Some More POV Golf Outing Stuff

As we wrote earlier the golf outing was a ton of fun… so here are some photos to look at until some of the other attendees send me their photos of the event (my cell phone camera skills leave a lot to be desired…)

First off the 1st and 2nd place teams were  Fran Lokar (Lastrowinsection4) and three friends who were 3 under par.IMG_20170414_150954436

Second place tie with Richard Tencza (Richman) with three friends and Randy “JoeKnew” and two friends at 2 under par.
Here is one of our four teams of golfers on the right. They didn’t win but may have had the most fun of all… from left to right they are Erie Express (Rick Caldwell), Jay91 (Jason Smith), MajorsMajors (John Fredland) and Dan72 (Dan Davis).
All Pitt fans of the finest kind.  As you can see this is one of the tee signs Erie Express had made up for the course.  There were a few other and one had the Grassroots logo in the bottom right corner to go along with the POV eyes.


Rick (Erie) was the workhorse of the event and between he and Fran Lokar (lastrowofsection4) they had everything set up and the POV golfers out to the links in a timely fashion.

Here is the Prizes Table with goody-bags, auction items and some POV items for the golfers to grab on their way out.  The star of the show was Jason Smith’s (Jay91) donation for auction the autographed “Ditka” uniform jersey.  That went for a very nice chunk of change and was so very generous of Jason to do.  BTW – that is what Jason does for a living – sports memoribilia, sports autograph conventions, framings and such so if you are interested drop me a line and I’ll give you his contact info.


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