You’re the First to Know…

I just now received a call from Tyler Boyd’s press agent specifically requesting that The Pitt POV run a piece about a free one-day Football Camp our alumni Tyler Boyd is hosting for under privileged youth in the Pittsburgh-Clariton area.

That will be on July 15th – the full press release will be published as soon as I get it in email.

So here is an early heads-up on what is a very generous gesture and sure to be great day for the local youths who most probably could use a jolt of fun and hobnobbing with an NFL player and his NFL friends.

The carrot dangled to the POV is that I’ll get a nice block of time for an one-on-one interview with young Mr. Boyd.  I’ll try not to hit him up for a loan no matter how deep his pockets are.  The camp will be on a Saturday so let’s make a POV dinner somewhere out of it… eh?

So – a round of applause for a Pitt man giving back some of what he has to kids in the position he found himself growing up in.


POV: Uniforms Redux (Again)

I’m not going to write a lot about this as I have put up a few articles related to Pitt’s musical chair theory when it comes to our football uniforms already.

But now our new AD Heather Lykes has done what seems to be required of each new Pitt AD in that she is revisiting, yet again, how they should look.

Could old school become the new normal? For now, Pitt athletic director Heather Lyke wouldn’t rule it out.


In an interview Tuesday with Pittsburgh media, Lyke was asked about the possibility of the athletic department returning to its royal-blue-and-yellow color scheme and said, “I’m not going to say the conversation has not happened.”

Lyke cautioned nothing was imminent, but the news of a potential return to the program’s historic colors is welcomed with open arms by many Pitt fans.

The chorus of voices calling for Pitt to scrap its current palette of navy blue and gold has intensified since August, when the athletic department first released images of the retro uniforms the football team wore on Oct. 8 against Georgia Tech and Nov. 19 against Duke.

Of course this is all crap to the nth degree. 

Remember just ten months ago in August when we jumped on this merry-go-round and ended up with the uniforms we have now? And remember how these were the ones the Pitt administration stated were going to be the uniforms of the future so that Pitt could create the all-important “brand” and eye recognition that the most successful programs have? 

Think of Alabama, Penn State, Nebraska, Oklahoma’s brands to name a few – one look and you knew right off the bat who those teams you were watching when flipping through your TV channels. Continue reading “POV: Uniforms Redux (Again)”