Opener – UMass @ 4pm Game Thread

Here we go on another Pitt football adventure. Lots of hope, and big predictions, for this squad from the local media (mostly 8-10 wins) and fans. Not so much for the national outlets and magazines though – everything I read so far has us between six and seven wins.

Regardless it starts at Heinz Field late this afternoon.

Here is the ESPN UMass Minutemen site… Do you want to know why UMass was scheduled? Well, this might help – they are ranked in the ‘Bottom Ten Teams’ :

“3. UMess (2020: 0-4)

The Minutemen lost their four 2020 games by a combined score of 161-12, but still enjoyed rubbing the noses of their archrival Huskies with the fact that they actually played games (sort of) while these guys did not…”

I was going to post UMass’ 2020 stats but since they quit after four games because they were getting manhandled at every turn (see quote above) I’ll show what the did the year before – it won’t matter because this game will be one sided, but here it is anyway:

See all those numbers above 99? That means they really suck at playing football – yet here we have their ex-HC as an OC.

Here is some Pitt stuff:

Not much else to say about this game. Much like Austin Peay of last season it should be a gimmee. However, lest we forget 2019, which was a ‘regular’ season when we beat two MAC teams and a Non-Major team but an average of only 4.6 points of winning margin, we are not that great at really pounding the teams we should (or at least think we should).

An offensive juggernaut we are not no matter how many points we score today to pad the stats. BTW – losing six starters from a good defense isn’t good thing no matter how pre-season pundits spin it.

I think we give up more rushing yards and points then we did last season when we allowed 25 ppg. We’ll still be better on defense then we are on offense but its a crap shoot if we can score more than we give up.

We’ll see. I’m giving it 7-5 on the season with a minor bowl loss to make it 7-6 overall. Why do we lose the bowl game? Because Pickett and other good seniors/juniors will bag out due to fear of injury.

Have at it folks…