POV Golf Outing Deadlines & Info

POV’ers – we are in crunch time for the 1st Annual Pitt POV Golf Outing.  We have named the trophy the “FRANKCAN Memorial Trophy” and it will be a beauty (graciously provided by BigB).

Right now, by our count, we have 26 people coming for the event.  17 POV Guys with nine guests.  Not a bad turnout for a first time.

Now – the important part.  We have to get the money to Quicksilver in a few days so April 10th is the absolute (maybe) deadline for entry.  I’m sure we can work out something for those a day or two late but please make a decision and get back to myself or Rick Caldwell (Erie Express) as soon as possible.

Remember – you don’t have to golf to be there and to have fun. I’ll not be golfing and we have a bunch of POV friends who are paying the $25 to eat, drink and hang out talking Pitt football.  At the very least $25 is a small fee to be able to sit around and insult the guys who haven’t shown up!

Let me thanks a few posters for changing their golf fees to donations when they found they couldn’t make the tournament; rkb, Markp and tedsptman have been generous in the extreme to make sure we can cover all the expenses incurred.  Remember guys – if things change you are certainly welcome to attend and have fun with us.

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