New Hampshire Info & Fan Predictions

OK – here is the basic run-down on the New Hampshire Wildcats (UNH); they aren’t as good as the Western Michigan Broncos…or so we hope.

If we are truly scared of what might happen this coming Saturday that, I believe, reflects more on us than it does on New Hampshire.  Then again – not sure too many Pitt fans called for us to lose last week.  Even I predicted a win, albeit a close one. I just got the name of the team wrong.

NH Wildcat

Here is what I see in the Wildcats of New Hampshire.  Not a whole lot although they are now ranked #21 in the latest AP FCS poll.  Note that Austin Peay is at #19 and our friends the Duquesne Dukes received 15 poll votes also.  Huh, all three get more respect from the FCS voters than does Pitt from the FBS voters. That doesn’t feel real good.

Here is a post game video of the Wildcats HC, Sean McDonnell, discussing the latest of their wins (he sounds that way because he just returned to the team after a serious illness).

We have already read about the famous house painting experience he and our HC Pat Narduzzi had when they were kids:

Q. When you worked on that $1.5 million house painting job, how did you end up cleaning the mess you made?

PAT NARDUZZI: Geez, Jay, you’re crazy. I thought we talked about this already. But I don’t know, I don’t know, back then, I was in college. I don’t remember the price of the house, but you do. I don’t know if you got the address or something and Googled it.

But for everybody that doesn’t know, we painted a house together and a bucket of paint got spilled in the bedroom and we were scrambling to clean up a bucket of paint off the carpet. So we have been through stress together and adversity. So…

But after seeing Narduzzi’s presser after the Western Michigan loss I’m wondering if Pat didn’t kick that paint bucket over and then point directly to his ‘Defensive Painting Coordinator”.  Sorry – but if PN thinks spilled paint is “stress and adversity” then his head might explode should we lose.

OK – seriously, back to the NH Wildcats. As we see below they all look somehow smarter and more at ease than most players on a team do – at least more than the Pitt kids after last weeks fiasco.

Team Photo

Their best players are… I can’t really tell. I guess their QB Brett Edwards is pretty good – we’ll make him a star no doubt by Saturday afternoon.

Here are the season stats for them so far. Pay no attention to the fact that they have thrown for almost 250 yards per game with seven TDs and no picks . I mean, Pitt’s DBs can handle him, right? Then again WMU was averaging only 182 yards per game passing when they waltzed into Heinz last week – and that included passing for only 174 yards against non-powerhouse Illinois State.

Can someone remind me again how WMU did against us in the passing game? Oh, right – 357 yards (68% completion rate) and 3 TDs. On second thought UNH might actually tear us a new one through the air.

Their running game isn’t that good at a 3.9 yards per carry average, but still better than ours is. That’s fine because Pitt will stop them no matter what it takes! Why, you say? Because the defensive brain trust at Pitt feels strongly that if you stop the run and get pressure on the QB nothing bad can happen…ever.

The troubling fact is that even thought UNH can’t run the ball all that well they are adept at stopping the run. Yes, they give up only 106 yards per game on the ground and at only a 3.1 yards a clip. Crap! I just remembered we suck at running the ball. This is starting to sound really familiar…

The Wildcats have even put a bunch of players into the NFL. Even had a UNH Wildcat Steeler back in 1948…

Norris Browne

Check this out – New Hampshire honors a “Donor of the Game” each week at the home games. Please disregard the fact that he’s so happy he pee’d himself just a little. Hey – us old guys have to remain within a 25 yards of a rest room at all times – I know just how this guy feels (except I’ve never pee’d myself since I was 18 and stumbling out of the Dirty O at 2:00 am. Ah, the good old old days…)

This guy probably didn’t demand that a staff position be named after him – he’s obviously happy just to be a Wildcat supporter.

Here are the New Hampshire Game Notes – but from their last game against Lafayette. They aren’t stupid – for the Pitt game they just provide a link to Pitt’s game notes – why go to the trouble when someone else does it for you?

I’ll do up a more detailed Game Thread article on Saturday morning. But until then just let me assure you, based on all my football knowledge and experience (not playing, watching) that there is no chance we lose this game. No sir, impossible!

There just isn’t any way for this 2021 Pitt team, which almost every local media pundit thought would win 9 or 10 games, to get beaten by a non-P5 team (and certainty not a FCS team) at Heinz Field – the true unassailable home of Pitt football!!

Is there?

Hail to Pitt!

P/S: Here is Pittsburgh Sports news website’s Narduzzi briefing before the UNH game: