2021 Season – Western Michigan Broncos

Pitt is coming off a 41-34 road game victory over the Tennessee Volunteers. I am not going to recap the game as “Erie Express” (Rick) and “6 & 34” (Jay) did a superb job in recapping the game.

I will say that I expected Vol QB Joe Milton to miss all of his deep throws. He badly missed on the two or three he threw against Bowling Green (BG). He did get better in his accuracy. He was overthrowing his receivers by 5 to 7 yards against BG. Only 3 or 4 yards against Pitt. No more will I soft pedal or make you read between the lines with words like: “could have played any other QB on their roster with better passing results. To me and I am no expert, Milton seems to throw a hard pass with no touch when needed.”

On to the Western Michigan Broncos (WMU):

WMU rebounded from their opening game 14 – 47 loss to Michigan with a dominating 28 – 0 victory over the visiting Missouri Valley Conference FCS foe the Illinois State Redbirds (Normal, Illinois). Here is a recap of that game from the SBNation site “Hustle Belt”.

2021 Mid-American Conference Football Game Recap: Western Michigan 28, Illinois State 0 – Hustle Belt

Stats, Stats, and more Stats:

In my preview article, I mentioned the WMU QB Kaleb Eleby was rated as the fifth best QB that Pitt would face during the 2021 season. A reasonable assumption based on his 2020 passing efficiency rating. He finished third with a 195.1 rating. That rating put him only in the wake of Alabama’s Mac Jones (203.1) and BYU’s Zack Wilson (196.4). Jones and Wilson are spending this season as starters in the NFL. Is he living up to his 2020 potential? At this time, no. It is harder to put up the same numbers when you main 2020 target (D’Wayne Eskridge) joins Jones and Wilson in the pro’s.

Here are Eleby’s and WMU offensive stats for the 1’st two games:

Rushers and receiver stats for the first two games. Those on the left are year to date. On the right are stats against Michigan.

Last of the stats – a comparison of NCAA stats. Compare, enjoy, and look for anomalies.

My take is that Pitt starts off sluggish, regains their composure and cruises to a 34 – 17 win. I celebrate post game with Fran, Wolfe and others in Red 5A.

Hail to Pitt!!!

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  1. Rich- Every stat is here except the players’ shoe sizes. Great work. One anomaly I found is that the pct stats are off by a factor of 100. H2P!

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    1. Thank you, Richard. Glad to hear you’ll be making the game this week. 👍

      After the UTenn game I heard Pomp on the TV say “…Everyone expected Pitt to start 4 and 0.” Well, not really.

      I’m usually pessimistic, but for some reason I had a feeling Pitt would win at UTenn. Now the Broncos come to town. Some on here have predicted a loss here for a long time.

      I think the Panthers prevail – and I think we will see Pitt make some long runs. I’m also guessing that Bartholomew has a nice game…. I like his TE-speed…

      Go Pitt.

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  3. My take is that since there were plenty of negatives in Pitt’s game with Tennessee last weekend for Pitt to not be looking past WMU. Thus they clean up their act this Saturday and as a result WMU suffers the consequences 41 to 10.


  4. Note that just 2 years ago, we beat a Josh Huepel team in the final minute but then the following week couldn’t put away a D2 team until late in the 4th. And WMU is no D2 team

    I’m sure the coaches and team will remember

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  5. Boy, I can’t say this enough. This qb will not miss wide open receivers, and this is the first team we play that will end up with a winning record. We will need a very, very strong performance from the front 7 to harass this kid. Agree, we start slow, but think it will be a one score game. No relaxing for this one.


  6. Thanks Richard!

    Bricen Garner leads WMU in interceptions 1

    I see both punters are averaging over 85 yards in punting average and it doesn’t look like WMU have attempted a field goal? (or I have gone completely MAD)


    1. Your welcome. Correct on Garner. The punting number is something I can’t explain. WMU may have attempted one or a thousand field goals. They just have not made a field goal (FGM).


  7. Who is The Flea and what has he done for us lately?

    Even if we go 4-0 to start I think we have some real problems on this team, run game and pass defense, and they will show up in ACC play – still thinking 7 wins.


    1. Until they prove otherwise, its the safe bet Reed.

      The offensive and defensive schemes are what they are….and both have their weaknesses.
      Then there is the personnel. But hard to gauge how the DBs and OL will perform in ACC play since both have had a bit of turnover. Fingers crossed.


      1. It’s not a safe bet; it’s a bad bet. Reed, don’t put any quid on that number (I don’t believe you will), because PITT will surely win more than 7 games. Every team we are playing will have weaknesses, but our QB play will cover up some of our blemishes.


  8. Wonder what the % of the opponent scoring points is: when punting from your endzone ?

    And how that break downs into fg’s & TD’s.

    Why do I bring this up.

    In case we’re in that position again, early in the game..,,,perhaps the move is….take the safety
    and get a free Punt/Kick from the 20 yd line.

    Down 2-0 is better than 7-0 or even 3-0.


  9. Left-over thoughts:

    —Kind of neat (as Paul Chryst would say) that KP got to play in Neyland Stadium, where his man Peyton Manning played…

    —That yellow shirt that Coach Duzz had on for the UTenn game was paying homage to Johnny Majors. It was a replica of a sideline shirt Johnny used to wear at Pitt.

    —Maybe Wolfe is correct – those sideways passes that we all hate are used to set up other stuff. So far, we’ve had 2 TDS off sideway passes, and we know we’re a team that has really struggled to score TDS.

    —Seeing all the blue shirts in the stands at UTenn was really cool.

    —I still don’t see how we played that game without several offensive line mistakes. I heard Big Ben answering a question today and saying how tough it is when you have to use a silent count. Hats off to the Pitt OLine and Coach, especially the OTs.

    —Warren had a solid pass blocking game. Yikes! I guess he’s made progress in that department. Still want to see some more of Goncalves…

    —And a hats-off to Tex for making that long trip! 👍. And good for all the Pitt fans who made the trip! 👍

    Go Pitt.

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    1. As I grow older, I gain a greater appreciation of road trips. This was a top 5 experience for sure helped by the venue, the Vol fans, the city of Knoxville, the great Pitt company and was the first real and normal escape since Covid hit. The fact that Pitt won was almost inconsequential to me. That’s how an Aggie thinks. Sorry Horns.


  10. Pitt has 3 uniforms on display in their training facility. Including the Coal Miner’s Special.

    if they have to wear them once, hope it’s against either WMU or New Hampshire.

    As neither game will be seen by many people. Either in attendance or on TV.

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    1. Agree… can’t believe we have all white unis and the pants did not appear to have the “PITT stripe” on them…. So “ PSUX” but that’s nit-pick’n on my part!


    2. Love alternative uniforms. The players and younger fans love them. They are part of the fun of college football.


  11. One more article and I promise to stop with theUT stuff and move on…. But just read this- it seems our UT cuz’s have so much in common… no wonder we got along so well with them… we can feel their pain.


    1. They too were new once.

      Would love it if they resurfaced the variations of those 70’s and 80’s colors for an annual alterntive. But the current colors really pop and are sharp looking.

      De gustibus non est disputandum….

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  12. PITT wins the next 3 games… because this team is good… correctable mistakes but more balanced than any we have seen in a decade… the key to the season comes at weak 6 vs VT with CLEMSON looming in week 7 ( barring major injuries or defections to prepare for the NFL) VT game is the biggie IMO… we gave a very good team with a defensive guru as HC who players love playing for and an OC who led BIGBen to a near perfect season during his rookie year with the Steelers.

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  13. Richard,

    Thanks so much for giving us something to chew on while we wait for Saturday. Im sorry I won’t see you at Red 5A this weekend. Had to insert a weekend at home somewhere in the schedule!

    Who knows….maybe we will run into each other in Charlotte in several weeks 😉 If so, I will get there in time to enjoy the tailgate and hopefully the weather would be better.

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  14. It is very tough for PITT to gain favor with their fans. A couple years ago on PITT’s OOC they had tough schedules in OSU, Notre Dame and psu. The thought then was, play the games on your schedule. So PITT does and beat perennial SEC powerhouse Tennessee but UT us down this year and PITT should have won.

    So what is the proper etiquette when it comes to PITT scheduling? The love for PITT is awfully restrained. I have heard for years that PITT sucks and now the ones saying it have brainwashed themselves.

    Looking forward to the game Saturday, WMU is no pushover.

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  15. LOL Richard, I saw those punting averages and figured that the 8 should be 3.

    I think it was Garner with the saving interception against YSU to seal a PITT win


  16. I remember when Bricen Garner signed on LOI Day. He was listed at 5-11 155 lbs. Now he’s listed at 6-1 and 185 lbs. He’s really taken advantage of his opportunities as far as the gridiron is concerned; I hope he’s done the same with his academic opportunities.


  17. A quick FYI…I read on FB Pitt Fan Fanatics that Pittsburgh will be having its Covid delayed St. Pattie’s Day parade at 10 AM on Saturday so expect to encounter some blocked routes getting there. Anyone surprised?

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  18. Pitt women’s soccer, ranked #19 lost to unranked Clemson last night 2-nil.

    Hoping this does not set the tone for upset weekend at Pitt.

    I expect a Pitt FB win vs WMU, but I predicted the Panthers would lose this game.

    Mrs. Erie and I will be making our pilgrimage to Pittsburgh later today for tomorrow’s tailgating and football game at Heinz Field.

    We’ll be rooting hard for our Panthers to get to 3-0.

    OT: Ped State fans are nervous about their Auburn game Saturday – they like the psuX defense and RB’s but have zero confidence in the coaching and QB.

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  19. Road closures for the St Patrick Day parade start at 9am tomorrow morning…I think this includes Liberty Avenue.


  20. a few years ago I arrived for a FB game and a parade was happening, can’t recall what/who celebrating

    was a little difficult getting to parking but not too bad, Waze helped

    what is it with you Yinzers and parades? probably better weather tomorrow than what you can expect for March in Pittsburgh

    someone bringing green beer?

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  21. Yes, beat the teams scheduled – this is the staff and players job and hope.

    But, schedule teams that mean something if possible so that the totally human-influenced top 25 polls push you to into better bowl games and into to the, again, human influenced, playoffs.

    Wonder why Pitt gets no respect in the final polls when we win 8 games, when other 8 win teams do? Because unless Pitt wins the ACC conference or its conference division (so far a once in history event) winning only five games against P5 opponents impresses no one who actually matters.

    Of course losing every important bowl game that would have given us that 9th win hasn’t helped PN in the final polls either.

    I don’t care what other teams do – our AD should schedule only 1 or 2 true cupcakes at Heinz every year, then two value opponents – like UT is on this season’s schedule. Remember W. Michigan was only a 7-6 MAC team when we scheduled them back in ’19 so they were a cupcake schedule also.

    If all Pitt fans care about is the number of wins when the season ends then fine – get rent-a-wins to play us. But if you want anyone outside WPA to care about Pitt at all you have to schedule and beat quality OOC opponents.

    Another factor to consider is the fact that Pitt doesn’t have a huge amount of die-hard fans who will sell out the stadium in season tickets and attend every game no matter what like the big dog schools do like PSU, OSU and Alabama. So when we play patsys like Austin Peay or UMass and have tons of empty yellow seats (which we do at almost every cupcake home game) it looks like crap to the national media – who, again, vote for polls and playoffs.

    Ike – I haven’t read anyone on here say UT sucks or anything like that…it is a nice win. However, if we on here are discussing the current Pitt team in-depth and what the team might do in harder ACC play then, yes, saying the UT isn’t the toughest team to play and has weaknesses is justified and necessary if you aren’t a complete kool-aid drinker.

    Good win? Yes. Very tough opponent? Not so much and probably not a true and accurate guage as to what we will do in conference play.


    1. Maybe we can schedule more like the elite programs do in order to garner some respect nationally. How about we follow Alabama’s example and get Mercer on our future schedules?


    2. Agree with 99.345% of what you wrote.

      Schedule teams that help from a recognition perspective – and bring people to games.
      There is some sort of sweet spot between this years slate of UMass/UNH/WMU and one that is too tough as we had a few years back.

      Hopefully “the Alliance” will bring some name opponents in, while still allowing some room for a rent-a-win.

      As for UT Reed, I will be a bit picky and say they are indicatiave of the average ACC Coastal foe… not in the league of Miami or VT and a notch above Duke and Cuse. But I think I get your point…we have a tough stretch this year and at this point both UNC and VT appear formidable. May or may not look that way by season’s end.

      I will be pulling for the Cavs to beat the Tarholes this weekend. That would bring great joy to my family -and Im fairly certain that Emel would like it as well.


  22. Well, there goes my Saturday plans. I’d love to know how the parade was scheduled on this day! No chance parking will be available downtown, and even bus routes are changed. What a total screw up. Do any, and I mean any, of these people talk to each other? Shame on all of them.


    1. Well, as we have said many times here on the POV, no one outside of Pitt itself cares about Pitt football at all…not city citizens, local, county or state government either.

      About 12 years ago I was discussing the possibility of an OCS with a friend of mine in the city council and he laughed and said ‘…that will never happen – no one cares about it.’

      Pitt football really gets no consideration outside a small circle. That’s why things like Pirate games, events, parades, etc overrule Pitt football all the time.


  23. And if you think I’m kidding, have any of you been to a Pittsburgh St Paddy day parade? Second largest in the country. And since they’ve been waiting 2 years I doubt if crowds will be much lower. Even Station Square will be nuts, and since this will get started around 8-9am and go late, oh boy, I am very disappointed.


    1. Thanks for posting that…good read…we have so much in common with our cousins to the south,,.our commenters could jump right into their discussion…they have positivos, negativos and whiners too


  24. Speaking of final polls get this; six teams in the 2020 final Top 25 poll had these teams on it:

    Coastal Carolina
    Ball State
    Liberty and
    Louisiana (not LSU)


    The 2019 poll had six Pitt-size like teams on it also. We haven’t been on that final poll since 2009 and only three times in the last 31 years. I know Pitt fans hate when someone uses SOP to describe the current teams but there is a basis of fact there.

    But, hope springs eternal also.


    1. Reed you are pointing out why totals matter more than who you play. Playing a tough OOC doesn’t help when you lose those games. The tough OOC games may marginally help attendance, but the bottom line is total wins. Cinci is rated 8th and Coastal Carolina are in the top 25 because of wins, certainly not strength of schedule.

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      1. Except most of those small schools were good enough to win their conferences which gave them the national recognition in the polls…something Pitt can’t seem to do. Also – they were beating like-sized teams not pushovers like we schedule.

        Do that and people take notice along with your record. If Pitt wins every ACC game they play maybe they will get to a conference championship too…

        But as it is now – and this isn’t my opinion – Pitt’s 8 wins in those three season didn’t impress anyone enough to be in the Top 25.

        Here is a great website re: AP college polls


        If you look at these polls, and they are the main poll discussed, you can see that the only year Pitt has even Received Votes (“RV”) is 2016. No actual Top 25 since DW in ’09.

        And….those other two 8 win season Narduzzi has had? Pitt is nowhere to be seen. Here is that info:


        Tghis is why a lot of fans are skeptical of PN as HC – he has choked in bowl games which had we won them it would have given that 8th or 9th win and national recognition.


  25. Tough to finish ranked when you’re always changing coaches or don’t reward good coordinators after a job well done. Maybe this will be the year. I wonder how important it is Gallagher and the BoT though?


  26. Pitt has four teams on its schedule in the top 25 right now. To finish in the top 25 they need 7 more regular season wins. Still won’t be easy but definitely possible.

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  27. Agree that the September St. Paddy’s Day Parade is a disaster for Pitt. Didn’t know about it until this morning, no wonder that all hotels are filled. I usually park in town and walk or take the T to the game. Really unsure what to do now, may just bag it. Why didn’t they change it to a night game? No planning whatsoever in this town. Pitt always the low man on the totem pole.


    1. Unless things are different tomorrow, GC, the Red 5 garage next door to the tailgate offers $20 cash parking on Pitt game days. Don’t bail on us now, buddy!

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    2. Drive to the North Shore and park there. This is Pgh – city of bridges! Plenty of ways to get there from the east without going into dahntahn.


  28. The strength of out-of-conference scheduling argument will never be resolved. We’ve tried tough P5 opponents and, other than a bump at the turnstile, losing those doesn’t gain you anything. Hope we see what winning a round of OOC games will do. Now if everyone was forced to play all P5 games, different story.

    I always thought these dreaded noon games were scheduled to pocket some TV money, like an ACCN game. But tomorrow’s game can’t be bringing us much more than lunch money when only offered in some obscure streaming format. I assume this time slot was mandated to give the Heinz Field folks time to get the stadium ready for Sunday’s Steeler game. If not, this really sucks!


  29. The Parade will really hurt attendance, 200 to 350K usually attend. Maybe some will come to the game after the parade but doubtful. Biggest excuse of the year to get drunk in the morning. Even a four o’clock game would have made a huge difference. This one I will blame on Heather for not fighting for a better time slot.


    1. For what America & Americans have been put through over the last 18 months….a parade is exactly what an overly stressed psyche needs.

      Don’t begrudge people of that !



    Actually the Jacob who is featured in the story is the brother of Pitt’s current new Kicker. Jacob also walked on as a kicker at Pitt a couple of years ago and was a backup to Kessman before leaving the team.

    Sam is the Scarton who was 2 for 2 on Saturday.

    Not sure about the grades Lol


    1. If I remember correctly, Jake Scarton was supposed to be the field goal holder for Alex Kessman a few years ago but got in a non team related fight and couldn’t play against PSU. Our Aussie punter had to be the holder that rainy day and we had a number of botched snaps in a 51 to 6 drubbing.


      1. Please erase the memories. Always with the beats.

        If you must…….. think of a good memory ! 🙂

        Like keeping the Creepsters outta the playoffs in 2016.

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  31. Pitt vs Western Michigan is the feature game on the Bally Sports Network tomorrow at Noon.

    I counted at least 7 different Bally Sports TV Channels are carrying the game.

    Headed up by Bally Sports South who also carry the Atlanta Braves games.

    One known provider is ATT-Uverse of AT&T.


    1. Very strange that the game is not on Root in PGH. I live in Hershey and the game is on MASN 2…the official channel of the Baltimore Orioles/Washington Nationals.


  32. Interesting Pitt vs. UTenn. stat from Panthers 247:

    — Kenny Pickett completed 13-of-16 passes for 181 yards on passes between the hashes.

    Go Pitt.

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  33. This is a very good plan and usage. I applaud the City and the developer. Unfortunately it’s been a long time in the making.

    A MPC could fit between Atwood and McKee. But it would require eminent domain on over 100 buildings mainly multiple housing units, aka slum properties.

    If the City and Pitt are ready for a protracted court battle, bad PR and paying four times above market for the land, they don’t have my support.

    The location is staring at you in the mirror every start of November.


  34. This argument over whether or not to schedule a tougher OOC schedule is in interesting one. I think if Pitt were ranked at the time a game is played it would help attendance to have a tougher opponent. Also, if Pitt were ranked, or near ranked, it would open up more away games that are desirable for TV. This means more connections with Pitt alums from around the country who might later be encouraged to fly in for a game or even donate.

    The trick is to schedule some nationally known teams that are not top tier, such as New Mexico, UNLV or Kansas, and to win those games. Alums won’t fly in for a game with a MAC team. The Tennessee game is a perfect example of playing a team that is nationally known and will help them maybe get into a better bowl game. Next year that return game in Pittsburgh could draw a bigger crowd. It is a process that requires skilled scheduling over a period of time. But OOC scheduling must be strategically looked at to balance getting wins with juicing up attendance and fan support.

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    1. Get Texas on the OOC schedule. I might be just a wee bit biased. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

      I’ve never met an Aggie or Longhorn fan I didn’t like. Seriously. And I’ve met plenty of Domers, Nitters and Hoopies.

      Luv the Vols fans. They are second cousins. Maybe even firsts. The similariries between fanbases is amazing.

      Rocky Top > Sweet Caroline.

      But I do like the hugging and swaying when Neil’s song is played. The ‘touching’ I can do without.

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    2. The biggest thing that will increase Home attendance is;

      stringing together several 10+ win seasons and finishing ranked in the Top 15.
      And winning your Bowl game !

      Especially in a pro sports town.

      And to achieve that, in the present state of the program…..requires 3 of 4 winnable OOC games.
      Preferably all 4……like this year.

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      1. Exactly
        In football wins count period. Who you play means nothing. The top teams play puff games and stay ranked. Look at Big 10
        Syracuse had the big season and played nobody.
        Win that is all who you play is not material.

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  35. The idea the St. Pats game will negatively Pitt game attendance is a bunch of hooey….if I may be blunt.

    Folks who are hand wringing like Neville Chamberlain over whether to go to the game because of traffic are a micro-minority of Pitt FB fans.

    Here’s an alternative take…thousands of people will be dahntahn for the parade in the AM on a rather pleasant day. Any chance some will say., “hey when the parade’s over, we can pop over the the North Shore and catch the Pitt game.

    I think its a net pick-up for Pitt on the basis of the parade alone.
    Now, if attendance really sucks tomorrow, it will be the game time and opponent which will drive the numbers.

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    1. Joe, I just want to know if you have ever been in Pittsburgh for a St. Paddy parade. Not only is parking screwed downtown but all other areas as well. Where do you think those people are gonna park? The only thing similar is a championship parade. Parking is bad from strip to station square and beyond.
      About the best you can hope for is low parade Attendance.
      I’ve decided to take the bus, for the first time since I retired. They have rerouted the bus lines so that might be interesting, and street closures until 5:30. BTW, not everyone lives in the EastEnd, It’s just really bad planning, I mean they cancelled the Labor Day parade for many reasons, now they’re gonna have one for some made up holiday? Get real.


      1. Grew up in Pgh. 5 miles south of the Ft Pitt Tunnels. Been to plenty of St Patty’s parades downtown. Braved all sorts of traffic issues over the years too. Had to commute from the South Hills to Monroeville for three years when the Parkway Wast was gutted.

        If you are relying on a bus, fair concern.

        By car though, there is always an alternate route. The Western Avenue corridor is a good parking option on the North Side.


          1. Grew up in the Rocks, pretty much know area like back of hand. Never get me to park in that area. Actually lived near Homewood for the two years Parkway was ripped up and drove to town every day. Know just about every alternate route to city. Lots of luck tomorrow. I’ll take my chances with the bus.


            1. Actually lived near Scotty’s diner if you know that area. If we ever meet I’ll tell you what I did for a living, traffic was real low on my lists of worries. You from Carrick or Dormont?


                1. Scottys was on Penn Ave., not quite Homewood, not quite Wilkensburg , and certainly not quite Point Breeze. Man, the sirens to Columbia hospital started Friday afternoon and didn’t stop till Monday morning. The burgers literally slid off the flat top. Ritters was high class and clean compared to Scottys, but anyone who made it out alive would tell you that was really the best !! lol.


              1. Been to Ritter’s, Johnny’s. … Del-Kid
                One of my golf buddies down here in VA is from McKees Rocks.
                We will occasionally wax nostalgic about Mancini’s Lounge.


  36. Oh my! Pitt volleyball just absolutely destroyed Marshall in the first set 25-10. Pit played the entire set with Emmy Klika, their freshman libero in place of Ashley Browske.

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  37. OT — Just heard that our own Nathan Peterman will be the Raider’s backup QB against the Steelers on Sunday…

    Best wishes to NP!

    Go Pitt.

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  38. Pitt wins second set 25-13 against Marshall. Klika continues to play libero. Marshall started better this set actually leading 5-4. The set was tied at 5-5 and Pitt then took control of the set. Marshall never called a timeout the entire set??


  39. I see that Coastal Carolina is ranked #16 in the polls right now. Why is it that when Pitt has a senior laden team that they can’t crack the Top 20 at least a couple times in 20 years or so? It’s not like we have a lot of 4 & 5* players who opt early for the NFL…


    1. Because when was the last time pitt was ranked comes seasons end. And then won their bowl game. That’s the answer you’re grasping for.

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    2. Guess we need to get that juggernaut Kansas on the schedule.

      As the Jayhawks and App State are the 2 hardest games on their schedule.

      The rest are all pretty much putrid teams, with maybe the exception of Buffalo.
      But Buf wasn’t too hot against the Cornhuskers so…..

      Them being ranked that high is ridiculous.


      1. Buffalo. I lost good coin on that game. I blame my three highly influential booster friends at that school. They owe me.


  40. Big game for Pitt.

    Women showed they don’t belong in the standings. Although I still think they go to the playoffs.

    Y’all need to temper expectations. The goal is the playoffs. Both men and women will get there. But there will be ups and downs. Neither is a dominant team. Men with too many soft euros, need Mexicans and South Americans Coach Jay, and women without the depth of talent.


  41. Just a thought…but if you pass on the game due to the parade you will miss a very good tailgate with breakfast sausage sliders, breakfast casserole and a Bloody Mary bar complete with jalapeño vodka…and more.

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  42. Heather should get dressed up like a Leprechaun…..go to the parade and sell some tickets.

    Or give them away…..just to fill Mustard Jar up more.

    I’m going……… as a bottle of Mickey’s Malt. 40 ouncer of course !


  43. Pitt’s women’s volleyball team easily handles Marshall 3-0. The scores were 25-10, 25-13, 25-20. Marshall called 1 time out in the entire match at 14-4 in the 1st set. Klika played libero the entire match. Cat Flood played OH in the 2nd and third sets. Browske played a little in the 3rd set. Pitt hit 0.324 overall and a blistering 0.680 in the 1st set. Marshall hit 0.000 in the 1st set and 0.021 overall. Marshall’s coaching staff basically decided the odds of them winning were virtually zero after Pitt came out strong in the 1st set. Vasquez-Gomez got a rest day along with Browske who saw very little action.

    Glad to see the Panthers just dominating lesser teams. They need to keep that mindset!!

    Tomorrow Pitt plays host Murray State at 2 PM. Murray State lost to Marshall 3 set to 2 yesterday. It would be a step back if Pitt loses one set to Murray State.

    Louisville beat ranked Kentucky yesterday and Florida State beat ranked Florida as well. The ACC dominance of the SEC continues in women’s volleyball.

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  44. Very sad news for Panther Nation. Dr. Freddie Fu is reportedly in hospice care with cancer.

    An awesome Pitt supporter and asset. Prayers for Dr. Fu.

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  45. I’ve been to the UPMC Sports Medicine building on the Southside numerous times (as a patient). It is not exactly a shrine to Dr. Fu and his accomplishments . . . . but his footprints are everywhere. Incredible facility. Nothing but A-team meds allowed to practice there.


  46. MBB, we need to get Kansas on the OOC schedule precisely because they are NOT a juggernaut! That’s the point. Soft P5 games are what is needed. Wins do count kman, but putting fannies in seats is important as well. And before you say that Kansas won’t put fannies in seats, they are a step up from a MAC team as far as interest. I would like to see that occasional West Coast team come to Pittsburgh for a game. As I said, there is a balance needed as far as getting OOC wins and increasing attendance.


    1. How did losing 50 to 3 or whatever against OK State do for us?
      In the Big East we had to toughen the schedule.
      No more
      Power 5 conference
      We happen to be in the weakest division, but so what.
      Win and you are in lose and get pushed down in Bowl status.
      Did we get any fans for okie state?
      I am season ticket holder. Are you?
      After you build the program up you can add tougher games.
      PSU only plays 1 debatably tough occ game a season.
      Now if the alliance agrees to match up and the 3 conferences agree to multiple p5 games count me in.
      Until then win.

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    2. Yea I agree VoR. I was using Kansas because apparently beating them impressed the pollsters, as to move Coastal Carolina up to No. 16 after their equally impressive win over another juggernaut, The Citadel.

      As someone else said, Pitt has to start winning large and you’re not going to do that with an OOC like Pitt has in 2023. 3 star recruiting warrants an easy OOC.

      Notre Dame

      You’re going to get fannies in the seats and 2 sellouts for these games.

      And most likely 3 losses as well. And the thoughts of SOP again.

      And those 3 early season losses will equate to less attendance for the rest of the year.


  47. I would never play Cincy. That is an example of a team not to play. But your Coastal Carolina example is a good one, MBB. Pitt must earn its ranking by beating certain teams that are beatable yet interesting to play. Yeah, Oka State was a bad loss, but this year’s team might do much better against them.

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  48. PITT lost the Pittsburgh Athletic Club and it’s now the Jewell of the Walnut Real-estate Developers. Now that pisses me off.


    1. Agree, ike. Pitt should be buying any available property within a couple miles of the Cathedral…

      Hope your team wins tomorrow!

      Go Pitt.

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  49. Ike, I think Pitt leased back some space in the PAC building. But it is sad that a Golden Panthers type of organization didn’t exist to buy it for athletic functions.


  50. #25 W_F beats #5 Pitt in men’s soccer today.

    Not a good look for tomorrow.

    The FB team needs to score early and often. No 3 and outs to start the first 3 series. The WMU QB will throw darts and embarrass the Duzz D.

    Jay not having a good year with basically the same team that went to the College Cup final four last season.

    Ugly weekend with ranked Pitt teams losing…except the powerful VB team.


    1. Pitt plays soft defense and lacks physicality. Their keeper is atrocious.

      They remind me of a mid to late 90’s penguins team.


  51. I’m thinking/hoping that since it’s not truly St Patrick’s Day weekend, this parade won’t be attended as well as the real thing.


  52. So Carl DePasqua has died. After Dave Hart’s three 1-9 seasons DePasqua created hope winning four games in 1969, including victories over Duke and Navy and held Penn State to a 7-7 tie at the half.

    He coached Pitt to the 36-35 win over West Virginia after Pitt trailed 35-8 at the half in 1979.

    That 1970 team could have beaten UCLA in the home opener if Ralph Cindrich had not gone out with an injury.

    Next season he provided us Pitt fans with a thrilling 29-25 victory over UCLA at the coliseum.

    Rest in peace Coach DePasqua.


  53. I noticed one subtle but significant change to the 2-deep for today’s game – Jaylon Braden was dropped to the 3 spot for both PR and KR.

    Stovall is the starter for both positions with Devonshire the back-up PR and Izzy the back-up for KR.

    Let me qualify this too, with Duzz there is usually no merit to the 2-deep he presents. This change makes clear sense.

    I think we will see some veteran players on the special team units to help shore up the blocking protection for punts and coverage on both KO’s and punts. If that does not get better today, there is a clear disconnect with reality with this coaching staff.

    If Pitt has a good ground attack today, look for Pitt to win running away. Otherwise, my upset alert feeling will have me on the edge of my seat all game.

    Either the edge of my seat in Heinz Field or I could take in the St. Patty’s Day ☘️ Parade 🧑‍🎤🍀🧩🟢🟩 🇮🇪


  54. Good news is parade only expecting 30% of normal crowd. If so, it should be OK. With parade, Pitt game, and Jazz festival there should be something for everyone. If Pitt had it’s act together they would have marketed the crap out of this. Where else in America could you do all this in one day! But no, all we here is the White out crap. Pitt should fire every single person in PR dept. ( if they actually have one) and start all over. About the only place with all this to do would be Austin, yes Tex, Austin is cool!!


  55. Ike – the PAA is a just beautiful building inside and out and you are correct that Pitt really dropped the ball there (see, we agree!) but that doesn’t piss me off as much as the Syria Mosque debacle.

    For those on here who went to Pitt after 1991 here is a link that shows the subject matter:


    Pitt should have kept that building for many reason – not the least is that it would have been a real gift to the city of Pittsburgh if Pitt allowed open cultural productions to be presented there. A gift which might have changed the City’s attitude to what Pitt would want to do in the future with their Oakland land….an OCS maybe?


  56. Uh oh!

    Norns finally took Drexel out – what a mess of a first half.

    Guys, this is a MAC team we are playing.

    D has got to play better.

    They have a run game and we don’t.

    The band is more entertaining today.


  57. So I can’t view the current post – if I click on it, it redirects to a Pitt pdf.

    The only way I was able to catch up on comments was to open up the cached version in Google.

    What is going on…??


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