POV Golf Outing Rules and Info


(All play shall conform to USGA Rules)


  1. Quicksilver Country Club, Midway, PA.
  2. Tee times are from noon to approx. 1:30 or so.  I will have the details in a day or two
  3. DETOUR: QUICKSILVER ROAD CLOSED AT ROUTE 980. ALTERNATE DETOUR ROUTE. Follow posted detour until you arrive at Valero Gas station in Midway. From that point follow “YELLOW” Alternate Detour signs. (Turn right thru tunnel)


  1. Four person scramble tournament.


  1. Please smooth all marks made in Sand Bunkers.
  2. Leave the putting green as soon as you have holed out.
  3. Do not play until the players in front of you are out of range.
  4. Balls may be cleaned on the green, and ball marks repaired prior to putting.
  5. Please observe all local course rules.
  6. Attire – Collared shirt, no jeans, cut-off shorts nor metal spikes.
  7. Enjoy the day and your fellowship with other golfers!


  1. A scramble means that all team members tee off on each hole and then decide which tee shot they like the best and mark the spot with a tee or ball marker.
  2. The other team members pick up their balls and place them within one club length (no closer to the hole) of the marked spot. Each team member hits their next shot from the chosen spot of the prior shot.
  3. If the ball you choose to play is in a hazard (sand, water, etc.), the rough, or out of bounds, you cannot drop the ball outside of the hazard or rough even if relief is within one club length away.
  4. This procedure is followed on every shot for the remainder of the hole, including putts. The ball should be marked on the putting green also.
  5. Putts need to be made within 3 inches of the marked spot (no closer to the hole). The first ball to go in the hole is counted for the team score. When putting, once any ball is holed out, no further strokes count. The team is cautioned not to make “tap” in putts until all team members have had the opportunity to attempt the team’s original putt.
  6. Each player’s tee shot must be used at least two times during the 18-hole competition.
  7. A team is not allowed any player’s shot to be used twice in a row.
  8. If a team is putting OR chipping for a bogey, pick-up and mark your score as a bogey.
  9. Always keep up with the group in front of you.
  10. In the case of a tie, the Pitt POV staff will compare the scorecard of the teams that have tied starting with the hole with the highest handicap moving to the hole with the lowest handicap, continuing until one team has the lowest score on a hole.

These rules are subject to change/updating prior to the start of the tournament.

Notes:  OK – those are the rules.  Here is some additional info…

It appears that we will have 25-27 attendees with probably 23-25 of those will be golfing. I appreciate the numerous invitations to be part of a foursome but I won’t be able to do that.

It is not too late to get registered and attend – and as I have said if you want to drive down just for the drinks and camaraderie then please do.  It will be $75 if you golf; $25 if you eat the meal and we’ll turn a blind eye if you just show up and buy everyone a round.

I’ll have some goodie-bags made up of Pitt & Pitt POV swag with name tags attached with both real and screen names so we all know who we are. I will write them out because I guarantee my printing is better than yours.

We’ll have some pretty cool prizes also – trophies (The “FRANKCAN-PITT POV Memorial Trophy”), bottles of good booze and assorted nice things to get you to donate more… just kidding… maybe.

In addition I’ll give a presentation-type gig where we’ll talk about the Pitt POV blog and what it has done so far; fun trivia stuff  like most comments by a poster, Pitt football trivia, “Guess who said what?” and I’ll compile some ‘best and worst‘ comments lists.

I guess I’ll be the Master of ceremonies if we can herd everyone into one place at the same time. 

By the way – the “sponsorship” part of the Golf Outing was what we had hoped would push us up over our Quicksilver Country Club overhead/golf expenses but that didn’t happen save for two sponsors (thank you Erie Express and rkb!!)  So at this point we are just about at break-even or even a bit short of what is needed to cover expenses.

Some readers were very generous and chipped in some extra $$$ as a donation also (thank you Markp, Dan72 and Tedsptman!!) but as it stands there will be no money for the charity and the POV to split.  I can absorb the POV not getting any money when the dust settles but we will have a donation jar set up for the Grassroots charity for attendees to drop a bill or two in.

But the important thing isn’t the $$$ – that will work out – the important thing is that you come over and have fun with everyone else.  In essence this is our first ‘tailgate’ with each other and we’ll keep that going in the Gold Lots at Heinz Field starting at 10:00 or so on Saturday…. look for a 20′ flagpole with the POV and Pitt Script flags proudly flying for that one.

I’ll have more details of the day’s schedule soon – please talk to Rick Caldwell for actual golf questions like tee times, etc…  his contact info is:

717-951-9805   or   rcaldwell@whiteoakdisplay.com’

Let’s keep a keen eye on the weather – as of today it looks like it will be a grand day for golf and getting a neon tan back in the clubhouse… keep fingers crossed…

PGH weather

I truly can’t wait guys – getting more excited by the day…

Hail to Pitt!!!


47 thoughts on “POV Golf Outing Rules and Info

  1. Pitt Spring Football Drills: Day 11, Videos & Quotes


    Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

    Special Teams Coordinator / Running Backs Coach Andrew Powell

    Wide Receivers Coach Kevin Sherman

    Defensive Back Avonte Maddox

    Punter Ryan Winslow

    Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

    Opening statement:

    “Another really good practice. We had a really great attitude. When you start getting to practice 10 and 11, you start to think they’re going to come out and have a flat practice; we haven’t had a flat practice yet. That goes back to the type of attitude they have every day when they step onto the field. I’m happy with where we are. We had a couple of live periods today, and they’re competing on both sides of the ball. Our kicking game continues to get better. It’s a good Thursday.”

    On if there is competition in the kicking game:

    “Not really. We have two young kickers, a young kicker and young punter. They are competing and doing a good job. Ian [Troost], our backup kicker right now, has really gotten better. He started off where I didn’t know if the ball was going to get the upright; now he’s come in during the two-minute and hits a field goal. Kirk [Christodoulou] is doing a great job, too. Is he going to beat out Ryan Winslow? I think it would be hard since Ryan is a senior. But he is a guy we are training and getting ready for in a year to get him going. I’m happy with him; he can punt. He is a scholarship kid from Australia and he’s got a leg, so he’s going to keep getting stronger and better.”

    On what he’s seen from the young defensive backs:

    “Therran [Coleman] really stands out in every drill. He has really grown up a lot. Last year, he was about to play and something happened. His body kind of shut down; I don’t talk injuries, but he didn’t feel as good and wasn’t running like he was running. Now he’s been ‘steady eddy’ and he’s making plays on the ball. I am happy to see where he is. [Jay] Stocker is getting better. Bricen [Garner] is getting better. Those are three of the young guys that I think have stepped up right now.”

    On individuals who are getting better as the spring goes on:

    “There are a lot of guys getting better. I can’t really single anyone out. We talk about getting three percent better every day and guys are taking that to heart. There’s a lot of guys at a lot of positions getting better. You look at Justin Morgan stepping up and playing really good football. Looking at offensive line, Jerry Drake Jr. is getting better. Defensive line has done a nice job. Allen Edwards is competing and getting better. I can keep going on. Elijah Zeise. [Maurice] Ffrench did some great things on offense. I can keep going. There are a lot of guys.”

    Special Teams Coordinator / Running Backs Coach Andre Powell

    On how the running back group is improving:

    “They’re getting better. We’ve been spending a lot of time addressing our needs and the things that we need to do better. For us, we are trying to get the most out of every run every time we have the football. We talk about and practice things that help us get more yards when we get to the guy that we didn’t block or couldn’t block. That’s been our emphasis, extra yards. In the last couple of days, they’ve really improved.”

    On Qadree Ollison and Chawntez Moss competing for the starting spot:

    “We’re going to need both of them. We need both of them to improve. I’m not ready to say one of them is a starter or one of them is a backup. They’re both solid players and we just need to get them better. They’re interchangeable; they can do everything.”

    On Maurice Ffrench playing special teams:

    “Ffrench is a good player. Everybody knows Quadree [Henderson] is a good player. Right now, we need to develop another return man. We have to make preparations, that in case we have the success that we had last year, then we are going to have all the trick-kick situations. We need somebody that can handle the ball back there. He’s fast. He has to learn to set blocks. Sometimes we’re blocking the guy outside and he runs inside. Once he trains his eyes, he’ll be a good weapon for us.”

    On James Conner preparing for the draft:

    “He’s done a good job. James is a blue-collar kind of guy. He works and that’s the most important thing. Some of the pro coaches that I have talked to said that he is an impressive guy with what he does on the field and with how he handles himself.”

    On the kickers developing:

    “Both of those guys have done a good job the last week or so. I don’t know the percentages off the top of my head, but I’m really impressed. I’m a lot more at ease about that than I was three weeks ago. He [Alex Kessman] kicked one barely left yesterday, a 61-yarder. That’s pretty good. That’s the longest I’ve seen. That’s a long field goal. He’s strong. He’s got a smooth stroke. For him, it’s all the mental stuff of looking at what he’s supposed to look at and blocking out all the peripheral things that make kickers miss.”

    Wide Receivers Coach Kevin Sherman

    On Maurice Ffrench’s enthusiasm on the offensive side of the ball:

    “Like I said before, he is buying into whatever his role is. He is still playing both ways—offense and defense. He’s split half the practices on offense and defense. I can tell you, he has a lot of fun when he is over on the offensive side because he’s getting to touch the ball and do some things. The last couple of days, we’ve done some good things, but we have to get cleaner and get better. He’s only going to get better once he buys into what we are trying to teach him. He has to go out and execute it and do it consistently.”

    On the unique skills Ffrench brings to the receiving group:

    “Speed. Explosion. Strong runner. Very athletic. He has all the tools you want in a receiver. He just has to use all the tools we have in the toolbox to help him be a better player.”

    Punter Ryan Winslow

    On taking on a leadership role with the team:

    “I definitely have, especially in our room. I’m the only guy on special teams who has experience. I might be the oldest guy on the team. I’m about to be 23, so I definitely try and lead by example and be a leader in the specialists’ room for sure.”

    On the progress of Kirk Christodoulou:

    “He didn’t realize that Coach Narduzzi stood next to us every time we punted, so he said his heart was beating pretty fast that first day. I’m trying to help him get used to the American game; he’s obviously never played it before. I think that will come with experience and repetition, but he definitely has potential and I think he is going to turn into a good punter for years to come.”

    On the competition at punter:

    “I think we are definitely having a competition. Right now, I think I’m a little bit ahead. It’s been a good competition. I think it’s always good to have competition; it elevates both levels of our game.”

    On the improvements in his game:

    “I had a few good balls today. I am definitely trying to work on my hangtime this year to give our guys a chance to get down there. I’d like to force some more fair catches.”

    Defensive Back Avonte Maddox

    On what he has learned since entering the program:

    “I’m trying to be more patient and more coachable. I’ve been sitting here and processing everything, letting it sink in to me. I’m learning every day, the little things. I’m paying attention to the little details.”

    On if he was coachable as a freshman:

    “I was but I am able to absorb more now. I understand the game. I was just winging it as a freshman. I was throwing it out there early, but now I’m able to learn the game faster and quicker.”

    On his communication with the younger defensive backs:

    “Sometimes you get in their ear and you have to yell a little bit, definitely at Therran [Coleman]. He’s coming along; today was a good day for him. I’m proud of him. He’s getting three percent better every day.”

    On what he tells the younger players:

    “Have self-confidence. At corner, a lot of things happen. There are deep balls or short balls, loss of leverage, but you need to come back and compete the next play because they will come back at you. You have to keep your confidence up no matter what happens.”

    On Maurice Ffrench:

    “Ffrench is doing well at corner. He has a lot on his plate. He’s trying to learn the offensive playbook and the defensive playbook. Every time he comes out here, I know you will get 100 percent from him every play. He just needs to clean up his feet; that’s something he can work on every day. He came out here with the offense today, but after practice he came over and did defensive steps. He’s striving to get better.”


    1. Riggs – yes, we will pair you up with two others to make your foursome – planning in the works – do you have a preference with tee times?


      1. Erie,
        We’ll get there early so it doesn’t matter what time. I’m not a good golfer and I’m bringing my 15 year old son.


        1. It’s all for fun – we are attempting to place tee times with names and also put a good playing team like Dr. Tom’s first to set a quick pace.


  2. Winter rules? Clean and place on fairway? What if a ball is partially plugged?
    Can a team use the ball of the same golfer two shots in succession?

    I’m not playing but want to make sure all ground is covered.

    What if I’m watching POV cam and notice an improper drop or ball placement? Can I make a call into Reed and have a 2 stroke penalty invoked?


    1. wbb – your 1st three questions don’t apply to a scramble – clean & place applies on every shot.

      Read rule #7 for your answer on the 4th question.

      Calling in to Reed will result in a 2 shot penalty to the caller – as in Scotch or Whisky

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Played Quicksilver Wednesday. Course is shaping up nicely. Greens, fairways and rough good. Tee boxes still choppy as grass not really growing yet. Conditions will depend on weather, today its snow flurries! If weather forecast holds play should be heavy, and they should be able to do some work. BTW, I shot my usual 93, so take it for what it’s worth,lol.


    1. Joe – I may drive in on Thursday to meet Carl and Bryan face to face st Quicksilver. Are you available to play 18 that Thursday?


  4. Erie – thanks for the wrestling article link. Bono would be a good hire, IMO. Sounds like he is committed to the community, the school and his recruits up there, so it will be difficult to bring him to Pitt.


  5. Reed, Sorry to hear you can’t play, know it can be less fun for a non golfer, should still consider, like the Coasties say “you have to go out, you don’t have to come back”


  6. Rick, I’m playing Monday and Wed. If I can rearrange something I’ll let you know, but it doesn’t look good, I will try.


  7. Just kidding @ joeknew about the windmill, well kinda! I have a few old friends that may still work there. Bob Salera used to be the assistant pro and Shawn Parees the golf pro back in the day when the senior circuit came through! Not sure where they ended up as that was a long long time ago!


  8. The scramble rules sound pretty good.

    But a question — which tees are we playing? Do the old geezers get a break on the tees??

    Go Pitt.


    1. Major – we are playing from the white tees. I’ll defer to JoeKnew regarding an age advantage to hitting from the shorter tee box (probably gold), since he plays this course often.

      I play with a few 60 to 65 year olds that crush the ball – so my guess would be if you are 68 or older, you get the choice to move up. My dad is 78 and only moved up when he turned 75.

      Remember, Dr. Tom shoots in the 70’s and is retired. We don’t want to give him too much more of an advantage or he’ll be setting the course record.


  9. Have fun guys. I wish the Pitt administration had foresight such as this to connect with other passionate fans. Sometimes it seems like Pitt does everything in its power to crush athletics and our spirit but somehow we always find a way to hang around. As stated before, our core of Pitt fans are just as loyal as any other school without the nuts (see Nitter-cult fans). Enjoy the Masters this weekend. I think Sergio finally wins his major.


    1. Dan – keep in touch this week and let me know. My main objective is to meet the course personnel that I’ve worked with on the phone – but if I’m on the grounds, why not play 18.


  10. Pat Narduzzi‏Verified account @CoachDuzzPittFB 16h16 hours ago

    Just hit me.. We had the 6th-most NFL Combine invites in the nation.. And 5 out of our 6 participants are from Western PA


  11. Erie, I assume all alcohol for the outing needs to be purchased at the course. My buddies usually bring some beer with them. Let me know what is allowed. We are many things, but not scofflaws. Actually we are but don’t like to admit it.


  12. The course will most probably not play to listed yardage. I understand those wanting to play up tees, but if you can hit the ball at all this is a huge advantage. Rick, definitely won’t be able to come Thursday as something pretty important has just come up. If you get a round in you’ll see what I mean. I think playing a scramble the whites will be fine, and good players will score very well, again, it will not play to listed yardage.


  13. Really disappointed I can’t join yunz guys. Hoping that you are very successful so we can do it again in the fall. I am hoping to be recovered by then.

    Reed, holy crap! 5 oxy a day, I feel for you. My surgery has worked well and I am mostly pain free. Looking forward to starting rehab at the end of May. For now walking 3-5 miles a day or doing a half hour on the elliptical.

    I am really jonesing to play golf.


  14. Greatest Sack Artistst Ever. A Strong Safety playing QB. Only Wanny would allow that and Fraud had no choice but to play the midget.


    1. Was Sunseri all Pitt had to play or was the Fraud told that Sunseri had to play? Chryst and Narduzzi seemed to be able to find better options through graduate transfers???


  15. Reed is going to say he had some blasphemous thoughts about Pitt’s defense – that it might not be 100% awful this season.

    Reed will then argue against Reed most strenuously in the most controversial controversy ever.


  16. here is some controversy. What will draw more attendance?

    Pitt’s spring game
    Pitt POV golf outing
    Kevin Stallings’ seminar “Accepting Responsibility”


    1. wwb, not to be too sarcastic but which of the choices are you planning on attending and in which order?

      I’ll add a fourth choice. The POV round-table on Tuesday night. (8:00 PM) No downloading guaranteed. Be not afraid and BE There!!


  17. Erie Express – quick question – I don’t remember running across this scramble rule before:

    “A team is not allowed any player’s shot to be used twice in a row.”

    So after the drives off the first tee, only three players of a foursome will be attempting each subsequent shot – even putts. Am I understanding that correctly?


  18. LOL Majors. I’ve never heard of this rule either but I like it for a couple reasons. A ringer like the good doctor will not be able to rule the course. What’s even funnier is that by the ninth hole, I figure some of the foursomes will be so confused they won’t know their asses from their hands let alone whose shot they used last! FORE!!!!


    1. ike – I like the rule too so that a really good player doesn’t dominate a team’s shots; but at the same time, I like to see everybody tee off on each hole — tee shots are always fun — and everybody putt on each hole — that hole is pretty small…🙂 🙂🙂🙂

      But I’m good with whatever rules we use…


  19. Oh yes Mr Majors I do agree with you. You would think the rule should reboot after each and every hole…. right? You bring up a great point…

    We All We GOT
    We All We Need!!

    H2P …. ike


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