POV Roundtable Call-In; April 18, 2017

Bernie (BigB) and Jim (Pittman4ever) and I had some real fun last night with an hour long conversation about the ups and downs and ins and outs of Pitt football.  Here it is for you all to enjoy… and to get you ready to participate next Tuesday evening.

One thing I’d like to make clear – BigB and I were talking about recruiting against PSU before the video call started then I rushed him into the same topic on the recording- and he stated that African-American HS players wanted the bright lights and huge crowds… when just a moment before that he said that all the HS players wanted those things in a college.  So forgive me for not editing that part properly.  Believe me, BigB meant no negative aspect of his answer whatsoever.

BTW – I just heard Jon Gruden say that if he had to pick one QB out of the 2017 QB draft class to start a NFL game in three months it would be “Nate Peterman out of Pitt” because of his football smarts and his “quick ” decision making…

He also said that Peterman ‘could’ be the 4th QB drafted in the 1st round.  He really loves Peterman and talked about him way more than any of the others and those include Watson from Clemson and Trubisky.

Later on he said that any NFL HC with an big offensive playbook should take Peterman because he knew Pitt’s by heart and that Peterman had an extensive amount of football knowledge.

He also said that Peterman was exactly like Andy Dalton – and he mentioned that twice.

Gruden spent time with Terrell Pryor also and said he was a freak athlete and really smart.

Also – for all the Pitt fans who are saying we won’t be facing some those great QBs that we did last season – remember that NC’s Trubisky never started a game before his SR year and he threw for 453 yards and five TDs against us. 

Stardom and great play can come from anywhere.