Who Are Our New DBs This Season?

Let’s revisit this defensive backfield issue now that the spring practices have been underway for a while.  I think I can speak for the majority of Pitt fans who say they want to see new and more talented blood in as starters and in the two deep.

My problem is I don’t think we’ll see that much if  at all… unless it is strictly in the two-deep.  Here are the returning in the defensive backfield with one newcomer, Maurice Ffrench, who is maybe, possibly switching over for depth.

DB 2017

You can see that out of the 13 players I listed (I dropped kids I think have no chance at serious PT) we have a combined total of 23 starts among them.  23 folks; among 13 returnees.  All those other “Games Played” were either in the DB rotation or special teams but mostly on special teams coverage units.

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