Earlier this morning I completed our Howard County, MD’s Naloxone training and certification class.  If you aren’t familiar with what this is about Naloxone is the opiate receptor blocker nasal spray that is used in case of a person’s overdosing on opiates.

This FAQ is an excellent source of info on the medicine.

It is no secret that every state, and almost every county in our respective states of MD and PA are having huge problems with opioid overdose deaths and they  reverberates through families, communities and across all social strata.

Well, we have the ability to help if that happens where we are and I can’t tell you how many people I know who have either overdosed or have had a family member do so – and so died as a result.  That is because I spend a good amount of time around homeless populations and drug addicts.

That is where I volunteer my time every week and why I finally told myself I have to be ready in case I’m needed to help.

Allegheny County provides the same training – it should be of no cost to you and pharmacies, of the Health Department itself, should provide you with the Naloxone kits you need.

I urge you to consider this training also. There are a lot of rumors surrounding this subject – some really off the wall – but I hope you educate yourself and then take advantage of these needed emergency response tools.

Good Samaritan laws are in effect in every state so that shouldn’t worry you.  I linked PA’s for you.

Thanks for listening…