Happy Birthday Pitt POV!

I waited a day to write-up a one year anniversary article because the defensive backs are really more important at this point.

But last June 23rd I wrote the first of many POV articles and since have gained a solid and strong readership who is not hesitant to add, inform, criticize and praise all of the work done on here.

And when I say all of the work I consider you commenters to be the mainstay of that.  I have always considered my role as the writer one of  putting info and opinions out so that Pitt fans could have a forum for detailed discussions.

All I have really asked in return for that is that the discussions remain civil (they have) and that we respect each other’s opinions and that we have done also.  I feel that, biased position aside, we have by far the best and most in-depth discussion of Pitt football of any forum in the media.  That includes the papers, media subscription sites, message boards, Facebook and the recruiting sites.

Those are all fun places to visit – but if you want some really detailed an in-depth articles and the detailed and conversant discussions generated by those articles then you are in the right place.

And the numbers prove it.  I won’t go into specific readership counts but it is much, much higher than I imagined and way more diverse globally than I would have thought.

So for your info here are some interesting facts about the Pitt POV blog in its initial year.

In the last 365 days we have written 320 articles or 6.15 articles per week.  That includes podcasts and the Roundtable Call-in pieces.

In response to those articles we have had 27,629 comments written by the readers.  That comes out to an average of 86 comments per article.  In my research that is a huge amount more than our next contender which is the Pitt Blather.  Actually there are a bunch more comments on Facebook but I don’t count those.  That equals out to 2,302  comments per month.

From June 23rd, 2016 until Dec 31st, 2016 we had 16,981 comments – so you can see that you guys are more loquacious when actual football stuff is happening like the fall camp and games. So far in 2017 when all we have had is spring practice and recruiting we have had 10,648.  It will jump up again in August.

What I think is most interesting is that most ‘clicks‘,  which are people clicking on our embedded links to see other content, go to;  Pittsburgh Sports Now, Pitt Blather, Pittsburgh Panthers (University of Pittsburgh Athletic dept.) ESPN and Trib Live.

Our most “hits” or where readers come from are The Pitt Blather and Facebook – which I think is funny because I get more written criticism on Facebook than I do on here by far. Apparently those complainers are in the minority over there by a large margin.

In all that time and out of those 27,629 comments posted (a few hundred more were spam that was caught by WordPress and not counted) I have trashed only three (3!) in the full year. 

I told you I was going to let you have your say and I have done so. However, I edit as I see fit – especially with the swearing – but I just can’t bring myself to stop a good point or two about Pitt football from being posted because the comment wasn’t proofread.

The ones I trashed were so full of crap and they were just too off the wall and didn’t mean anything.  Other blogs run by individuals have both censored posts and banned commenters – I have done neither and that is a direct reflection of you all and your quality thoughts of mind.

Speaking of posters our Top Five are: wwb, Ike, Tossing Thabeets, rkb and Notrocketscience. I’m up there also but don’t count.

We have 690 “Followers” – readers who automatically get a newly posted article sent to them via email.  I actually think this number is higher but can’t figure out what WordPress is trying to tell me about this issue.

September is the month with most traffic and June has been the month with the least – that makes sense.

The most popular day for readership is Tuesday with 12:00 pm being the most popular hour.  That is due to my intent to get articles up for you to read before your lunch hours at work.

We have repetitive readers in 33 countries with seven countries having more that 100 dedicated readers.  We have had comments from 11 different countries.
Alas, only one reader in Iran but he logs on pretty often.  This is why I continually remind you all that what you write isn’t read just by other commenters but by Pitt fans, and sports fans, all over the country and the world.

I took a rather large sampling of my articles and it appears they average around 1,400 or so words per article.  A longer magazine article in an established periodical publication averages around 1,000 words.  If that holds true then I have written around 448,000 words for you all to read and comment on in the last year.

As an example the latest in-depth series I am doing – the “Upgrade, Downgrade or Draw” pieces have averaged 1,600 words with one (WRs) as high as 2,125. 

A typical mystery novel might be in the 60,000 to 80,000 word range while a thriller could be at 100,000 words.  So I have written the equivalent of five novels for you to enjoy over the last year.

Why did I just list all that? 

Well, it was to show each and every one of you readers and commenters what you all have done to make this so much fun for me to do.  Believe me, as much work as this is – and I’ll not lie and say it isn’t – I get rewarded many times over from the friends and acquaintances I have made through this blog… and I think I can say that you all have done the same.

OK – enough about last year.

Let me know what I can do to make The Pitt POV even better for this next 12 months and be as detailed as you like.  I only ask that you consider my budget when doing so.  Speaking of which I’ll do another round of begging for donations toward the New Year.

I’ll try to get up to three or four fall camp practices and certainly Pitt’s Media Day in August then all the home games at least – with an away game or two thrown in.

We do need to get serious about POV tailgating come September 2nd for the Youngstown State game.  We have some things in the works and I will keep you informed.

Finally – a heartfelt thanks to all who read and especially all who take the time and effort to comment on here.  Numbers don’t lie and I can say that you all have made the Pitt POV a real presence in the Pitt football world and in doing so have made being a Pitt fan a lot more fun for me and many others…





50 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pitt POV!

  1. Well Happy Birthday to the POV and everyone, it’s been fun as heck and help me along some difficult times.

    Reed: How many times I shake my head with wonderment on how much, how good the material is, and the ideas you have come up with for not only articles but your animations as well. Thank You for that!

    The numbers are staggering what a great success the POV has become. What is also crazy is the strictly PITT sports talk has carried over during the off-season with so many articles and comments. Boy that helps during the winter months.

    Oh and thank you to your daughter as well, I know she helps out a lot and does a great job.

    Reed a BTW, if you hadn’t come onto the ITH well after the POV start-up and posted a reminder I would have never joined here. By now it’s word of mouth… I don’t think I joined until August??

    Looking forward to the POV tailgates, people do not realize Reed and I have never met in person, which seems strange.

    You certainly count on me to help supplement your expenses when you give the call out.

    Now lighten up Narduzzi a little bit and it’s all good 🙂 ….. ike

    We All We Got
    We All We Need!



  2. Gee, I think I’ve lightened up on Pat Narduzzi an awful lot over the past year or so especially with wins over Penn State and Clemson. But I’ll keep an open mind Ike, just as I always try to do…


  3. Only joking Reed. I do think you’re finally over the great lock out just when the POV was starting up. I’ve actually come over to your views that he’s overboard with the secrecy.


  4. Reed,
    Any way to determine how these fan forums influence administration policy? Maybe based on your privileged conversations without going into details. I know these forums are being watched since they are a good source of the current thinking and perceptions of the fan base. I’d like to think that our opinions do in some way sway certain decisions or at least are part of the intelligence being considered for things like game day experience, forecasted ticket sales, etc. But based on the decisions seen, I dont think our opinions matter much…KS hiring, AD hiring, structure of athletics (BoT), OCS, etc, etc.


  5. Maybe the open Media Day in fall camp sprung from media complaints about the closed practices… anything else I wonder.

    I will say that Narduzzi’s more open to media and fans outreach than Chryst was, so that makes EJ’s job easier.

    I do wish he would open practices though… as I think it would help in the long run.


  6. I know it’s impossible but still my one gripe is…..no edit button. I just can’t get use to proof reading after spending several years on message boards and that’s on me. When reading my garble just fill in the blanks as I refuse to re-post a correction. (I would be doing that all day)… but… If that’s the biggest problem then I would say the POV is doing just great.

    My funniest moment at the expense of Reed. Reed talking for over an hour with Penny thinking it was Brecterfield. That’s hysterical..

    The greatest week of posting? Tied…. after the psu and Clemson games. Obviously.

    Sad times for sure with the loss of so many of our loved ones over the year.. Keep up your spirits

    Everyone is just so great on here it’s been a fun year…..let’s do it again! ike


  7. Happy Birthday POV!
    Thanks for all you do, Reed and I’m glad to be one of the gang! September can’t come fast enough!


  8. Ike, the strange part about that conversation was he kept telling me he had never been to the islands but there was so much noise I didn’t get what he was saying… and drinking beer all afternoon didn’t help either.


  9. Reed, as I said before I really enjoy your site and everyone’s no holds barred comments. I look for your post everyday and am glad you continue to post often. Heck of a job my man. Thanks for posting.


  10. Ike @ 12:52,
    That Penny scenario was the hardest I’ve laughed in quite some time Ike!!!!
    Here’s Reed talking to this guy (Penny) thinking he’s talking to Brecterfield and Penny is looking at Reed like he’s nuts. So Reed writes “the guy must of been drunk” when in fact it was Reed who was drinking ALL Day before the conversation, while Penny was working all day!!! (LOL).
    Then gasman writes “I just hope when Reed woke up the next morning he didn’t find Penny laying next to him!” (LOL). Then I mentioned I just hope the brand new POV flagpole wasn’t involved in any way! (LOL).
    Then Ike is laughing so out of control his wife walks in the room to see what the heck is going on!!!! (LOL). That stuff was classic Burg funny!!!!!! And all at the expense of our potentate, Reed.


  11. PITT picks up another 3 star kiddo. I like it a lot. 6’5″ 235 lbs TE from Montvale NJ. 5.7 star rating. Matt Alaimo. Hope this doesn’t mean Banks isn’t coming…. but..


  12. Happy Birthday and thank you Reed….. POV has changed the way I have come to experience PITT Panther football…all for the better… Looking forward for “what’s to come!”


  13. Matt Alaimo — 6’5” TE ….. The Offers….

    1) Arizona State (get outta here Todd Graham — you gettin’ fired soon! — trust me don’t feel too bad for him. The players said back-in-the-day, how at Pitt during his lone year, in a team meeting he full-on bragged he was sooo rich and didn’t need the money anymore — so he’s gonna be fine lol)

    2) Arkansas — Bret Bielema has been losing a few of his targets to Pitt specifically this class

    NC State, West Virginia, Tennessee, Louisville — buncha IVY League schools so kid is obviously strong Academically + Character Wise


  14. Reed, not to be rude on the POV birthday but I’m very certain that Narduzzi’s top priority recruit’s are 5 star players. Maybe the POV can chip in together and buy him a shotgun to help him in his persuasion abilities?

    TJ Banks is a local kid from East Allegheny and a TE who some consider a 4 star. Who was suppose to be a PITT lean at one time. Now he’s slow playing him.

    Until we can get inside HCPN head, which I’m not interested in doing, he needs the benefit of the doubt imo. We all have a reason for doing what we do. We don’t have to be a football coach.


  15. At this point I’d rather have all solid 3 star players with high character and great size across the board at all positions until Pitt can get really strong.

    The strongest recruiting at Pitt he last 30 years was from Wannstedt — but more Discerning minds realize that while LeSean McCoy and Jon Baldwin (5 stars) were studs — Wannstedt was also stocking the entire Offensive Line and Linebacking Core with unranked, 2 star and low 3 star players who were very weak.

    I’ll take the depth and solid across-the-board at every position strong 3 stars right now for sure —- as long as Narduzzi keeps stocking Pitt with NFL talent Quarterbacks, which is the #1 Priority for every Power 5 program anyways.


  16. Alaimo is a stud. Watch his tape. Size, power and speed. Throws some nice blocks. Splits out wide like a receiver too. Could easily be a 4* by next season, IMHO

    I’d bet they are done recruiting TE’s.


  17. Reed thank you very much for the hard work and insightful articles. Thank you also to all posters on the POV,, love ya guys. All hail to Brechterfield/Penny. How does Penny like Wiscy? Hey at least Reed didn’t confuse him with Avonte Maddox – now that would be a day of drinking.


  18. Reed – he’s another 5.7 3 star. That means he’s a borderline 4 star. Not all of these (5 now) 5.7’s will turn into 4 stars but a few of them will as seniors. That’s improvement in avg ranking by a couple hundred players over the previous regime. Each class has improved upon the previous. Recruiting is trending way up.

    The only player I’m not excited about is the QB, Patti. But realistically he’s depth and the QB in this class would have always had an uphill battle to see the field.


  19. ATL – regarding being done with TE’s. I wouldn’t be so sure. Remember, the one TE recruit will be converted to FB. Saymond (sp?).


  20. Great dig up BiggieB, Alaimo is a big very athletic young man and I could imagine his little brother could be a player as well…

    There is a rhyme and a reason that many of us really can’t see on face value when it comes to the finer points of recruiting no matter of the research that goes into it.

    Let’s face it. Narduzzi is an enigma and that’s the way he likes it…… and that’s the way it should be… imo ike


  21. Reed and All,

    Thanks for a great year! A lot of respect and jocularity going on in this space. Biggest surprise of the blog was recognizing my old neighbor on Hays Road by analyzing his comments during the year. RKB, too nice! I think it was the not regarding Joe H and his football schollie to MSU that made me connect the dots! It could have also been the Joe Moore coaching at our high school that also helped. What great memories of your family. Thank you, brother!

    Another solid prospect verbal with the new TE. Look, I think the conversation with Banks goes like this. Narduzzi: We are going to take two TE’s this class. One has just committed. We will take the next one whenever that happens. We really want it to be you, but only if you are sure. Banks: But I can go to WV High School and be lost in the big12 where we will never sniff a championship, especially with Texas and Oklahoma bouncing back. Not sure the TE in WV High’s offense is ever featured. They do not run a pro set and I don’t think they have a TE on any roster in the NFL for a long time. Strong maybe!

    So the questions are whether we would still take Kevin Doyle or TJBanks given the numbers? The second is whether we stop recruiting the other TE 2 star and go after Banks. Our TE haul last year may scare off Banks but I think he is talented enough to play early. Sears is one of my sleepers from last year. Reeves looks like the old Steeler TE, Eric Green from liberty.

    Congrats again to all on the year. Year 2 is always important for a start up! Let’s do it!


  22. Reed, Your site is the best! I am constantly amazed by your efforts to give us content and discussion articles. Lots of worthwhile comments and opinion by the POVerts. If our athletic department was half as committed and had half the work ethic that you have we might win a championship.


  23. Heading down to OpenStreets Pittsburgh. Once a month they are closing streets on a Sunday morning so you can Bike around the City. Very Cool!


  24. A BTW and a heads up. PITT has a visitor on campus who’s really liking his visit but don’t they all. Brian Asamoah who is listed as 3 star but is a top player. If Narduzzi can get him to commit read up on him before you bemoan another 3 star recruit. << If PITT could be so lucky!


  25. Reed – great job with the POV. Congrats on an exemplar first 12 months! Can’t wait for the next 12 – esp Aug – Dec. (Or maybe thru Jan if we happen to get a Jan bowl).


  26. Happy Birthday POV! Everyday after I read the local obituaries (I am a physician lol), the next thing I read is you. Out here in Luzerne County, PA a Pitt fan can feel like he is on a deserted island. You guys share my passion for Pitt Football and this site makes me feel at home. I am so proud of the intelligence and impressed by the knowledge of the bloggers, both in the historical sense and in the here-and-now. You guys keep me informed and armed with information in my daily battles with the PSU and ND fans here. Thank you so much for this site and many, many more!


  27. At least one of the tight end recruits from last year will be converted to O-Line and the TE recruit from New England is more of a slot/fullback type as has been stated. There is still room for a 4 star local kid who goes 6’6′ 245 lbs… imo


  28. Happy Birthday to the POV…I will never forget the date as it’s 2 days before my dad’s. Thanks to Reed for the quality of the site and keeping things fresh and interesting. You hooked me after our conversation in Annapolis at the bowl game. Looking forward to tailgating and a road trip to Duke.


  29. Many of these 3’s will probably be bumped to 4’s. I dont have an issue with his recruiting given this stage…3 years in. His strategy and tactics are far more sound than Chryst’s. Coaching is the BIG TBD. Does he have it as Head coach?


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