The Transfer Craze

witnessingAs we have discussed on here in the past, we college football fans are witnessing a sea change in the fundamental make-up of college ball.  That is the prevalence of players transferring for convenience.

I say ‘convenience’ as opposed to a situation where a player has been dismissed from one progrm and thus having to go elsewhere to continue his college career.  We see this happening more and more and even the NCAA has lightened restrictions regarding transfer with the institution of a “Graduate Transfer” not have to sit out a full season before he can suit up and play at another D1 school.

Like it or not this is the new normal in college ball now and we need to get used to it.  Every fan will have their own opinion on this issue and we’ll discuss mine later on, but as we see happened at Pitt especially in recent years, there has been a real trend to search for and grab hired hands to start in place of younger and less experienced (and in many cases less talented) players extent on the roster.

There are a myriad of reasons players transfer but the majority see the handwriting on the wall as far as being a starter or two-deep player at their original university.  But that isn’t the only factor involved – many times it is homesickness and/or dissatisfaction with the way the player feels he has been handled by the school’s coaching staff.

Those aren’t the only reasons but are, in my research, the top three motivating factors.

Right off the bat we Pitt fans can look at our last two above the average successful transfer QBs in Tom Savage and Nate Peterman and see pretty clearly that our coaching staffs recognized the need to replace the guy in the batter’s box.

In both cases that guy was recruited 4* QB Chad Voytik out of the state of Tennessee.  Back in 2013 Paul Chryst knew that as a rsFR Voytik wasn’t ready to lead a D1 offense and so he brought in Tom Savage to take the reins for a single year.

Savage Year.png

That worked OK for us in that Savage had pretty good numbers as shown here.  That allowed our Panthers to get to a 7-6 season with a win over Bowling Green in the Little Caesar’s Bowl.  Which unfortunately was the last bowl game we have won.

Since that year we have had two more QBs come in to start in Peterman (from Tennessee) and now Max Browne (USC).  Peterman’s success at Pitt was solid in his first year and star worthy his second.

NP at Pitt.pngBoth of Peterman’s years led to eight win seasons and so Browne is now tasked with carrying that forward. Continue reading “The Transfer Craze”