POV Golf Outing Deadlines & Info

POV’ers – we are in crunch time for the 1st Annual Pitt POV Golf Outing.  We have named the trophy the “FRANKCAN Memorial Trophy” and it will be a beauty (graciously provided by BigB).

Right now, by our count, we have 26 people coming for the event.  17 POV Guys with nine guests.  Not a bad turnout for a first time.

Now – the important part.  We have to get the money to Quicksilver in a few days so April 10th is the absolute (maybe) deadline for entry.  I’m sure we can work out something for those a day or two late but please make a decision and get back to myself or Rick Caldwell (Erie Express) as soon as possible.

Remember – you don’t have to golf to be there and to have fun. I’ll not be golfing and we have a bunch of POV friends who are paying the $25 to eat, drink and hang out talking Pitt football.  At the very least $25 is a small fee to be able to sit around and insult the guys who haven’t shown up!

Let me thanks a few posters for changing their golf fees to donations when they found they couldn’t make the tournament; rkb, Markp and tedsptman have been generous in the extreme to make sure we can cover all the expenses incurred.  Remember guys – if things change you are certainly welcome to attend and have fun with us.

Here is some info from Rick that is subject to change…

Menu for dinner after our round of golf:

Quicksilver Clubhouse Buffet 

Penne Pasta Marinara, Italian Meatballs, Roasted Italian Chicken, Roasted Redskin Potatoes, Green Beans Almandine, Tossed Salad and Dressing, Homemade Rolls and Butter, Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks and Assorted Dessert Table. 

Golf participation:  Right now, Quicksilver has us down for 28 golfers – we should finalize the number one week from tomorrow, or April 10th.  We can probably sneak in a last minute entry or 2 in after that, but no guarantees.

Start times: The golf club has our tee times set from noon to 1:15pm – not a traditional “shotgun” start that I wanted.  But that is because it is a holiday (Good Friday before Easter Sunday) and the club expects the course to be full with golfers, weather permitting.  We should consider a check in time – possibly 11am so we know who showed up – Lastrow volunteered to help with check-in.

Rules of play for the golf outing: I am drafting them and will send them to you for final approval sometime this week.  I will keep them very simple and basic. This is the 1st outing and we want to keep it fun.

OK – $75 for golfing per person and $25 for us lazy bastards who just want to sit around and shoot the breeze. Check in time will be 11:00 am – I’ll be there earlier as will a couple of other POV’ers.

If you are interested in attending our event, and we hope you are, please call the POC Point of Contact Rick Caldwell at (717) 838-4855 ext. 246 (W) or me at (410) 997-0388 (H) or 410-782-9981 (C).  Or email me Rick at rcaldwell@whiteoakdisplay.com or me at rkohberger@gmail.com with any questions.


53 thoughts on “POV Golf Outing Deadlines & Info

  1. Thanks for the follow up Rick. I should be there around 10. Is there road work in the area that mandates alternate routes?


    1. Yes, there is road work that I’m told will add 15 minutes to your commute to the golf club. I’m not from the Pittsburgh area so I am not the right person to spell out the alternate routes.

      I’ll contact you soon to discuss what we need to coordinate – thanks again for offering your assistance.


  2. Regarding the ‘not D1″ BB players who have left. I just went back and compared Dixon’s last few years with Stallings year and they are all 3* and 4* kids.

    Wilson who left was a 4* and the 100th player and he was only a SO last season.

    Manigault was the 136th HS player in the nation.

    Kithcart was the 128th HS player

    It looks to me like Stallings was adverse to playing underclassman who 1) might have been better than who he fielded and 2) young enough to accept Stallings as the new HC if they had gotten some decent PT.

    Sorry, but unless you all are just sure these players couldn’t contribute as JRs and SRs then i think it is a bunch of sour grapes.


    1. Good stuff … I know these guys struggled but …

      Kithcart only shot the ball 46 times all year, 1.5 per game, and
      Wilson shot only 31 times, 1.1 per game … yet, he attempted 84 shots in his freshmen year!

      These guys never had a chance to develop, and certainly never had a chance to feel confident. Stallings was very adverse to playing the subs except for Luther EVEN IN THE PRE-SEASON … which made no frickin sense at all.


      1. Indeed but try to explain that to a Stallings supporter.

        With regard to the Dixon recruits, KS supporters place total trust in the talent assessment of a guy who finished below .500 in SEC, made the NCAA tournament 7 times in 17 seasons while at Vanderbilt, and coached Pitt to their worst overall season in 16 years and their worst conference season in 40 years. Supporters don’t question the development, or lack thereof, of the players. Nix and Milligan were Jucos who hadn’t played in true competition for nearly two years. Wilson played almost twice as many minutes last season. True freshman, if they are intended to play that season, need minutes against lesser competition to grow accustomed to D1 play and learn their role among returning experienced players.

        The kicker is that KS supports disregard the incoming credentials of the Dixon recruits as inflated while touting Stallings’ incoming class based upon the same or similar credentials. Cognitive dissonance.


  3. Reed, you are correct. On paper, KS is not pulling in better players than Wilsom, Kithcart or Manigault.

    However, with Kithcart kicked off the team and Wilson and Manigault not being able to crack a line up that badly needed them, you have to wonder what the hell they were or weren’t doing in practice. Maybe he is just pulling in players with better attitudes and work ethic….or so he thinks.

    The one player he needed to leave was Nix and the dude stayed, LOL.


  4. C’mon NotRocket, you gotta love the Nix. One player that gave 110% every second he was on the court. Now I do realize that 110% of not good could be construed as being bad, his hustle was infectious though. Well at least to the few fans sitting there at the Pete.


    1. Love Nix and his effort but he is taking up a scholarship spot. Not sure what JD was thinking on that one.


      1. He was probably thinking here is an Aaron Gray like guy that can be a monster in the paint if we can improve his conditioning. His rebounds per minute indicate that the premise wasn’t totally amiss. The moments I saw Nix this year caused me to think of the transition that Gary McGhee obviously had, but that we never saw, between his sophomore and junior years. McGhee was an immobile space eater that was frequently in foul trouble as a sophomore. He became a stout post defender and rebounder as a junior.


  5. Reed are you saying we have to be there at 11:00 for the 1:15 start? Seems early. We should know who is going to be there, at the latest, the day before. I will be there early to warm up and have a drink or two so not a big deal, but my playing partners may have trouble with that. Is there a specific time the food will be served? Didn’t know if they were going to put it out after the golf or before etc. I like the 1:15 start since hopefully it will warm up by then.


    1. Rich – the 11am time is the start of check in. Since Reed is not playing golf, he can check you in right up to your tee time. I already have one team slotted for 1:15 – how about 1pm for your team?


  6. Reed — I thought the golf outing was going to be a scramble event. You don’t have to be any good at golf to have some fun playing in a scramble. Crappy shots get picked up; everybody has a chance to make a putt… The fun of it is rooting on the guys in your foursome. I hope you reconsider playing – even if your game is terrible. And that goes for everybody as far as I’m concerned.

    Anyway, looking forward to it.

    Hope someone can clarify the situation regarding the closed road near the course…

    Go Pitt.


  7. Let’s see where these diamonds in the rough basketball players transfer and how they eventually pan out.

    In watching some of these kids on the court last season they we not impressive but yes maybe they could grow into a role or maybe they were simply very overrated and unable to cut it in the ACC.

    I’m curious to see where they land to flourish on the hardwood because I’m sure given the right circumstances some of them could play like the 123rd best player in the country, maybe.


  8. To all golfers: Ya, there is still road work which really makes an easy route somewhat of a pain. Call the course for detour info, if you follow the PennDOT detour it will take longer. You can follow the posted route then take shortcut. It will take around 15 min or so, and an additional 10 if you miss the shortcut.
    The greens are in really nice shape, fairways needed cut as does rough. Fully expect these issues to be resolved. Tee boxes are another matter, lots of play over winter then late snow.
    I played twice last week and spoke with greenskeeper. Think he wants to borrow the goat(seriously). All depends on the weather the next week or so.
    Also, if you play from the golds course is around 1400yds shorter(major,major advantage)


  9. Stallings’ handling of the team he inherited was a travesty, and I have little confidence in him as a coach going forward. However, assessing roster quality based solely on ‘stars’ those guys had coming out of high school is way off the mark, especially when we’ve had the luxury of watching them play for a few years. Damon Wilson was a great kid by all accounts, but he was badly overrated coming out of US. Kithcart could not shoot; he couldn’t even make a foul shot. In contrast, Cam Johnson was under rated.


    1. but also in fairness … despite being a great pure shooter, Cam was clunk city much of the time after a great game as he would follow up with a 2 for 10 outing. (Durand Johnson II). Now I don’t want to be too critical because consistency comes with experience and we Pitt fans have seen plenty of that thru the years … and I have no doubt Cam will be a really good player in the next 2 seasons. Too bad it will be elsewhere.


        1. Still not too bad considering the ratio of 3s. Look at Young’s stats in particular year over year on the same basis.


    1. Riggs – yes, the format is a scramble – just not the shotgun start I wanted. We have a block of tee times from noon to 1:15pm right now.


  10. New old topic.Stadiums.Big splash on WTAE last night about how the north side parking lots are going to be filled with apartments and commercial buildings along with layouts pictures etc..

    How do the money grubbers in the city expect to get football fans with no decent access or parking unless you traverse the city from south side or downtown. This really should reopen the Panther Hollow or some other on campus stadium options.

    Maybe the money grubbers are just getting ready for the Steelers move to their new stadium in Canonsburg, North Hills or whatever. The state better not pony up the big bucks to them again like they did the last time and leave Pitt and Temple to be the poor relatives of the pros.



  11. Golfers… I just closed the deal on the “FRANKCAN” memorial Cup …there will be spots to engrave the winners for 18 years- that gives a shot @ having your name on it as a winner or add we could add you to the memorial side if you checkout into the big PITT Stadium in the sky.
    I am hoping to get up to hang with you guys-I have an important meeting I have to attend Thursday but thinking about driving part of the way Thursday and getting there late Friday morning…
    I agree.. scramble!


  12. I’d like to get in on the golf, but I won’t know until perhaps Wed of that week.

    Hard to imagine holding a tournament where most folks have not actually met and not using a scramble/ Capt’s choice format.


    1. JoeL – we’ll keep a light on for you. When you know either way, please call or e-mail Reed.

      We’d like to have you for the golf scramble, but more importantly, we’d like to meet you in person.


  13. Well, will our Panthers receive any pay out money from the ACC for the Tar Heel “W” tonight? If so we’ll gladly take it!


  14. ACC has 2 of the last 3 men’s basketball champs, 2 of the last 4 Heismans, 2 of the last 4 football national champs. By 5 different schools.,


    1. Bruno Sammartino … but although he used to work out with Pitt wrestling team under storied coach Rex Peery since his high school (Schenley) did not have a wrestling program, he has no college degree.


  15. Here’s an interesting list of the top 5 ACC schools of graduates who are still living. (grad & undergrad)
    1. FSU 315,425
    2. Pitt 306,821
    3. UNC 296,046
    4. Syracuse 251,067
    5. VT 238,169

    Yet PITT is next to last in donations in the ACC.

    BTW. Narduzzi was quoted lamenting the fact that Nate P went down last year in the bowl game and there back-up Dinucci didn’t play well. I don’t think Stocker was hurt.


  16. Stallings walked into a situation with 4 senior starters. This normally means that he should attempt to win immediately, or risk losing the seniors if he starts to build for the future. Plus he had no point guard. When that plan failed due to the seniors own fault (effort lies with the players), it was too late in the year to begin a development process, which would normally begin with the non-con schedule to build confidence. Mid-season overhauls don’t work. Add to it that JD didn’t recruit anyone, and Stallings was left with very few options. Bloggers on this site need to cut Stallings some slack given the situation he found when he got here..


    1. as I said quite a few times, while I wasn’t thrilled with his hiring, I did take the position that he is the Pitt coach and we have to support him. That all ended in late January with his incessant whining. All I know Is:

      6 of the top 7 Pitt scorers returned from an NCAA team which won 67% of its game last year
      Vandy actually had one more win this year than last year despite the fact it graduated 2 1st round NBA picks last year
      he is being paid handsomely with a lengthy contract, that nobody but the Stallings family and our ex-AD approved of.

      He gets no slack from me …. not anymore. And to wins us back, his team better show a lot of improvement next year as the season progresses


  17. You will be able to hear loud echos in the Pete next year. TV cameras will show only the court (not stands). I guess I am being overly negative.


  18. For those planning to attend the golf outing and have inquired about the road construction:


    QUICKSILVER ROAD CLOSED AT ROUTE 980. ALTERNATE DETOUR ROUTE. Follow posted detour until you arrive at Valero Gas station in MIdway. From that point follow “YELLOW” Alternate Detour signs. (Turn right thru tunnel)



  19. PSN is reporting that former Pitt player Orlando Antigua is being considered for the vacant assistant coaching position. He was fired earlier this year as HC at USF … but had a pretty good record as an assistant at under Dixon, and at Memphis and Kentucky under Calipari


  20. wwb – no word on the wrestling coach search and hire on USA Track Wrestling that I can find.

    Meanwhile, VaTech adds two former Olympic wrestlers to their coaching staff as assistants… Come on Pitt, let’s get somebody good! We’ve been a solid and mostly ranked wrestling program for the last 30 years or so. We should be able to get a talented head coach.


  21. wwb, you make good points, but most of them are circumstantial. I’m not sure that Vandy winning more means anything, because there are too many variables to these things. As for scoring, the problem was really defense, which is all about effort, rather than offense. I got sick of seeing Artis just stand there while some guard blew by him on the way to the rack. If there was a major coaching mistake, it was in putting Artis at point guard. By the way, Antigua would be a good choice if continuity is the goal, but can he recruit and is he a good motivator?


  22. Cool, the ACC has both national championships for football and basketball in the same year.It’s good to be in the ACC and to be the only team to beat the national champions football team On alums and donations , in past years a lot of the Pitt students were commuter students that do not develop the same affinity for their school as do the OC students. Also when I was in school a lot of the students were 30 yr old ex GIs who were more interested in their families Pitt was a means to and end ASAP and many of them never even waited around for commencement because they needed to work and make money for their families. I do think The university should strengthen the link between satellite campuses and the main Pitt identity. My grandson was incredulous that his buddy and some others at Pitt Johnstown were PS football fans. Just running a bus to Pgh. on gameday is not enough.


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