What Hath Our Recruiting Wrought?

It seems to me by reading Pitt fans’ reactions to our latest recruiting commitments that we just might be the only team, in the ACC at least, who gets excited about 3* and 5.5 – 5.7 rated high school players coming onto their roster.

This isn’t just this year or this head coach but has gone back to the days right after Dave Wannstedt was fired at the end of the 2010 season and when we had that shattered recruiting class of 2011.

That was back when there was true instability in the football program with the changeover of three HCs in three years and all the negative press which had been dragged along with that.  But we are far past that now and in a real sense have had a run of six years of relatively normal operations in the program.

Yes, losing one HC and hiring another, while not ideal,  is very common these days. At the end of 2015 only 29% of the then-current HCs of the 128 FBS programs had been at their schools for four years or longer… which in turn means the 71% programs had turned over HCs within four years – Pitt among them.

So Paul Chryst staying for three years and leaving, and departing on good terms by the way, is the norm in college ball today and isn’t looked at as a negative any longer.  Thus it isn’t necessarily a negative recruiting tool to be believed by recruits and their parents.  The crap we went though in the administration from 2010 until 2012… yes, that was a bad aberration, but lately it’s not so much.

The point here being that after two years of having Pat Narduzzi at the helm and his having two of the best successive years Pitt has had since 2008-09 our recruiting should have stabilized by now.

But has it?

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