A Refresher Course on Opining

Holding an opinion on a subject matter is what we all do, especially about Pitt football.  Writing down those opinions, thoughts, feelings and impressions and sharing them with others is what “opining” consists of and is what we do here on the Pitt POV.  That is why I have been very clear about what this blog is all about since its inception.

The majority of what is found on here are my opinions, thoughts, questions, etc… about Pitt, its athletic department and the Pitt football program and team.  Throw in a bit of the BB program when things are newsworthy on that end also.

The other contents are links, statistics and textual quotes carried over from other sources.  I have been very diligent to attribute those sources if I can.   That is why this blog is an ‘editorial’ blog and not a ‘news’ blog.  I don’t do breaking news, don’t pretend to be a “journalist” or a mouthpiece for the Athletic Department.  I think I’ve made that point very clear both on the Pitt Blather and now on the Pitt POV.

The reason I write about this now is because when looking at the latest media articles about the QB situation, and led that way by wbb’s posts, I came across this gem in yesterday’s Trib-Review:

Pat Narduzzi was pleased the media was inquiring about Pitt’s quarterback depth chart — and not just because he believes each of his four quarterbacks has performed well during spring practice.

“It’s good that you (reporters) don’t know,” Narduzzi said when asked if there was any separation in the quarterback competition. “It means we have no leaks in the office.”

No leaks and no fake news about the play of those vying to replace Nathan Peterman: redshirt sophomore Ben DiNucci, redshirt freshman Thomas MacVittie, freshman early enrollee Kenny Pickett and senior graduate transfer Max Browne.

“We have four very functional quarterbacks,” Narduzzi said.

Great – four QBs who can play is a great thing.

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