47 thoughts on “Pitt vs Duquesne BB Game Thread

  1. Posted on the FB page while you are viewing: “You’re now watching a live video. The broadcaster and other viewers can see that you’re watching too.”

    What the heck?


  2. Duquesne may not be good, but Pitt looks very solid. Playing under control and passing cleaner….hope this is a confidence builder for this young group.


    1. The cheerleader inside the outfit makes all the difference, presume you were talking about the blond in the white outfit 🙂


  3. Oh, my comment above about the FB page statement that they can “see you”, refers to the live count of viewers during the event. Pretty cool both to get it and have Gottlieb(I think) responding to poster comments.

    Pitt looked really good. Could they repeat that and build up to a couple of ACC wins?,,,nah.


    1. If you comment they know who was there. They also read them. One announcer called the Cathedral of Learning the Tower of Learning and a commenter straightened him out.


  4. Hats off to this young team…and what Hillgrove and Groat described as a well played game. Still too many easy buckets allowed and as Emel points out never pass over the top of a press which drives Groat nuts. Hoping we can hang with the Hoopies.


  5. FYI, there is a very interesting thread on the Pitt Fan Fanatics FB page regarding support for the BBAll program and KS, with someone claiming to be Carl Krauser chiming in and not and very complimentary of Jamie Dixon.


  6. Well folks, the two Saturday home games for Pitt are Jan 13 2 on, (Georgia Tech) and Jan 27 4 PM (Syracuse). Does anyone feel strongly about one vs the other to potentially have a POVer day at the Pete?


  7. C’mon guys, can’t we all behave like adults. We all love the POV because we are more civil than the alternatives. Reed shouldn’t have to babysit us.

    We have a good thing here and should try to make life easier for everyone.

    Now you see what happens?


    1. IMO, Reed has had this become more than what he cares to deal with. I am seeing his perspective on this so much more clearly now and realizing with the time he committed to it, the few(by far not majority) make it not worth his time. Over time posters, myself included, throw out junk either because it is who they are or they are triggered by others to go negative and so tend to do it without respecting the site.

      This place was better than any I have experienced due to Reed AND several great posters, but although it did not bother me(thick-skinned and thick-headed), there were posters who pushed the limits of civility. Frankly those few who did it often even polluted the waters and influenced the otherwise civil posters to get a little or a lot more down into the mud….and that does not include the posts that Reed filtered(or WordPress) and didn’t even make it to the light of day.

      Many sites have moderators and multiple ones at that. Reed’s work here was incredibly comprehensive to the point that most(including me) could not imagine. He should not have had to waste time being the civility police. Wasted talent.

      Anyway, probably somewhat a casualty of the tougher season and also the fact that Reed laid things out here without emotion and thought others could do the same. Very tough to do with the mix of humanity here or anywhere. I get it, late, but I get it.


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