Happy Birthday Pitt POV!

I waited a day to write-up a one year anniversary article because the defensive backs are really more important at this point.

But last June 23rd I wrote the first of many POV articles and since have gained a solid and strong readership who is not hesitant to add, inform, criticize and praise all of the work done on here.

And when I say all of the work I consider you commenters to be the mainstay of that.  I have always considered my role as the writer one of  putting info and opinions out so that Pitt fans could have a forum for detailed discussions.

All I have really asked in return for that is that the discussions remain civil (they have) and that we respect each other’s opinions and that we have done also.  I feel that, biased position aside, we have by far the best and most in-depth discussion of Pitt football of any forum in the media.  That includes the papers, media subscription sites, message boards, Facebook and the recruiting sites.

Those are all fun places to visit – but if you want some really detailed an in-depth articles and the detailed and conversant discussions generated by those articles then you are in the right place.

And the numbers prove it.  I won’t go into specific readership counts but it is much, much higher than I imagined and way more diverse globally than I would have thought.

So for your info here are some interesting facts about the Pitt POV blog in its initial year.

In the last 365 days we have written 320 articles or 6.15 articles per week.  That includes podcasts and the Roundtable Call-in pieces.

In response to those articles we have had 27,629 comments written by the readers.  That comes out to an average of 86 comments per article.  In my research that is a huge amount more than our next contender which is the Pitt Blather.  Actually there are a bunch more comments on Facebook but I don’t count those.  That equals out to 2,302  comments per month.

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