POV Sunday Podcast; 4/2/17

OK – the POV golf  trophy Bernie (BigB) is having made is now officially named the “FRANKCAN Memorial Trophy

Quicksilver Clubhouse Buffet 
Penne Pasta Marinara, Italian Meatballs, Roasted Italian Chicken, Roasted Redskin Potatoes, Green Beans Almandine, Tossed Salad and Dressing, Homemade Rolls and Butter, Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks and Assorted Dessert Table. 

Gee – only 103,000 for the Nitters.  How will they handle the embarrassment?

WVU HC on developing college QBs:

“It’s tough,” Holgorsen said. “I’ve had that question a lot from a lot of the NFL guys. ‘Why do keep things this simple? Why is the spread offense so simple? Why don’t you go under center? Why don’t you use more tight ends? Why don’t you use more fullbacks?’

“You’ve only got 20 hours a week with these guys, plus you’re limited with your scholarship numbers too. So we choose just to try to get good at something. You don’t have very much time where you can work with these guys. They’ve got to go to class, they’ve got to have a social life. We’re limited with the amount of hours that we have with them so you’ve just got to be careful on how much you put on them.”

Big 33 leaving Hershey

What a mess Pitt BB is. 

The only thing more disheartening then the offseason defections of four players is the fans who try to put a positive spin on it.  Those who somehow believe that head coach Kevin Stallings is getting rid of players he didn’t want on the roster in 2017 are just kidding themselves with blind faith in Stallings.

Sorry – but no coach or leader in his right mind wants to lose one half of his returning players – not when your roster is only 12 players. The guys crossed out are not returning – only the guys in red are coming back.

0 Crisshawn Clark 6-4 210 G SO
1 Jamel Artis 6-7 215 G SR
2 Michael Young 6-9 235 F SR
3 Damon Wilson 6-5 195 G SO
4 Ryan Luther 6-9 225 F JR
11 Corey Manigault 6-8 230 F FR
12 Chris Jones 6-6 215 G/F RS SR
21 Sheldon Jeter 6-8 230 F SR
23 Cameron Johnson 6-8 210 G RS SO
25 Rozelle Nix 6-11 300 C RS JR
35 Zach Smith 6-3 200 G RS JR
55 Jonathan Milligan 6-2 170 G RS JR

29 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; 4/2/17

  1. What are you talking about, any coach in america would want only 4 returning players and those 4 in particular!


  2. Reed, love the Sunday morning podcast. Your enthusiasm for/of PITT football truly shines through. You made a mention of the possibility that some POVer’s may think you and I don’t get along. I sure hope that’s not the case. For the record everyone. We’ve been around way too long to take each others opinions too serious to let them get in the way of our friendship.

    Now having said that!! MacVittie. No one knows right now what will happen and some like him more than others for sure. The fact he didn’t start at QB because he wasn’t good enough his jr year is bunk. Moeller High is a really good high school football program and operates in a way where you wait your turn. Meanwhile TMv started and played WR his jr year. Which btw, makes me even a little more comfortable with his background. Thomas can run and has a good head for the game. I’ll put my money on MacVittie but if Pickett beats him out, even the better.

    Narduzzi does bring in graduate players to sit on the bench. That’s where we found Stocker last year.

    BTW again, PITT has at least 3-5 offers out there this year for the QB position. PITT will take another QB this year. 3 QB’s on a college football roster is not the norm and not near as many as a team should have. Hence Pat Bostick playing way too soon.

    The PITT basketball team was really good at the beginning of this past year. The Duquesne game aside.

    PITT basketball head coach job a stepping stone? How many years did Dixon have to stick around and all the offers he turned down to prove that wrong.

    I would like to see Stallings gone as much as the next guy by now. Speaking of Duquense they lured in a really good head coach but it PITT hired the head coach from Akron?? You can imagine the comments.

    Back to QB predictions. We will just have to wait until all that shakes out.


    1. not sure why there is so much current concern about the future QB. By all accounts, there are two pretty good prospects who are candidates to replace Browne, and I’m sure the coaches will choose the better one.

      And BTW, there was another western Ohio high schooler who didn’t start at QB until his senior year in HS, and if fact (like MacVittie) he started as a receiver his junior year …. he just completed his 10th year as starter for the Steelers.


  3. Speaking of Gallagher and his disconnect with throwback unis.. here’s another- at the Clemson pregame university sponcered tailgate I asked him when the Pitt Victory song would have the ” chant” restored which the band director told me was omitted due to political correctness… da da da da .. da da Penn Stae Sucks… and could only be restored by the higher-ups… Pat G’s response to me” I didn’t know it ( chant) was missing.”
    Would be nice if we had leadership with more of an emotional connect… I always blamed the apathy on having a huge commuter population in the undergrad population… and much of the grad student population getting there degrees elsewhere…


  4. After losing the opening game 14-0 to Duke, the Pitt baseball team bounced back and won the series with wins yesterday and today.

    The Pitt wrestling coaching position remains open after two prominent coaches have turned down the job – Lehigh’s HC Pat Santora who is a Pitt grad and two time NCAA champ, along with Edinboro’s HC Flynn, a psu grad. Both top 25 programs in PA.

    Heather Lyke is 0-2 with her 1st coaching search – the two assistant coaches from Pitt are being interviewed as well. Maybe she needs a little help from a search committee – not!

    Here is a short list of very good candidates:

    Kevin Gavin – Assistant at OK (Pitt grad and multiple All-American)
    Teague Moore – HC at American Univ. (HS star from hometown Pittsburgh, PA)
    Cary Kolat – HC at Campbell Univ. (HS star from hometown Pittsburgh, PA)

    Wrestling will be my Pitt sport of choice once FB season ends next Fall. Hoping for a good HC-ing hire to trump the Stallings fumble…


  5. Erie – I like your candidate list. Was hoping for Santora but will take any on your list. Wrestling HCs tend to stay in the same place for long periods of time… It’s not surprising that we couldn’t get Flynn or Santora…

    I’m guessing that Kolat is over 50 so he may only coach for 10 more years.


    1. Rocky, why is it not surprising that Santoro and Flynn wouldn’t be interested in the Pitt job? Just asking .


      1. PittPT – I don’t think Rocky means anything negative towards Pitt for not landing either of these two. With D1 programs, wrestling is a losing revenue sport, even in Creepy Valley and Iowa.

        Lehigh and Edinboro are established top 25 programs and both HC’s have secure jobs located in one of the top three recruiting states. Pitt would be a slight step up, but they would need a huge bump in pay and a promise by the administration to improve the facilities.

        Spend it Lyke you have it –

        If I was Pitt, I would move the matches to the Pete if they haven’t already – that would be an upgrade and the Pete needs a good, winning program to attract fans to warm the seats next Fall.


        1. “Pitt would be a slight step up, but they would need a huge bump in pay and a promise by the administration to improve the facilities.”

          I realized I’m just frustrated here, but, how much could this cost… the timing is perfect to show a commitment to a winning program and if they choose to stay pat in basketball, at least spend what can’t be all that much money to bring in a truly talented wrestling coach to move forward on the progress made recently in the sport, not take a step backwards like they truly chose to make in basketball.


          1. I agree with you anonymous – I don’t understand why Pitt wouldn’t do everything possible to hire Santora from Lehigh. Heck, he won two national championships while wrestling for Pitt and his teams are ranked in the top 25 almost every year with All-Americans sprinkled in.

            I’m trying to give Lyke every bit of a chance to show us fans that she can be a change agent.


  6. Cary Kolat may be the most impressive athlete from PA I can remember in any sport. Tea Moore? Not too shabby either. Lots of great wresting blood in WPA. This Spencer Lee young man from FR could be the best of all of them.


  7. PittPT – Edinboro and Lehigh are on par with Pitt (in wrestling) as far as success. And, wrestling coaches tend to be loyal and don’t move around much. That said, if Pitt were to provide assurances that a Santora would have great facilities along with the best recruiting budget in the ACC then Santora might budge. But that won’t happen.

    Jay91 – my mistake. Thought that he was over 50. The Kolat Ironside match seems like eons ago.


  8. Pulled this from The Open Mat written by Alex Steen – top five questions in college wrestling –

    3) Who will get the Pitt job?
    Now that Tony Robie is officially the head man at Virginia Tech, Pitt is the most high profile coaching position available. The Panthers have their new Athletic Director in place now and the names being bandied about are interesting. There are so many rumors out there that I won’t name them, but if half of those people are actually interested, Pitt is in a good position. With the ACC on the rise and the school being well positioned to recruit some of the best high school wrestlers in the country, a good decision here could see the emergence of a new national power.

    If Reed is correct as he stated in today’s podcast, Pitt fans may be very disappointed as he claims the Pitt administration and BoT does not care about athletics.

    There can be a difference between making poor decisions and not caring. Sometimes those two go together, sometimes the don’t. I’m not sure what the situation is at Pitt other than a string of poor decisions.


  9. I don’t recall anyone since the season ended say Kevin Stallings “is our man”, or “he’s going to do well,” etc. etc. etc.
    The most positive things stated are hardly that positive. Things like “well we’re stuck with him for a few years,” or “let’s see who he brings in,” etc. etc.

    But, if you think (outside of Cam Johnson of course) that losing the other players is bad, I got news for you. What’s bad, I mean really stinky sardine breath bad, was the clear lack of Div 1 talent from these “riders of the bench pine.” We might as well suit Reed up ( he probably has some eligibility left and a good pair of PF Flyers in the closet!).

    To summarize, who gives a rat’s left gonad about the guys who left. The new guys got to be better – or at least maybe only chicken salad stinky breath bad!


    1. Pittman, my problem right now with Stallings is his “mouth” not necessarily his coaching acumen. There is nothing in his demeanor that suggests he will make many changes on that front going forward.


  10. Looks like Pitt screwed up the wrestling hire already. Not a good start for Lyke.


  11. jrmpitt,
    Maybe Reed can help Stallings there too. He’s pretty good at curing PMS (Potty Mouth Syndrome). :>)


  12. Did they hire someone , Austin? I had heard that the interview process for Santoro was botched and not professional.


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