KNOW! I’ll look at the tape…

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  131. I only read the words and did not watch Narduzzi’s presser which possibly could alter my response.

    In game, someone commented on Narduzzi’s penalty in the realm of the poor model he provides for the team. While a coach DOES deal with a lot and Narduzzi may have indicated forgetfulness so as not to say something condemning about his own conduct, how telling it is to say in the interview that it happened so long ago that he forgot.

    Imagine Brandon Hill being coached up or reprimanded for his hit on Hallet: It happened so long ago, I forgot. — Regardless if Sanders/Collins are the type of guys that don’t say much of anything because they know that Hill is stinging from that error (unfortunate result) or they are ripping in to him regarding angles…I imagine saying it happened so long ago that he forgot would not go over well with coaches.

    Even on the plays coaches specifically want players to forget or will not break down on film so as not to torture the athlete… going into such a rage you forget your conduct or failing to be mindful of what you are doing on the field does not generally go over well with coaches or fan bases even for defenses attempting to be aggressive/nasty.

    Btw, I have no idea if he is the new strength/conditioning coach or someone just had to respond in the moment, but we got a view on camera again of a “bodyguard” having to hold Narduzzi back.


  132. Chris Bickell does not like Duzz. Lol. I know quite a few people in his circle. To be clear, I do no know him. Definitely crossed paths in school as he played hockey with some friends … but I’m still waiting for him to accept my LinkedIn invite. Lol. But … he did it because he does not like Duzz. That title was probably the beginning of the end for Duzz. He invested because he wants the school to invest in athletics as well.

    To that point, and it’s one I’ve been making a lot lately, until Pitt actually commits to winning it won’t matter who is coach. They all have the same ceiling. Now, when we do fire Duzz … because it’s going to happen now barring a miracle turnaround … will Pitt do what USC did? Commit to winning. Not a front porch. Not beating a rival. Not winning the coastal … but actually commit to being a winner.

    Until Pitt does that … it won’t matter. Everyone is looking at Joe Moorehead … and they should. He could be great here with University support … but, Lyke’s MO is to hire ACC assistants from championship programs. My guess is she will look at Clemson, first. And she should really stop there since the rest of the ACC is truly awful.

    If Pitt fires Duzz, just remember it will mostly be a cosmetic fix unless Pitt truly goes all in. If they don’t go all in, the aesthetic of the program will change but the ceiling will not.

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  133. Pat’s arrogance, lack of fan/ community intervention, stubbornness and shortness with interviewers is cover-up for his incompetence- that’s what I think. He’s a fat cat who has Peter principled his way into a plush job. He’s going to want to keep it….

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  134. Well, the best thing at this point would be for Pitt to make the decision now, internally, to axe Narduzzi at the end of season, and to start a quiet search to find the best possible replacement. Someone who can recruit would be nice. But if the season ends with 8 wins, then there will be significant internal resistance to firing him and starting over. It will take a 5 win season next year to get it done.

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  135. Peter principles is a stretch but I am so pissed…. Spent good money on Clemson tickets and this Dick-head can’t beat a MAC team…. at least I can take sanctuary at the “ Johnny Majors” alter in Red5A!!!!

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  136. Funny too how Narduzzi shows all that emotion on the sidelines but appears disengaged in his presser.
    Seriously he has to watch the tape? He seriously let those kids down yesterday. Should they have blitzed more? I’ll have to watch the tape. Should we have run more? I’ll have to watch the tape. Really?

    Our front seven gets gouged for 179 yards on the ground, no pressure put on the QB all day, more tackles missed than you could count. Defensive backs made to look foolish all day long. Their guys running wide open. Almost no big plays on defense, no three and outs.

    Absolutely no discernable halftime adjustments made.

    Sure we have a very strong long passing game, but no slants across the middle and a pathetic running game.
    Seriously what quality running back would want to come here where a running game is an afterthought. Obviously little time is spent in practice running the ball. How can you only give Izzy the ball one time?
    How many times do we have to watch a pass thrown 20-30 yards downfield when four yards is needed. It is not a good percentage play.

    Again 40 vs 20 minutes of possession means that no help is given to the defense on a very hot day and many a short field was given to the WMU offense.

    Bringing KP off the bench to go on on fourth and four in the middle of the field, after he was injured was a bad percentage play and showed no respect for a team that was kicking your a$$ up and down the field.

    A MAC team comes to your house plays a flawless game largely because our coaches are clueless.
    Their coaches were playing chess ours were playing checkers and poorly.

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    1. Narduzzi’s “I have to look at tape” might truly be both a personal coping mechanism (including cover up for ignorance someone mentioned above) and instructions from higher ups to prevent him from being too emotional (including revealing an even more off-putting form of ignorance and arrogance).

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  137. Actual butts in seats for homecoming will be about 15,000 next week.
    It was hot but the 3/4 of the students disappeared after halftime. I guess Sweet Caroline
    is not enough incentive to stay.


  138. It wasn’t like we lost on trick plays.
    We were thoroughly beaten in all phases of the game and as usual sloppy and unprepared. Was thinking of my time with Carl Depasqua and with him we got beat because the other team was just better. It’s been 7 years of this crap!
    Enough! Fire this ass now!

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  139. Duzz has been given more than a fair shot by all of us. If this is STABILITY then I say “ let’s fire his ass and move on.”


  140. You’re right on target BigB and justified as are most here

    Narduzzi should offer his resignation

    He was successful with returning stability and a couple good wins

    It’s over

    And as for Whip, he has no run game scheme so relying on marginal talent of the line and backs is being ignorant

    I’m hoping considering 20M the guy’s smart enough to know the guy wearing his HC hat doesn’t deserve more time

    Adios Pat

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  141. The thing that was the most disturbing yesterday was how easily they ran on us on first and second downs, leaving short yardage on third down. The holes they ran through were massive. That definitely was scheme although their O-line did a great job of blocking on runs and passes.

    We have not seen that for a long time.

    I also noticed that 5 guys at a time were being replaced on the front seven which seemed rather odd and implies that we don’t really have a first string. It was a hot day, but I found it odd and we did a too many men call because of the strategy, another mistake that kept a drive alive, too many of those.

    I noticed in the box score that the refs called 5 penalties on us in the first qtr. 7 on them in the second and then only 1 on each in the final 2 qtrs. just seems very odd.

    Any thoughts?

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  142. The school that allowed Jamie to walk without a buyout is the same fine institution that allowed Coach Wooden-head a hand at picking his boss.
    Then, they extend mediocre Coach Wooden-head, fearing that another school would be Pitt-stupid and pluck him from our mitts.
    Add that to hiring Borbs, who wasn’t a coach, but a consultant when he was hired.
    Hiring Coach Bates, a career linebacker coach instead of an innovative DC
    And hiring Whip, who not only doesn’t recruit, but cannot grasp the value of a run game.

    So please donate your hard-earned to the confederacy of dunces, coming soon to a venue near you.


  143. And as for CHECKING THE TAPE……
    Aren’t there coaches in the coaching box who relay information to coaches on the field?
    If he didn’t know why his defense was being shredded yesterday, then no amount of video watching will change that.

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    1. That’s why Nardummy can’t make adjustments. He has to see the tape first. Maybe, just maybe, he should sit in the coaches box during games. Oh, but wait, that would be an adjustment wouldn’t it and Nardummy doesn’t make adjustments.


      1. When he was the DC at MSU he sat in the sky booth. Today he stands on the sidelines trying to be a HC.

        He can’t see the field well and thus he makes very few adjustments.

        When the Center jacked the snap high for the 3rd time he had to make a change.

        Drexel may never see the field again unless there is an injury.


        1. The better player, C Kradel is now snapping the ball. Now we need to get Conglaves and Traylor on the field.


  144. Hey all. I wrote the article about optimism, pessimism, and realism a couple of years back. I’m going to give some realism now. Our defense blows and we’re going to get run out of the stadiums the rest of this season. I wish this weren’t true. It’s time to make a change. F this stability crap.

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  145. An offense that failed to convert 9 of 11 third and fourth downs. That certainly didn’t help keep the defense off the field, and is a huge flaw in the Whipple offense. The long passes are a thing of beauty but when you only convert 2 of 11 third and fourth downs something is terribly wrong and you will not throw many long bombs on quality defenses.


    1. How is that a career day for a QB as many are saying?

      KP8 was not the reason we lost – look at the D – but he was the QB when the O failed on those 9 attempts at key first downs during the WMU game.


  146. Btw, I predicted a Tennessee loss. My bad on that, but look at the plays and just imagine a qb that was just somewhat ok… We would have lost. I’m tired of this as a fan. I’d rather have hope and “Unlock the gates”

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  147. So we have two stubborn coaches who cannot adjust to today’s game leaving us with a defense that doesn’t work against a MAC team and an offense that is one dimensional.


  148. Since it’s a new day…….a glimmer of hope from the darkness known as Pitt Football.

    Last time Pitt won 9 games in a season…..Pitt lost to a MAC team.

    And there is your Glimmer of Hope !

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  149. OK – one last time and I’m getting tired of the snarky comments.

    I’ll YELL this:




    I don’t have to yell this but quit acting like babies and go crying like a little girl if a comment of your does not show up… some of the things commenters say when they don’t see their comment then write another one that also gets help up is amazing in its immaturity. Life does not stop if a comment gets lost by WordPress – which does happen.

    Also – ever notice how some comment magically get the spelling, grammar and paragraphs spacing cleaned up so they are more correct and readable? The comment monster does not do that – the editor does.

    BTW: Sometimes WordPress will hold comments based on the IP it is coming from – I don’t know the details of that but it happens. I rarely trash a comment and only do it when it is truly over the top…


  150. Does Bickell like Narduzzi? I thought I read on here that he does not…The following is from a Trib article…

    He said part of his thinking behind the donation is the respect he has for the program’s leadership.

    “To be honest, Pat Narduzzi’s the man. The guy is special on and off the field. A lot of people don’t get that experience to see what he is like off the field. He’s a tremendous human being. He’s awesome.”

    Bickell also is expecting big things from the team this season.

    “What (Narduzzi) does on the field can really surprise some people this year,” he said. “I’m really happy and honored to have my name associated with (the head coach).”

    Found in this article…https://triblive.com/sports/pitt-football-receives-historic-20-million-gift-from-1997-graduate-chris-bickell/

    There is another article I was unable to find where Bickell goes into greater detail about his relationship with Narduzzi…it sure seems like they are pretty tight.


  151. People that know Bickell will tell you otherwise … he’s so much the man that you added your own name to his title … ummm, okay. Lol. GenX at its finest. Such a funny power move. I’ll give you $20M, but I get to show this guy who is boss, is more like it.


    1. I am hoping you are right by the way…I would love it if it is true. I am hoping he is in the ear of ADHL reminding her 20 million times that a change is needed. I have no reason to doubt you as much as I have no reason to doubt the article since I have spent exactly zero time with either of the names listed in the title for the man who leads our scholar athletes on the gridiron.


      1. I texted my buddy who played hockey with him and who still talks to him regularly and he said it was just normal press release stuff. You can’t really be negative when you’re announcing something like that. The funny thing is my buddy didn’t even know he donated the money. He doesn’t follow Pitt football and Bickell didn’t tell anyone. Haha. He was surprised because Bickell apparently is much more of a hockey fan than Pitt fan but Heather has been on him for a couple years now and it finally made sense tax-wise. This is all secondhand but it’s a trustworthy source who doesn’t even follow Pitt Athletics and doesn’t care one way or the other. Bickell does seem like a good guy though. He raves about him.


  152. Just had a thought…which is the worse loss…the FB team loss to WMU or the basketball team loss to St. Francis last year? Unrelated, but one difference between the two coaches to me is that Capel comes across as likable and seemingly knowledgeable while Narduzzi seems otherwise.


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